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Searching for a Builderall honest review or Builderall free trial review? I can help you with some great details. I was a member of the BA earlier. Hence, I can be the perfect candidate for you. 

How did you find me! May be from Google or from some referral sites…?

I’m glad you’re here… 

In this Builderall review, I’ll go through some areas which you want to know. The Builderall trial is still available but there is so much to learn before you get a hand on it.

I wanted to write this honest review for my people like you to expose what is Builderall and What you get with it, which includes the pros and cons of it.

Reminder! I was a member of Builderall a year ago and I’m the perfect fit to review this product.

So in this Builderall guide, you’ll learn the basics that you should know before accepting a free trial. 

Why Marketing Tool Like Builderall Is Important?

What is Builderall Marketing Tool?

As an online marketer, I used the Builderall platform for nearly 2 years and was able to generate nearly 12,000 laser targeted leads for the Builderall affiliate program alone. 

…Not just that, it also helped me in many ways from cutting down my advertising cost to save time on social media promotion as well. 

With BA, I can simply send emails over and over again to my subs so I can focus on getting my prospects to visit my offer again and again. 

That’s why marketing tools like Builderall is an inevitable component when it comes to affiliate marketing or any online business.

Unfortunately, I’m not part of the BA platform as a customer whilst writing this post…

I was happy to generate 12,000+ leads using my funnels but wait…

…I didn’t like the way Builderall built around, and I tell you some reasons down the post…

OK! Enough of all the praises and BS. Let’s get into the basic Builderall review.

About Builderall

Product Name Builderall
Business Name eBusiness4us, Inc
Founder  Erick Salgado
Business background Digital Entrepreneur
Founded 2008
Country origin USA (By the Brazilian)
Builderall Contact contact[email protected]
Phone Number +1 800 794 8076
Physical Address 6220S Orange Blossom Trl, St 505 Orlando – FL 32809, USA

​​​​​What is Builderall and How it works?

Builderall is a digital marketing platform or a website builder designed to help business owners like you to maximize your revenue. 

With Builderall, you can create any number of optin forms, membership sites, sales funnels, video sales pages and much more.

Not just that, you can also add their fully loaded apps to enhance your internet marketing to get results better and faster.

Plus Builderall tool has a verity of inbuilt apps to optimize your sales funnel to increase your ROI.

However, I found some apps were not user-friendly and not up to the mark! You’ll learn more as you read along.

Who’s it for Builderall Tool?

Builderall Funnel Builder is for all kinds of people who want to expand their business online.

This tool is for business owners, individuals, website owners, affiliate marketers, or even for start-up companies. And undoubtedly a must need tool for everyone.

For example, with the Builderall tool, you can focus on building leads or you can create a sales funnel for your existing business. 

When it comes to online marketing, a page builder plays a big role in revenue generation.

You can choose a product from any marketplaces and be able to build a sales funnel around that product to capture leads before redirecting to the actual offer. 

In this way, you can communicate with your subscribers or prospects without having to work on your advertising campaign tediously.

Builderall Features & Package

Builderall is offering stunning features with an affordable package for all classes of people.

With their $69.90 per month premium plan, you get almost everything you want to start your online business from upgraded apps to new Builderall website templates. 

Who is in the world offers such an amazing platform include apps for a lower price? 

With Builderall premium plan, you get access to all the features includes 15 domains, unlimited Subscribers, Ticketing & Live Chat Support, 10 GB Disk Space, List Import, funnel Club, etc. 

Not only that, with Builderall social proof app alone you can save literately $70-$100/month. Are you still using a third-party social proof app? It’s time to cut down the cost. 

Here are some of the features that you want to look into:

(For mobile, switch over to landscape mode)

Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder Pixel Perfect Site Builder
Builderall Canvas
WordPress 3-Click Integration
Builderall Webinar Builder
App Builder
Builderall Directory Builder
Email Marketing Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation “Mailingboss”
Professional Emails
Engagement Professional Messenger Chatbot
Share Locker
Social Proof Pop-up
Professional Website Bot
Social Autopost App
Browser Notifications App
Instagram Autoresponder
SMS Messaging
Script Generator
Design Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder
Mockup Studio
3D Photo Editor Studio
Animated VSL Video Builder
Transparent Floating Videos
Presentation Studio
Video Wrapper
Video Tag Tool
Video Funnel Builder
Reports SEO On-Page Report App
Click Map
Others VA Access
DNS Manager

Builderall is for everyone, and who in need of marketing tools to boost their online business.

Undoubtedly, Builderall could beat any marketing tools around when it comes to accessibility and pricing.

Take a took at what you get for a small price:

Builderall Brand
15 Domains
Subscribers – Unlimited
Unlimited Membership Sites
Visitors – No Limit
Sales funnels – Unlimited
Ticketing & Live Chat Support
10 GB Disk Space
List Import
Funnel Club and more
10 Domains
Up to 50,000 Leads
500,000 Emails /mo
400 GB bandwidth
Unlimited pages
Products Unlimited
Membership Sites – Unlimited
Unlimited Team Members
Helpdesks Unlimited
Domains – Unlimited
Number of Pages No Limit
Unlimited Visitors 
Number of Leads- Unlimited
Custom funnels- No Limit
Actionetics- YES
Backpack – YES
Affiliate Program – YES
# of Billing  Integrations – 3
PREMIUM: $69.90/Mo  TOP PLAN: $499/Mo FULL SUITE: $247/Mo

✅ What Do I Love in Builderall?

There are so many things that I personally love with a platform.

However, I do not want to brag about everything, otherwise, this review becomes biased; not intended to help users like you. 

Yet, here are some of the most interesting characteristics you should know about the Builderall funnel builder.

Builderall landing page builder is for those who have not exposed to online business. For me, most sales funnel builder comes with a hefty cost as we all know. 

Without a doubt, the Builderall marketing tool is good for beginners as well as for advanced marketers.

Not just that, it allows anyone to try 14 days for free without the need for credit card requirements. You can try the trial version to get to know what’s inside.

Each package comes with some restrictions, which is understandable. For a starter, I would say, Builderall can be a life savior as they do not need to spend too much money until they become competence with the tools and services. This helps you in saving a lot of money in the first place. 

✅ Is Builderall Support Fast and Good? – Live Chat!

Who doesn’t like fast support? With Builderall, you can have that for sure.

Every time I faced some issues while creating pages, I’d immediately contact them using their contact form. 

On many occasions, my problem was solved within 24 hours.

So when it comes to support, I would say, Builderall support is indeed a super fast compare to other marketing tools around.

Now the best part is a “live chat” support, which enables you even faster to get help whenever you get hit with some problems.

It can be on hosting, page creation or payment issue, etc. You get their support through the “Live Chat Support” option instantly. 

✅ Builderall Affiliate Commission & Payment Time-frame

The big changes in the affiliate program do make many people jump on-board sooner or later.

Yes, the Builderall affiliate program comes with free of cost, which is really good for marketers.

In the past, you might need to pay $49.90 to promote BA product and through “JVzoo partner program” as well. 

Now you can bypass all the hassles for promoting the Builderall trial product. 

The best thing about Builderall is earning from 2-tiers. That’s right.

You can make 100% commission for your personal sales and 30%+30% commission comes from 2tier which is really good.

The payment time frame is still super fast for existing affiliates and those who had already received $250.

Once you received your first payment then the time-frame for your payment is just 5 days. You get paid via i-payout as soon as you reach a $50 payment threshold.

When I was part of the Builderall affiliate program, I normally receive every Thursday.

When it comes to payment, Builderall is one of the fastest paying affiliate programs for sure. That’s why I loved the Builderall affiliate/franchise program.

✅ Builderall Car Mega Bonus 

Do you love to get a car bonus? You shouldn’t miss this for sure.

When I was part of Builderall Business, many affiliates were so happy to earn a car bonus. 

You can get that bonus too! If you get 100 active customers (not affiliates) you are eligible to receive a $500/month bonus and $1000/month for 200 active members.

Additionally, If you were looking for a quality solo ads provider then the BA platform can help you too. No need to rack your brain to find the best service. Builderall solo ads can get quality visitors for every click you spend.

The affiliates will have the opportunity to earn an extra $500 for every month in which they have retained a total of 100 recurring active members on any subscription listed on excluding the free plan. A client’s first-month payment will not count towards the 100.

✅ How to Setup DNS in Your Hosting?

The setup process for your domain is dead simple. With Builderall, you can integrate your custom domain with a click of your mouse. 

To do that, head over to the domain section and add your domain. And then update the DNS server in your hosting account. 

Wola! Your custom domain on your funnel is ready in minutes.

✅ What’s Builderall Refund Policy?

What I like most about Builderall is their refund policy. You get a full refund even after your free trial. 

For example, if you had subscribed to a premium membership on the first day, still you’re eligible to request a refund on the 30th of the first month.

However, if you had continued for 2-3 months then you may not get a refund. But with Builderall’s discretion, still, you may get a refund providing a valid reason. 

These are some of the few areas that I found very beneficial as a customer of Builderall.

Although, I want to cover some BA cons that inherently exist. Let’s find how what?

❌ What I Don’t Like in Builderall?

Is Builderall a User-friendly Marketing Tool?

During my time, the design was simple and super easy even for beginners to navigate.

I have had created lots of pages for different affiliate products without even going through their tutorials.

It’s because it was a clean dashboard with no cluttered links and pages. I almost did not log in for 7 months and my membership is also not active.

Just for the sake of testing, I resubscribed to see what’s new! I just couldn’t believe that these folks keep making mistakes over and over again.

The Builderall platform is full of links not organized in a way that even beginners get trouble understanding what’s going on inside. 

I was confused a bit as to what to do next! – Information overloaded.

Why they want to keep changing the entire interface in the name of an upgrade and beta testing!

In the latest Builderall platform, I noticed a few changes such as the redesign of the dashboard, new templates, apps, etc.

As an experienced Builderall customer & affiliate, I’d say, Builderall is yet to come up with a clean interface like some of the popular page-builders like Karta, Clickfunnels, etc.

The good news is Builderall has added video tutorials for each section so you can get along with it.

So, despite all those overloaded information, still, you can make it work. Yet, I’m not happy with a new overall design either.

❌ Builderall Email Marketing Autoresponder

Inbox or Spam Folder!

As a former affiliate of Builderall, I can pretty much tell you that the autoresponder is not that great when it comes to email marketing.

As I previously mentioned, my leads were not used to their potential.

It’s because I had had some serious email delivery issues with Mailingbose. 

I seriously did not like Mailingbose autoresponder.

Whenever I send emails using their platform, the emails seem not getting into subscriber’s inbox, instead, go straight into a spam folder.

We all love a good autoresponder and there’s a need for the solid autoresponder to connect with our readers/subscribers.

If at all the autoresponder not met our expectations then there is no point in having 1,0000s of email subscribers in our database.

Every time I push emails to my people, my status reported only a few clicks.

Despite using my custom domain and checking the spam score – the result remained the same.

What’s wrong! I do not know!

Fortunately, my subscribers informed me that the emails are being sent to a spam folder.

I couldn’t believe this for a while. After that, I tested with my address to see where it goes. Gosh! My tested emails were found in the spam folder despite using my domain email address.

If your autoresponder was not the best to communicate then you’d leave a lot of money on the table. To avoid all that, I moved on to Aweber autoresponder for better email deliverability. 

If you’re about to use Builderall for your business then I highly recommend not using the in-built Mailingbose autoresponder because it doesn’t benefit anyway.

❌ Sales funnel Editing Area Issue

Page Builder Loading Time:

As I experienced in the past, I yet to see some changes and improvements in the page builder editing area.

It’s still too slow while I move from one device mode to the other – in the editing area, the response time remains the same.

This is not a good sign in the competitive world. Builderall has to be super fast just like any other page builders around! Not just that, it’s even worse to see the browser often go unresponsive. 

When I switch over from desktop mode to a mobile device to edit my funnel, the response time is taking almost 10 seconds, and sometimes taking even longer or forever!

❌ Builderall Integration and Buttons 

What Improvements Require!

The “Timer” is not at all device-friendly. When you place a “Timer” on your sales funnel it shows up. However, when you preview on your phone it won’t set properly.

If you do that on the mobile editing area, the same goes for a desktop version.

You have to either keep the large “Timer” or replace it with a smaller one to fit properly.

Unfortunately, if you preview Timer on a desktop the results will be just opposite just as it happened for mobile version- not responsive either.

The integration part is not smooth. When I tried to integrate the autoresponder, the box is just kept disappearing. The older version was simple to integrate with any autoresponder with the click of a mouse. 

In the previous Builderall version, it has had an easy setup process for Aweber, Getresponse, and others. I can see only Getresponse which is very disappointing.

Note: I see on the “Builderall about us” page the founder picture was not found. It’s funny to see a reputed company using some random images on their main page. Even worse, the image is yet to name with alt-text. It does say just “Title Image”.

❌ Builderall Need More Updates

The newer version seems very hard to find the perfect match. The editor page just not letting me do the way I want to.

The other elements just seem old fashioned and outdated. It needs a lot of improvements in this area.

Secondly, when I log into the dashboard section, the BA tutorials have been uploaded on YouTube. 

I do not have any problem seeing on YouTube but instead of relying on a third-party server, Builderall can host themselves for better branding.

As far as my verdict goes, buttons and integration must be smooth & state of the art.

According to me, Builderall has more room for improvement.

❌ Too Many Changes Overtime

I love the way the Builderall is trying to improve.

But too many changes over time seems not safe for me. In 2018, there were a few updates and modifications and still, continue to be so.

Too many changes within a short time is not the right approach. Builderall business has changed its business model over a period of time unlike other page builders like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, etc. 

I totally understand that Builderall trying to be better and faster in all sense.

However, something is really not working for them. I was a strong Builderall supporter but not now. Because I found too many bugs in the platform floating around even today. 

As I said earlier, Builderall needs a lot of improvements in the page Builderall area to recover their old subscribers including me.

Conclusion – Builderall Affiliate Review (Builderall Business)

As far as I know, this product has gone through 4 phases until now from the interface changes to the affiliate program.

I joined when it was somewhere in the middle. The first-ever change was $97 affiliate program and later changed to a $49 premium package include an affiliate program. 

The new compensation plan is perfect for any affiliates. However, I wonder how long this will stay in their mind.

When Builderall exploded online, I found tons of affiliate marketers were promoting to make money. The cost for the affiliate membership was around $95 a one-time + monthly charges.

People were jumped into BA affiliate program in thousands. Later, they changed to another business model with a new compensation plan to a 2-tier affiliate program. And then Builderall removed that plan too.

Yet again, they changed to some kind of points-based program which I felt like an MLM, that business model was there for a while but now it’s gone. 

Now Builderall operating under a free affiliate program with some restriction to it, which I indeed liked it. 

But my question is how long this will stay! We never know for sure. Hence, I do not recommend the Builderall page builder if one intention is to make money promoting their product. 

Considering their affiliate program, I sense that too many changes in a short time is a red flag. Though Builderall is an established company yet I do not want to subscribe again.

But one thing for sure…

✅ Good For Starters!

Nonetheless, it’s a great tool for entry-level affiliate marketers. You can start with a basic plan and move forward once you become familiar with tools and services. 

Builderall is still a cheap product to try. Yet, I do not recommend their inbuilt autoresponder. You must integrate with Aweber or similar product for your funnel for better performance. 

Other then that, I did not find many issues because you get what you paid for. Therefore, Builderall is a perfect and cheap product for any beginners to start with.

Would you want to try the Builderall trial plan? If yes, why so! Let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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