80+ Best Mystery Shopping Companies! For Window Shoppers This List Could Shock You!

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Are you searching for the best secret shopper companies to make extra money online! If so, you don’t wanna waste your time anymore!

I’ve spent a few weeks to compile all the best secret shopper companies for you so you can save your time. 😀

Firstly, what you need to do is to just go through the list and then find which one that suits you most.

You can choose any of the best secret shopper companies that are available in your area.

All secret shopper companies provided in the list below accept international members so you don’t need to make a great effort to know where and how!

There are many benefits in doing secret shopping. It allows you to earn extra money and occasionally get you free meals for yourself.

Plus you’ll be able to contribute for the development of customer service.

Besides, this opportunity allows you to bring more friends and family to a mystery shopping program.

Therefore, stick to this post till the end.

Please learn about the mystery shopping concept like what it is, how it works, eligibility, payout range, etc so that you can apply accordingly.

Learn more about secret shopping!

What Is Secret Shopping!

Secret shopping is a process that allows to measure the quality of the service or gathering certain data or information about the products or services.

A mystery shopper is also called in another form – “a secret shopper or a secret agent contractor”.

Mystery shopping is one of the most proven methods and less expensive way to discern current operational reality.

In reality, the owners or the managers of the organization won’t’ be able to directly supervise the operation 24/7.

Hence, secret shoppers come into the picture who can objectively describe a true customer experience and observe the candid of personnel.

A secret shop is an unfiltered and unbiased snapshot of reality. 

That means a shopper’s narratives should include the “facts” of the experience.

In a nutshell, the Mystery shop is about what was said and what was done. In some instances, sharing how the shopper felt about the experience.

Invitation From The Best Secret Shopper Companies!

Not all secret shopper companies accept you just because you’re ready to join.

They are very keen on those individuals who are extremely conscientious and good timer in honoring their commitments.

You must follow their guidelines, instructions and fact-based reports to provide actionable data.

Eligibility To Join Mystery Shopper Sites

Undoubtedly, the secret shopper companies do not ask any fee whatsoever. 

However, some mystery shopping assignment requires a shopper to make a purchase. Do not worry, the expenses are either reimbursed or already calculated into the payment upon submitting your surveys.

And sometimes shoppers do not get paid for the expenses too. 

Basically, you’ll be invited to participate in mystery shopping based on the information you had provided during the signup form.

Remember! You do not need to hold any certificate or experience in order to participate in the secret shopping program.

Conditions to Become a Mystery Shopper:

  • You must be 18 or above to get your application approved.
  • A reliable bike or car is needed.
  • You must be able to focus on details.
  • High-speed internet connection is preferred.
  • You must have either a phone or computer/laptop.
  • Good communication skills can ease shopping interactions. 

Why Secret Shopping? Who’s Behind!

All secret shopper companies are not direct business entities. They’re third-party service providers.

Those who need such as business owners, product manufacturers and financial institutions approach the research companies to conduct research programs for their products and services. 

These direct companies need some specific types of information about their products or services.

To meet the quality measurement, the secret shopper companies recruit mystery shoppers to collect data.

The gathered data by the mystery shoppers who pass to the secret shopper companies.

After a rigorous process, the data will be submitted to the respective brands or clients. 

These data are mainly used to identify what’s good and what’s not.

Branded companies approach for a variety of reasons: to help improve customer service, how to cut down the cost, whether the provided training is working or not.

Also, to meet compliance, brand demand, and to know how their competitors are doing in the open markets.

These data can be used in the form of research and then used to make important business decisions.

How Secret Shopping is Conducted!

Any best secret shopper companies you come across online won’t call you or come to your doorstep for shopping program.

Most of the cases, the shopping assignment will be posted only on your dashboard or will be sent via email.

The exact details on how to do or complete the task will be discussed before you accept a secret shopping invitation.

It will be mentioned what product you should be working, the location, the shop name, and the time frame it needs to complete.

They also mention the $$$ amount for taking a survey.

What Do You Need To Follow During Secret Shopping?

1. All mystery shopping has a specific set of parameters, rules, and deadlines. Make sure you follow them wisely.

2. Take a deep look at the form before the start. The secret shop form contains numeric scoring as well as an in-depth narrative that substantiates and justifies the numeric scores selected. 

3. You need to write clearly, thoroughly,  objectively, adhere to standard rules of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

4. You’re prohibited to bring the survey form into the establishment with them.

5. You should familiarize yourself with the required specifics PRIOR to performing the shop.

6. In addition to this, keep your memory fresh because you might need to observe every detail when you do mystery shopping at stores.

7. You need to observe shop cleanness, product quality, employee’s behavior, proper uniforms, his/her name, and whatnot.

8. Keeping a pad in the car or bike is recommended. By providing candid input, you’re more likely to get more invitations.

Mystery Shopper Locations & Availability 

If you’re from US residents, you’re ready to GO!!! Eligible states are:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming,

Remember! Mystery shopping opportunities available for all countries so please check the below-listed websites.

Secret Shopping- What You Need to Be Aware Of!

How to avoid secret shopping scams!

Always consider a mystery shopping program is just for fun, not a regular job.

A simple way to make money doing a part-time job. A reputed and popular secret shop company will pay anywhere from $50-$150, depending on the shop location and complexity.

You can make good money as long as you’re active. The more you’re active in there the more invitations you get.

Legitimate or best secret shopper companies online won’t send any CHECK prior to invitation.

However, some may look like a real cheque but they’re not the real one to be encashed.

Do not put a check or money order and then wire transfer to anyone.

Any secret shopper companies you see online, I mean legit one, will never offer such a thing.

It’s a scam so watch out for it. (A legitimate company might ask you SSN number before sending your earnings. It’s OK).

For a few best secret shopper companies, a purchase requirement is needed in order to give legitimate feedback.

Though they’ll reimburse the same. However, some secret shopping companies do not pay for your expenses. So keep all these points in mind before accepting any invitations.

OK!. It’s time to browse the list of secret shopping websites.

How to find the best secret shopper companies!

List Of Legitimate & Best Mystery Shopping Companies!

DSG [ Better Business Bureau]: Retail Stores

This site is offering mystery shopping services for independent contractors to earn money in many ways.

You’ll make money by doing secret shopping – in person, doing telephone or online.

You need to perform tasks associated with shopping like observing workers at retail stores, inquiring about various products and sometimes making a purchase.

A certified company from Better Business BureauÂź.

DSG pay for secret shoppers up to $100. Sometimes pay much less. An average pay rate is $50-$75. Visit DSG here.

BestMark Secret Shopping Website: Automotive

BestMark is a secret shopping company providing services to companies in the research field.

It is based near Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has an array of industries including restaurants, retail establishments, banks, automotive service operations, and casino games.

They pay twice a month, and payment will be sent out 3-4 weeks after the completed date.

The winner of MSPA, a choice shopper award in 2017. Visit Bestmark here.

Customer Experience: Multiple Niche

CE is a service provider operating in the mystery shopping arena.

As an independent contractor, you’ll earn for each paid project. You’ll also get reimbursement for any purchases.

The reimbursement range is $10-$100. All secret shop contractors will receive payment.

That is the last working day of the month following the month in which the project is completed.

You need to have a PayPal account to receive your earnings. Get more info about Customer Experience Experts here.

Claritycxm: Customer Experience

Claritycxm is a pioneer in building financial business, cases for tracking and improving customer experience, providing services for various industries. 

Become a secret shopper at Claritycxm, and enjoy the perks and incentives.

To know more Claritycxm – Click here

Customer Impact: Retail & Others

The services include Retail Merchandising, Merchandising Fulfillment, Retail Audits, and Customer Experience Measurement.

Customer Impact is operating nearly 25 years, capable of managing large infrastructure representatives to get things done for their clients. Want to join as a mystery shopper! Click here to find out how!

At Dynamic Advantage: Surveys

This company is in the business for about 60 years, helping companies to bring insights, solutions, and strategies for growth [BBB Accredited Business since 10/8/2009].

What they do!

Mystery shopping, on-site evaluation, telephone evaluation, age verification, customer satisfaction surveys, employee incentive programs, and competitive intelligence. Get your account here.

Faith Perceptions: Religion

FP is operating since 2008 and has been sending individuals agents for various tasks.

Sometimes they call it as mystery guests, church secret shoppers, mystery shoppers, mystery worshiper, mystery visitors, etc.

[BBB Accredited Business since 5/14/2010]

Want to join!  Start here.

CTCSS Mystery Shopping Site: Auto, Salon, etc

This mystery shopping site schedules a variety of shops such as retail, restaurant, hotels, compliance, auto, hair salon, theatre, recreation, and more.

Shopper payments will be paid directly from the mystery shopping company only.

You are contracted through the secret shopping service provider to perform the tasks. CTCSS never pays shoppers. Join CTCSS.

Confirmwithus: Telephonic Shop

This secret shopping company is providing services in a nontraditional method to improve the client’s brand and business growth.

The type of services are:

Compliance and Pricing Audit: This can be done without knowing the location.

Phone and Internet Shop: Work from home – present yourself as a customer, inquire, either online or over the phone about the client’s product or services.

Video and Audio Recordings: You need to record assignments capturing video/audio with your own equipment.

You’ll get paid more for this task. Start Now!

Confidential Consumer: Multiple Niche

This mystery shopping company was started in the year 2003 (formerly known as Phantom Shoppers, LLC) has recruited and worked with multiple companies.

It has a growing database of over 500,000 ‘secret shoppers’ establishing a strong field presence in North America and worldwide.

Register your account and start making money. This site has a tie-up with some of the best and largest brands.

Therefore, you may get more shopping tasks. You can try it here.

Conferoinc: Video Mystery Shopping

A BBB Accredited Business since 9/20/2001. There is nothing I can say about this secret shopping company.

A reliable and established company like many others. They offer secret shop services for the following areas.

Mystery shopping, customer surveys IVR/web, customer exit interviews, performance consulting, compliance audits, video mystery shopping, mobile roleplay, and more. Why not try here!

360intel: In-person Secret Shopping

360intel is one of the flexible-based secret shopper companies. You can decide how many assignments you wish to complete. You can do multiple assignments or once a year, it’s up to you.

You’ll receive a flat rate via PayPal for a predetermined amount after the mystery shopping assignment is completed.

You’ll receive your earnings within 30-45 days. Join 360intel.

A Closer Look: Customer Feedback

A Closer Look is providing service for more than 25+ years, focusing more on hospitality and retail groups across North America.

Specialized in providing in-depth customer experience feedback. 

Become a mystery shopper here and earn fast working from home or offline. Learn more about the pay rate here. 

Acpview: Survey Shopping

Acpview founded in 1997, offering mystery shopping services for its clients throughout North America.

You can take part in their secret shopping program to earn extra money.

Become a mystery shopper using the link. You’ll be paid via PayPal within 45 days. Join Acpview here.

Acemystery Shopping: Retail & Restaurant

Acemysteryshopping has 100s of clients and shops all around the world. You may also need to purchase basic equipment if necessary.

However, it will be reimbursed after the mystery shop is completed.

One of the highest paying and best secret shopper companies around. The pay rate is between $5-$50 depending on the size or brand.

They’ve retail partners, restaurant owners/managers, etc. Start making money here.

Amusement Advantage: Family Entertainment Centres

Amusement Advantage – the name says it all. This company is offering exclusive services to theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centres, museums, science centres, and many other attractions and entertainment venues.

As a shopper, you’ll earn $20 per referral each time someone joins and complete the task.

Payment will be paid within 45 days. Signup here.

Ishopforyou: Interview The Shopper

Ishopforyou: A wide range of services has led to great success for Ann Michaels & Associates’ clientele. No scarcity of industries here.

On-site mystery shopping, website evaluations, social media evaluations, CI-competitive, intelligence, plant-a-shopper, telephone evaluations, interview the shopper, mobile research, and compliance shops.

Visit the website if you’re interested – Start your engine here.

Arllc: Remote Call Monitoring

Arllc is a certified “Remote call monitoring & telephone mystery shopping services”. If you’re a language editor feel free to apply for the following languages.

Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Hindi, and Thai. Native speakers are preferred and must be fully fluent (reading, writing, speaking) in both English and the language. Get started here.

Atpower: Improve Client’s Sales And Service Protocols

Atpower has recently expended its presence in South America with over 500,00 secret shoppers. They conduct 10,000 mystery shopping every month. Why not start here!

A verity of mystery shopping industries where you can work with.

Join mystery shopping to provide your valuable input such as strength and weakness to improve client’s sales and service protocols.

You’ll receive eCheck via email and you can deposit in your bank account.

Payments are released twice a month in two cycles. Get started here.

Automotive Insights, LIC: Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers, And Suppliers

Automotive Insights, LLC is a global service provider of operational consulting and mystery shopping teams. This company has over 25 years of experience in the same niche.

Are you into the auto sector! Join this company for a secret shopping offer.

This site has been primarily focusing on vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers to the automotive industry.

With their service, the clients will be able to develop, measure, and deliver with maximum brand quality. 

Services include: Mystery shopping, sales, aftersales, parts, collision repair, manufacturer/supplier standards audits, and fixed operations profitability consulting. Join Automotive Insights here.

Baird Group: BBB Certificate Accredited

Baird Group is one of the best secret shopper companies – BBB certificate accredited and focuses on creating a positive, trust-building patient experience, offering health care organization’s patient experiences from start to finish.

Bairdgroup is providing a service for culture assessment, mystery shopping, and critical recommendations.

Want to join Barid-Group! Register your free account here.

Bare International: Become a Mystery Shopping Agent For Their Clients.

BARE International – become a mystery shopping agent for their clients.

Just like any other secret shopper company. You need to provide valuable inputs by implementing your key skills and ethical standards.

Create opportunities worthwhile for you by working for them. All pending payments and deadlines are 60 days.

You get paid every 45 days. Shop and earn money working remotely. Get your account here.

Blink Research: General Mystery Shopping

Blink Research is an independent service provider specialized in collecting two vital information for their clients such as customer satisfaction and experience.

One of the established secret shop companies to rely upon.

You’ll be contacted for mystery shopping via phone or email. All payments will be paid out 15th of every month. Signup here.

Business Evaluation Service: Shopping And Guest Satisfaction

Business Evaluation Service is dedicated to a full-service market, guest satisfaction, and compliance audit company.

This company is focusing on mystery shopping and guest satisfaction measurement services for nearly 8 years, also a member of MSPA. 

BES conduct mystery shopping for the following services:

On-site mystery shops, telephone mystery shops, web-mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, price audits, compliance audits, guest satisfaction surveys, qualitative research, digital comment cards, IVR, and consulting services.

Submit your application only if you’re comfortable doing it. Get it here.

Circle Of Service: Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Audits

Circle of Service is a leader in customer experience management for over 13 years.

It has been the “Voice of the Customer”, with a wide range of services including mystery shops, customer satisfaction surveys, audits, merchandising and more. Join here and make extra money.

Cirrusmktg: Audio Intelligence, Competitor Market Research,

Cirrusmktg is a “BBB accredited business holder” since 3/16/2018.

A service provider and consultant for mystery shopping, compliance audits & inspections, customer & employee surveys, audio intelligence, competitor market research, and other business intelligence services.

This company has over 400,000 shoppers and auditors worldwide.

They’re looking for you as a secret shopper who can complete their task with detail-oriented, reliable, and communicate effectively.

Can you do it? If so Get started here.

Intouch: Secret Shop, Evaluate Customer

Intouch is in the service for 25 years, offering a very good customer experience and data collection service. You can select from the list of clients to do mystery shopping.

Do secret shop, evaluate customer across a large variety of industries.

No more dragging, get paid every second Friday via PayPal.

One of the quickest payer among the best secret shopper companies. Click the link to join Intouch.

Intelli-Shop: General Secret Shopping

Intelli-shop has over 1 million secret shoppers in hand. Tons of services to choose from.

You can choose any services to complete the task. It also deploys shoppers who act and think like an actual customer. 

Start video mystery shopping here. Get your account activated here.

Impact Marketing: Home Mystery Video Shopping

Impact Marketing is specialized in ”home mystery video shopping”. In order to take part in their program, you may have to own a camera, which is preferred. If you don’t have one that’s OK.

This company is dedicated to a ”full-service mystery video shop”. Want to take part in here. Get started now.

Marketforce – Customer Surveys [Reliable Secret Shopping Website]

Marketforce is yet another reputed and one of the best secret shopping companies. It has over 300,000 independent mystery shoppers delivering over 100,000 shops every month, evaluating top brands to meet the required standard quality.

What they do!

Mystery shopping, customer surveys, employee surveys, contact center, social media ratings & reviews, social media monitoring, market research services, strategic advisory services, focus groups and success playbook. Get your account here.

Maritzcx: Share You Opinions

MaritzCX is yet another authorized agency helping today’s Fortune 500 companies to maintain brand standards at every customer touch-point.

They’re delivering a mystery shopping program for over 35 years with 100,000 professional shoppers.

This organization has more than 500,000 shops around the world, providing quality assurance for their clients.  Join MartizCX here.

Liveshoppers: Mystery Shopping, Panel Groups

LiveShoppers is different from traditional secret shopping companies. They offer real data for their clients.

The modern and a real-time based solution to enhance customer service via customer surveys, mystery shopping, panel groups, etc. Get the Liveshopper account now.

Kinesis: Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Kinesis is helping its clients to develop and reinforce more profitable service through the intelligent use of customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping linked with training and incentive programs.

Types of shops they offer:

In-Person: In-person mystery shopping evaluates and motivates sales and service behaviors.

Contact Center: Call monitoring by giving managers a tool to present specific scenarios to agents to test their performance.

Internal Shops: Internal shops evaluate service.

Web/Mobile Shops: Access mobile shopping via self-administered channels. 

Life Cycle Shops: Evaluate via the entire customer journey of delivery channels, and a spectrum of transactions over an extended period of time.

Competitive Shops: It allows managers to benchmark their brand-customer interface relative to their competitors. Visit the official site to know more.

Jmridgway: Sales And Customer Service

Jmridgway is a 3rd party service provider offering services through mystery shopping programs to improve the quality and effectiveness of sales and customer service for clients.

You need to visit the SASSIE registration page and submit your application.

You’ll be offered a task instantly or wait for the right time to get connected. Joining link is here.

Jancyn: General Mystery Shopping Service

Jancyn is yet another powerful medium to make extra money by doing secret shopping in your location.

The pay rate is very similar to any other secret shop company.

One common thing I liked about this site is the ”referral bonus”. Invite friends to take part in this program and earn $10 cash price. Learn Here.

Marketviewpoint: Shopping Evaluation Services

Marketviewpoint is a big player in the mystery shopping industry. One of the legit secret shop companies around, established in 1996.

They’re serving different types and diverse industries concerned with customer satisfaction.

It has clients and shoppers all across the USA, conducting over 500,000 customer service evaluations and customer service audits each year. Click here

This firm also has been awarded as an elite member in 2016 by MSPA-NA.

Marketviewpoint provides mystery shopping evaluation services to a broad range of industries.

Mystery telephone calls, website/email evaluations, and video mystery shops. 

Marketstat: Client Services And Procedural Evaluation

MarketStat is a mystery shopping service provider that has been operating successfully for 30 years, focusing on customer and client services and procedural evaluation excellence.

Customized Mystery Shopping Programs:

Multifamily housing, franchised restaurants, casinos, gaming and hotel properties, franchise hotels, hospitals, health care & hospitality facilities, retail, merchandising, car washes, and libraries. Click here.

Mercantile Systems: Fine Dining Restaurants, Fast-Casual Restaurants, Etc

Mercantile Systems is offering a secret shopping program for top-rated companies with accurate data to show the real picture of what is going on in the client’s market.

Interested in doing secret shopping for the following industries!

You get mystery shopping opportunities for fine dining restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitality, hospitals, telecommunications, retail stores, and storage facilities.

You’ll get your payment within 45 days. Learn more.

Mintel: Communicating With Shoppers

Mintel operates in 150 countries with over 30,000+ field associates or secret shoppers, communicating its shoppers via shopper page.

They have a wide range of services that you can choose to participate in there.

Get paid to shop, eat out, collect information, and tell them what you think. Learn more here.

Mid Atlantic Mystery Shoppers: Audio And/Or Video Recording

Mid Atlantic Mystery Shoppers conducts the most comprehensive shopping reports available.

Each shopping report includes the following:

Fair and unbiased feedback, In-depth written evaluation, Audio and/or video recording, Accurate, prompt, Summary data reporting, and download capability.

Before connecting Mid Atlantic, you must familiar with the listed industries because they screen you face to face so that you can be placed in the right service. Access here.

Mystery-Shoppers: General Mystery Shopping Service

Mystery-shoppers: was established in 1991 by Paul Grafton, a certified management consultant and a former “British Airways Inflight” product and cabin crew training manager.

This company normally pays within 28 days after the assignment is completed.

The pay rate would be 15 euros. You receive payments via PayPal every month. Click here.

Nimresearch: Compliance Programs, Pricing Strategies

Nimresearch is operating for about 25 years, and have been servicing retail, petroleum, convenience industries by providing comprehensive and accurate data collection.

Get access to mystery shopping programs if you have got the least knowledge for the following services: Compliance programs, pricing strategies, market analytics, demographics, mapping, consulting, and other services. Click here.

NWLPC: Alcohol Compliance, And Private Investigation Services

NWLPC is not only the service provider of the mystery shopping program but also specialized in the following: Conducting surveys, internal surveys, computer forensics & computer analysis, alcohol compliance, and private investigation services.

Have any relevant experience in one of the above-listed services! Join right now!

Nortonnorris: Media Production And Placement

Nortonnorris was established in the late 1990s, evolved into a full-service agency.

Now offering a wide range of exceptional services including media production and placement, mystery shopping, and my-guidance coach software.

Visit the official site to learn more about services and pay rates. Click here.

Perfectly Frank Inc: Dining & Bars, Fine Dining,

Perfectly Frank Inc is a boutique mystery shopping company established in 2004. This established organization is providing services to clients within the hip-luxury area.

Join the establishment and submit the collected data.

They’re serving on many categories: dining & bars, fine dining, casual dining, cafes fast food bars & lounges, hotels, and spas. Join here.

Pinnacle Financial Strategies: Support Business And Sharing Data

Pinnacle Financial Strategies is helping client’s target markets by providing programs and services to support business and sharing data.

It assists on-demand services across the country. You can join as a mystery shopper to get rewarded.

Types of services are reward programs, snap account opening, debit optimization, mystery shopping, and smart business banking.

Bzzagent: Targetting Retail Companies

BzzAgent is an international secret shop company conducting various programs for products and services for leading retail companies. 

Take part in their mystery shopping referral program and earn a commission for completing various tasks.

You’d also earn a $10 gift card by recruiting friends as well. Click here.

Premierservice: Retail, Clothing & Apparel

Premierservice is yet another top-notch secret shop company where you can join as a mystery shopper.

They have been in the business for 20 years, managing high-volume projects across the industry. It helps the clients in increasing sales, improves service, and boost customer loyalty.

Some of the services are Retail, clothing & apparel, furniture & appliance, convenience & gas, automotive sales & service, restaurants, hotels, government agencies, financial services, and marketing & brand activation agencies. Join here.

Primo Solutions, LLC: Mystery Shopping, Digital Comment Cards, Etc

Primo Solutions, LLC is a full-service mystery shopping company, offering quality follow-up and follow-through measurement tools to evaluate sales and customer service.

PSLLC is an expert in the senior living space and provides services to independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, CCRC, home health, and rehabilitation to name a few. 

Types of services conducted are Mystery shopping, digital comment cards, sales training, call tracking & recording, and speaking. Join here.

Qsisspecialists: Department Stores, Boutiques, Etc

QSisspecialists is looking for secret shoppers in Nevada. QSI is operating since 1999. It is one of the top leaders among secret shop companies with over 250 employees across the cities.

Want to take part in the following industries!

Retail: Luxury and designer brands, department stores, boutiques, outlets, convenience stores, and smoke shops, and dispensaries. Join here.

Resorts and lodging: Golf and tennis clubs, amenity evaluations, and employee integrity investigations.

Casinos: Local casinos, gaming taverns, overnight stays, and guest experience evaluations.

Automotive: Car/truck dealerships, motorcycles dealerships, service centers, and gas stations.

Bars and taverns: Banks, loan centers, financing, credit unions, check cashing, investment, and compliance and service.

Grocery stores: National chains, convenience stores, neighborhood markets, specialty markets and grocers, bakeries, delis, and butchers

Nightlife and entertainment: Compliance evaluations, integrity investigations, guest experience surveys, amusement parks, movie theatres, live venues, and adult venues.

Food and beverages: Fine dining, casual dining, bars and taverns, bakeries, and quick service restaurants and liquor stores. 

QAMS: Call Center Shops, Mobile Exit Interviews

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers has been in the industry for 20 years serving both the US and Canada.

They conduct secret shopping program to collect actionable data for their clients and specific information to improve customer satisfaction.

They do offer the following services:

Mystery shopping, call center shops, mobile exit interviews, competitive intelligence, quality assurance, compliance audits, and internal evaluation. Get it here.

The price for each mystery shopping will be verified by their team and determined according to the competitor’s location.

TCI: Compliance Audits, Customer Surveys

TCI is similar to any other secret shop company out there.

This company is providing a detailed report of customers for the clients to improve their business.

Some services are Mystery shopping, compliance audits, customer surveys, merchandising, product launches, and retail surge labor. Click here.

Strategic Reflections, Inc: Financial Institutions, Grocery Stores

Strategic Reflections, Inc. is a serious player operating since 1988 and exclusively focuses on regional and national clients.

The types of industry they focus on retail stores, financial institutions, grocery stores, convenience stores.

Please read more about this company here.

Customrisksolutions: Retail Shops, Auditing & Loss

Customrisksolutions – Over 30+ years of experience in the government sector and security services to protect the client’s business and brand integrity.

They do conduct mystery shopping for the following services: Retail shops, auditing & loss prevention, and inventory assignments. Click here.

Skil Check: Telephone Evaluation

Skilcheck – This company has over 200 self-storage managers. The pay-rate for the secret shopping programs for each individual are very reasonable. 

1 – 10 Shops: $65 Per Telephone Evaluation

11 – 25 Shops: $60 Per Telephone Evaluation

26 – 40 Shops: $50 Per Telephone Evaluation

40 + Shops: Call Us for a Price Break!

Also, a good performer who manages to get above 90 scores will receive a professional certificate as well. Join here.

Sinclair Customer Metrics: Video Mystery Shopping

Sinclair Customer Metrics is specialized in customer service satisfaction and measurement. 

It has a verity of secret shopping programs for the right candidates. Learn here.

Those services are mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, customer satisfaction programs, compliance audits and inspections, employee surveys, ad HOC programs, and advanced analytics.

Shoppers View: On-site & Hidden Video

Shoppers’ View is operating for over 20 years helping brands to achieve their targeted results. It strives to provide 100% accurate data for business with a high-quality service.

Some services are hidden video, on-site, social media management, competitive intelligence, quality assurance monitoring, and customer satisfaction surveys. Learn here.

Service Sense: Spas &  Retailers

Servicesense is an expert in customer service and customer experience and has a business deal in 500 locations. Learn more here.

You can be a part of this ever-growing mystery shopping industry ranging from restaurants, spas, specialty retailers, and dry cleaners to retirement communities and telephone call centers. 

Service Evaluation: Focus Groups

Serviceevaluation is helping brands to improve conversion, by measuring every touch-point of the customer journey with the panel of over 650,000 para-professional research participants (Brand Agents) around the world.

Their primary programs are Ideo & audio covert assessments, reach voice broadcasting, services qualitative, organizational intelligence, and online focus groups. Get it here.

Service Connections: Healthcare, Retail, etc

Service Connections, Inc is a market research and mystery shopping company with decades of experience delivering reliable and effective market research and mystery shopping services across the United States. Join now.

The services they offer are hospitality, healthcare, elder care, financial services, retail & e-commerce, service businesses, attractions & museums, and pharmaceutical & cannabis.

Dataquestltd: Merchandising

Dataquestltd is a similar service like 360intel, which offering secret shopping services such as Retail merchandising, merchandising fulfillment, retail audits, and customer experience measurement.

Please visit the official site to know more about the service industries and payouts. Click here.

Confirmwithus: In-person & Web

Confirmwithus is providing secret shopping services to improve the client’s brand and businesses.

Confirmwithus is offering a different-approach policy like conducting mystery shopping on the phone, web, or in person. Join here.

Those services are compliance and pricing audit, phone & internet shop, and video & audio recordings.

360intel: Take Surveys

360intel is a team of professionals committed to helping clients’ brands and businesses believing in the people-first approach model.

As part of this secret shop offer, you’ll be able to participate in their service. 

Complete one task or multiple surveys at any time. No push here. Learn more.

Get a flat rate for each survey you complete. Your payment will be paid every 45 days via PayPal.

Alta360research: Quality Audits

Alta360research is helping top brand companies with the help of those who have registered in their database as a secret shopper.

They do offer a range of services such as mystery shops, quality audits, and other assignments.

All payouts will be completed according to the shop/audit/event basis. Access here.

Helionresearch: Worldwide Opportunity

This site is having 400,000+ secret shoppers in 100+ countries.

Helionresearch is one of the strongest secret shop companies in the globe. You’ll be recruited, trained, and certified. Learn more.

An average rate per secret shopping assignment is 15 euros.

They allow participants from Africa, Middle East, India, Asia & Pacific, Europe, and of-course, the Americas and the Caribbean. 

Ishopforipso: Customer Experience

Want to be a member of iShopFor Ipsos!

Take part in their program and get access to their exclusive opportunities to conduct customer experience, compliance, and safety standards.

Connect with some of the world’s leading brands here.

One of the quickest payer in the mystery shopping industry. Get paid via PayPal in 7 working days. Learn here.

Persontopersonquality: Compliance Audits

PTPQ is helping clients to achieve their goals in the competitive market.

With the help of “ADI’s Person to Person Quality”, valuable feedback will help brand owners to grow their business and maximize customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to start here! Join mystery shopping for surveys, custom market research, and compliance audits programs. Join here.

Shoppersconfidential: Service Audits

This Mystery shopping company is a BBB (Better Business BureauÂź) accredited with A+ ratings. One of the very reliable secret shop companies in the globe.

Shoppersconfidential has exclusive shopping companies in North America where you can join and make money.

They do customer sales & service audits, the voice of the customer, employee satisfaction surveys, website evaluations, decoy agent shops, and more.

Insightyoucanuse: Data Collections

Become a shopper and take part in the secret shopping service.

Insightyoucanuse is a very old player in the mystery shopping industry, operating since 1986.

Want to earn extra cash and great remuneration for being a secret agent in the US?

Get connected for mystery shopping, surveys, social media monitoring, data collection, tracking results, and more. Access here.

Servimer: Grocery Marketers, Airports, etc

”Video Surveillance Systems” was started in 2006 and established in the US.

This company is providing services for its clients to prevent unusual acts, odd, fishy, or any suspicious details.

VSS is an expert in the following services such as parking, sports venues, grocery markets, security, hotels, casual dining, cafes, fine dining, transportation, and airports. Click here.

Service Performance Group: Financial Institutions

SPG was founded in 1992 – offering services for a large number of clients including apartments, financial institutions, retail stores, restaurants, hospitality, grocery shops, manufacturing industry, advertising companies, new home sales, health clubs, colleges & universities, and towns & cities.

In association with the US, Canada, UK, India, and Australia. Learn more here.

Service Connections, Inc: Market Research

It is a certified women’s business enterprise (WBE), with an experience of nearly 20 years.

It was designed to offer market research and mystery shopping across the United States.

The industries they serve – hospitality, healthcare, elder care, events, private clubs, restaurants, casinos, home builders, financial services, retail & e-commerce, service businesses, attractions & museums, and pharmaceutical & cannabis. Access here.

Sentrymarketing: Surveys

SM is offering secret-agent opportunities for the following services.

Mystery shopping, surveys, reputation management, and local listings management solutions. Learn more.

Secretshopper: Shop & Restaurant

This site has different assignments for each individual.

The pay range is anywhere between $15-$25 per assignment.

They’re offering mystery shopping jobs for categories like Shop and Restaurant. Click here.

Second-to-none: Telephone Shops

It is a 30-year-old company serving both emerging and well-established brands across the U.S. and Canada.

For those who want to take part in the secret shopping program, get signed-up now.

You’ll be put into banks, thrifts and credit unions, brokerage firm and insurance, telephone shops, surveys of retail bank employees, bank investment, and insurance sales personnel. Join now.

Sales Quality Research Group, Inc: Brokerage Firms, Shops, etc

It is an Arizona-based research firm founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1997 by Jim Rensel and Dr.Kenneth Kehrer. 

This company has conducted 250,000 shopping in-person so far.

Some main industries are: Research services for banks, thrifts and credit unions, brokerage firms, insurance telephone shops and surveys of retail bank employees, bank investment and insurance sales personnel, and more. Click here to learn more.

Remystery Shop: Apartment Industry

Remington-Evaluations is one of the top-secret shop companies focuses on the apartment industry, closely working with their clients for years.

The focused services are on-site evaluations for rental properties, apartment associations, senior housing, assisted living facilities, and new-home sales offices, retail, and whatnot.

Other services are telephone evaluations, recorded telephone evaluations, internet shops, customer service evaluations, integrity evaluations, sales technique evaluations, facility evaluations, discrimination evaluations, and competitor shopping. Join here.

Reality Check: Hotels, Restaurants, etc

This site is celebrating over 25 years and is one of the oldest players in the secret shopping industry.

It provides secret shopping programs for the following: retail stores, grocery stores, call centers, restaurants, property management, internet retailers, casinos, and hotels.

To continue working with this firm, you need to accept secret shopping tasks at least 2-4 times per month so that the trend can be established. 

Some examples of mystery shopper programs are: Smile & greeting customers, offering help, suggestive selling, timeliness, thanking customers, cash register & customer counts, and employee appearance.

The focused industries are retail stores, grocery shops, restaurants, casino sites, and property management. Join here.

Reality Based Group: Casinos, Banking, etc

Realitybasedgroup is operating since 1992, and have a wide range of industry coverage in which you can take part as a mystery shopper.

Want to become a video secret shopper! Please refer to the official site so that you’ll know how it works and the payout range.

Industries they Serve:

Airlines, amusement parks, auto, banking, call centers, casinos, eCommerce, entertainment, restaurant/dining, spa, storage facilities, telecommunications, valet parking, and more. Join here.

Tips To Join Successfully With Secret Shopping Companies

You can join any of the listed sites above but before you do that read reviews and guidelines carefully.

Most importantly, study their website pages before taking any mystery shopping assignments.

Besides, keep all the necessary equipment before you start.

Choose 20 best secret shopper companies first for testing. It’s all about trial and error. Don’t forget to check the payout and the time limit for each survey.

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