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Need more information on 1 Page Commissions! You’re at the right place because this 1 Page Commissions App Review will reveal the essence of this product and how it works. 

I found the 1PA in my email inbox about two days ago. And I thought let’s dive into this and see what this website could offer for me to make extra money online working from home.

After I delve into this, I understood some common flaws which I thought I need to reveal to you. That’s why you’re here, too.

And top of it all, I’ll share my views on why you should not try this program in the first place. So if you’re keen on to BUY this type of App, this article will show you everything you should know so you can learn first before swiping your card.

Basic Information About 1 Page Commissions

Product name: 1 Page Commissions App
Founder: Andrew Darius Et Al
Launch date: 2020
Front end price: $17
Marketplace: JVzoo, Warriorplus,
Category: Software
Affiliate Commission: 50%
Program Type: Make Money Online/Affiliate Marketing

What Is 1 Page Commissions App?

1PageCommissions App is a done for you funnel created by Andrew. This App can be used to make money online without the help of any third-party software or a person.

This is because the founder has done all the work for you. All you need is to purchase the software and simply activate the funnels. 

Every time people visit your website, you’ll earn an affiliate commission from all products – this is called affiliate marketing.

The best part about this 1 Page Commissions App is that you don’t need to learn any coding or create any website on your own. 

Once you paid your membership fee, you’re ready to go. This app designed for beginners so anyone can earn money simply by clicking a button. 

But Wait!

The software functions might seem very strange for you at first. You see, who’s in the world would offer you such a wonderful piece of software! It claims you could generate money daily without any internet experience!

But one thing you should ask yourself! Will this 1PC software work!

You’ll learn more down as you read along with this post.

How Does 1 Page Commissions Work?

As per the official website – this product was created in such a way that you don’t need to worry about any web creation. You simply need to purchase the software. This is it.

What you don’t need to do with this software is – no need to create videos, write product reviews, testimonials, adding proofs, adding bonuses on your own, etc. 

Everything is built-in there. This means, once your website is live, you’ll rack up commissions daily.

1 Page Commissions App does create product pages without even need to touch anything on your part. As I mentioned before, it’s like a “Plug and play” App.

What Do You Get In 1Pagecommissions.com?

According to the 1 Page Commissions App, the founder made all arrangements in advance that includes high converting products and other integration.

That is to say, your affiliate website comes with the top 27 products along with pre-written product reviews. 

1 Page Commissions also claims that some of the products even pay affiliate commissions monthly. So once you’ve made any sales, you’ll receive commission monthly without making any further sales.

Not just that, your articles will contain ratings, product reviews, members/customers’ testimonials, and other main features.

This helps visitors convince them to buy from your new turnkey website.

This 1 Page Commissions App also offers CTA – call to action button on every product page with graphic images and video explainer. This way, you don’t need to write or to do anything on your own.

Whether you’re an intermediate marketer or a newbie, 1 Page Commissions App teaches you how to promote like a pro and make a sick amount of affiliate commissions daily.

Additionally, you’ll also learn how to drive traffic to your website so you can make more money on the go.

Do you like the idea of making online money without doing any work!

Do you think this is possible online simply by purchasing some random software without SEO or any work on your side! I’ll come to that in a moment so keep reading.

What’s My Take On 1 Page Commissions!

Most probably you’d have seen all the details on the official website. So I don’t want to put the same information here. So let me get to the point as to what you should be doing and care about!

Here are the pros and cons of the product which I personally found not a great deal in terms of pricing and make money with this “Done for your software”.

1 Page Commissions App Pricing

If you had thought you only need of just $17 for a one time fee then you’re wrong. This product has multiple upsells that you require to purchase all levels to see everything in action. 

The front end price for this product is $17, which gives you a website with 27 top products including reviews and bonuses.

The second OTO is called – 1 Page Commissions Pro, again require you to pay $ 17. Again this offer has almost the same as the previous one.

Don’t know why somebody has to pay again for nothing. This OTO plan comes with a $24 per year plan.

Now let’s move on to the 3rd one. This OTO is called 1 Page Commissions Club and this offer comes with new pages and bonuses.

You see, there’s no guarantee whether this product actually works or not. So without seeing the results paying for this offer is actually not an ideal way.

The 4th upsell gives you full resell rights. This means if you managed to get people to buy this product, you’ll earn a 100% affiliate commission without any deduction. To earn this package, you may need to pay $39, a one-time payment.

If you’re interested to promote this offer then you can become an affiliate simply by registering your account at JVzoo or Warrior plus.

This way, you can test this product as to how this product is converting and its retention rate. If the product is good then people stay on. If not, you don’t make money due to refunds.

More Upsells With No Great Features

OK! Now let’s go to the next section.

This offer is called Funnel builder, which allows you to import all pages into 1-page commission software. If you need this then you have to pay $27/year.

The 5th one claims that you get Page commissions editor pro, this means you’re allowed to get more features and more templates for $67.

The last one comes with a recurring payment. This means you have to pay $27 per month to own this. This plan offers you more templates for your website.

So considering all these in mind, you might have to pay approx $220 to own all features. You see without purchasing all, you never know how good this software is and the potential to make money.

Each plan is linked to one another. So when it comes to cost, 1 Page Commissions is not something you pay once and then start making money right away as it claims.

Bonus And Discounts

As far as the bonuses and discounts are concerned, I think you can get the same from Google for free. Many software that are listed on the sales page can be found online for free. 

Therefore, don’t get excited by seeing all those bonus software. Remember! WordPress marketplace has 1000s of free plugins. All you need is simply download the best ones and upload them to your blog. 

If you haven’t been exposed to affiliate marketing or Blogging, you may get excited by seeing all those bonuses and free software.

Look! You don’t want 100s of plugins for your blog. A few good ones are enough to run your blog.

Let me ask you this! Would you want to pay for the “Push Button App“, which seems ”Get rich quick type of scheme!”

Is 1 Page Commissions Scam Or Legit?

Before I conclude whether or not this App is real or fake – one thing you need to ask yourself first is “Can I make money using this 1pagecommissions?”.

This is very important because there are so many fake software on the web that are waiting to scam you. And this one seems a brand new to me.

You see product like 1 Page Commissions App is not a new thing online. I have reviewed so many products which have claimed that anybody can earn money daily without making any effort. 

If someone who claims you can make money without any work, I mean physical/mind work then I am sure it should be a scam.

This 1 Page Commissions App claims that you can make sick of money without even worrying about traffic.

You see without traffic nobody is going to buy your recommended products. Not just that, but also getting traffic from Google is not that easy.

This product only replicates the same website to 1000s of people. Again this App reproduces the same articles, reviews, testimonials, etc.

Yes! Making money with this kind of software could have been possible in 2005 but not now. 

Google is making a lot of changes and coming up with daily updates. According to Google’s eye, there’s no place for auto-generated content or websites.

Google will never rank websites that are purely designed for affiliate commissions or websites that have full of affiliate links.

Those days are gone and never come back for sure.

Even if this software does a miracle helping its members to make even $50 per day. Don’t you think this software would have been saturated by this time!

If this software is real and can make people rich then why this treasure is open to all! Don’t you think people come in millions to purchase this software!

I repeat, don’t you think people can’t afford to purchase the entire set for just $220? 

Who’s in the world don’t spend this tiny amount if they could earn even $500 per month with this software! 

All I can say is that 1 Page Commissions may look great outside but if you put that into action, I think you’ll know the true picture after that.

So instead of trying something which won’t work anyway, I think, try something real.

For example, Blogging or something which pays a decent amount of money in the long run. Or try some easy affiliate program first to make money. You can even try some customer support remote-jobs, too.

The only con I see with this program is that you can try for $17 to see what’s inside. And also comes with a money-back guarantee. Apart from this, I don’t think you can get anything better here.

Alternative To 1PageCommissions

Affiliate marketing is easy, however, you need to have a platform to deliver quality visitors so that people will buy from you.

To make money online, you either have to have a blog or money for advertising.

If you’re serious about making money online then try CPA marketing which requires some basic internet skills.

Once you have learned the basics, you can use some paid traffic sources like Facebook, Bing, or Google, or you can even try some native ads to maximize your income.

Don’t always go behind software which tells that it will make you rich. If the software can make you rich then why everybody working hard to make even $1 per day!

I have not tried the 1 Page Commissions App. However, while looking at all the claims I feel this product won’t work as it claims. So don’t just waste your money hoping to make a lot of money.

The moment you notice something like “Make money with a click of a button” then it should be a scam /mediocre product that won’t work.

My conclusion is – stop going behind 1 Page Commissions app hoping you could make 1000s of dollars or become rich overnight. Have something to share with us! Leave the comments below.

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