Top 11 Best Solo Ads Sites Or Marketplaces To Promote Your Online Business!

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Best Solo ads can be very rewarding if you do it in the right way. The internet is filled with millions of advertisers that you can use to promote your favorite brands and services.

Unlike native and traditional advertising, Best Solo ads are like a cost-saver for many advertisers.

I’ve explained how to prevent fake solo ads agencies and why you should not purchase solo ads from cheap advertisers

If you have not read those posts, I’d highly recommend you read them before subscribing to any one of these best solo ads websites LISTED BELOW. 

This way, you’ll be able to learn how to spend appropriately and avoid any possible scams.

Now, I have gathered the best solo ads agencies or you can say websites. There could be many online, however, I thought of list out only what I know or consider myself is legit, reputed, and trusted. 

The reason is that I have used some of these solo ads websites for my programs. 

This way, I can guarantee you that these solo ads websites are good to advocate your affiliate products.

It can be anything from Clickbank, JVzoo, Shareasale, CommissionJunction/CJ, or even can be used for CPA marketing.

As Igor says, people make buying decisions based on feelings. This means, when the right brain cells are triggered, people will buy regardless of time limitations, budget limitations, or knowledge limitations. 

Emotionally-engaged prospects who have decided to suspend rational thinking and skepticism for a while, giving you a shot at making your case and signing up into your business opportunity. 

Best Solo Ads Agencies to Promote Your Affiliate Programs!

Legit and best solo ads companies to promote offers!Igor solo ads- #1 Solo Ads Agency In the World

Igor solo Ads: If you have been in the internet marketing field, I’m sure IGOR is the name you can not ignore.

Well, I listed this guy as my first priority for you because it works. No matter what your offers are, I mean if you are into work from home offers or opportunities then this guy can help you for sure.

One of the best and proven traffic sources you can get. He has an agency with the quality of professionals who work exclusively to bring fresh leads and buyers list in his database.

He gets prospects through the medium of PPC [Pay Per Click Advertising] survey questionnaires.

This means he’ll only add subscribers in his list when prospects are ready to invest or have a desire to start a business online.

That is to say, Igor is very picky in adding subscribers to his database. As long as a prospect is ready to invest and inclined to start or invest something into business then he/she will be added to his list. 

The leads he delivers to his clients are of high quality and super responsive.

Again, all of his traffic comes from Tier-1, and consists of visitors that are 90% from the United States and 10% Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

Not For Small Investors!

However, Igorsoloads is not for a small investor. This ad agency being selective in leads as well as in choosing their clients. Yup! They won’t accept every client on their way. 

You need to submit your application along with your budget, target location, leads quantity, and the reason what you want their service. 

If you manage to penetrate the challenging questions then you have a chance to work with them.

The cost of the advertising starts anywhere between $1000-$2000+. So if you’re a small advertiser, please skip this solo ads agency and move to the next one.

Udimi – Quality Solo Ads Advertising Marketplace

Udimi is one of the top and well-known marketplaces on the internet. As far as solo ads advertising is concerns you can not miss this guy. 

Many affiliates/network marketers have seen tremendous results by promoting their products through Udimi solo ads. 

Udimi has over 2 million customers all around the world. The best thing about Udimi is that you can see everything about the sellers from testimonials, feedback, and ratings of the vendors.

If you have not exposed to advertising before then Udimi can be your best friend. You can pick the best vendors within the marketplace to promote your offers.

No matter what product you have. You can find people according to your budget. Another unique feature that Udimi offers is a rating and refund policy system.

This means, you can choose a seller to see the quality, however, you can also request a refund just in case you’re not satisfied with the seller.

Again, Udimi doesn’t guarantee your results but still allows you to get back your money when quality was not met.

Create Your Free Account At Udimi

To learn more about how to find the best solo ads provider, please visit the links that I listed above. Those two post helps you on how to spot the best sellers in Udimi.

To start your campaign at Udimi, you may have to start with some money. It will cost anywhere from $50-$100 per run depending on the CPC rate.

Simply create a free account first. Then walk around the place to see who can be your best person to promote your offers. 

All you need is check the CPC – cost per click, rating from existing members, quality of the email subs, tier-1 list percentage, niche, etc. 

Ensure that you track your clicks using Clickmagick software to avoid any mishap.

If you’re a first-time advertiser, Udimi gives a $5 bonus for your advertising. This bonus will be added after deposited your fund into the account. Create your UDIMI account here.

Best Solo Ads – 100% Human Traffic, No Bots! – Conversion Guarantee is one of the trusted solo ads directories where you can find top best solo ads vendors there. This site is operating since 2012 by Prashant Sharma.

The best thing about Soloadsx is that it offers you the best email solo sellers. It basically finds the top 10 best solo vendors in the market and lists them out.

The traffic quality and quantity are immense here. The good thing about Soloadsx is it offers a conversion guarantee policy.

That’s good if you’re product creators, affiliate marketers, or seeking clients for multi-level opportunities.

Remove And Cleanse Bad Emails

Like I said before, Soloadsx picks the best-sellers who have been delivering the best results and get maximum positive ratings and feedback from the customers/buyers. 

After that, they shortlist solo ads vendors based on their CPC, CPS, sales for their customers, conversion rates, responsiveness & recent reviews by paying customers.

Being a #1 directly in the solo ads industry, finding the best-rated vendors is not a big deal for them. 

They include traffic sellers and website owners using various factors. They call it a magic score. 

The listed vendors go through all the screening process before even allowed to participate in the marketplace. 

Again, you can start from a small investment at $50 and then scale it up when you get good optins. Solo ads are about testing and tweaking. 

I think Soloadsx is another legit resource where you can find legit vendors for your money.

Facebook Marketplace – Solo Ads Testimonials

Facebook Solo Marketplaces: Don’t get excited here because Facebook doesn’t have any solo ads kind of service. 

A group of people who run a Facebook page where advertisers can pick the best solo ads vendors.

It is a place you can find hundreds of independent solo vendors from small scale buyers to big spenders. You can find from making money niche to any industry you’re looking for.

You can find all types of solo ads agencies here. All you need is to sign up there and get access to their page. 

You’ll be able to see actual conversations where advertisers and clients talk about the recent run and the results.

It can about Clicks, Clicks ordered, optin rates, Country and sales, etc. You simply go through the page and pick the best vendors from there. 

At times they offer you a massive discount, too. Before running a campaign, follow the solo ads guide and other important tips.

Some retailers even do copy-writing and other things for free as well. Facebook marketplace is another great resource for you if you’re looking for solo ads advertising!

Fresh & Daily Updated Solo Ads Emails is another reliable solo email seller. Mr. Govindasamy Srinivasan is the founder behind Trafficenterprise. 

And he’s been in the make money niche since 2016. Now he’s actively helping affiliate marketers to gain exposure for their affiliate programs.

He builds his list from email traffic and also from other traffic sources like PPC, Social Media & Media Buys.

He’s someone who always updates his email list daily. When it comes to solo ads, responsive emails is a must and should. He generates leads from various methods: by Lead Pre-Qualification technology.

Currently, he’s focusing on Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, MLM, and Home Based Business.

You can test-drive his solo ads by choosing his basic package – $49.00 for 100 unique clicks.

If you’re interested in his solo ads, ensure you contact him either way – via Facebook or through his official website.

Simply submit your sales page and get feedback before you run your first solo ads.

Based on my research, I found a lot of positive reviews about his email ads. The maximum optin rates for most of his clients were above 45% which is really good.

His main focus is to offer you a hand-picked traffic source to ensure conversions, Pre-qualified leads (crap traffic is filtered out), and no bots/fake clicks.

To do a test drive of his solo ads, choose any one the solo ads package and pay through PayPal or any other means. Once your order is confirmed, you can provide your link and other things.

Leasedadspace – Viral Traffic Platform & Email Marketing Ads is another favorite site where I’ve had great success with it. I am an active member there and it works really well if your product is legit and appealing.

Leased Ad Space is a kind of traffic exchange site with some unique traffic packages. It gives you a platform to promote your favorite products or any services you like. 

The cost of the traffic package is a one-time fee only. But the potential is really great. It has over 40,000+ active and laser targeted people who are interested in biz opp as well as other niches.

Send Solo Emails For Life

We all know about traffic exchange, however, Leased Ad Space has also have solo ads package. This means you can send solo ads every 3 days to the entire community. I’ve had great success and at times I use those solo ads, too.

You can promote your offer via text ads, banner ads, email marketing ads/solo ads, personal blogs, etc. 

Furthermore, you can also post ads in the form of content with just 50-200 words or more. With that, you get some traffic from search engines as well.

Unlike other traffic exchange sites, Leased Ad Space offers you a one-time package, which means, you pay once for the traffic and never pay again.

It has traffic packages from $9 to $147 – a one-time fee only. You can choose any package which will have inherently impressions and other benefits according to the package size.

For example, with a $17 package, you’re allowed to have 12,000 banner impressions, 6,000 text ads impressions, solo ads for every 14 days which include 2 free content posts across the directly [You get these benefits for life]. 

If you want to post more then you need to view 7 ads within the directory so that you can earn credits and be able to post more.

The last prime package is called “Red Diamond Package”. This package will cost you $147 – a onetime fee only. 

With this package you are allowed to have 110,000 banner ads impressions every month, 60,000 text ads impressions every month, solo emails 1 every 48 hours, cross-posted to their ad-blog. Plus, you get 25 Ad board directory posts per day.

You see sending solo ads for every 48 hours is something amazing, that too the community is growing rapidly. It’s a lifetime membership so you never need to pay again [Highly recommended site].

TrafficForMe – Real Clicks from English Speaking Countries is another great solo ads provider who specialized in Mobile SMS and email traffic.

This agency has been in business since 1999. They’re adding daily new emails in their database from buying outside, testing them through a lead funnel and sending for responsive rate, etc.

Some of the core concept they have is buying, testing, sending, and selling traffic.

This site has all in hand! Whether you’re a small buyer or someone who wants even up to 100,000 clicks per day. They can deliver the desired results.

TrafficForMe has a quality buyers list for Bizopp, Cryptopp, MMO, Internet marketing, Health and Diet, personal development, Forex binary, bitcoin, survival, and prepping.

The cost for the basic traffic package is $395 for 500 clicks and goes all the way up to $7000.

You can test with a small package to see how it goes. Again, as always don’t forget to test your landing page with tracking, which is of utmost importance in any online business. 

There are a great number of advertisers who have given a green signal saying that TrafficForMe traffic quality is indeed good and works really well.

High-Quality SOLO Advertising – Australia [Double optin]

James Jordan is an independent affiliate marketer who’s specialized in solo ads. He runs a Pay Per Lead program, too. I was part of the program in 2018 and made some money from it.

The lead commission is $2.50 for every double optin email subscribers. James Jordan focuses traffic from top-tier countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

He generates email subscribers only from email method and not by other means like safelists or exit popup etc. 

When it comes to quality solo emails, I think you can trust his quality because he’s not only an established internet marketer but also helps others through the PPL program. 

This man is real so there’s no question of doubting his quality of the traffic. However, I don’t guarantee sales or optin rates for any traffic sources you use from here.

If you’re into affiliate marketing and need of leads for the following niche: Internet marketing/make money online/biz-op niches, etc. You can try his service, too.

The base price is $50 only. The CPC is not that high compare to other service providers. So if you invest $98 you can get 200 unique clicks from his service.

Topgoldforum – Get Leads And Sales should be one of your favorite destinations for driving quality traffic for your website or services. 

Topgoldforum currently has 35,000+ active members with more than 650,000 posts.

This forum is good for you to get good quality traffic from top tier countries. At present, this money-making forum is generating over 1 million hits every month. 

So there’s a chance that you can get a lot of traffic from real and potential people who might get hooked up by your offers. 

You can also participate in their forum to generate free traffic as well.

If you want to try this forum to see how the result can be then try this place to promote your products and services.

You can promote any products you want except adult, however, they’re mainly focusing topics like online money making, forex trading, offshore companies, investments, online payments, and Crypto-currencies.

You can choose any ad format from sticky posts, form sponsorship, banners, and Newsletters & Articles.

The cost of the email newsletter is very affordable and good for small advertisers. With just $189, you can reach up to 30,000 regular members. This is a great deal and can be used for any niche as you like.

For other advertising like banners and sticky posts, you can purchase the available spot for just $89.

The process of advertising in the Topgoldforum is very straight forward.

All you need is to create an account, choose the spot that you want to have. And then pay the fees by various payment methods.

Once confirmed, you can set up your ads including tracking and other things. This is it.

Beer Money Forum – Make Money Online is another great forum like Topgoldforum. This site is getting around 800,000 visits across the board. 

The traffic shares are from United States, India, Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, etc.

It has advertising options like Newsletters, social media sponsored post, Advertising on BMF YouTube channel, etc.          

Besides, you can also choose a certain location to target, I mean location or country-wise for your campaign.

The cost of the advertising starts anywhere from $100 to $250. You can contact Beermoneyforum and discuss more on the budget and ad spots. 

I’ve also provided a direct contact form link so get in touch with them before making any decision.

Viralurl – Send Broadcast Emails To Members is another simple to use marketing platform that offers a wide range of services. You’re allowed to Shorten, Track, Cloak, And List Build 100% on autopilot.

I was part of this network too. You can create an account for free. And head over to the member’s area to see how the system works. Learn the system before making any purchase.

It has many traffic packages from $9/month to $30 per month. You can place banners, promote text ads, and use their software as well. 

The best thing about Viralurl is that it has 295,802 registered users since 2007. That means you’ll be able to promote your products to all members who are interested in the make money niche.

Not only that, but you’re also allowed to send mass emails/solo ads every day up to 200 members. If you’ve subscribed to a high plan then you’re allowed to send up to 3,000 members per day. 

Alternatively, you can accumulate the credits and send emails all at once every week. Instead of sending emails every day, you can send emails every week or every 3 days. It’s your choice.

With a $29/month plan – you get between 300 and 2,300 mailing credits extra every day or to email 3,000 to 6,000 fellow marketers every 3 days and generate qualified leads at a very low cost.

If you want to test drive Viralurl solo ads, upgrade to the basic $9/month plan, and start testing your offer. 

Attention: Ensure you watch the below video which gives you a clear picture of how to use your affiliate link and generate quality leads from solo ads.

=> Get FREE Clickmagick for 30 days <=

Conclusion to Solo Ads Websites

There you have the best sites for solo ads marketing. Any websites you choose for your online marketing ensure you have a tracking system in place. Without that, you never be able to spot the best vendors in your lifetime.

Tracking software helps you to identify the location, CTR, device type, browser type, carrier, and other important variables.

Are you using any best solo ads websites that I have not listed here? Awesome! Let me know in the comment section so that I can add them to the list! Thanks for reading. 

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