20Cogs – 18 Reason Decides You’re In Or Out? Review

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20cogs is creating a lot of buzz in the survey community, especially in the UK. I found the 20cogs website about a few days ago in one of the online forums.

And Immediately jump into research. So, in this 20cogs analysis, I’ll go through some basics about the site. After that, I’ll cover more about the pros and cons of the 20cogs and the earning potential.20 Cogs Logo

Though online paid survey sites won’t make you rich. However, if you’re trying research surveys to quit your day job then that’s not right.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the 20cogs review right away.

Basic Information about 20cogs

Company Name 20cogs
Website address www.20cogs.co.uk
Welcome Bonus £5
Payment Method BACS or PayPal
Payout Threshold No Limit
Payment Distribution time Within 30 Days or More
Payout So Far £1,906,767
Availability Only for United Kingdom
Earning type GPT Get Paid to Complete

What Is 20cogs?

To start with, 20 stands for 20 tasks and you may need to complete the cycle.

COGS stands for “Competitions, Offers, Gaming and Surveys”.

20cogs is an online paid survey website specifically created for UK residents.

If you’re from the United Kingdom, you can earn from doing verities of online assignments, which are available in the members’ area.

When you complete offers available on the 20cogs website you’ll earn from advertisers.

You’ll find tons of offers for you to complete. It can be free or paid based offers.

All you need to do is to choose the appropriate offer and complete them as per the advertisers’ instructions. This is it.

How Does 20cogs.com.uk Works!

How Much Can You Earn With 20cogs?

Hypothetically, you can up to £700 per month. And this claim was given on the official website.

Although if you want to earn quick cash then complete as many trial offers you want. In this way, you can earn fast cash with 20cogs paid survey site.

So according to the website, your earnings will be around 200 euros or a little more.

Though, there is no formal assurance given that you’ll earn the same. It depends on how active you are and how many offers you complete in a given time.

How 20cogs Makes Money!

20cogs makes money from advertisers. When members like you who complete an offer, the advertisers pay the site for each valid completion.

To be precise, when members complete the offers, 20cogs earn a certain percentage off of it. It can be sometimes a onetime payment, recurring, rev-share program, etc.

Though no company will reveal to you how much is paid and what’s the percentage is being given to the members.

20cogs.co.uk Members' areaTo go even further, if you complete an offer that pays you $1 then the company makes $1-$10 from advertisers.

In the process, advertisers will be able to generate leads and outreach audiences for their products and services. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

How Much Can You Make With 20cogs In a Single Cycle?

Not sure, what is a single cycle?

20cogs has the concept of 20 tasks, which means you need to complete 20 tasks first so that you can request a payment. There is no guarantee of how much it will bring.

Because it depends upon how much advertisers willing to pay you. Some may pay $1, while others pay $50.Hence, there is no guarantee to calculate how much you can earn in a single cycle.

You’ll never know until you complete all the given tasks. Hence, there is no promise with certainty.

What’s the Eligibility to Join 20cogs Website?

You are only eligible to join and continue to take part in the Rewards Programme if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have the full legal capacity to enter into a contract
  • Required true legal identity in the “Rewards Programme” and third-party Offers
  • You are over 18 years of age
  • Your permanent place of residence is at an address in the UK
  • You maintain with Us a valid and subsisting email address

When Can You Cashout In 20cogs!

Once you met their requirement then you can request a payment.

As per the official site, you just need to complete 20 cogs in order to be eligible to request a payment. You won’t be able to request until it turns green.

As per my investigation, there is no certain amount to be reached before request.

The only thing you need is to complete 20 offers before making a request.

Become a 20cogs.com Affiliate Partner

20cogs website allows you to earn more for promoting their company.

For a beginner, this might seem too difficult but if you know the way how to drive traffic then you can earn up to $100 or more.

I’ve provided a detailed post on how to drive traffic to an affiliate link. Please read it so you get a clear idea of how to make money with CPA marketing.

If you have a blog/website you can place banners on your site to earn up to $2.00 per lead.

You can sign up with their approved CPA network to promote 20cogs. As far as I know, they currently affiliated with Clickwork7 & Maxbounty.

Want to promote different offers other than this! Here’s the list of best beginner-friendly CPA networks that approve instantly. Get it right now.

Now I’m moving on to which part I liked and what I don’t really like with the 20cogs website. These 18 reasons will decide whether you want to be a part of this community or disappear forever.

Let’s get started now…

What Are the 20cogs Pros?

1. Free to join

The first thing I liked about 20 cogs is that it is free to join. You need to spend extra money for a registration fee.

We all love freebies and that’s what 20 cogs is all about.

It’s a risk-free site and you can discontinue the program at any time if you were not satisfied.

2. Welcome Bonus

Another best way to add 5 euros without doing any work. You get 5 Euros just for joining.

This amount may be small but money is money. This amount gets added to your regular earning. I love free money.:)

3. High paying offers

Unlike other survey sites, you basically get some good paying offers.

You see some survey sites don’t pay even $1 for completing offers.

With 20 cogs, you can earn unlimited cash. The offers range may vary advertises to advertisers.

Based on my research, this site has some great offers for active members.

4. Quick support

According to 20 Cogs members, this site is very fast to solve members’ issues whenever they find difficulties in tasks, payment, etc. One of the best survey companies to get fast support.

5. Multiple Payment methods

This option may not be very unique compare to other work at home offers.

But still, I give one rating for letting the members receive their payment via multiple payment methods.

6. Multiple-times in a week

Another thing, I liked about 20 cogs is the payment. It is very hard to find a survey site online that pays multiple times.

So, as a member, you receive payments multiple times a week.

7. Trustpilot Score

The Trustpilot rating shows 60+ for 20 cogs website, which is outstanding, in my view.

It’s hard to find a site that has a great number of positive comments and excellent rating.

We should also take into real customers’/members’ reviews deciding whether or not this site is worth trying.

8. Buy Products for a Discounted Price

If you were a regular buyer of digital products – 20 cogs can help to find the best offers for discounted prices.

Though I am not sure what’s your interest, still you can save some money from this site.

What Are the 20cogs Cons?

1. Restriction

It’s sad to see 20 cogs is only restricted to UK residents.

This is another misfortune for those who looking for a free site to work with.

As long as you reside in the UK, you’re ready to go. For others, you may not be able to join.

Perhaps you can try with a VPN. Even though the success rate is very slim.

2. Not Entirely Survey Based Website

One thing I do not like this site is presenting as a survey site. What I found online was completely different.

You hardly get surveys to earn money with 20 cogs.

The majority of the offers said to be get paid to complete.

That means this site is not a typical site where you share your opinions and earn cash.

3. Require Investment To Earn

Though, 20 cogs do not say directly that you need to invest some money.

But according to me, you have to spend some money to earn more money.

That means, for a trial offer, you might need to use your card to earn a commission.

However, with GPT sites, this is standard practice so I can’t blame them.

You complete free offers first and then try for free trial offers.

However, If you had thought of making money without spending a dime, I think your earnings will not advance.

=>> Fast Earning GPT sites

4. Compulsion To Complete Offers

This is another concern for me with the 20cogs website. Some affiliates still promoting this site with fake claims.

In reality, you can skip only a few offers to go to the next. However, the same offers bounce back.

That means you need to complete the trial offers at any cost before proceeding to the next one.

Some old members claimed that the offers are mainly focused on free trials.

Hence, to make money with 20 cogs – you must complete the trial offers. If not, you don’t make money for sure.

5. Takes Time To Request a Payment

People might say you can earn as quickly as possible. But according to me, you only be able to request payment once 20 tasks were completed.

As long as you are fine with the trial offers, you can reach the payment threshold in a short time.

At the same time, if your intention were not to take the trial offers then you might need to wait for months to see any free offers avail.

It seems that 20cogs is purposely not posting free offers for a particular account.

This way, they force participants like you to complete trial offers at some point (Based on my research).

6. Slow Earning After The First Request

I heard many members were saying that their profits are now too slow than the previous time.

That means, if you were new to 20cogs, you may get lots of free offers at first, and then when you complete all offers, it’s hard to see similar offers.

Therefore, to make money with 20cogs, there is no way until you are ready to complete the free trial offers.

7. Paid Advertising Tricks

That’s right, not all reviews can be taken into authentic notes.

There are people like affiliates who promote this site saying you can earn a lot. The reason behind this promotion is the affiliate program.

The participants also earn affiliate commissions when they get people to like you.

In this way, they can earn referral commissions.

So watch out for it. Some people were stating that a lot of positive reviews were intentionally posted to divert people. And it seems to me, it is happening.

8. Trial Offers Confusion

Based on my research, most members confirm that they have to spend some money.

I totally understand this because GPT operates only in this way.

However, I noted a lot of complaints stating that they’re unable to track their offers.

More ever, some offers were still being charged despite canceling.

If you’re a disciplined person, maybe you can try this type of site.

If you’re lazy and not ready to track everything that you had completed then you might be charged for all trials.

For some trial offers, you might need to contact on your own to cancel them.

At times, this could bring a lot of headaches. Watch out for it.

So, when you have a site like this that concentrates only on trial offers then you must stay away from it.

As long as you are lenient in doing trial offers you’ll be just fine.

9. Canceling Offers Gets Worse

This 20cogs review is entirely based on what their customers are going through.

I’m not here to stop you from participating. Though, I found some issues with 20cogs online.

So based on my findings, I found some of the members were claiming that their account was blocked/disabled due to skipping trial offers frequently.

If this is true then I do not recommend this site anymore.

10. Gambling Sites

If you’re looking for a way to make money then you can do with either starting a blog or doing affiliate marketing.

Do not ever go with betting because it’s all scams.

Most online games are rigged, which permits you to earn at first and then suck your money in a matter of time.

I see that 20cogs is promoting gambling sites, yet I can not order them what they should and shouldn’t. After all, you see – it’s a GPT site.

However, it shouldn’t allow their members to route to some gambling site in the first place.

Most gambling sites give you a start-up bonus to get started, however, they’ll win in the long run.

Read this latest online scams here. You find some casino scams too.

The conclusion to 20cogs?

Now we at the closing stage. What you think of 20cogs after reading this review?

One thing you need to realize that “the perfect product is a myth”.

You’ll never be able to find a product that meets 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

I’ve provided the pros and cons of the 20cogs, which I felt as a customer perspective. I am not against 20cogs or any programs.

Some might take this examination positively but many don’t. I’m just providing you some information that I gathered online.

Not to forget that there are 100s of 20cogs satisfied members in the UK.

So, if you still believe, 20cogs is a suitable place for you to make extra money then go with it. That’s it.

Are you a part of the 20cogs survey panel?

Whether you’re on Facebook, Reddit, or any platform, please share your opinions & involvement here. We all love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

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