How To Make Money As a CPA Affiliate Marketer? Easy $80-$120 Per Day! [Simple Guide]

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Welcome to my CPA digital marketing guide…

Would you want to make money as a beginner by joining CPA affiliate networks! If your answer is “YES” then you’ve found the right place to start your FREE online business.

In this CPA digital marketing beginner guide, I’ll show you how I make $80-$120 or more per day promoting simple email submit offers.

Who doesn’t like making $80 per day without investing any money at all!

Email submit offers are basically from advertisers. These companies pay you up to $25 per free email.

This is where you get an opportunity to make money. All you need is send emails and share few images online.

…Sounds too good to be true! Right?

Nope! You’re wrong, this offer is real and proven! The good news is – this is not an email processing job or anything you’ve seen online.

My training and simple guide will teach you how to earn easy cash every day. As long as you’ve access to a computer and internet connection, you’re ready to go!

CPA Digital Marketing Short Intro [Just In Case You Missed it]

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My Recent Payment Proofs [CPA Digital Marketing]

Whether you’re new to online business or someone who failed many times in the past trying different types of money-making programs – this formula works.

My simple easy-to-follow strategy helps you how to do the same just like me and replicate with your friends without ever need to invest money on CPA marketing tools.

my payment proof of CPA digital Marketing
The top CPA affiliate marketers are making over $80,000 per month running their campaign for a few weeks. 

Can you make that kind of money in a short time…of course not!

You see, to earn that kind of money, you need to invest a lot of money on tools like sales funnel builder, autoresponder, and paid-advertising, too [Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc].

But you don’t wanna do that…you only need to follow my simple trick to make it work!

OK! You’re reading this far, this means you’ve been searching for a proven income opportunity.

Whatever may be! Even if you were 200% new to this concept. This method works for sure.


Now let’s move on to CPA digital marketing. I’ll briefly introduce what is CPA marketing so you can get a clear understanding before applying my strategy. 

Here’s the short answer…

CPA digital marketing Guide

What Is CPA Digital Marketing? [Cost Per Acquisition]

CPA stands for “Cost-per-action”. As an affiliate/publisher you’ll earn for every action that people take – it can be anything as described below.

For example, When someone enters his/her email address on the advertisers’ page, the CPA affiliate networks pay publishers from $2 – $25 or sometimes even more – depending on the offers and brands. 

There are many different types of offers on various niches. But you can choose any offers to promote online. Some are…[I highly recommend the following CPA types for beginners]…

1. CPL – Cost per lead – You’ll earn up to $25 per email collection – FREE

2. CPA – Cost per action – You’ll earn for every sale you make [Not recommended for beginners]

3. CPI – Cost per install – Get paid for every time app is installed

How Much Can You Earn From CPA Marketing? [CPA Marketing For Beginners]

To make money from CPA offers one may require vast experience in marketing. Especially, you need to have a channel on YouTube or a website or even a social networking presence. 

Besides, you may need to spend a lot of money on testing offers alone because not all offers made equal and you need to test them using paid-ads to see if that is really converting in the first place. 

In general, you need to invest at least $250 for testing a single offer alone. 

If you know how to make it work then you could make a 7 figure income in a short time.

However, with my training, you can make at least $80-$120 per day without spending a dime on your part. 

If this amount is too small for you then you can click away from this page. 

Remember! If you put a little extra effort then you can make up to $100 per day or more, and it can be any verticals, too. I’ll tell you in a moment how you can do the same as me.

I make money from Multiple CPA affiliate networks…you can start with one first and then later…earn from as many sites as you want…

What Niche Do You Need To Select To Promote On The Web?

There are many types of offers available which at times confuses you as to which one to choose first. Like I mentioned above, you need to know the conversion ratio and how the offers are performing within the CPA affiliate networks. 

Now considering that you are a beginner, I’ll walk you through everything from a starting point.

Choosing offers, creating scarcity, and making people enter their name and email address on the offers.

I’ve been doing this for a while so I know which one works better. For me, free biz opps converts better.

How To Generate Leads For CPA Networks?

There are simple methods that you can follow to generate leads for affiliate networks. Remember that you need to drive traffic to your offers so that people can enter their name and email address. 

I’ll guide you where and how you can get traffic and get at least 20-30 leads per day. Each single optin offer will pay up to $25, that too for free registrations.

So you don’t need to worry about how to find people and collect their names and email addresses. My strategy is simple and it can be done by anyone.

How Much Can You Make Money As a Beginner?

I’ll list out only the top 10 offers which will never saturate. This is because the offers are still running in the CPA networks for more than 5 years and I think they’ll continue to be that way [Even if that disappears…who cares! There are plenty of similar offers in the networks as well].

All offers are free programs and business opportunities. If you wish you can enable gift offers, too. Whenever people enter their name and email address, you’ll earn $2-$4, $5, $8, $25, or more.

The good news is that the visitors never need to purchase anything from the offer page. This makes people click on offers to take action. As a result, you get more conversion and more money. Your job is to collect email addresses from visitors. This is it.

For example, if you could collect 15 email addresses per day then your daily income will be around $80-$100+ per day – that’s approximately $2,000+ per month.

There’s no limit on how many email addresses you collect for them. The more you send emails, the more money you can make.

But again, let’s be very realistic with you here.

I have a blog and I can generate more leads than you but with my proven strategy you could make $50+ [Very minimum] without fail so no worries! 😆

CPA Marketing Sample Offers

cpa marketing sample offers

CPA Digital Marketing [My Bonus]

This is where you get a Done-for-you system. Apply my CPA digital marketing tricks and make money without complicating yourself.


In the guide, you’ll get access to a series of CPA marketing training in the video format where you apply the same just as I do. In this way, you generate easy commission on the go. 

What do you get…

  • I’ll show you the best CPA networks to join as a CPA marketer, even if you’re 100% newbie to this business
  • Easy beginner-friendly guide on how to get accepted in CPA affiliate programs
  • I’ll set up landing page free for you with offers so you can make money
  • Every visitor that comes to your landing page will sign-up with those offers [People love an easy guide to make money]
  • I’ll share my funnel FREE so you just need to drive traffic
  • I’ll show you the top 12 free places where you get human visitors [At least 100 visitors per day]
  • A simple trick that will make people sign in the free offers even if they don’t wish to [As long as they’re interested in making money online]

What You Don’t Need Do To Earn From CPA Marketing!

❎ No need to purchase a page builder

❎ 100% no third-party autoresponder is required [Optional]

❎ No need to spend money on paid ads

❎ Tools like tracking-software and additional tools are not needed

❎ No Investment is ever required except your time [This method is purely a manual work – no automation]

Wanna Join CPA Digital Marketing Today For Free!

Thank you so much for reading this page so far. If you’re still there, I’m sure you want to know the exact method that I’m using.

I love to help you. Remember, I don’t charge a penny or come with some bullshit upsells. This offers is 100% free only.

Why I am sharing these tricks!

Well, if you join my network as a free member, I’ll make money. In the same way, you’ll also make money by sharing my method with others. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Access the CPA Digital Marketing Tricks Here

Remember, you need a valid Gmail account to send emails. All information will be revealed after you signed up from the above-given link. 

Steps to Access My Easy $80-$120 Per Day CPA Formula:

1. Visit the above to join FREE

2. Send me an email confirming your action at RAMAIAH50@GMAIL.COM

3. Receive the same funnel from me with guide and traffic resources including email templates to send emails.

I’m currently sharing only for limited countries that are eligible. If your country was not listed then let me know in the comment section so that I can add more offers accordingly if possible.

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