Genesis Casino – Review! An Affiliate Shows €27,000 Made Magically But Both Are Scams!

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Hello, welcome back to Genesis casino review. In this Genesis casino review, I’ll share my experience with you and what difficulties you could possibly face with Genesis casino in terms of gaming experience, receiving payments, etc.

I’ll touch upon both Genesis casino and its affiliates side by side. To know in-depth make sure you read this post in full to avoid scams.

Look! Casino gaming is not just about investing and betting alone. There is so much into this industry. You see, full of looters, legal scammers, rigged systems, and much more. 

If you weren’t wary of it, you may lose your hard-earned money in a matter of seconds.

Whether you want to invest in betting or have a plan in the future, this Genesis Casino review will shed some information without fail.

First of all, my investment in Genesis casino was tiny compare to those people who had lost their money in thousands of dollars. But still, money is money. Isn’t it!

Whether it’s about Genesis casino or any other casino websites on the planet, this review applies to all. 

Before I dive into a real Genesis casino review, here is some basic information about this company.

How I was cheated by Genesis Casino?

Summary Of Genesis Casino

If you have been in the gambling industry for a while then I’m sure you might have come across Genesis casino very often.

Genesis is one of the popular casino gaming websites, operating in Malta – Regulated and licensed by both the UKGC and MGA. 

Genesis Casino offers a world gaming experience with over 1,300 games for desktop and mobile devices. It covers a wide range of games from Slots, Online Roulette, Blackjack to Poker Games. 

Genesis Casino Address & License Number

Address – 28, GB Buildings, Level 3, Watar Street, Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1301, Malta
Company – Genesis Global Limited 
Gaming authority – UK Gambling Commission
License number – 000-045235-R-324169-008 [licensed and regulated by Malta]
Issued date – MGA/B2C/314/2015 issued on the 5th August 2016

Payment Options – Deposit or Withdraw

With Genesis Casino, you have a verity of payment options through which you can withdraw or deposit funds. It currently has the following payment methods.

Visa And Master Credit Card
Maestro Debit Card
Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, Sofort
Euteller, Ecopayz, Interac Online, Idebit
Instadebit, EasyEFT, Paypal, Jeton
Giropay, EcoBanQ, Payscal, Boku 

Genesis Casino & Its Sister’s Sites 

If you were told to believe, Genesis Casino is the only site operating alone then you’re wrong.

Genesis Casino also has several sites that are operating under the same address and license number.

There are…,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Are there any benefits of joining multiple sites or creating multiple accounts on these sites! I don’t think so! Yes, I’ll cover more on that down below.

In the online casino scams, both parties are responsible, the websites and affiliates.  So, let’s discuss the fake affiliates first.

How I Came Into Gambling Industry?

As a matter of fact, I’m not a fan of the casino gaming or gambling industry. Usually, I don’t play gambling online or even offline for free. 

However, about a few months ago, I found a video on YouTube. And it told me that anyone can earn simply by betting on Red or Black – French roulette.

From whom the recommendation originated from!

Guess what! It came from one of the Genesis affiliates.

And the description link redirected to me to the Genesis casino website. I thought, let’s dive in to see if this is true.  

That affiliate who was not only part of Genesis casino but also promoting many casino sites. Never mind!

This Genesis affiliate who seemed to be making loads of money playing French roulette game. 

Don’t you want to believe this! 

Yes! You’ll realize that by watching the below video.

Remember! The video was made in such a way that it can make the majority of people lean towards the betting industry.

The best part was the video presentation that covered from the introduction, PayPal payment reports to showing real money by playing with real credits. 

The people who watch this video may subscribe to this offer assuming this is real. Not only this video can instigate some hungry PEOPLE to join but also mentally force them to invest at least $50. 

If you watch the video, you’ll realize, it can convince loads of novices who don’t even have a clue about gaming or betting things.

Now, I want you to watch this video in full before you read the rest of the article/post. Fair enough!

This con artist promoting multiple casino companies to earn an affiliate commission.

Most people still not aware of the fact that the live version of the “PayPal proof ” shown in the video is edited. Not knowing the real picture make you feel as if he’s truly earned by playing French roulette games. 

The casino websites usually will have some country restrictions.

It’s because the state law varies from country to country. To make full use of it, this scammer uses the same video on his sales page promoting to different customers and countries who are in dire of cash.

I want you to learn more about how this guy creates fake PayPal proof to promote online casino websites as an affiliate marketer [I downloaded this video from his channel and posted on to my new YouTube channel, which ensures all-time availability].

Here’s the link that you want to read which covers both casino games and online job scams! If you want to save $50,000 then you must read this post. 

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Now, let’s move on to the main subject…that’s why you’re here, right!

Genesis Casino Review – French Roulette

So, I was invited by the same scammer. And being in the online affiliate marketing for some years, I understood that there’s some catch to it.

So, on the safer side, I invested $25 in the Genesis casino website. 

As always, when you invest some money, the websites usually take out money gladly but while we trying to take back our profits then the real picture unfolds, you see!


At first, I was a bit skeptical to choose which game is best because there were more than 1000+ games to choose from.

Since I was not familiar with all these, I thought of choosing french roulette and that’s what I was told to play to earn cash.

Before I decided to play, I thought of checking the demo version so that I can get some idea about how it works.

I played around 45 minutes and made around $1500 in the demo version. 

I know this can’t be true in real betting. But I thought even if I make $50 per day, that would be awesome.

Unlike other people, I didn’t invest too much. I know in the first place that this is a scam but wanted to try anyhow. You see if it works…extra money, if not that’s OK!

After tested with a demo version, I played with a real version choosing French roulette.

In the first half of 30 minutes, I made around $250. You see when you make money for doing a simple thing, you get some sort of ah-ha moment. 🙂

I got that too!

Awesome, I made some real money with this formula.

After 5 hours, I again chose to play from where I left with the same strategy as shown in the video. Now guess what! Things didn’t pan out. I lost $100 in my second session. 

Hmm! Still, I didn’t lose my investment and some profits still there, you see.

The next day, I played the same, now I lost all of my money including my investment with the same strategy. How come!

But I thought I need to find a way out like how these things actually work. So I reinvested another $25 after 2 days.

Just as in the past, I was able to earn around $75 with a $2 chip. Now, it seems everything is OK. 

Again, I logged in back on the third day to play the same, but the result was negative and I lost all of the money. So in two consecutive attempts, I lost $50. 

As a final try, I invested $50 to judge the software. I wanted to know where things went wrong.

Was it from my mistake or from the Genesis software? As usual, I used the same method in the French roulette gambling game section.

Unfortunately, I lost all of my $50 within 2 hours period. Just imagine what would have happened if I had invested $1,000? 

But the good thing is I learned how the gambling industry is operating and its software. I established that casino software can be rigged to behave like how they want to behave. 

Confused! Keep reading…

Genesis Casino – I’m Watching You!

That’s right, buddy, they’ll let you earn first but suck you in no time.

One thing I learned playing with Genesis casino software is that they’ll let you earn but suck you in no time!

You see, this roulette game is just about red or black. The software will hit at some point the right option when you double up from 2,4,6,8,16, etc. 

During my play, the ball did not land on the selected color, that’s 13 times in a row. 

How this is possible?

Not bothering about the money, I wanted to test Genesis software whether it’s real or rigged!


So, I chose 1 dollar chip on Red and continue to bet on the same for 13 times in a row. What an unlucky person I’m! The ball did not land on my color! 

Do you think this could be a coincidence in 2 sessions! 

The double up method works this way…

Start with red and black and then red, red and black, black. 

When you start at first, you’d make return most of the time because the software is reading your computer IP address, your behavior, betting type, and more. 

When you continue to play, naturally you lose on a single bet and the double-up method needs to be implemented at any cost. 

This is where software catches you very fast. I mean the rigged software knows that you’ve made some profits and it’s time to suck your blood unconsciously.

You know what, this is how I lost money in all sessions. But I don’t mind losing it because I learned something from there.

The software is fully rigged and doesn’t let you earn once you hit the preset amount. 

Is Genesis Casino an Octopus!

Not just Genesis Casino but 99.99% of casino sites you see online never bother you at first.

They welcome you with a bonus, allow you to play French roulette, or any game you want to. 

And when you start making a good amount of money then the software will take charge. Now the battle will be between you vs automated rigged software.

The software is already designed in such a way that it let you run just like the hero of Apocalypto movie but later will catch you quickly. The software designed such a way that you hardly can escape. 

Despite all these, if you managed to surpass the test then the real human will take charge chasing you and don’t let you escape until completely dried.

Why do they let you earn at first! 

Well, the answer is simple. People love to make money and nobody cares whether its real or digital currency. As long as it reflects in the casino account, it’s fine.

You might have started with a small amount of $100 and after playing you have $2,000 in the casino account. This forces you to believe that the casino is real and not fake. 

This way, they’ll force you to play continuously. 

And when you reach given thresh-hold, they’ll take you out gradually letting you win once and sucking you multiple times.

When you keep losing, you set up your mind to get back at least the profited amount. But it’s too late, buddy!

The hard feeling gets into your mind, coerce you to fight and compete with software, and at some point, you up the ante placing big bets believing you can fight back and get back all of your lost money.  

During this battle, their powerful robot will knock you out within 50-60 rounds of betting. 

After losing all of your money, you don’t blame the system rather yourself, thinking, shit, I made a mistake. But sadly, most people don’t realize the trick is from the software itself.

That’s how these online casino scammers cheat you. They let you earn first and then suck you forcing to play. 

The human tendency is so powerful and doesn’t let you stop when you see the money just flashing in front of your eyes. 

As a result of greediness and inducement, you’ll lose your real money… disappearing in bulk.

This is how I lost in there…are you next?

Genesis Casino Bonus Scam!

This is happening all over the world especially in the Casino industry. You see, wherever you find casino sites, they offer you a generous bonus to kick start. 

However, most people don’t realize the fact the there is a policy called a wagering requirement. 

I knew all these fake promises and big bonus claims. So during my testing, I didn’t take this bonus. Moreover, this bonus always comes with some rules and conditions.

Now, if you’ve been invited by someone I think you need to be wary of bonus cash. It would be hard to reach a 40-50+ wagering requirement before you cash out. 

Example 1: £100 (casino bonus) x 30 (wagering requirements) = £3000. In this first example, you need to wager £3000 before you can request a withdrawal.

Example 2: £100 (your deposit) + £100 (casino bonus) x 30 (wagering requirements) = £6000.

Meanwhile, the casino sites like Genesis casino come and slap on your face before you even reach $500 mark. Most people don’t know what is the wagering requirement too.

The scam companies won’t let the people know at first. There may be a small foot-print on the page which can be seen only by binocular at times.

Genesis Casino Verification

The verification process in Genesis casino seemed for me the deliberate idea. You see, all casino companies don’t process or verify your KYC documents at first.

Why can’t these casino websites make some arrangements to allow playing games only after KYC verification is done!

Can’t they do it in the web application?

Of course, they can do it but they don’t it because they want your earned money to be stagnated there so that they can postpone your payment period. 

With Genesis Casino, I requested an amount after the first session to see the instant withdrawal but it told me the request has been sent to the verification department. That time, I didn’t even submit the KYC documents. 

And then, taking 5-10 working days, these scammers come back and say this: to release the payment we need your KYC. You see, they can now postpone to another 10-15 business days and all this nonsense.

It doesn’t stop there, most of the time, these scammers keep asking KYC despite submitting them so they can hunt you not paying money.

The matter of the fact was, I joined Genesis Casino only for testing purpose so it did not bother me in terms of payment.

However, I feel bad those who have made money playing other games! I see a lot of complaints about Genesis Casino concerning payment issues. 

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Payout Time & Withdrawal Time

On the Genesis Casino official website, it has been mentioned that the payment withdrawal is instant. 

I had seen on many websites the same. I can 100% guarantee that these companies are legal scammers. They don’t let you withdraw money instantly.

It’s all sham. They want you to join as quickly as possible. So for that reason, they make false promises telling that you’d get paid instantly.

If Genesis casino was legit and pay instantly, why they did not let me withdraw instantly instead the invoice went to the finance department?

Take a look at the Genesis Casino’s payment withdrawal time as per the official site.

How to get instant Payment in Genesis Casino?Genesis Affiliate Program!

Just like any normal affiliate program, the Genesis casino also has an affiliate program.

When you search on Google, you might come across many websites that are dedicated to casino games.

Most of them are just providers who redirect you to sign up with their recommendation. 

Don’t fall into these scams, my friends! 

To make real money online, you either have to start a website or do affiliate marketing (or with side part-time offers). 

Apart from that, there are no real ways to make money. If you want to make money without real work involved, be prepared to get cheated from Genesis.

At present, genesis casino pays 35% minimum revenue share, 2.5% lifetime referral commission.

If you had come across any casino affiliate, please stay from this BS. 

Is Genesis Casino Betting Site Rigged?

This is a very serious thing to note. Is genesis casino or casino betting sites are rigged?

According to me, YES. Though there could be some sites that conduct business honestly.

But it’s hard to find or spot one that truly values its players.

Having said that, I found so many mixed reviews about this topic on Quora

If by “rigged” you mean “having hidden means to gain advantage or to cheat the customer”, most of them aren’t. I know several casinos in Eastern Europe where they cheat, but I guess it’s way less common in the West. 

Other than being extremely greedy, there is no reason for them to rig games. They already have an edge over the players, so in the long run, they can’t lose money. 

Every casino game is built in a way where you can’t have a positive expected value for your bets.

As you can read from the above quote, it says the casino games are built in favor of the companies. That itself proves that these online casino games are rigged. 

Some folks are not reading between the lines, I mean when a business designed to favor their company then it becomes rigged, be it in the software or in the business model. This is called scams. What do you say!

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Conclusion to Genesis Casino Website

This Genesis casino review is purely based on my experience. And there is no way that I am against gamblers or those who love playing gambling.

I love to show you getting into the Genesis dashboard but I’ve already deleted the account.

If anyone is reading this post from the Genesis casino department then they can cross-check this [my username is RAMESHRAMAIAH].

These people are legal scammers and some government officials are also in favor of them. 

There are some casino websites in which you can put money and earn some return.

But 99.99% of the CASINO websites are just purely money-hungry people. And they want you to get in first after they flush your money out in no time.

For me, most of the casino sites are scams. I have no idea about other games such as slots, blackjack, poker games, etc.

But with casino games such as French roulette, Auto roulette, Immersive roulette, Lightning roulette, European roulette, Deutsches Roulette, Svensk Roulette, Chip & Classic roulette, Vip & Multi-wheel roulette, Grand & American roulette, etc. seems to me are all set in advance to loot your money.

Besides, most websites pretend to be holding the live casino but they’re all preset in advance.

Do you have anything to share with me in regard to Genesis casino! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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