Spotthetreasure.com is managed by a group of friends helping common people to make extra money working from home.

Ramesh Ramaiah – I’m the founder of Spotthetreasure.com. I share my experience that I had gone through over the years. I help small business owners and independent affiliates to ensure that they pick the best products and services.

The founder of Spotthetreasure.comI understand that this site may be a small when compare to other big bloggers. However, I had gone through many struggles, pain and financial losses, and I know that there is not enough resources out there for freshers to take informed decision before purchase any products/services. I’ll try my best to show/share my opinions with you so you can make informed decision.

I set out to research, learn and discover everything one needs to know about marketing, web hosting, finance and effective practices for online business.

I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t. I’ll publish my learning and furnish you with the information, data and know-how to succeed in your respective industries. I’ll do some of the experimenting process so you can learn from my mistakes and make informed business decisions!

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