CJINC.Info (Creative Jobs) – 13 Reason Found ❌ Scam Confirmed!

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This blog post will guide you to everything you should know about CJINC.Info and what is missing and why you should stay away from the site at any cost.

I found 13 reasons to avoid CJINC.Info. By reading this post, you can preserve your details or avoid getting scammed.

There may be tons of CJINC.Info reviews on the Internet, but I share here what I found hilarious and why so many people still subscribe to this site.

Remember! I wrote this post exclusively for beginners, and that’s what this blog all about.

Before we jump into the real CJINC review and scam reports – let’s touch upon the basics and their offers for a moment.

(Watch out for Homebasework.net & Hiresine.com websites as well).

CJinc.Info Overview

Company Name Creative Jobs (CJINC.info)
Funder Name


Physical Address & Head-office S-302, City Mall, Janpath Jaipur, Rajasthan INDIA
Domains CJINC.info, Cjincjobs.blogspot.com (Creative-job.blogspot.com – Already dead)
Site Created Approx 2012
Job Type Work from Home
Job Offered Online Survey Job, Online Typing Job, Offline Typing Job, Teaching Job, Proofreading Job, Content Writing Job, Ad Publishing Job, Language Translation Job, Medical Transcription Job.
Registration Type FREE

What is CJINC.Info? (Creative Jobs)

CJINC.Info is also known as Creative Jobs, and founded way back in 2012, aimed to offer real work at home jobs for all classes of people.

CJINC.Info is not a direct company. But a company operates as a third-party service provider helping common people to spot the treasure.

This job-recruiting-agency provides free online and offline jobs for those who search for the same.

Anyone can join via their online job portal; students, housewives, part-time/full-time job seekers retirees, etc.

How Much You Need To Start On CJINC.Info?

According to the website – Creative Job, you don’t need to invest a dime.

You simply sign up in their offers and get projects to work.

You can choose any offers to work from home. As of now, it does not charge you any fees.

Can You Make Money Without Investment At CJINC.Info?

As per CJINC.Info claims, anyone can start working from home via their online job portal.

You may live in any part of the world. No problem, simply get registered through their job portal and get assigned to their clients.

Besides, CJINC.Info confirms that you can be an independent agent or choose your interesting projects with flexible time and day.

And, each project is completed, you’ll then earn awesome payments from their partnered clients.

Also, CJINC.Info confirms you can start with zero dollars and work your way up to a full-time income.

What Types of Jobs Offered in CJINC.Info?

CJINC.Info offers a verity of online and offline jobs. You can pick as per your choice and know-how.

Let’s get your feet wet on those… shall we?

Online Survey Job:

Online surveys are another easiest way to earn some extra income.

CJINC.Info has partnered with 100s of online paid survey sites through which you can earn a lot of money.

All you need is to sign-up and start giving your opinion on products, in this way, big branded companies reward you for your time.

Those survey companies pay you anywhere between $5 to $20 or more per survey.

Online Typing Job & Offline Typing Job

Who doesn’t like to earn easy cash simply by typing some online data?

CJINC.Info says that it has large outsourcing partners with a minimum criterion that comprises many online established companies in real estate, stock market, matrimonial, market research, TV channels, and news portals fields, etc.

The payout range said to be anywhere between $3.5 to $6.0 per page. And as an offline typist, you could make $2.5 to $5.0 per page.

Once you were selected as a freelancer, you can then choose the projects from clients to complete the assignments.

Online Teaching Job:

An online tutor job is another great way to add some extra money to your bank account.

With the help of CJINC.Info job portal, you’re allowed to work with some of the best companies around.

As per the CJINC.Info, you can partake in online tutor service with as many organizations you like. All you need tutoring skills in math, science, English, etc.

Once you’ve been accepted in their projects, you’ll earn $30 to $60 per project or will be paid by hourly-based.

Proofreading Job & Content Writing Job

A proofreading job is to help the client’s documents correcting errors. As per the CJINC.Info, you could earn $5 to $10 per page or 1000 words.

There is no scarcity of projects available from them because it has 100s of direct companies to work with, which pays anywhere between $5 to $10 per page or 1000 words.

As per their claim, if you complete one project for 25 days then your income will be around $1250/mo.

Another way to make money via CJINC.Info is to write content/articles for their ever-growing clients. Each time you write content, you get paid handsomely.

Ad Publishing Job

This term looks new to me, but let me tell you how it works. You can be a part of this job if you have a blog or website. Even you can do by posting ads online.

Promote somebody’s product through your website or blog. And when sales happen, you’ll earn a commission.

It can be any verticals and types such as CPA, CPL, CPS, etc.

Language Translation Job & Medical Transcription Job

Have good knowledge of multiple languages? You can be a part of this community, too.

Translate the texts into the required language to earn daily. Another way to make money via CJINC.Info is to become a medical transcriber.

You download the files/videos and transcribe them into text formats. Each successful project will fetch you up to $10 per hour or more.

How You Can Make Money With CJINC.Info?

According to the website, you can choose any vertical to work with.

It depends on how capable a person you’re and the skill set you’ve.

Either you choose a single niche or multiple offers, still, you can make money.

How You’ll Receive Payments from CJINC.Info?

Well, we all work for money, so without getting paid for our work is a shame and time-wasting business.

As per the official site [CJINC] – once you reached the payment threshold of $25, the payments will be paid via PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, Neteller, or Amazon Gift Cards.

So I’ve covered some basics about Creative Jobs network…now let’s take a deep look into the other side.

10 Reasons to Confirm CJinc.info is Complete Scam!

❌ About us Page – CJINC.Info

Let’s start with the “about us page” straight off the bat. As per the site, the founder of CJINC.Info is Martina.

And being in the online business for several years, she must have some social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter to establish her credibility.

I do not see any profile links on her website. Not just that, when you look at other co-worker’s names – you forced to believe all are from some western countries.

I am not a fool to believe that these folks are from outside.

It’s so obvious that those profile images were taken from Google just to make sure it looks appealing and trustworthy.

Can you imagine a company that runs over 7 years does not have any social authority to prove its legitimacy?

It’s a big red alert for everyone.

❌ Online Job Offers – Don’t Get Fooled

I totally get this… people need some quick cash. For that, they look around to find some quality jobs so they can join free to make money.

This is where most people give away their details to scam sites, and money too.

If you’re still reading this post, I am sure you want to work from home. I got you covered, my friend.

You’ll find some links at the bottom of this page. Go with it and see which one does really work.

CJINC.Info is so clever enough to copy and paste some free job titles so people like you subscribe to them instantly.

I know what you’re thinking right now!

And… you may ask…

Why CJINC.Info need to do this trick and what they get in return? I covered that one too…keep reading.

❌ Business Partners:

It took me nearly 45 minutes to browse around all the pages going front and back.

This CJINC.Info was kept insisting me to go from one page to the other side, forcing me to believe me that it has tons of business partners to choose from. But I did not see even a single business partner to confirm their legitimacy.

Do they have real partners to offer you a job? Or Just some bogus links from Google!

I delved into all the pages to see any backlinks from reputed companies but I did not find even a single website.

So this is evident that CJINC.Info is another con artist for sure. This is not the website you want to associate with – bloody scam.

❌ Physical Address:

A physical address is something that proves the authenticity of a business.

As I said earlier, the founders and co-workers portrayed as if they were from some western countries.

However, the physical address confirms that the official site is from India. Are they living in India or part of this program?

I don’t think they are from outside.

And not to mention, as per my research the address found to be invalid. Hence, CJINC.Info is an utter scam again.

❌ Fake Testimonials

For affiliate marketing or any online business, member’s testimonials are very important, as it warrants some confidence within us.

It’s funny to note that CJINC.Info has used the default testimonials and photos of the theme.

The testimonials you see on the site are fake and not authentic so stay away from CJINC.Info.

❌ Multiple Free Domains

This CJINC.Info site has migrated from many old sites ever since started its business.

The creative-job.blogspot.com was the first domain adapted to scam people and built upon the Blogger.com platform.

Blogger.com is a part of Google and when it finds something fishy – it’ll remove with no prior notice.

That’s why this scammer moved to another self-hosted domain to ensure nothing will go against them.

Not just that, when I clicked on one of the offer links, it took me to another spam blog for free signup.

I do not understand why a legit company wants to redirect to another free blog for recruiting freelancers!

This makes me think this guy is running multiple free blogs to scam people.

When I check 🔍 their first domain, I see that the blog is already dead.

Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at creative-job.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Do you still believe CJINC.Info could be a legit site, despite detailing all these? And yet, if your notion was positive then I’d say you must be an idiot.:)

❌ Free Contact Email Address:

CJINC.Info is still maintaining a free service email – Gmail.

Do you think any reputed and established company offer their service to someone who does not have even a domain-based email?

This tells us CJINC.Info is just faking people all around the world, claiming to provide real and honest online jobs.

❌ Adsense Partners:

I’m a blogger and I was part of Google Adsense in the past with my old blog.

And bloggers who see this website – CJINC.Info aware of the fact why Google ads are everywhere.Is CJINC.info a scam or genuine? Reviews

Did you see the ads are everywhere on their site- top to bottom to left to right?

Also, the CJINC.Info website always appears on Google ads and I wonder why this site still has not been taken down.

They promote through Google AdWords to drive traffic and when people land on the site they click around all the pages.

In this way, they get lots of page views and clicks on ads.

Another important thing to note that this scam site getting nearly 30% of traffic from direct and social visits put together.

They’re not intended to help anyone or provide any scam-free jobs.

All they want people to visit their site and the rest everything unfolds automatically…How this scammer makes money?… please read below…

❌ English Issue Found

I noticed some English spelling and grammatical errors in some pages and have not been updated ever since published.

I’m not here to prove anything out of it because English is my 3rd language, so I do not blame it.

However, seeing those profiles seems the operators are from native English-speaking countries. If it was so, I don’t think this would have happened.

❌ SSL Certificate Was Not Found

We are in 2020-2021 and when you search websites that are indexed in the search engines; you don’t find any reputed or even a branded website without an HTTPS secure certificate.

It doesn’t cost much to add on to the website because to get a basic SSL certificate you need $5 only. Why did they not do it?

If any e-commerce or membership-based sites you see online, not having a secure certificate then I would say, it’s a big red flag.

❌ CJINC.Info Traffic Status:

It amuses me when I check the traffic status of CJINC.Info. I wonder how many people would have got cheated by this con artist.

How many people visit Cjinc.info every month?
The traffic status of cjinc.info latest

The visitors are mostly from third-world countries.

That means CJINC.Info can make a lot of money by selling people’s information to third-party sites.

If my prediction was right then I am sure most subscribers get tons of CPA offers in their email all day.

Traffic by top 5 countries

  • Pakistan 22.31%.
  • Philippines 11.30%.
  • India 8.37%.
  • Bangladesh 6.56%.
  • Haiti 3.78%.

❌ Payment Method Not Updated:

The website claims that clients will make payments via online payment processors.

However, the “Payza payment processor” is still mentioned there.

Payza was banned by US Authorities about 2 years ago. But I see the Payza still exists on the CJINC.Info website.

Is anyone out there to maintain the site and update this BS!

✅ How CJINC.Info Makes Money?

So you may wonder how CJINC.Info makes money by promoting their site on Google!

Here’s the answer…

I have seen the CJINC.Info website several times in the past and yet I thought not to click on ads because I know it’s a scam.

However, I wanted to cover this site on my blog because I witnessed many people who were saying its a scam but still some are not convinced.

You see this CJINC.Info promotes its business online, especially on Google.

Most of the time you would have seen their ads saying, “Earn $6 per page typing data entry”.

The ads you see online seem to generate lots of clicks for him. And that’s why the formats have not been changed for a long time.

As I mentioned earlier, this con-artist has enabled Google Adsense on all pages of his website. Those who land on his website mostly click through all of his pages.

This is where this scammer makes money. CJINC.Info targets only third-world countries like India, Pakistan, etc, which helps him in many ways – low competition and a low CPC for Google advertisement.

Each time when someone clicks on Ads he has to pay for Google, so he’s spending money but wait…

On the other side, he has enabled the Google Adsense publisher program on his site. With that, he’s recouping profits multiple times.

According to my findings, this scam site gets around 230.71K visitors per month with staggering avg. visit duration is 00:02:55.

The bounce rate is less than 50%. If the bounce rate was low, then people are spending time reading and clicking page to page.

That means CJINC.Info is gaining a lot of traction and I’m sure people will click on those ads. This way, he makes a lot of money.

How Much CJINC.Info  Makes From Google?

For example, he spends 0.5 cents per click, and in return, he gets up to $2 or more from Google Adsense.

I am talking about direct advertising visits from Google only.

On the other hand, Google is sending 69% of organic traffic, which is pure gold. It’s because people go to the site typing in the Google search bar.

So imagine how many people visit this site daily just to check the site alone? And out of which, how many people click on those ads?

That’s why despite a bunch of negative complaints, he still keeps his domain intact, otherwise, he will lose his organic traffic from Google.

Not just that, this gets even better and bigger…

CJINC. Info also makes money promoting CPA offers. When you check the website under the ONLINE SURVEY category, you’d find Surveyjury.com.

So he makes money from that too. Each free lead fetches around $0.50-$2.50 for him.

It doesn’t stop there…again…

I strongly believe that 90% of people give away their valid email address, hoping they get free online jobs.

This CJINC.Info acquires all leads in their database so they can sell to other third-party advertising companies – in India or outside.

For example, some companies in India even ready to pay up to Rs.50 per lead.

So if he sells 10,000- 50,000 leads per month, just imagine how much money he can make without doing any work?

Wow! That’s a hell lot of money. That’s right, his business is purely based on spamming and scamming.

CJINC.Info – Conclusion (Legit or Scam)

To conclude CJINC.Info review, I have nothing more to explain.

And there are many scams out there and this one is something risk-free scams because it does not cost you to join.

So I don’t have any further words to explain how terrible this scam site is.

Always find a real job online to make money. CJINC.Info is a 10000% scam site, and you never want to join with a fake site like this one.

Want to save your family and friends! Just a simple click from the below button will do.

Share this post on social media or use whichever way you want. You must outreach people to stop this scammer.

Hello, CJINC.Info! Are you reading this… let’s face the truth…

Share With Your Friends! Right Now!

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