15 Reason Why You’re Not Getting Approved! CPA Networks: Beginners Guide

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So you’re a newbie and your application was not approved or rejected by CPA networks! You’re not alone my friend, there are more and more people complaining about the CPA networks’ approval process.

Do not worry, I’ll cover everything here from applying CPA networks to get instant approval.

The process of approval could be delayed for various reasons. For some people, the reason could be so obvious but for many, it could be very confusing as to why the application is getting rejected every time.

Don’t know yet! Fine! You’re going to learn everything in this post on how to avoid it.

New to CPA Networks!

Ways to get approved in CPA networks!

Due to vast exposure to affiliate offers online, this CPA trend has become more and more popular among beginners.

And new affiliates who did not have even exposed in the past to CPA marketing now keen on to start their home business.

Having said that, it is not that easy to get accepted in high paying CPA networks.

Because certain rules and methods have to be followed in order to join the CPA networks.

Before you sign-up with some of the best and high paying CPA networks, you have to ask yourself as to why your application is being rejected every time! 

If you don’t have any clue about the rejected reasons, then you can read my post so you can pretty much identify the reasons behind it.

So let’s get started the process, and learn from your mistakes to avoid getting disapproval of your CPA application.

Based on my research and experience, I found 15 common reasons could be the culprit for application rejection from CPA networks.

If you’re new to CPA marketing; please read the full details and apply these ideas in order to prevent rejection from joining CPA networks.

15 Reason Why You’re Not Getting Approved

1. CPA Network Application

Any CPA networks you come across; you see have a systematic application process.

This will be your first step towards applying for your CPA affiliate membership. Anybody can fill-up the form but there is something which many people don’t follow.

That is, too much information overloaded. Don’t try to portray yourself as an advanced marketer.

When I first started, I had no idea what to fill in some of the fields. But I just left it blank and felt risk being filled everywhere without knowing what they are for. 

To prevent getting your application rejected make sure that you don’t touch the fields which you don’t have any clue about.

You can either leave as blank or write it short not writing like an article. This helps you to get a chance to get approved.

2. CPA Networks and Interview!

Are they selective! Yes, they’re selective in some cases! This is because they’re too many bad apples in the internet world. 

Sometimes they unknowingly approve a bad affiliate who may use a black-hat marketing technique to drive traffic to CPA offers.

This won’t do any good for the advertisers as well as CPA networks. 

The reason behind the phone interview is to be selective and scan the best business-minded people.

Unlike small networks; high paying networks do often conduct a phone interview before approving your request. 

Once you submitted your application, ensure that you keep your phone on hand because you may get a call anytime soon.

If you failed to receive a call at least multiple times you’re rejected. CPA networks are selective to approve even after the interview because they study you how good at responding.

To get your account approved without any hiccups; be active and don’t be with your girl-friend/boy-friend for a while.

3. Understanding CPA Traffic Types

Being a newbie is not at your fault as well as not knowing the traffic type but don’t try something which you don’t know about.

So many people I see online screaming and shouting CPA networks saying nothing is working despite multiple attempts.

This is because you don’t know what type of traffic methods CPA uses and in what sense some traffic types are allowed.

Understanding the type of traffic methods is very important so you can fill up your application with confidence.

It is important to learn what type of traffic methods are allowed or approved in CPA affiliate networks.

Knowing traffic ideas beforehand helps you to input relevant details during your registration process.

This way you can prevent getting disapproved by the CPA networks.

Here are the type of traffic methods that most CPA networks allow its members to use.

Common Traffic Types Used In CPA Networks:

Pop up/under traffic:

The offer allows us to use a pop up/under traffic; this type of traffic is used by advertising networks where the ads open up on a full/small window or behind the browsers/opens on a new tab. 

Search traffic: 

You can use to promote an offer using Bing, Google or any similar networks where visitors get to the offer via search.

Banner ads traffic:

This type of traffic is used on a big website where publishers like you place a banner of the CPA offer.

Email ads traffic:

If an offer allows then you can use to send an offer to your email subscribers but not to someone who was not on your list.

Contextual traffic: 

This traffic is for bloggers and websites where they can promote an offer using articles or links within the content.

Social traffic: 

Many offers allow you to promote via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any similar social networking site. 

Incentive traffic: 

Some advertisers allow to promote using cash/points based traffic to promote. This type of traffic found only at GPT/PTC sites.

Adult Traffic: 

If the network has porn related products like penis enlargement or health and fitness then you can use this method (Some products in the health and fitness do not allow this traffic but you’d find more information within the CPA network.

Push notification:

You might have seen this type of ad where sometimes you get push notification while browsing online. There is a huge number of networks who specialized in this type of ads. If advertisers allowed, you can use this method too.

4. Trying To Outsmart Affiliate Manager!

So you think you’re a super-smart person who can outwit affiliate managers!

No! Don’t ever try to impress them. Affiliate managers do know who you’re and where you’re coming from.

They can easily sense how capable you are; whether or not you indeed a real or fake person.

The more you talk blah blah the more you receive technical questions.

They ask you a few short questions at first. Don’t try to impress them saying that you made millions, you’re a top affiliate marketer here and there or making claims that you can generate 1000s dollars for them, etc. 

Never do this trick! I would say you better keep it simple as much as you can. 

If you play with these tricks then you’ll get caught for sure.

If you were really making money then there is nothing wrong in saying all of your achievement. But if you were new to CPA – don’t try to trick them.

But I see some new applicants boast themselves about their capabilities; in reality, they wouldn’t have even tried any of the CPA offers in the first place. This kind of tricks doesn’t work with the CPA affiliate manager.

CPA networks, in general, don’t aim to recruit only top affiliates.

They want who’s good at promoting their offer; be it a newbie or intermediate/advanced folks.

If you’re a newbie tell them that you have got a bit of experience and want to try some of the offers you know well and the traffic source you’re going to use.

They love honesty; not fake testimonials and unrealistic claims. 

5. Advertising Methods on CPA Networks

Understanding search or any traffic methods is essential because you might be asked to share your experience during the interview.

You don’t need to be an expert in any of the paid traffic sources but having an idea helps you increase a chance to win the interview.

YouTube is a place where you can find tutorials almost on any topic you want to.

Head over to YouTube and learn the basics before arriving for an interview.

Because you might be also asked what’s the CPC and the amount you had invested in one of your campaigns. Be prepared to answers those questions. 

If you have no idea of paid advertising; tell them that you’re learning and will be using them sooner or later.

6. Main Focus to Incentivize

This is one of the factors why your CPA account could have been rejected.

You never know whether the network has an incentive-based CPA offer until you get to see inside. Some networks even don’t show in the drop-down section while registering an account. 

At the same time, you might need to fill up the details about your traffic methods in the application form.

If you had commented only about incentive traffic then this triggers them red-flag thinking you would be promoting their offer using only incentive traffic. 

Don’t ever choose incentive traffic even if that had that option. Always choose non-incentive methods. This way you can avoid getting your account disapproved.

7. Understanding Verticals

Before send “submit” of your CPA networks application; ensure that you have some idea of about verticals. Understanding verticals is as important as traffic sources and their type.

During the interview, you could be asked which type of verticals you’re interested in and how the traffic will be generated.

To make your application process shorter and simpler; I would say survey offers such as email sign up and free registration are the best option to go for.

This offers, in general, comes with non-incentive traffic. Tell them that you’re inclined to promote these offers using a paid search such as Google or Bing or any networks you personally used.

Making claims that don’t know about reduce the chance to get approved in their network. So learn first before applying for CPA networks.

8. Custom Domain

If you have an intention to become a CPA affiliate marketer with a long term goal in mind then a custom domain is very important.

According to me, not many CPA networks put too much importance on this even if they have an option to fill in the “website” field.

In this case, you can type in the sign up form just like this https://www.nodomain.com. 

Though some CPA networks have strict rules that only accept if you have a website.

You can skip the network but if you’re desperate in joining with them then create a website using WordPress, publish a few articles until you get a few visitors from Google.

This might take a long process but you can’t do anything better than this. 

Alternatively, if any of your friends have a blog then you can ask them permission to use in the field section. 

If nothing is working out for you then enter a dummy domain as mentioned above.

Don’t ever use somebody’s website to cheat the CPA networks. You can’t outsmart them so don’t ever do that. Even if you try, your CPA account never gets activated.

9. Not Proactive Enough

Who doesn’t like acting in advance? Affiliate managers have been receiving hundreds of new applications every day. It might take at least 3 working days for some CPA networks. 

To avoid a delay, you can contact your affiliate manager via phone or Skype.

In this way, you’re letting them know that you’re serious about the business and want to get started as quick as possible. 

By calling them before they do, helps you in a big way. That means you increase a chance to get approved in their CPA network if you act proactively. Don’t forget this.

10. Landing Page Not Found

While submitting information ensure that you have at-least a free version of a landing page. Create a landing page with an offer such as survey or gaming etc. 

This helps CPA networks to process your application seeing your landing page.

You don’t even need to have a dynamic or professional landing page. Create headlines, subtext and a video if needed and then optin form (email subscription form).

You can even try for a trial version with some of the popular landing page builder – until you get your CPA account approved. After the approval, you can cancel the subscription if you want to.

Most landing page builders allow you to take 7-14 days trial. So to get your account approved you can use this simple trick. 

I tried with a free landing page with some of the CPA networks and got approved quickly.

Yet I can’t tell you exactly landing page could be the reason but will add an edge on your submission.

11. Direct Linking on CPA Networks

If you have been participating in any of the CPA networks, you’d know that some of the offers do not support direct linking. 

If you ask me what is direct linking! Well, direct linking is when you promote an offer without a third-party tool such as page builder.

Some advertisers are very strict on this method that they do not prefer to promote their offer using the direct linking method. 

This helps advertisers to prevent spamming or getting black-listed on behalf of their domain. Direct linking is not a good method to promote an offer.

You see as soon as new affiliates get approved to promote an offer, they immediately copy the direct affiliate link to promote on social media. 

Some people even use spam tactics to get as many people on-board.

That’s why some advertisers are picky in this method. If you choose a direct linking method, there is a slight chance that you won’t get approved. Yet some CPA networks allow this. 

My recommendation is not to select the “direct linking affiliate method” while submitting your application, otherwise you don’t get approved sometimes.

12. Mismatch information

This is where most people will make mistakes. If you had signed up with 3-5 CPA networks then there could be a chance of information mismatch while communicating with the affiliate manager.

Keep in mind that every information you provided in the application must match your profile.

If you make even the slightest mistake; you’d get your account disqualified. Keep on eye on this point.

13. Black Listed Country

Seeing your country name on their list is very important. I have seen on a few forum posts that they talk about VPN. Yes, you can use a VPN if your country was not listed there. 

But there is another problem to overcome. The affiliate managers see where you’re from by checking your contact number. They’re not a bot to approve every account. 

Even if you get away with this, they might change your payment method via Check if anything found suspicious on your account. This is where you get caught. 

What will happen next! Your account will get disabled/terminated for good. In the process, you lose time, effort, and money for advertising.

So don’t do it. If your country was listed in the application form; skip that CPA network and move on to others. There are plenty of CPA networks online. 

14. Payment Methods

Affiliate managers do not just approve your account just because you’ve some expertise in CPA marketing.

They also check whether the payment is supported for your country. 

When you get an email saying that your account is not approved then most of the time you’ll see that their payment system does not support your country.

Hence, ask existing affiliates about the payment method. And create an account and verify before submitting your application.

15. CPA Direct Sign-up Form

Some CPA affiliate networks prefer to sign up through someone who is already a good earning affiliate.

At the same time, not all do have these rules that you had to sign up via someone who’s making money or a top affiliate marketer.

But by signing up under someone who’s already a member helps you to get through easily.

There are a few networks that accept via affiliates only. 

So if you want to sign up with CPA networks, I recommend applying for your position via an affiliate link. This helps you fast-track the process.

Conclusion to CPA Networks!

These are the 15 reasons that could have caused your CPA application to get rejected.

Some of the points were my own experience and others I found it from a real user based on their input and testimonials.

Not all CPA networks are the same. Some pay good commission for the offer while others pay less amount for the same offer. 

That’s why high paying CPA networks is being loved by all type of people.

If you were searching for the best CPA networks that won’t do any interview and approves instantly then you might need to read the below post. 

You can try them out to see how things are going for you. And later apply for the high paying CPA networks.

=>> Must read: Best CPA networks that approve instantly

Not to forget that landing page and autoresponder are important to have great success in CPA marketing. Without that, you’re just playing in the empty ground. 

If you’re so serious about affiliate marketing ensure you have these tools to maximize your income.

You might also want to read another post to know why marketing tools are important to generate a sick amount of money.

At last, I want to have your input on this! Do you have had any bitter experience with CPA networks?

What caused your application got rejected! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Happy earning!

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