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Looking for ad posting jobs without investment online! I’m glad you found me at last.

In this extensive post, I’m going to cover everything you want to know about ad posting jobs to make money online without spending anything on your part.

Be it, you’re an intermediate marketer or someone who is just new/beginner who wants to make at least $200-$500 per week.

You’ll learn everything you ever want to know about ad posting offers.

Ad Posting Jobs – Beginners Guide

In this ad posting job beginner guide, I’ll walk you through as a beginners’ perspective.

You’ll learn from finding networks, places to post ads to generating revenue.

You can learn my strategies and tricks to make it work. Before I get started, make sure that you are willing to work for at least 1 week to see the results. 

This ad posting job is not for you if you ever thought of making money without doing any work. This ad posting job indeed requires some effort on your part to achieve optimum results. 

OK, let’s get started now…

What Is Online Ad Posting Jobs?

If you had already searched this term “Get paid to post ads” in Google or any search engines, perhaps you’d know what is ad posting job!

However, I want to start from scratch so that people like you or those who are new to this concept will be able to understand this concept without any hassles.

The ad posting job is a process of outreaching branded companies in the form of web promotion.

For this, you do not need to spend or buy any unnecessary materials. All you need is only your effort and participation. 

Each time when visitors click on your link, you earn commissions from that.

I’ll run down more on that as we go along this post.

How Does Internet Ad Posting Jobs Work!

I have vast experience in the online affiliate marketing industry.

Hence, I’m not going to redirect you to some fraud/scam companies. How to Make Money With Ad Posting Jobs From Home?

Alternatively, you’re going to work with some of the top-notch organizations that pay you daily, weekly and monthly.

There are so many established and legit so-called ad posting companies out there to accept you as an affiliate or publisher. 

The online ad posting job is nothing but posting ads on the internet.

The ads can be anything related to products or services.

That means you promote any products or services of the companies to earn a commission.

To be exact, you’ll get paid for each lead or sale you generate for them. This is it.

Who is the Affiliate? (Publisher)

“An affiliate is someone an independent person that supports companies’ products and services” in the form of online/offline marketing.

As an independent partner, you need only to reach them. All you need is to sign up for free and start advertising their products to make money. 

You do not worry about how to approach the best networks, because I got you covered everything in this post too, so keep reading.

Who Can Join For Web Ad Posting Work At Home Jobs?

An ad posting job is not a techie job, unlike other regular jobs for which you might need to have good English, experience in the field, and even a college degree. With an ad posting job, you need only a computer and internet connection.

Some companies accept people who are above 18 but still you can get away with this issue by faking your age.

So when it comes to ad posting jobs’ eligibility, I’d say, anyone, can join irrespective of race, religion, background, etc.

Therefore, as long as you’re willing to accept the challenge there is no one out there to stop you.

It’s a simple process and requires only a little bit of effort to make easy cash just by posting online advertisements. 

How To Make Money By Posting Free Advertisements?

Choosing the best products is very important to make money. There are several types of offers available online. 

You can make money from doing various activities such as collecting emails, generating free sign ups, selling products, marketing products that pay for a complimentary trial, etc.

So, as a beginner to ad posting job, you need only to focus pay per lead concept at first.

After that, you can move on to high paying offers once you gained some knowledge and experience. 

I’d advise for starters to promote email offers in the beginning to gain some momentum.

How Email Offers Work!

In a nutshell, each time you collect leads for companies such as emails, you’ll earn up to $10 or more.

Let’s say, for instance, a company wants to pay you $3 per email.

Assuming you have generated 50 emails in one day. Just imagine how much the profits would be?

Your daily income will be anywhere between $100-$250. Isn’t that easy way to earn extra money working from home?

Do not worry about networks, my dear, friend!

I’ve loads of networks that pay even more so you do not need to hit your head on the wall.

Some of the networks that I have, even pay up to $600 per lead.

So don’t click away because still, you’re a long way to go before signing up with my recommended CPA networks.

Networks That Allow Ad Posting Work At Home Job!

Now the question comes into your head just as this – How to find the best affiliate networks to join and what are they!

Well, finding affiliate channels are not hard to do it. There are 1000s of networks online. However, some networks are picky and do not allow new affiliates to partner with.

And some even are not trust-worthy. So, to avoid any hiccup, you need to find networks that allow even a fresher.

Do not worry, my friend. I have gathered the best CPA & affiliate networks for you.

Please read this post completely before jumping into my recommendation. I’ll post the link down the page so you can access them later.

How to Get More Visitors To Your Products?

The ad posting job may seem easy at first but you need to understand one thing that you may need to get more eyeballs on your affiliate products or links. 

After selecting an offer to promote online, you need to get more traffic to your affiliate link. 

Don’t you know what is the affiliate link!

An affiliate link is a link that will be automatically created after you joined in a particular network.

Each network will have a unique affiliate link for every offer/product. When you promote such a link through ad posting, you’ll earn fixed commissions when someone has taken an action; be it email submits or sales, etc. 

Without traffic/visitors to your affiliate link, you won’t make a dime. Just imagine that you’re an affiliate and have access to the product to promote.

How do people know that you indeed exist? How people find your link to purchase your products! That’s why you need to drive traffic towards your associate link so to make money.

But wait! Don’t know where to find people so you can make money?

I got you covered for that one too. I’ve some of the easy methods to promote your offers. The best and user-friendly traffic sources that you need to maximize your income.

That’s right, I have a list of beginner-friendly websites to post ads so you can generate visitors daily.

But that’s not the end, there are tons of traffic sources similar to my list. Yet, you’re always welcome to ask me in the comment section so I can provide more traffic sources via the comment section.

You’ll find a traffic source link down the post. So keep reading.

What Are The Places To Posts Adverts?

There are tons of ad-posting sites that allow you to post any number of ads in their networks. 

For example, Clickindia free job posting site enables you to post any number of ads in their network.

Similar to that, there are tons on the internet as well.

Finding sites is an easy process. You can search in Google using some of the keywords listed below. 

  • Free classified sites in “USA”,
  • Classified sites in “Australia”,
  • Free classified sites in “UK”, etc.
  • Online job forums (Enter the country here)

How to Find the Best Traffic Sites to Post Ads?

You’ll find a lot of websites in Google but not all sites generate traffic significantly.

Posting ads on tons of websites does not yield any results.

Instead, you may need to identify which sites are profitable and bring more visitors to your referral link.

If you were new to ad posting jobs then don’t worry, I’ve covered the subject on how to post ads too…


Identifying Best Traffic Source For Posting Ads

In order to spot/identify the best traffic sites, simply copy classified site address and head over to 

For future use, I recommend you to book the site because it will require in the future to check the traffic quantity for each free classified site you find online.

In this example, I’m taking free classified site. Now I copy & paste the Clickindia website in the’s search bar.

Now it showing me how many people are visiting every month.

If it was a significant amount of visitors then I bookmark the site and also save it in the Ms-word doc, so I can revisit the site later to post more ads there. This is it.

How to find best traffic site to post ads online?Another important point to remember is to know the traffic size.
For example, if the advertisers are focusing only on USA traffic then you need to inspect the free classified site and the percentage of the visitors. 

If that site is not getting enough traction towards your targeted location then you can choose other offers that support the same.

Let’s investigate what the above image illustrates!

According to the above stats, you can see that a particular site  – is generating 1.25 million visitors per month.

The top five countries are India, United States, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom, etc.

Now, Let’s say that you want to promote an offer aiming for Canadian visitors. Although, I had found, which is predominantly generating traffic from India. 

So, what you’ll do in that case!

Interchanging Offers To Post Ads

Head over to your registered CPA affiliate network to see which offer is available for India and US offers.

You see, Clickindia also is getting 1.27% US traffic from overall traffic share, which is still huge in numbers. This way, you keep the best high traffic sites in your list to post offers accordingly.

When it comes to affiliate networks, they allow all types of traffic and locations. So it is up to you to decide whether you’d like to start with a CPA network or affiliate network.

The disadvantage of the affiliate network is that it won’t offer a PAY PER LEAD option. That’s the difference (You’ll learn more about the CPA network & affiliate network from the provided link below).

How to Post Ads in Free Classified Sites?

To get started, head over to the free classified site first. Create an account by confirming your email.

Now, as you can see down the post, an image shows “POST ADS”.

To post ads, choose the appropriate category in there.

How to post ads in Clickindia?If you do not know how to write titles and texts for your ads, then open another free classified site in a new tab.

Copy some of the existing ads from there and post them on the current site.

And also, make small changes in your ad copy – every time you post advertisements.

There are a few ways to promote offers. You can either, promote raw affiliate links, or with some tools such as page builder or even with the domain masking concept. 

Note that, you need to add your affiliate link beneath the ads while posting online ads, otherwise, you miss out visitors.

Some networks, do not allow posting direct affiliate link, however, you can use either of these methods.

  • Cloaking Your affiliate links
  • Promoting via Sales funnels
  • Direct linking with custom domains

To post ads online or even on social media, you may run into difficulties while posting ads.

Some sites don’t allow direct affiliate links such as Facebook. So you may need to mask your affiliate links.

There are many free URL shortener sites but I recommend 2 sites here.


In order to do that, please visit the sites and create free accounts.

Once done, paste your affiliate link to cloak. That’s it. Your masked link is ready. In this way, you can mask as many links as you want.

See the demo below:

1. Create your free account and click on “NEW LINK”
2. Paste your affiliate link to generate Short link
3. Give it a custom name as your choice
4. Click on “CREATE LINK” button
5. Copy your ULR link to promote online (Test to see if the links are redirecting to the right offers. Test the links in the browser before promoting them online).

Tutorial to make your affiliate linkPromoting Via Sales Funnel

This is for intermediate and advanced marketers. Affiliate marketing is all about building subscribers first. And adposting job is not an exception to this. 

So, in order to promote your affiliate link, you can use a landing page builder.

Simply, create a page around that product with autoresponder integration along with your affiliate link.

Each time when visitors land on your page, they’ll have to enter their name & email first before routing to your affiliate link. In this way, you can build email subscribers. 

Not only that, but you can also send as many offers as you want using mass emailing option (If you need help creating sales funnel with autoresponder integration, let me know in the comment section, so I can do it for you free).

This is another way of promoting affiliate links. To work better, you may need to purchase a custom domain from the hosting provider.

My recommendation is to purchase from

You can get a domain for $5 per year. Register a domain that appeals well for the offer that you’d want to connect.

For example, if your niche is “make money” then register a domain related to that. For example, www. or anything similar.

Now head over to hosting service provider, and update your affiliate link in the DNS server section to connect your custom domain.

By doing this way, you can promote anywhere you want. 

The advantage of a custom domain is that you naturally get more conversion from advertisements.

This is because your affiliate link is now on a professional domain and appeal more trustworthy (If you do not know how to connect let me know so I can guide you on this for free).

Affiliate Networks and its Restriction

The networks that I have on the other page, accept you to post ads on any websites.

Each network has 100s of offers so there will be no problem in posting those offers at free classified websites. 

However, some offer you see in the affiliate network do not allow promoting their offer via classified sites but many do.

Hence, there will be no scarcity of offers to choose from. 

How Much Can You Make By Posting Online Ads!

It’s up to how far you work and put effort. This ad posting jobs are not for lazy people.

As long as you post ads on the internet with some seriousness in mind then you can see good results. 

The more ads you post the more visitors you get to your affiliate link. As a result more revenue. For a consistent player, I reckon, making $500 is 100% doable. 

To get better results, choose at least 25 best and high traffic sites to post ads. Free traffic method takes time but when you keep doing it for at least a week, you see the results.

Besides, a good and high converting offer also plays a very important role in your affiliate marketing. 

Do not worry, I have already covered how to choose an offer. In this way, you can minimize your time in finding the best offers to post ads on the web.

How Will You Get Paid For Posting Ads On The Internet?

As mentioned earlier that you do not join with some fake sites that claim you’d make $1 for every ad post you do. Do not ever join with fake websites or ask any registration fees. 

Ad posting jobs are many in types – that is, you either work as I outlined here or connect with freelancing sites.

Apart from that, I do not think that any sites out there just pay you for posting ads alone. Yet, I see many are still alive. They are all 100% fake sites. Trust me in this. 

The ad posting concept is to post ads and earn revenue when you produce some action from it.

Hence, do not fall prey to fraud concepts/sites. The CPA & affiliate networks pay from daily, weekly, biweekly to monthly.

The more quickly you earn the faster you get. Some of the networks even pay as soon as you reach the $25 payment threshold.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Increase Your earnings

To make money consistently with ad posting jobs, you need to select the best offers first and post “job advertisement” ads.

And then keep track of all the best free classified sites in hand. In this way, you will be able to notice which traffic sources are generating more traffic to your offers.

Choose the best 10 offers from CPA networks for a test drive.

And start promoting offers in the free classified sites. To generate an income with internet ad posting jobs, you need to drive a minimum of 100 unique visitors per day.

If you do that, I can guarantee that you’d make good money.

Online Posting Jobs Without Investment – Not a Push Button Software

When it comes to online work at home jobs, there is no push-button software.

You need to work just like how you work under your boss. Until and unless you hit a jackpot, there is no way to earn from a push-button software.

There is no money puling machine in the sky or on earth either. I repeat, there are so many scam websites out there, especially ad posting sites.

Do not waste time on those thinking you can make super income. 

Not just that, I can see a lot of fake ads floating around on free classified websites. Do not pay any attention to it.

The method I’ve shown is legit and you do not need to invest any money. This post is for beginners only so I did not add the other vital tools like email marketing software, page builder, and tracking software.

But you can buy those once you have earned some money from it. 

The marketing tools can help you cut down your time, and effort and even advertising cost. Yet, for a beginner or for those who are new to “work from ad posting jobs” are not need to purchase any of those for now. 

Avoid Online Scams & Copy & Paste Ad Posting

As I said earlier, I can see so many online scam websites and concepts are still prevalent.

If you want to learn what are the latest online scams then please read from the below link, which will help you avoid scams and save up to $50,000.

Work at home online scams – upgraded

Conclusion To Ad Posting Work From Home Jobs!

I hope this post has provided some valuable information and useful resources in order to make money from an online ad posting job, in which no cost is involved.

For a beginner, this post might confuse when reading for the first time. 

I highly suggest you bookmark this post so that you can read it again when you have free time.

To post more ads on free classified sites, you can also guise in the form of “job advertisement or job vacancy ad” to generate more call back and responds to your ads.

Visit these links to maximize your adposting income.

There are 4 steps to successfully make money from Google ad posting jobs without investment:

  • Join with CPA networks or affiliate networks
  • Select the best high traffic free websites
  • Post 25 ads daily to see the results
  • Keep track of your progress daily to get paid daily, weekly or monthly

Ad posting job is also known as a copy & paste job. Both functions pretty much the same. Only the term is used differently. 

Bonus: Avoid Online Captcha Typing Sites

If you follow the guide for up to 1 weekly consistently, I am sure you can see the results.

Also, if you are planning for a long term goal then promote offers that have recurring commission. 

To know more in-depth and process further, please follow the above links to upgrade your thinking.

Still, if you have had any doubts in the online ad posting job, please ask me in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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