Captcha Club Review – 12 Important Facts To Know To Save Your Money!

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There you’re – looking for an honest Captcha Club review? That’s awesome, my friend! In this post, I’d shed with you a piece of advice on what should be your first goal before joining Captchaclub website

Additionally, if you had found a site that is something similar to to make extra money working from home then this is a place where you can get all-in-one ideas before spending money on it.

How to save money from Captcha club website? was created in 2015 (as per domain registrar) and founded on the principle of offering people through awesome captcha service.

This company is offering a free or membership-based internet job so you can do while spending time with your family.

However, this internet is full of knowledge, at the same time have full of systematic fraudsters.

Therefore, you must be fully loaded with searching skills, otherwise, you might get upset later on. 

Captchaclub somehow came to sight, and I thought to research about Captcha Club network to find out whether or not this site is a genuine or fake one.

One thing you must keep in mind that I am no way affiliated to

Whatever information you find here is my opinion only and not aimed to divert you somewhere to…like some wealthy affiliates do. 🙂

Can we get started? There you go!!!

Also, I’ll be going through some basic details about Captcha Club and the areas where I found some serious red flags. 

After that, you decide what should be your next priority before sign up or continue your membership – be it free or if you’re about to join as a pro member.

Why Captcha Club? (

Beginner-Friendly Typing Job! (As per the official site)

Captcha Club is a network that allows people from across the world to join as a Captcha solver. This site enables members to earn simply by typing from home.

The best part is you don’t need to hold a certificate or any relevant experience to get started. 

All you need is a computer, a good internet connection and then a good typing speed. Captcha club is designed in such a way that anyone who is looking for an extra income can join.

There are no certain rules – anybody can join irrespective of background, race, and religion.

How To Register With Captcha Club?

Captcha Club Sign Up Process has a very simple process to get in. Click on the free registration button and fill up all your details. And then you’ll be asked to confirm your email so that fake entry is avoided. Reivew

After the confirmation, you’ll be then asked to log in to Captcha Club members-area. You can select based on your work preference like whether to be as a free member or want to go with a pro plan.

Captcha Club has multiple pro packages for members like you so that you can choose the plan based on your desire for how much you want to earn.

Those plans furnish you with what you might be earning in the long run. So it is up to you how you want to go forward.

Is that all! Nope…there is more to come. 👀

Don’t go anywhere because I have got the most interesting takeaways from this post. I’m sure you’ll love it. Keep reading, my friend!

Ways To Earn From Captchaclub.Com (Summary)

Free Plan:

Captchaclub allows you to earn 0.02 cents per entry with a limitation of 100 entries per day.

If you want to escalate your earnings then you can choose other pro options.

Premium Package:

This is where you see the potential to earn up to $200 per day. Each entry will fetch you 4 cents with a limitation of 200 entries per day.

If you can’t afford to pay a registration fee then stick to free plan and earn free working from home.

Pro package:

This package is for someone who wants to maximize his/her daily earning.

They have a plan called a ‘pro package’, and it cost you $250 for a onetime fee. With this plan, you can earn 8 cents per captcha entry. 

Additionally, you can also be able to have multiple accounts, which in return high earning per entry and more money daily.

Gold Package –

The Ultimate Income Machine

The high-end package is called a ‘gold package’ and this allows you to acquire the special status, not only this package allows you to earn more but passively. 

This means – according to the site, you’ll earn $30 per day.

On top of that, you don’t even need to even work whatsoever. The money will keep pouring into your account like raindrops.

WOW! I like this concept very much! 🙂

I really want this plan though. 

Hay! Wait..still a long way to go!

How Do You Receive Your Payment!

Multiple Payment Option

The best news is that the Captcha club has multiple payment methods.

That means you can choose any of the payment options to receive your earnings.

As far as the official website is concerned, the payments will be sent to any of your preferred options such as PayPal, Payoneer, Bank transfer or via Bitcoin.

There’s nothing better than this! Start free and keep making an income in no time.

Not to forget that you’ll be paid according to the package you’ve chosen. Reach your cash-out limit and get paid handsomely. 

The minimum withdrawal limit is $200 before you give a request. Having a high paying Captcha network in hand, I think reaching $200 is not a big deal either.

So you’ve learned some basic information about the Captcha Club website. 🎁

Now you need to go even further to know about their legitimacy. 

This is very important because your money, time and effort must be appreciated in all cases. Therefore, to know how to avoid scams read the post till the last word. 

🔥 12 things you may not know about Captcha Club and why you should take into consideration before joining. 

What Are Some Red Flags With Captchaclub.Com? 

About Captcha Club 🚩

One thing I found very strange was “empty vessel.”

This has not provided any information about who is behind this foundation.

A founder with a list of other coworkers is one indication of a credible site.

I noticed that this website did not provide any information about the founder as well as the contact information so we can contact if any issue arises during the work.

This is a serious problem among newbies who don’t even look into this information. Do you wish to work with a ghost?👻

Captcha Club – Site Design🚩

A great looking website can help us understand better. However, some scam sites do also have a very professional site.

Even though a well-designed site can be an indication of more trustworthy because a good website helps us to access more information easily.

Having said that I see this has no professional design and most of the links are dead or even not connected to the respective pages. This is a big red flag for me to say. 

Multiple Websites 🚩

Did you notice that this site has multiple domains? They’re,, and 

This is another big red flag for me. A trusted mother site never needs to redirect to another site. 

According to my internet experience, the only site that does all types of scammy tactics is when it gets negative reviews and more started to flood in.

To hide facts from fresh entries, a scam website like Captchaclub has adopted this method too.  

Limited Access To Projects🚩

I wonder why this company needs to restrict the amount of work you want to do?

If a company wants to generate more revenue then it should be more work for the workers.

Captcha Club says one should not do more than 100 Captcha entries.

I forced to believe that they either have no projects nor any affiliation with third party companies.

Generate Passive Income – 🚩

This is where some people get lured by Captcha Club because it promising you that you can earn a passive income from home.

How this could be done anyway! If a company that offers a “passive income business model” then it has to generate extra revenue from somewhere in order pay you every month. 

As a member, you’re gonna pay only a onetime fee but I wonder how this company generates an additional source of income to pay members monthly. 

After your one-time payment, you’d naturally get paid passively for doing nothing.

So in order to pay you, they’ve to escalate their income by somehow!

But where and how! This is a million-dollar question!

I doubt this business model is not gonna work in the long run. Hence, “the passive income” is another kind of trick to get you in. Don’t believe this BS.

Payment Proof 🚩

Before you want to join a company, especially with this one – you might need to inquire about payment proofs.

This ensures that the members are getting paid regularly. As far as members are concerned, they’re not getting paid. 

I looked around online to see if any avail but found only the fake and photo-shopped versions.

For some members, their account even has got terminated or disabled – no reason found! Wonder why! 

Unless you find some solid evidence to support this company, I think you better stay clear of it. This is good for you.

Registration fee 🚩

I’m in the online arena for over 10 years and have gone through many ups and downs in the past.

I see even today, a few websites force you to pay for accessing their membership portal.

However, I never seen any Captcha typing sites ask a registration fee in order to earn money. Though Captchclub allows its members to work for free. However, there’s something not right there.

If they’re looking for serious people to work then the amount of work also should be allocated respectively. This company is either not allowing members to earn more or work more. 

Business Partners 🚩

Captcha Club supposedly to have partners so you can have plenty of projects in hand to work for.

However, I don’t see any affiliate partners in the members’ area. So you don’t know to whom you’re working with and for what.

Having no partners indicates that this company is just making fun of people.

No partners mean no work. So Captchaclub is just playing in the empty ground. 

Would you want to play with an inherently nonexistent game? You take a call.

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Multiple Accounts 🚩

Captchaclub is also allowing you to have multiple accounts on the go! Very interesting right!

Well, I see that Captcha Club is going nowhere and I’ll tell you why!

They’ve come up with a tricky plan for you in order to generate revenue on their side.

Some greedy people go after multiple accounts thinking that they can earn without doing anything.

I yet to see any legitimate company offering multiple accounts. Having multiple account options helps Captchaclub to generate extra income from members’ deposit fees.

In this way, they can earn more money. On the other side, there are no real captcha companies to work for. 

This is a big red flag for me that somebody like you should be aware of. 

High Paying Captcha Network 🚩

Captcha companies, in general, pay you a cent for each qualified entry. Even though most captcha typing companies do not show their information like for whom they’re working for. 

In the same way, the Captcha Club doesn’t tell you where and how. In spite of that this company is paying you up to 8 cents per entry which is abnormal according to me.

Paid Actors 🚩

When you visit the site, you’d find some genuine-like testimonials there.

However, in that group, some folks are paid-agent who act like real members so to impress you.

I’ve seen some of them on the other money-making sites (don’t remember now) who act like real people, actually, they’re not. 

Not to forget that the paid actors are plenty online. If you want to promote a business with a few professional paid actors then they’ll help you.

It’ll cost you anywhere between $100-$500 per video, depending on the length and words.

Let’s be honest here. Some folks in the group are real and might have got paid.

If you ask me why! I would say this is because to cover the negative reviews and complaints.

This is another trick to cover the negative reviews from freshers. So watch out for it. 

Deposit Before Withdraw 🚩

This is even hilarious to me that someone has to pay a deposit fee to receive a commission that he/she has earned.

Who is in the world to buy such BS! Yet, I see so many of them have paid in hope of receiving that earned money.

I felt somewhat so saddened to see all of them – after going through some of the reviews and their bitter experience. 

Surprisingly, some of them even have paid $40 bucks to get paid from Captchaclub.

I totally understand that these people just want to receive at least some of their money instead of losing everything.

This is another blatant scam and should never be regarded as a real way of making money.

These are some of the findings that you need to keep in mind to avoid scams – be it or

Things You Should Do Now! 

If you’re seeking a way to make money online then stop going behind Captcha or anything that has a similar concept.

Not to mention that the investment-based online business is not always a scam. For example, affiliate program, MLM, drop-shipping, etc.

You’ve to be wise enough to differentiate between these. Therefore, stop going behind some job that pays you a penny for your hard work. 

Do not Register Your Account

Captcha Club is not a legit site where one can join and earn a passive income.

I highly recommend you to consider this post as to why you should never think of joining this type of work at home offers.

When you have a site like Captcha Club there is a high chance that you get a lot of promotional emails daily.

A site like this never bothers to sell your information to a 3rd party website. 

This results in more spam and promotional emails every day. Besides, if you’ve earned some money using this system – let it go!

Don’t send your money hoping that you’d get paid whatever you’ve earned so far there.

You don’t get paid even a penny so stop sending any money for them. Period.

How To Delete Captcha Club Account?

If you’re part of the Captcha Club then see the option anywhere to delete your account.

If that option is not there then create a new Gmail account and update it.

After that don’t use a new account for good so that you can avoid getting unwanted emails and promotional stuff to your regular email account. 

Alternative to Captchaclub Platform

There are many alternatives to You need to upgrade your thinking by not going behind this type of mediocre products/services.

Making money is not that easy but if you do your work diligently then you can make serious money with it.

Instead of wasting your time – typing those useless Captcha images, try something that pays you money for life.

For example, Clickbank is a popular marketplace where you get a chance to choose 1000s of products to promote.

Pick the best high converting products and start promoting online.

You can use Craiglist, free classified sites, social networking sites like Facebook, etc.

When you get a sale, you then will earn up to 75% commission. Clickbank is a reliable network that pays members on time. 

The Conclusion to “Captcha Club Review”

It’s obvious to me that is a scam. If you’ve been a member of this site, I would advise you to share this post with someone who knows you well. Make this internet a better world.

It is very difficult to fight back these types of fake sites. Nonetheless, people need awareness so that they don’t get cheated in the future. has no credibility whatsoever. It is sad to see so many people fall prey to such jobs investing their hard-earned money.

By joining this site – not only they’ll lose money but also their time, expectation and their hard-work.

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I totally understand that these victims might have had some dreams and commitment so that they can use that money. But what’s the point going behind fake websites!

I can only blame those people who don’t even use their common sense. Who is in this world pay passive income for doing nothing?

I would say, do not go behind this type of program hoping to earn money. This is your fault and not theirs.

Have you ever thought of joining What’s your thought on this! Leave your comment below.

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