Why Amazon Affiliate Program Sucks! 15 Reason Why You Should Avoid! [Beginners -Watch Out!]

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Are you sure you want to join the Amazon affiliate or associate partner program to make money working from home? 

Congratulations on your decision!

Why in advance! Well, it’s because you recognized that there are ways to earn money working from home and Amazon could be your next hunt!

Before all that…

I want you to know why the Amazon affiliate program sucks! And I’ll tell you why you should stay away from Amazon associate program instead do something better than what other people do. 

I’m not a person who tends to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen all the time.

Yes, there is nothing in this world made perfect but you can always judge by seeing which is over-weighing the other – con vs pros or good vs bad!

So, before you head over to Amazon associate partner’s sign-up page, I want you to read what are the cons and why you should sway away from promoting at all costs. 

This is my personal view and never intended to mislead you or not trying to block anyone who’s looking for a way to earn extra money promoting Amazon affiliate products

So, before I start with a lesson, here’s…

What New Amazon’s Associates Always Search In Google!

  • How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program?
  • Ways To Earn Extra Cash In Amazon Associate Site?
  • How Much Can I Make Joining Amazon Affiliate Program? 
  • Best Ways To Earn From Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Which Country Allowed In Amazon Associate Program?
  • What’s The Best Selling Products In Amazon?
  • How To Promote Amazon Products Online?
  • Can I Promote Amazon Affiliate Products On Social Media! and so on.

This is only the tip of the iceberg! Though Amazon associate program is not a scam or anything as such. It has millions of cheap to high-end products on almost any niche or products you can imagine. 

Although, when it comes to the Amazon affiliate program, there are a few specific areas you may need to consider before joining. Here we go!

  • Not For Small Bloggers 
  • Third-World Countries Issues!
  • Low Paying Products!
  • Conversion Issue
  • Cookie Window
  • No Paypal
  • Restricted To Email Marketing
  • Traffic Monetization
  • Minimum Payout Limit
  • Payment Clearance
  • Geo Redirection
  • Commission Fluctuation
  • Multiple Amazon Accounts
  • Getting Banned
  • Amazon Affiliate Without a Website

Is it worth promoting Amazon products from your websites?Need Massive Readership & Traffic 

The new folks usually succumbed to false claims about the Amazon affiliate program. You see, there are some bloggers who always blow out a proportion of anything they want.

Why I’m saying this because I noticed in a few forums where some bloggers had said, anyone can earn $200-$500 per day using Amazon affiliate program.

Fair enough and this may be partially true but… 

The concept behind this offer might seem easy for everybody to execute but in reality, there is so much behind the screen from creating a website, writing content, SEOs, link building to building authority and more.

While going through one of the blogs, I stumbled upon a few reviews from new Amazon associates.

And they were screaming about the inability to make enough money from the Amazon affiliate program. 

What went wrong!

Even some bloggers wanting to earn $500 per month from their new blogs that get only 100 visitors per day. Are you in the same boat?

Is your traffic sufficient to earn from a low paying affiliate marketplace like Amazon!

Remember that Amazon affiliate program is not something you join today and earn money just as some established bloggers claim. Some novices have no idea of how much one can make with a small blog. 

In order to make around $500-$1,000 per month consistently, you might need to build a site that drives around 2000- 8000 unique visitors per day.

That’s not the end at all…

Amazon affiliate commission purely depends on how well you had designed your site, content, theme, traffic quality, location, ad placement, etc. 

Therefore, don’t get excited about the idea of making tons of money promoting Amazon products. Some bloggers who always seem to direct you to this pit which is not a practical thing for newcomers.

Hence, the income potential is purely based on how many visitors you get from where! If your blog is just getting around 500-800 visitors per day, I think you can’t make much…but there’s a way to it.

I’ll tell you more about this down below.

Third-World Countries! Say No to Amazon!

What you cannot expect from Amazon Associate Program is that you don’t make much money if you get the majority of traffic form third-world countries. 

Your income going to be purely based on how many people click on the links and out of which how many customers are going to take action.

Based on my research, I found that when a blog generating a huge amount of traffic from third-world countries, the chances of earning even a three-figure income is very slim.

People from third world countries usually don’t keep credit card and when you route your links to such people, you simply burdening your hosting server. 

So, if your blog is not created for top tier countries, then it would be better not to join Amazon Associate Program at any cost.

But don’t worry, there is no end to this. I’ll tell you how you can overcome this issue by avoiding Amazon’s affiliate program completely – for information, keep reading…

Amazon Affiliate Program for Pennies!

This is what I don’t get people as to why still they want to join Amazon Associate Program!

I’m not getting why somebody like you who have a blog that getting 1000 visitors per day wants to earn from a program that pays pennies!

I see the Amazon Associate Program commission structure is way too less than any other marketplaces I have seen or heard.

According to the Amazon Associate Program fee structure, it starts from 1%-10%, which is the maximum, if I’m right. Most products pay around 3% affiliate commission. 

Amazon products vs CPA Offers?As per the above image, you see that the number of clicks he has generated is nearly 37,000 out of which he was able to generate 1,622 total in orders/sales.

Now, for a newcomer, the total earnings of $3,309.63 seem huge but they’re not. Let me tell you how!

CPA offer onetime offer:

The same amount of traffic can get 4 times higher than the earnings from Amazon. For example, with CPA marketing, you can earn $2-$15 per free email submit not the sales.

Even if I calculated on the least number of 2500 free signups out of 37,000 unique clicks then he might have earned $10,000 (assuming $4 per email submit).

2500*$4=$10,000 onetime commission.

CPA offer recurring product:

As far as I know, most affiliate networks pay between 50%-75% affiliate commission.

Let’s take an example that an X product ($100 value) pays a 50% recurring commission.

Now, considering the same amount of traffic, and the least amount of 200 sales out of 37,000 clicks, he would have earned way better than the Amazon earnings.

Just imagine how much money you can make with this same formula!

200*$50=$10,000 recurring income.

Another example:

Now, take a look at the example below… assuming that you get 3% commission per product!

Let’s say, you have got 1000 clicks on your links which had generated 25 sales from your blog [$100 per product]. 

Those who are new to affiliate marketing might be thinking as if you have made great commissions to supplement your income.

But they’re missing nutrients! That’s right…

If I talk about in a hypothetical sense, as an affiliate, you’d be making $75 from all sales.

Wow! What a feat!

Again, generating 1000 click requires a hell lot of traffic, and of course, the conversion is another part.

In this course of action, you would have lost tons of customers. These visitors are not going to come back again.

It’s because Amazon doesn’t allow email form integration so that you can bring them back to the offer through email marketing.

But with the same process, you could have made $500-$2,000 recurring commission promoting CPA offers. 

Now tell me, which one is the higher-paying business opportunity in these two?

So, if I compare with other affiliate programs against the Amazon affiliate program, the commission rate in Amazon is relatively low. 

Hard To Convert From Your Blog

You may be amazed to see some bloggers’ affiliate earnings! However, there are many variables and conditions to earn affiliate commissions as such from Amazon. 

If you deeply look into their stats of traffic quality and the numbers! You’d be astonished to see how established those bloggers are. 

When you look at those screenshot of big bloggers, they make this amount side by side. Because they get 20,000- 30,000+ unique visitors daily.

So giving away some traffic for Amazon doesn’t affect the flow. Many bloggers focus on high paying affiliate programs as their main area, not the Amazon. 

In the same way, when you have a blog that gets about 5,000 visitors per month, it is hard for you to convert them into paying customers. But with the same number, you can earn good money promoting CPA offers.

Moreover, I don’t usually recommend established brands like Amazon. The reason is that it would be very hard for a beginner to compete with others.

Let’s say, 100 people clicked the links from your blog post out of 5000 visitors, imagine how many people going to purchase on their first visit? Not many, right! 

Additionally, most people wary of Amazon, and if they had some thoughts in mind buying later then you might lose your commission then and there [watch out cookie period].

Amazon’s Cookie Period Scams or Tactics

This is another reason why I hate Amazon associate program. The cookie thing is very important when selecting a product to promote. 

This is because when someone who lands on your links and decides to purchase after a week then you lost those customers. 

Now the 100% share goes to the e-commerce sites or the owner of the products. 

This Amazon seems so much hungry in looting peoples’ money. Why this 24 hour cookie period only?

Even a smaller affiliate networks that have a 30 -120 days cookie period so that the affiliates get benefited! 

I have seen products that have a lifetime cookie which means if a visited person comes back after 5 years and purchase it you still get the commissions. 

I feel that Amazon could have increased the time of the cookie period for at least 30 days.

Hence, as an Amazon affiliate, you are going to miss loads of commission, and back-end leakage legally from Amazon marketplace. 

Are you awake! Think twice now!

Would you still want to join the Amazon referral program to promote products for pennies that too it has only a 24 hour cookie period! 

Amazon Affiliate Program Doesn’t Have A Paypal Payout

PayPal is the one that I use for all of my online transactions, and reliable in all sense.

I always prefer to withdraw through PayPal as I never experienced receiving payments from affiliate networks such as Maxbounty.

With Amazon make money programs, you don’t have the ability to add PayPal option as it seems there is no way to receive Amazon commission via Paypal. 

From Amazon Center: Amazon has multiple Amazon Associate Programs. To date, participants in these Associates Programs – e.g., a participant in the US Associate Program, with a bank account within the EU, or a participant in the EU Amazon Associates Program, with a bank account in the US – have not had the option to receive international payments by bank transfer. International Payments could only be made via check or Amazon Gift Card

With a residence or bank account within the supported countries, you can now receive income payments from any of the seven selected Amazon Associate Programs (including all of our EU programs) by convenient transfer to your bank account.

PayPal is said to be the most used online payment processor right now. I wonder why Amazon has not linked yet. But there is a way to overcome this issue as well. 

The alternative way to receive commission is via Payoneer. I doubt Payoneer is not available in many countries. This way, if you are outside of these payment processors perhaps you’ll face trouble in receiving payments. 

Email Marketing Is Not Allowed

The power of email marketing is so inconceivable, and it brings you money over and over again.

In Why email marketing is not allowed in Amazon associate program?the world of internet, there is hardly you see a product or marketplace that out there which does block email marketing. 

Are you getting what I’m getting into!

As long as you have a massive list of email subscribers in your database, you can literally promote any products and earn just a click of your mouse. 

But the hard truth is Amazon doesn’t allow you to promote through email marketing! What a shame!

This Amazon has found as many loopholes to stop its affiliates from making money.

You see, you can not promote directly, no URL Shortener option, restricted to social media, and you name it.

And, adding to those, email marketing restriction is another area where they cleverly added to their policy.

I wonder what’s wrong with email marketing when someone who legitimately built his subscribers from his blog! Are you still want to get into this Bullshit Amazon associate program!

Monetize Traffic With Amazon Affiliate Program

I’ve already covered this topic but still, I want you guys to note this point.

When I look around online, especially new folks who plan to join, think they can earn a decent income monetizing Amazon products.

This isn’t true!

Like I said earlier, you may need to get tons of traffic and CTR in order to gain momentum.

For a small blogger, Amazon is not the choice. If you have a blog that gets around 300 visitors per day then there is a way to earn far better than Amazon associate program.

Hence, stop going behind the amazon associate program looking for peanuts. 

Not only that, but there is also a slim chance that you do not get paid when customers return their products too often. 

Amazon Associate Minimum Payout Limit

The payment limit of the Amazon associate program seems OK for me.

But you see to reach the minimum limit of $100 may require you to deliver at-least 30-50 product sales. For a small blogger or affiliate marketers, this might seem a huge task to accomplish.

For me, a $50 cash out limit could have been better since the commission rate per product in the Amazon affiliate program is extremely low.

So, to reach the minimum cash out limit in Amazon, you might need to generate a minimum of 40 sales.

And if your blog is not niche-based and getting not enough traction then perhaps you need to find an alternative to Amazon associate program.

Let me ask you! How many visitors your blog gets daily! This helps me understand how many sales you may need to get to reach $100 before request. 

Not impressed with your stats! Huh!

Do not worry! I have an alternative method to optimize your blog. For more info, please keep reading the post.

Amazon Associate Payment Clearance 

Another disadvantage of the Amazon affiliate program is the payment clearance.

If you live in a country where Check payment is the only option then you’ll only be able to receive through check payment.

And it obvious in India and in some parts of the world that the payment clearance will take up to 21 days. I don’t directly blame the Amazon here but this is how it works. 

When you want to receive the payment directly into your bank account then this could be another hurdle for you in case looking for quick payments.

Why you wanna wait for 21 days to get cleared when there are so many high paying beginner-friendly affiliate programs that pay instantly, daily, weekly and monthly!

I would always want to work with referral programs that pay at least 15 days net payment or twice in a month. To be exact, I don’t recommend Amazon associate program for many reasons. Adding to that, the payment method is another big thing to note.

Amazon Affiliate Program Geo Redirection

After researching thoroughly on the internet, I found that there is a chance to lose visitors and commissions.

You see, Amazon associate program is all about sending visitors to the product page that people are looking for.

However, there is a chance that you might lose the customer when geo-redirection takes place.

For example, let’s say your blog’s main traffic is from Canada, and when people who click on the product link from Australia, it may have a page out of stock after redirection.

This means you could lose that customer forever, without gaining any benefits from him/her. 

This is not my opinion but there are a few complaints surfacing on the internet and I’m also thinking the same way too.

Amazon Associate Commission Fluctuation

In spite of knowing that promoting amazon products are not worth it, why you want to promote this BS when there is no definite figure for affiliates!

Look! No matter what products you promote, always go after reliable products that pay fixed commission. Whether it is an onetime or recurring commission.

With the Amazon affiliate program, you usually don’t get what you earned in the past. 

I have started doing affiliate marketing through amazon and after a few months, I am earning around 100 dollars per month. But unfortunately, Amazon has reduced the referral fees on computer components from 4% to 2.5%. That’s a big loss to me

To understand better, let’s say – you have received $1,000 commission for the last month. With the fluctuation in the commission rate will reduce the chances for the current and future months. 

The foundation of the commission range is comparatively lower than other marketplaces. 

Would you want to promote Amazon products when there is no certainty of commission percentage? I also heard that shipping cost at times comes more than the actual product price. Did you notice that!

Do you think there’s only one marketplace in the entire world! Come on, buddy! It’s time to move on to the best marketplaces right now.

Multiple Amazon Accounts

It seems to me why somebody has to create multiple accounts for Amazon associate program!

You see, when you want to target people in the USA, then you might want to create multiple accounts.

This is a headache for bloggers who indeed need to create 5-10 accounts to promote Amazon products. I feel it’s all done on purpose. Don’t you think!

The good news is if you wish to avoid creating multiple Amazon associate pages then there is a way to overcome this issue with a WordPress Easyazon.com plugin. This will cost you extra for bloggers too.

Getting Banned From Amazon Affiliate Program

This is another concern that striking in my mind as to why too much banning is happening in Amazon associate Program!

There could be legal reasons to disable associates’ accounts but how in the world can Amazon close peoples’ accounts when there are too many returns!

The associates are there to promote Amazon products and when visitors take action, both parties make money.

But it seems to me that Amazon is putting the burden on associates when the return happens. 

The customers buy from the Amazon marketplace and its (Amazon) their job to check the quality of the goods and services before delivering to the customers! 

The associate just sends visitors to the page, and I’m just really freaking out when I see reviews that say banned for too many returns!

Are you still want to join Amazon associate program and get busted for silly reasons! 

Yeah! Sometimes you might need to lose your earnings all together too!

How To Make Money in Amazon Without a Website?

As far as I know, the Amazon affiliate program is not for all people.

If you want to participate in this program, you either have to have a blog or good fan-base on social media (social media influencer). 

You won’t be able to trick them by increasing followers through paid services.

Also, you must at least have 50,000 genuine and organic followers on Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

The fans or followers’ acquisition should have happened naturally. Another bad thing with the Amazon affiliate program is that you won’t be able to promote using direct links or ULR shortener services

So, you have to find a way to promote by some means like through a landing page or with a custom domain. Either way, this Amazon BS is not worth of money. 

You see too many constraints, low commission for the products, multiple accounts requirement, the need for paid software for geo redirection, etc.

So, stop Amazon Associate Program…instead, do a CPA marketing.

Don’t Create a Website For Amazon Affiliate Program

I witnessed some dilemmas going on among the new bloggers. Firstly, they have no idea how to run the websites.

Most people are just want to create a website solely to make money from Amazon Associate Program. This is wrong and never do that if you were intended to do it. 

The competition among the affiliate marketers is so fierce in this era. So, it would be very hard to compete with other marketers and bloggers. 

The main problem would be, ranking your websites higher in the search engines.

According to many SEO specialists, you might need to wait at least 3-6 months to see some impressions coming, not the visitors to your blog.

Alternatively, focus on creating around what you like most. Write content for your readers instead of creating a blog for only Amazon or Adsense. 

Once you get enough visitors and readers then choose which marketplaces that have high paying affiliate offers or programs.

You may decide later instead of stressing yourself before laying your foundation.Amazon website - can your earn money with it?

An interesting thing to see that one of the bloggers who had created a site to make money from Amazon and CJ marketplace.

After spending about 15 years, still, he’s struggling to make money. 

Why is that?

It’s because he either doesn’t have enough content to please readers or not getting enough targeted traffic.

Look! Don’t create a website to promote any programs. 

You must focus on writing something you know about. There are 1000s of marketplaces from which you can choose the best products in any niche. Amazon is not the end of this world. 

I’d say, you better stay clear of Amazon to earn pennies. This is my view. Instead of this BS, you can do something productive and earn more income…keep reading, my friend.

Stop Going Behind Amazon Associate Program

Like I said, time to stop running behind the Amazon affiliate program. Instead, join the best CPA networks and promote the best offers on your blog. For anyone, I highly recommend CPA networks is the best place to earn a full-time income at ease.

==> How to get approved in CPA networks?

Besides, the Amazon associate program requires a lot of traffic to earn some income.

Moreover, there is no way you can utilize your subscribers. Do you want them to forget your relationship for good!

With CPA offers, you can literally earn without worrying about payment, traffic quality, location, etc. They got you covered everything.

Not just that, Clickbank is another great marketplace where you can find the best high converting products. Would you like a one-time payment or recurring?

Utilize Your Traffic Instead Of Amazon Affiliate Program

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. I understand the situation you go through.

Each visit that happens on your blog will bring a decent amount of money if you utilize the way it supposes to. 

Again, coming back to Clickbank or CPA offers, there are products that pay $2,000 for each sale.

On the other hand, with CPA offers you can make $2-$25 per email lead in which selling is not required.

…Which one is so easy to earn money? Amazon or CPA marketing!

Undoubtedly, CPA marketing is the best way to earn even with a small blog.

Not only that, but you’d also earn daily and weekly as soon as you reach the cash-out limit. 

Don’t get panic here! I have a great CPA marketing websites or affiliate networks through which you get paid via PayPal, Check, Payoneer, wire transfer, direct deposit, etc. 

Why you want to go after Amazon for pennies!

Seriously! I am not getting why people still rave about the BS Amazon affiliate program even today!

==> Legit beginners friendly CPA networks to join

Alternative To Amazon Affiliate Program

Still not sure what is the alternative to Amazon associate program!

Well, you can make easy $20-$30 per day promoting CPA offers with your small blog.

Yes, you can either promote one time high converting offers from JVzoo or recurring commission from CPA/affiliate networks.

The easiest offers for new bloggers are cost per install, pay per call, pay per download, email submit, free trial, etc.

==>> Access to CPA affiliate networks to make money

This world is really huge and I wonder why you want to stick to Amazon when you have plenty of ways to earn a fulltime income promoting CPA offers!

Paid Advertising – Stop Promoting Amazon Products

That’s right, my friend! I never ever recommend anyone to promote Amazon products through paid ads.

The reason is that you hardly see products converting on your end. 

With Amazon, there could be a lot of conversions in the back-end but you don’t get the credits. 


It’s because of a 24-hour cookie window!

You see, the brand Amazon is a well-known company. Whenever people visit the product page through your suggested link, two things will happen. 

Either they click away or purchase the products. But 99% of people don’t buy on their first visit or within a 24-hour window.

Now, you get the idea why you don’t make much with Amazon associate program.

==>> FREE Traffic Guide for Beginners

When you promote Amazon products through paid ads, you hardly earn money.

Even in Google Adwords, the competition is so high and every click comes with high CPC – cost per click up to $5 per click.

An average commission the Amazon products have only a 3% range, so for sure, you won’t be able to recoup profits instead you may lose money in big-time (paid ads only for advanced marketers). 

Is there anyone promoting amazon through paid ads! I haven’t seen one but there could be. So, again do not fall into this shit! I warn you!

Track Your Commission Performance

Whether you’re into Amazon associate program or any affiliate programs, always track your performance.

In order to see the outcome of your advertising campaign, always track your performance.

Don’t blindly promote an offer even if that pays a good commission. 

Tracking software always gives an idea of where visitors are coming from, devices, carriers, browsers, CTC, and the designated page. 

In this way, you’ll be able to track and optimize the campaigns without losing your visitors, time, and cost for the advertising. 

Even if that happens to be free marketing, ensure you have a tracker in places such as Clickmagick or Geniuslink.

Conclusion to Amazon Affiliate/Associate Program

Awesome! You did read this far! Remember, I am no way to say you can’t make money.

Indeed there are so many people generating good income promoting Amazon products. 

But my concern is why you want to waste your visitors promoting low paying products.

Amazon associate program is good for those who have good subscribers on YouTube channel. It’s because they can review hundreds of products and redirect people to any page they want. 

But for me, promoting Amazon affiliate products is not the best way to generate an income

You hardly see top bloggers promote Amazon products. They may talk about all those stats of their earnings but it could be either old ones or borrowed from some affiliates. 

Why don’t they promote Amazon products on their blog if that brings a lot of money!

Like I said earlier, the cookie period is very important to make money from affiliate marketing. With the Amazon associate program, a customer must place an order within 24 hours of arriving at your link. 

Once they decided to come back later by closing it then you’ll lose your commission right there. 

For me, the 24-hour window is way too less. Therefore, stop going behind Amazon associate program from today.

But still, if you’re desperate in joining the Amazon affiliate program then here are the most frequently asked questions that you can read – Amazon associate program basic guide (FAQ).

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