24 Hour Profits – Is it Possible to Earn $286 Per Day with 30 Mins Of Work? I Hope So!

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Thank you for stopping by! Wanna learn more about 24 Hour Profits? 

I am sure you are just looking for a legit and unbiased review about the 24 Hour Profits affiliate program.

Without a doubt, you could find loads of reviews on 24HourProfits.com Members ReviewGoogle when you search with the keyword – “24 Hour Profits”.

However, some of them could be sales-based while others try to sell their products providing negative reviews about 24 Hour Profits.

This way, you won’t be able to decide which one is right and which are honest reviews.

I am not an affiliate of 24 Hour Profits so whatever you get here will be truthful and unbiased. 

If you have a plan of joining in the near future then you can apply my tips to test this product.

So, let start the 24 Hour Profits review here…

About 24 Hour Profits

Product Name – 24 Hour Profits
Founder Name – Fergal Downes
Program Type – Affiliate Marketing
Investment – $2 Onwards
Upsells – 17$, $9, $16.99, $97
Conversion Ratio – 10%-20%
Marketplace – Clickbank & JVzoo
Beginner-friendly – YES
Scam or Legit – No scam
Refund policy – Trustable as long as 24hourprofits stays with CB & other trusted networks

What Is 24 Hour Profits?

There are many affiliate programs online in which you can join and promote their products or services.

The types of affiliate programs are plenty and it’s very difficult to bring all under one roof. 

In the same way, 24 Hour Profits is a small network that allows people to join who in dire of money or want to work from home promoting an affiliate program.

It also offers step by step training videos for beginners so that they can start as quickly as possible.

Each time when someone who joins through your referral link, you’ll earn from one time commissions to recurring commissions as long as the members stay active. 

Founder’s Claim!

He says you don’t need to work with Google, Facebook, or Bing using paid ads as this system work pretty well without spending a dime on paid ads.

This system is built in such a way that you don’t need to create any videos to make money.

The founder claims that his system is a newbie-friendly so anyone who joins can reap the rewards with little effort.

He promises to offer an unlimited free traffic system which helps you to earn money.

Finally, he claims that his system does really work, however, anyone can request a refund if they are not satisfied with it. That is a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Who’s the Founder Of 24 Hour Profits?

The creator of 24hourprofits.com is Fergal Downes and he’s been doing affiliate marketing for a while. 

I haven’t noticed any negative feedback from him so in that sense, this guy seems real and honest in all respect.

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Inside Tour of 24 Hour Profits!

Once you get access to the members’ area, you’ll be taken through a series of basic training in the form of videos includes 10 lessons. Each video covers a certain topic from the introduction to the activation process.

Module 1 – This talks about the overall system and how one can join and earn an affiliate commission.

Module 2 – As a newcomer to the system, you’re offered some basic classes in short.

Module 3 – The 3rd lesson talks about how 24 Hour Profits actually work and how members can join and make full use of it.

Module 4 – This chapter teaches you how to activate your affiliate link so that you can start promoting online

Module 5 – Without traffic, you are not going to make any money. So this video covers how to get free traffic to your sales funnel to generate leads.

Module 6 – If you have not exposed to paid traffic then this video covers how to work with the paid traffic sources and the importance of it.

Module 7 – In this video lesson, you’ll be guided on how to spot the best Solo Ad Sellers in the marketplaces so that you can generate quality traffic to your sales funnel.

Module 8 – The conclusion is just about from start to finish and how one should work and what steps affiliates should do in order to become a successful member.

Lesson 9 – Cheat Sheet / Homework

Lesson 10 – Finally, you’ll also get a LIVE call coaching with the founder. 

What’s the Cost to Join 24 Hour Profits?

The cost for the 24 Hour Profits is very cheap compare to other affiliate programs I’ve seen online. 

With 24 Hour Profits, you can test drive for just $2 and then the $17 monthly subscription will kick start.

Upsell Part 1 – With a $9 DFY package you’ll be provided the best landing pages and other materials includes email marketing templates so that you can build your own list.

Upsell Part 2 – This cost you $16.99 for which you’ll be given grand access to massive free traffic course. This includes free traffic to paid traffic guides.

Upsell Part 3 – This seems to be the final stage of the membership fee which will cost you $97. You can get connected with the founder who guides you on how to multiply your income up to 10X by automating the business.

Official Video From the Founder

Which Marketing Tools You Need for this Program?

Based on my research I found that you might also need to purchase a third party autoresponder such as Aweber. Get Aweber Autoresponder FREE here. This helps capture peoples’ information like name and email address. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing, building an email list is very important.

That way you can make money from the system as well as promoting other affiliate programs. All you need is to send mass emails or you can set up autoresponder sequences.

Without a marketing tool, the success in the online business is very slim.

The cost of the Aweber is just $15 only. If you’re serious about online business then considering buying it.

Pros And Cons Of 24 Hour Profits Affiliate Program


What I like about 24 Hour Profits is that you can try for just $2 to see what’s inside unlike other affiliate programs that require you to pay the full price before you get access to the members’ area. 

Considering the peoples’ demand, the founder has given grand access to see inside. 

The overall design and tutorials are very clean. It seems the founder has put up with video lessons in an appropriate way so that common people like you will be able to learn easily without worrying about too many technical aspects.

24 Hour Profits is designed for beginners and for those who want to start with a low budget. This way anybody can try this offer as long as they have just $2 in their bank account.

According to my findings, 24 Hour Profits seems super converting program. That means you can get a lot of sales during your trial periods.

If you work diligently for about 7 days, I mean during your trial period, you can grab at least 10-15 sales. This means you can cover your membership cost in no time.

How to earn from 24 Hour Profits affiliate program?


This program is not free so you may need to spend $2 to test drive. Additionally, there is a $17/mo membership fee which not many people can afford it.

The title is a bit misleading which says $286+ per day. But in reality, I don’t think this is possible for beginners. But if you follow the guides as outlined in the video then you can surely earn $50-$100 per day on autopilot.

You may need to acquire an autoresponder which is good for every online business you’d want to involve. The autoresponder cost $15 after the first month.

With an autoresponder, you can promote any number of products, this way you can compensate for the cost of the tool. Do all people know the power of autoresponders? I don’t think so.

There are some upsells within the system but not mandatory to purchase any of them.

How You’ll Make Money With 24 Hour Profits?

Signing up with any work at home programs is not a big deal. However, making money is very important. With 24 Hour Profits, you are being guided to promote online from free to paid traffic. 

I heard some folks say that the system is mainly focusing on paid traffic.

Nope, you can also promote this system using free traffic methods. I’ll come to that in a moment on how to get the best traffic sources to deliver business-minded people.

As a 24 Hour Profits member, you just need to send visitors to the sales funnel link that hard-coded with your ID.

Every time people who join under you bring commission not just once but monthly recurring commission.

If you could get 100 quality and interested people into this network then you can make easily $800-$1000 recurring commissions.

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Best Ways To Make Money With 24 Hour Profits?

If you’re a new person who is new to online affiliate marketing perhaps you need to read how to get free traffic here. 

With this additional traffic sources, you can get more eyeballs for your products or affiliate links. 

In this way, you can generate more trial members and premium members within your trial period.

Follow the above link to learn how to get traffic from Facebook as well as from other free traffic sources.

Don’t forget that if you have enough budget to use paid traffic sources like Udimi then ensure you have enabled tracking software to identify the quality of the traffic vendor.

Tracking software helps you cut down your cost in many ways. For more information, please watch the video below:

You can choose any page builder/sales funnel builder to promote your affiliate products. This tutorial applies to all types of funnels. Simply follow the tutorial and apply the setting. If you want to promote a direct affiliate link then simply cloak it without a squeeze page/sales funnel.

=> Create Your Clickmagick Free Account Here <=

24 Hour Profits Payment Proofs & Testimonials

Why I recommend 24 Hour Profits is that the reliability of the system and the founder – both are good. Not just that, but I also witnessed many payment proofs from members as well.

24 Hour Profits PayPal Payment Proof

Finding an affiliate program in the JVzoo or Clickbank is not that hard. But finding a cheaper one with the best conversion product does not come easily!

It’s hard to find a product that has about 18% conversion rate. If you could bring a few houndred visitors to the lead capture page then you could make fast onetime comissions + recurring payments.

After going through members’ testimonials and payment proofs I found that 24 Hour Profits is indeed super converting and helping members to make money at ease.

As long as the system is bringing a good amount of money for your time, and effort then there’s nothing wrong with partaking in this program.

So for me, 24 Hour Profits is a beginner-friendly website that helping common people to earn easy money working at home.

Mohamad Sameer says – this product is helping many and converting like Crazy. I have made over 100 sales last 30 days as you may have seen in the leader board but what important are these recurring sales…

Note I barely have an hour to work on this promo and I have just tested a bit of paid traffic, the majority all comes from free traffic.

If you want to retain the person who has signed-up with your link then help the person make sales and as long as they are making commissions they will stay.

My focus is to get to at least 100 recurring before we close the year.

Is 24 Hour Profits Scam Or a Legit Money Making System?

I don’t think 24 Hour Profits is a scam or something. This word – SCAM is being widely used for no reason at all. The payments are handle by marketplaces. It can be JVzoo, Warriorplus, or Clickbank. 

These networks are very popular and reliable in terms of issuing payment. So you don’t get cheated not getting payment. 

24 Hour Profits claims that you could make $286+ with 30 Mins of work and some bloggers feel that this is misleading.

To some extent, this may be true but if you have a large number of followers or email list perhaps this is achievable but not certainly beginners.

The founder is talking about paid ads which not many people who can afford to pay for it. But still, you can work around with free traffic to generate at least $50 per day or more.

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Do I Recommend This Product!

Yes, I do recommend 24 Hour Profits for a beginner. You can start with your $2 investment to get your feet wet in the affiliate marketing arena. After all, your money is safe there.

If you think this $2 investment is something like Mount Everest you better stick to your regular job.

Whether you wanna make money either with low ticket programs or high ticket income machine, there will be naturally some extra investment require for additional tools and set up.

Please remember that you’ll earn a recurring commission from all of your sales. This is good to note that you don’t need to work hard again to generate money every month.

Again, always remember that business age, investment, conversion, and retention ratio are very important in this game.

I see so many people still looking for a way to earn just $5 per day online. But with 4 Hour Profits, reaching $500 -$1000 per month is certainly possible.

Would you want to make more than that? Try 4 Hour Profits affiliate program and be consistent until you hit your goal.

Don’t forget that if you can generate traffic and sales then always help your downlines so that they will stick to the program – this is very important.

Finally, this product is from Clickbank so if you weren’t satisfied, you can request a refund. This way, your money is safe. Want to share your opinion? Let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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