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Auto Profit Sites Review in Short:

Hope you’re doing great! Now you wanted to check this new Auto Profit Sites Which was launched about a few days ago. I’ve been reviewing many brands and work at home offers on my blog.

But sites like Auto Profit Sites business opportunities are keep surfacing everywhere. The essence will be almost pretty much the same with all apps and business models.

So how do you differentiate from others! This is the question you should be able to answer!How does auto profit sites work!

Can you make money with Auto Profit Sites or is this just another scam or a mediocre product! I’ll conclude everything in the final section!

Before all that, here’s the basic concept and product details of Auto Profit Sites.

Auto Profit Sites Overview

Founder: Glynn Kosky
Product: Auto Profit Sites
Front-End Price: $17
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus 
Niche: Affiliate Marketing 
Is it a scam or legit? 100% Not a…

What Exactly Is Auto Profit Sites?

Auto Profit Sites is a 100% “Done for you system” that works on the web-cloud. The founder tells that it could profit you from free traffic simply by activating the website.

This included multiple monetization methods through which you can earn multiple commission on the go!

In a nutshell, Auto Profit Sites is a DFY website that incorporated with multiple offers.

It allows you to earn from a verity of offers as well as from a High-Ticket- Webinar offer that pays you a monthly recurring commission.

Besides, you’ll be able to build an email list from TRAFFIC at the same time.

Who’s the Creator?

Glynn Kosky is the creator of the Auto Profit Sites. He’s very active in both JVzoo and Warriorplus affiliate networks.

Not only that, but he’s also been releasing new products very often. Some of his products have got great success too.

Glynn Kosky
Glynn Kosky

He wanted to put everything under roof with easy converting and high ticket offers so that his members can earn promoting the site.

However, one question that comes to mind is the reliability of the product. 

Will this APP work on Google! You’ll learn all that down keep reading, my friend!

How Does Auto Profit Sites Work?

Now, you might wonder, how this system actually works!

Well, it’s a simple platform that allows you to earn from your visitors. That is, when visitors come to your website, they have to enter their name and email address before they get to access the offers. 

Now, the visitors could purchase the products as well as an automated webinar offer, this way you’ll earn money at the same time, grow your email list. 

According to the founder, Auto Profit Sites has all “Done-for-you” solutions which automates three kinds of passive income under one platform.

At the same time helps you grow your email list which is another unique point, he says.

You get Done For You free traffic, Done For You list building, Done For You recurring monthly commissions, Done For You high ticket sales.

Since everything is automated so this product is being called as “Auto Profit Sites”.

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Benefits of Auto Profit Sites [As per the site owner]:

  • First Of It’s Kind 4-In-1 Done-For-You Cloud Based App
  • Cloud-Based Point & Click Software – Instantly generate you a 100% DONE FOR YOU profit site
  • DFY, PROFESSIONAL profit site optimized for recurring, passive AND high ticket commissions
  • MULTIPLE income streams: you’re pre-approved to profit from the multiple recurring services AND high-ticket offer built into your site
  • FREE TRAFFIC included from multiple different sources
  • Hosting included for your profit sites = ZERO overhead costs
  • Set & forget method: customize your site ONCE, then it runs on 100% autopilot
  • Completely beginner-friendly: no tech skills needed, nothing to install, step-by-step instructions included
  • Build your list FAST & generate sales at the same time
  • Easy to scale: Create multiple auto profit sites for MORE SALES
  • Step-By-Step Video Training – Covers the method from A-Z, including the software, traffic, and tips for best results
  • Customizable Pages – Add any affiliate links & autoresponder so YOU make the leads & commissions
  • Customizable Offers – Use this system to promote ANY offer you like in addition to the included premium product

Product Base Price & OTOs:

[#] Unlimited Version – $67/$37 – OTO 1
[#] DONE-FOR-YOU – $97/67 – OTO 2
[#] Unlimited Traffic – $147/47- OTO 3
[#] $30K In 30 Days Version – $147/$47 – OTO 4
[#] Super Affiliate Version – $97/$37 – OTO 5
[#] License Rights $147/67 – OTO 6
[#] AUTO Profit Boost – $47/$37 – OTO 7

Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the Auto Profit Sites. You must know this before swiping your credit card.

Some Claims Over Exaggerated! 

  • Login, configure some basic settings and enter your affiliate links and Hit the “Get traffic button” To enjoy free buyer traffic & sales in as little as 60 seconds or less [Too good to be true]
  • You never need to build a website or create content [Auto-generated site won’t work]
  • 100% no registering domains or paying for hosting [You don’t own it so it can be taken down at any time]
  • Never need for begging for approval to promote multiple offers [Clickbank has 1000s of offers so no need for begging]
  • No need for paying for traffic [Freebies are always freebies]
  • Without needing a list or social following [You’re missing 10%-15% free traffic]
  • No need of spending any time after a simple 10-minute setup [I don’t believe in a “Push-button-software]
  • Bonuses – traffic software to up the ante [Not very impresive]

Auto Profit SitesWhat Are the Cons to Auto Profit Sites!

I just need to rethink how to put my thoughts differently because I reviewed many products and very unfortunately all have the same business type as what Auto Profit Sites claims! 

But my answer is the same. You can realize by reading my product reviews by clicking on “Recent posts”.

Anyway, my answer is the same again.

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=>> Find easy clients on Google business

My question is how one can generate traffic that can convert! Don’t you know that not all traffic made equal!

You see, out of 100 visitors, 90% of people who view your website always look for some free offers.

So you need to focus on the 10%. If you failed to do so, it would be very hard for you to generate a sale from your site. 

Besides, traffic that comes from Google converts better than any traffic because they are “USER INTENDED”. 

If people search on their own, I’m sure they want to get it somehow. That’s the difference between search visitors and random traffic.

Auto Profit Sites doesn’t tell you how you can get traffic. Just some random words on TRAFFIC won’t do any help for you. 

You see, in order to generate sales, you must get at least 200-300 visitors per day – I mean, laser-targeted traffic.

My question to you is how will be able to generate that kind of traffic?

Sites like Auto Profit Sites won’t do any good – forget traffic from Google or any search engines.

So your main traffic source should be from somewhere – solo ads or paid traffic.

Will you be able to spend hundreds of dollars on paid advertising?

That is to say, this Auto Profit Sites method doesn’t work for beginners for sure.

Concluding My Auto Profit Sites Review

Let me be very frank with you guys. Whenever you come across a product and if that tells you something which is not doable or practical then don’t believe it.

Even if you find a product or affiliate links on my blog. Don’t ever click on it. It’s because my opinion may differ from yours.

But check the reality of the product…

The difference is that you should analyze if the product actually makes you earn at least $50/day. If that product can do then go for it.

However, in one area we all fail – that is getting traffic.  

You see millions of blogs on the web, affiliate marketers, business owners, brand companies spending loads of money on paid ads.

This is because free traffic or random traffic won’t convert. This is reality!

Glynn Kosky is a reputable product creator and affiliate marketer. He has been in this marketing industry for some years.

Some products are good to purchase such as Affiliatetrafficlab. This is because this tool only helps you to ease the process. 

There’s a big difference between “Easing and Making”. If you find any product that eases the process then go for it.

But with Auto Profit Sites, you get everything and designed like a push-button software and FREE traffic, too. This seems unbelievable to me.

Again, I am not against the creator – and of course, I value this guy and some of his products are good but not this one.

But in one way, I recommend this product – only if you fall into one of the classes – Shopify Store owners, High Ticket Consultants, Authors, Coaches, CPA Marketers, eBay/Amazon Sellers or Bloggers/web masters.

They can spend money on ads so can make it work but not a beginner.

This is my personal view only and not intended to divert you somewhere. 

Do you have any opinion on the Auto Profit Sites product? Let me share that in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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