Cheap Solo Ads Sellers – 10 Reason Why Shouldn’t Go After? Time to Save Some Money!

Can Cheap Solo Ads get you the results the way you want to? I don’t think so!

Some affiliates who have no idea about affiliate marketing may be looking for some short method to make quick bucks.

Are you one of those who looking for cheap solo ads to promote your affiliate links! If so, it’s time to read this short post.

Well, If you have been planning to promote your products or services through cheap solo ads or via independent websites then there’s something which you need to learn first before attempting for such services.

Quality solo ads are great when it comes to generating sales for any online business you have. 

It can be anything related to networking marketing, affiliate marketing, building subscribers, or bringing people to read your blog posts, etc.

However, one thing that most people don’t actually know is how good these cheap targeted solo ads are? 

If someone who has recommended you some cheap solo email vendors for your online marketing then this short review about solo ads will help you. This way, you can save time and money.

On the other side, I have got a great list of best solo ads sellers for your products.

Whether you want to promote MLMs, Healthcare products, Weight loss niche, Real Estate, affiliate marketing, or any niche feel free to visit the below link. 

How to avoid cheap solo ads vendors?Can You Get Results By Cheap Bulk Traffic Method!

You’re here because somebody has recommended you to try a few cheap solo vendors for your online business. It can be even for JVzoo, Clickbank, CJ products, etc.

You’ve tried quite a few sellers in the past but this time you’d want to try low priced solo ads to get maximum ROI.

It seems like 90% of new promoters in the marketing world have no idea about what is solo ads and how it works. 

So before you visit my recommended page, I’m imparting the cons of the cheap solo ads and what should you be aware of. 

Let’s dive into the basics here. I do always share the cons of the method or products before I redirect people to my resource page.

This way, people like you, will be able to learn ins and outs of the system.

What is Solo Ads?

Solo ads are nothing but generating traffic from email lists. There are dedicated affiliates and service providers out there who specialized in driving traffic through the medium of solo ads.

In a nutshell, a solo ad is nothing but advertising a product to somebody’s email subscribers. This is it.

Most affiliate marketers at times use this method to generate quick results. The solo ad allows you to build an email list in rocket speed. 

It’s because you’re allowing vendors to send your product link to those who have already shown some interest in the same niche.

When people receive an email, two things will happen. They either open the invitation or click on the link to visit your offer. 

Before submitting your link, you need to plan how many clicks that a vendor has to generate.

You can set the budget and number of visitors. It can be anywhere between 50- 2,000+ visitors per campaign.

This way, you get link clicks from his readers/subscribers.

Remember! You need to pay the advertising cost in advance and also email template along-with your targeted product link. 

==> How to Get 500 Visitors Per Day

How Does Solo Ads Work!

When you choose a “solo ads vendor”, set the budget for your advertising. 

It usually starts from $50 and goes all the way up to $2,000 per campaign. 

For example, if you want to get 100 clicks for your product then you have to pay around $50 for a solo vendor. 

Many solo vendors give you an additional bonus of 10%-20% clicks, which means you get 120-130 clicks per run for $50.

You can also provide your email template or you can let him create on his own.

To run a campaign, you need to pay anywhere from $0.35-$1 per click. The solo ads seller sends visitors to your product page or affiliate link in the form of an email blast. 

Some providers are also do copywriting and offer you ready-made email templates according to your needs. 

All you need is to provide your affiliate link and then they’ll craft a good email for your advertising campaign. This is it.

Now, let’s move on to the core section of the post. 

The Disadvantage of Cheap Solo Ads

1. Used Email List – Cheap Solo Ads

As I said earlier, solo ads are one of the best methods to generate leads for your campaign. 

However, choosing a cheap solo vendor is not a great idea. There’s a chance that you don’t get much response. It’s because the list could have been used for a longer period for the same niche.

Therefore, avoid at any cost going for a cheap solo ads seller. I’ve used it in the past to test some of the solo ad vendors. The result was 100% negative.

Remember! Once the campaign is started, you cannot stop it. So, at any cost, you need to pay for it. 

2. Freebie Seekers Vs Responsive Buyers

There’s a huge difference between freebie seekers and buyers list. When you choose affordable solo vendors or sellers, most likely you don’t get sales.

It’s because the buyer lists might have come from some traffic exchange sites and from PTC sites. These marketplaces are like zombies where you could find only free players and not laser targeted.

Some solo sellers even allow you to try 500 visitors for $10. A new affiliate marketer assumes that this is a great deal!

You see, not all traffic is the same. Freebie seekers don’t buy anything from you.

Most people search for only free products/programs. For example, let’s say that your product worth is $100 and you want to get as many sales as possible.

Can you generate a single sale from freebie seekers who even don’t own a credit card in the first place?

Of course not! So don’t waste your money on cheap solo ads/vendors even if that happens to be a $20 package. Hence, always aim for buyer lists instead of free players.

3. Fake Visitors Vs Real Visitors

Many sites allow you to advertise on their websites. The cost of the advertising would be normally $25 for one time. With that budget, you’re promised to get 10,000 unique visitors.

I’ve tried this option in the past when I was new to online marketing. There are many $5 solo ads still floating around too. They’ll send only bot traffic instead of real human visitors. 

What’s the point of getting link clicks if no human actually visited your sales page?

It’s very easy to spot whether the site is offered bot or real human traffic. You see, tracking software is always recommended for such proposals. 

Please read the below post to learn more about tracking and best solo vendors.

“Reminder! Don’t ever pay for any sites that claim $15 solo ads or anything similar.”

4. Fiverr & Similar Marketplace For Solo Ads

I’m sure many of you guys heard of Fiverr platform in the past. Fiverr is one of the top marketplaces for finding freelancers for a very low price for almost any topic you can imagine. 

However, it also has a category called Fiverr traffic in the freelance section.

The normal price would be $5 to $10 per gig. Some bogus Freelancers claim that they can drive 50,000 unique visitors for your landing page. 

I’ve tried this option in the past too. You see, experience teaches us a lesson on every occasion. But you know what, this Fiverr offer is a 100% daylight scam.

Just imagine like this, if they can truly send that much traffic then what’s the need to promote themselves on other platforms like on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc to gain customers?

You can purchase any services from other categories if you want to. It can be logo design, website creation, creating a squeeze page, or any microtasks. 

But never ever choose the Fiverr traffic package at any cost. It’s all fake. 

Some new affiliate marketers assume that such an offer is real so they try $5 solo ads package. 

The cost is not a lot but if you try it then you simply going to waste money for sure.

5. No Tracking Software

Another disadvantage of cheap solo ads is that they don’t usually provide tracking details and actual human counts.

Tracking your campaign is very important. Each and every click that advertisers send must be fully tracked including variables such as device types, locations, browsers, and much more.

Tracking software gives so much control for your ad campaign which helps you cut down your budget from solo advertising.

Without ad tracking, it’s like you’re trying to earn without links or websites. 

This is where these fake solo ads advertisers play a trick providing their built-in tracking statistics saying they delivered the required numbers.

Don’t ever make this mistake. Whether you’re doing free marketing or paid marketing like solo ads, ensure you have a tracking link in place.

Without tracking you’ll never know where you’re at. It’s because all visitors could be repeated visitors or bots or something else. 

Therefore, do not try to find a quick way to make money by choosing cheap solo ads. This type of method is not advised.

You see, it’s impossible to generate sales with just $10 ad budget. You’re not only allow yourself to get flagged but also waste your time and money.

Instead, you can do the same with other networks to get better results. I’ll come to that in a bit.

6. Target Locations & Bot Traffic

Sites like are only generating random bot traffic and nothing else.

You never know how many real visitors it actually receives from search engines and other third-party networks. 

At times, they’ll show you web stats like 1-3 million daily pages views or something. Don’t believe all those BS. 

Most clicks will come from other bot networks which helps the site to increase the count.

This way, they hide a real picture of the visitors’ count. 

Not only that, low-priced solo ads sellers won’t offer you target based traffic. The traffic qualify will be extremely low and mostly bot traffic in the first place. 

Besides, they manipulate the system making sure you get the numbers. They don’t show you from where they have procured email subscribers for solo ads. 

I’ve seen even some fake solo sellers allow you to place your website or landing page in their network for life. The cost of the membership will be around $50. 

Who’s in the world offer you, 5,000 unique visitors per day for life for just $50? It’s all gimmick. So don’t waste your time. 

If you’re in a tight situation and have only $50 then you can do a demo test with a quality advertising like Bing. You’ll learn more down below.

7. Scrapped Leads From Google

The low and non-reputed solo vendors at times use some form of tricks. That means they use some software to scrap emails from Google. There’re many software out there to do such tasks.

Sending your link to some random websites or email subscribers will create some unwanted consequences. 

Firstly, your link will be blacklisted or spammed or your website domain will be marked as a spammer for good. 

You don’t want to risk your clean domain. Would you?

In addition to that, scrapped emails don’t convert even at 0.5%. It’s because those emails are not target based. Why you wanna spend on something which doesn’t work anyway!

8. Low Conversion Rate For Your Business

Sites like is specialized in providing pre-qualified traffic for your affiliate marketing business.

There are some fake sites still out there that offer you 100 leads per day. Nobody knows where these scammers getting all the leads! In my opinion, mostly from the Google search engine.

The above-listed site is not a solo ad provider but falls into the traffic provider list. 

To start with, you’ve to pay $50+ per month. You’ll be notified of email open stats and clicks every time you send emails. 

But the result will be just the opposite. You see if the quality is good then the end result should be some sales. In reality, you don’t and never going to generate sales.

No matter how many clicks you get, the final proposal should be to make some money out of it.

I’m certain that you never going to get any sales. You could get one or two sales out of 1 million visitors that too not certain. 

So, instead of wasting $50+ per month, try something worth it.

Another thing to note that autoresponder like Aweber may shut down your account if the bounce and complaint rates are high.

For example, if the bounce rate of your sending email is above 20% then you’re out.

These rules apply to almost all established autoresponders. So don’t risk your account.

Keep in mind that affiliates always say good thing about these sites but they do all because they’re there to sell you to earn affiliate commissions. So don’t buy their views.

9. Bot Traffic Increases Your Budget

As I mentioned before, bot traffic is the only solution for fake vendors to deliver clicks. 

When you get hundreds of fake clicks on your link, you might need to pay extra for tracking software.

You see, tracking software increases its monthly cost based on how many clicks your link has generated. 

A few affordable tracking software like Clickmagick will cost you only $19 per month for 10,000 clicks [tracking visitors].

Now, you’re forced to pay extra for tracking and clicks for nothing. You see, the bots have sent you hundreds and hundreds of clicks but the outcome is not even a single email subscriber or sale.

This way, you’re paying extra for tracking software for nothing. Why you wanna do that anyway?

10. Unsubscribe Rate

Again, cheap solo ads don’t get you quality leads after all. You see, solo ads are not for all types of people. When it comes to solo ads, the email subscription form should be enabled on the landing page.

It’s because the email signup form will track the counts as how many leads you’ve generated from a particular solo ads seller.

When you promote through bad solo sellers, you most probably don’t get much. 

Even if you managed to get 10 leads for $50 budget, which don’t happen by the way. But considering that you have received, most likely people unsubscribe from your list. 

It’s because you never know from where the traffic was generated. Sites like GPT program pay members to enter their emails.

Those emails could have come from there too. Members give their emails for the sake of money. 

Once a member received his money he’ll then unsubscribe from your list. So why waste your money!

What You Can Do Alternately To Cheap Solo Ads!

Instead of trying poor-quality solo ads like $10 package you can do some other marketing to see how your landing page is.

For example, you can start with Bing advertising for just $25 to see how your landing page is converting.

Again, a small $50 budget won’t reveal everything about your landing page performance but still, you can get an idea about it.

To know the performance of your landing page, I think a minimum of $250 is required in any network. 

But instead of wasting $20 for some bot traffic, you can choose Facebook or Bing for just testing your landing page.

Simply create an account, choose very low keywords that have no-bid, or pennies per click.

Yes, with at amount of CPC, you don’t get 100s clicks per day but you get some quality traffic.

Again, with bad solo ads like 10 dollar campaign, you either don’t get clicks or email optins. So give up the idea of promoting your business through cheap adverts.

Remember, as I said earlier in my post that solo ads are something great for affiliate marketers if done properly.

I’ve tried many quality solo ads in the past for my business. It worked well.

When it comes to affiliate promotion, split testing is absolutely mandatory. Please feel free to check the recommended link below to learn more about the best solo marketplaces.

I’m sure my resource will help you in saving your time and money. 

Importance Of Solo Email Blast

The average CPC is 0.35 cents per click. So you have to spend at least $100 for a single run. 

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Again, there’s no way to test with a $50 small budget in highly reputed marketplaces.

Yet there are some reputed and established networks out there to do so.

How do you check the quality of the offers, clicks, landing page behavior, subscribers rate! It purely depends on the budget, and where you wanna connect with. 

Therefore, stop going behind cheap solo ad vendors to gain exposure for your business.

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