Earnbtc.io – Can You Really Make Money By Clicking Ads Alone? What’s My Take!

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Welcome to Earnbtc.io review. In this Earnbtc.io review, I’ll walk you through some basic information on what EarnBTC.io is and how you can earn money from it. Not just that, you should also want to learn if this site is legit and worth investing your time!

Would you like to earn that tiny payment every day? That’s a different story…anyway…

At the end of this EarnBTC review, I’ll show you a simple way/method of how you can use the very same site and double your income in no time. 
EarnBTC.io Site logoBut for now, let’s focus on Earnbtc’s short review so you can learn and apply the same strategy that I use for my affiliate programs. 

If you wanna know about Earnbtc before you join then my inputs will help you what you should not expect in this site so read it before you join.

Summary Of Earnbtc.io

Website name: EarnBTC.io
Site Founded: 2020
Pay Per Click Rate: 0.00000015 BTC 
Payment Method: Faucethub, Crypto-currency Wallet
Members Feedback: Good
Income Potential: 10/100
Sign-up Bonus: 500 Satoshis
EarnBTC.io Affiliate Program: 5%
Legit or Scam? Legit According to the members

About Earnbtc.io

Earnbtc.io is a brand new paid to click website that allows people from around the world to join free. This free site is helping people to earn free cash online

Earnbtc.io connects advertisers and free members. They pay for every click that members make or view advertisers’ ads. 

Not only that, but Earnbtc.io also has some of the key features like paid offers, free offers, survey offers, and more. You’ll be compensated for every offer you complete. Though you won’t become rich but it’s a free way to earn side cash online.

How Does Earnbtc.io Work?

EarnBTC is a PTC cum GPT. This means you not only make side cash by viewing advertisers’ ads but also will earn cash by completing free offers [offerwalls]. The offers can be anything like installing apps, completing surveys, taking part in the free trial offers, autosurf, watching videos, etc.

As a free member, you’ll earn for each task you successfully complete. There are also referral contests and many other earning options.

What You Get After Joining the Site?

Watch Ads: 

Watch ads from the advertisers and make cash every time you complete them. The more ads you click in there the more money you’d make.

Hourly Faucet: 

They give away some bonus every hour. Ensure you active there to collect the bonus but I was unlucky though.


This is called “get paid to”, this means, when you complete free offers such as completing free sign-ups, filling out forms, you’d make extra money. The cost per action may vary according to the GEOs.

Play Games: 

Make additional income by playing games.

Login Bonus: 

Login to EarnBTC.io EVERY DAY to earn the bonus.

Loyalty Bonus:

A reward such as money or points that a customer or employee is given for being loyal to the EarnBTC.io website.

Activity Bonus & Revenue Pool:

You’ll be also rewarded with a bonus for your activity and some extra points from the revenue pool.

Additionally, you can also make money by collecting Free coins, Solve Captchas, watching Framed Ads, and doing Auto Surf.

How does Earnbtc.io Work?

Looks very interesting right!

Here’re some of my findings that I would like to share with you. Though not all products are made with perfection but you take a call from here.

If you’re someone very serious about making money online, you can read my instruction just below this post. Here we go!!!

EarnBTC.io Pros

  • It’s free to join
  • Currently accepting international members
  • You can make side cash without investment
  • Make more money by inviting your friends or participate in the affiliate program to make a 5% lifetime referral commission
  • Quick payment as soon as you reach the payment threshold
  • Brand new so you can bring new members under your line
  • Payment proofs are available online so you can trust this site

EarnBTC.io Cons

  • Offers are very limited so it may take a long time to reach your payment limit
  • Too many ads floating around which sometimes irritates you
  • The pay rate for viewing ads is so less that you need to wait for many days or months to get your desired results
  • It’s a BTC based PTC site and offers are paying a very small amount
  • You can only make a decent amount of money at least 5,000 – 10,000active referrals 
  • Reaching 30,000 satoshis going to be a big deal for many beginners because many offers are restricted to top-tier countries only
  • A complete waste of time joining sites like Earnbtc.io [Reason mentioned below]
  • PayPal payment option or anything similar is not available for now

Payment & Testimonials from Forums and Blogs

Based on my research I found Earnbtc.io is 100% legit and you will get your payment on time after reaching a minimum payout limit.

As if now they’re paying via Faucethub.io wallet, which is a trusted micro-payment gateway for Crypto-currencies. 

Here’re some of the payment screenshots and members’ testimonials that I found online. 

earnbtc.io Payment proof from members

Hey, I received payment from earnbtc.io of 32596sats. This is the site that really pays off. Overall a very good site.


Payment Proof: Earnbtc.io is actually a legit site that is paying. I am currently earning on the site and have reached the minimum payout of 50,000 satoshis. This is gonna be my third payment.


The only problem is having is that being a survey and offer wall site, I am not able to earn very well from the site. The second payment I received was 44,000 Satoshis.


The first payment received- this site is a ligit…i have received my first payment 5185 satoshis after a few days working …thinks earnbtc.io

Why I don’t Recommend EarnBTC.io to Make Money!

I do not doubt Earnbtc.io legitimacy. For now, this site is paying but I can’t guarantee how long this site will continue to pay members. Having said that, I wonder why people like you want to spend your gold-like time in viewing ads and completing offers for a penny! 

You see PTC sites are only for those who don’t have enough money or have 100s of hours to spend online. PTC sites are not for those who seek to fulfill their dreams and of course, it won’t make your rich either.

You can make $1-$5 here and there. Remember! You need to put so much effort and time to even reach $1 from Earnbtc.io. 

You see, to click on the “withdrawal button”, you must accumulate at least 30,000 satoshis which are equivalent 0.0003Btc. Now, just think about how many hours you need to be active on the website to earn that small amount?

For me, this is a time-consuming business. If you want to make $100 easily or more without any investment then I would highly recommend you try CPA marketing. Instead of making $1 per week, you’d make $2-$8 per email address you collect. 

Time is gold, and it must be utilized for a good reason. I think any sane person who dreams of becoming financially free, never never ever spend time clicking and viewing ads. Do they!

Which one seems more comfortable, joyful for you!

Want to make $1 per month or $80-$120 per day?…

I see, so many folks still willingly giving away their gold-like time checking or clicking ads. But if you go one step ahead, you have offers that can earn you easily $800 per week. 

Is Earnbtc.io Scam or Legit?

Of-course, Earnbtc.io is not a scam according to members. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong in joining Earnbtc.io to make some side cash. What I feel is that you can make more money with other types of programs/methods than you earn at Earnbtc.io.

The good news is Earnbtc.io is legit and still paying members. Even if the payment is too small that’s OK, it’s still paying.

I discovered many payment proofs from members. So, yeah! I recommend it only in terms of legitimacy but I don’t advise you to join or anyone when it comes to making a full-time income online.

Whatever plan you may have, let me ask you, what’s your GOAL in life?

If you could answer this question, I have a quick solution to this…

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