30+ New Sites So Awesome It’s Hard To Believe They Pay You For User Testing

Get Paid To Test Websites!

Are you looking for a reliable place to get paid to test websites! Whether you’re a newbie to this industry or have basic skills, no worries. I have good news for budding testers. I share with you the best place to test websites for money, provide you with useful information before you signup with any of these user testing companies listed below.

If you’re a beginner, you would want to acquire some basic skills to get paid to test websites. So before clicking the submit button read the below information first. 

Do you want to know how to test websites to make money?

I’ve compiled a list of best and high paying user testing companies for you to join. You need only 10th-grade skills like browsing, opening apps and telling lies to get paid to test websites. Yes, you may need to tell lies sometimes too.

Many companies you see in the list will want an average Joe who is ready to participate in the user testing program so he/she can get paid to test websites or apps. You can choose accordingly that suits your talent and skills.

What Is User Testing Program?

As we see online, many products, services, software and websites are being released/launched every single day. Any products we buy online require thorough testing before releasing them into an open market. At times, we see games, digital products, apps or even websites do not behave or meet our expectation like how we think. 

Did You Report Bugs!

Just think about this! How many times have we reported bugs such as slow loading, minor issues on mobile site, payment cart issue etc on various occasions! I would say, uncountable times. Was it not!

In the same way, to obtain customer satisfaction, a company will need to test their products before throwing them into an open market. To find the loopholes, bugs or bad behaviours of the products/services, companies do approach digital services like ‘’users testing program’’. In this way, they’ll be able to enhance user experience which will result in more customers and sales in the back-end.

Why Companies Need You For User Testing!

Usertesting method is an important way to find out how real buyers or users think or understand their products and services. A users test is a collection of questions and answers from real users. The brand companies use 3rd party services to find what’s missing so that they can generate more sales and better user experience. Each time the user testing process is conducted on a certain product, it helps to collect data and then revamp it to make a better product. 

Benefits of Joining Get Paid To Test Websites!

There are a few major benefits for doing user testing as a student, work at home mom/dad, independent agent or an affiliate to get paid to test websites. The first and foremost benefit is you can work from home as a part-time agent.

Secondly, you will be able to choose when to work according to your time and convenient. Also, you do not need to pay anything upfront and be able to learn new skills to enhance customer service. Finally, you’d get paid to test websites up to $1000-$2000 per month if done properly.

Why User Testing Pays You!

The importance of user testing is very simple. You or I, do not go to spend time on products to share feedback or opinions without anything in return. The service providers like Usertesting companies often recruit people who are interested in sharing opinions for money.

Just like you who want to participate in user testing programs may want extra cash for your time. To attain the right candidates, theses companies conduct an interview face to face or by conventional methods to spot the best or suitable people for their companies. 

Testing Approach 

A user testing agent plays a vital role for companies who help to find what is good and what’s not, this saves a lot of money for brand owners – spot the bugs before going out. For this reason, brand owners, website owners, app creator or start-up companies approach services like user testing companies to get assistance. These brands pay good money for this service. As a tester, you’ll make extra money doing this small help on behalf of the user testing companies.

User Testing And Types

You would also want to know the types of common user testing programs that are very popular and available. Though some companies offer more services than small sites. It depends on where you want to join and it greatly varies according to the pay rate, location and type of studies. Here are the common types of user testing job you need to know about before jumping in.

Guerilla testing: Going out selecting random people to ask about the prototype. For this test, the user will be awarded a small gift.

Lab usability testing: This method is conducted in a laboratory and supervised by a moderator. This task is about questions and answers and feedback in real-time.

Remote usability testing: This task is based on a user device, without a third person, who complete their task as per the requirement.

Phone Interview: The name itself says how it will be conducted. An agent will put on testing where a moderator verbally instructs to complete the given task and feedback and opinions are collected.

Get Paid To Test Websites – Skills & Abilities

Before you start with any user testing companies, know the fact you do not require a degree certificate or ex-ordinary skills. Even though, knowing a chosen topic will add an advantage as you can participate and share the details without hiccups. 

==>> Break the Broke Single Mom Pattern

The skills you want before joining is to have good browsing ability, able to listen precisely what the moderator is asked for and then providing honest opinions. Like I said earlier, telling lies is part of this game at times. Nothing wrong in doing it but if you make a habit of it, that’s wrong.

Another key aspect is to learn strong writing and communication skills for a user testing agent. You need to communicate with the clients effectively briefing what found to be glitches and where things are in place. Remember you do not need to troubleshoot or fix the bugs so be open-minded and provide details of any kind to get more invitations to get paid.

Hardware And Software You Need!

Desktop, Android and iPhone: To become an agent of a particular user testing website, you may need to go through each website because the requirement may vary from company to company. However, there is some common requirement that you need to have in hand before enrolling with user testing websites.

To get paid to test websites you might need to obtain the following: Mac with OSX 10.11 or higher OR a PC with Windows 7 or higher, high-speed internet access, and a standard internet browser program (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and a working built-in mic. For some tests, you will also need a webcam.

Besides, a good computer with an internet connection or laptop or smartphone/tablet and microphone with video call ability that increases a chance to get high paying user testing surveys. 

List of Top & High Paying “Get Paid To Test Websites!”

IntellizoomThe apps we use, the product we buy, everything is tested by real users in the form of user testing. This is where Intellizoom comes into the picture. 

A specialized company focus on the following testing services: 

Think-out-loud usability testing, online surveys, card sorting, tree testing, click and timeout testing, true intent testing. And they’re specialized in Banking & Finance, Ecommerce & Retail, Enterprise Technology, Health care, Media & Entertainment.

Become a user testing contractor, record think out load audio and video to earn $10 per testing. For a small survey, it will pay $2 on an average study.

FerpectionFocusing more on user testing, user interviews, focus groups, quantitative surveys and remote user testing. You need to navigate and explore the products, sites and apps using your smart-phone or tablet and give sensitive feedback. Once you’re done with the process, receive payments via PayPal or get vouchers.

Each user testing task will take up to 10 minutes and will pay 5 to 10 euros. Once you reached 20 euros mark, get paid via PayPal.

Playtestcloud: Are you a gamer freak! You’ve found a treasure to get paid to test websites working from home. This company is looking for USA, UK and Canadian residents who want to test games to identify the bugs, behaviour, loading time issue and much more.

You can now make money by testing games online. Generally, a 15-minute Playtest and survey will have a reward of $9, and get paid via PayPal after the approval.

Userlytics: Want to get PAID to test websites & apps for 20 to 40 minutes! Interact with a web or mobile app or a type of digital asset serving quality assurance. Speak your thoughts and emotions out loud as you do so, and answer a few questions. 

You may be asked your opinion on things such as site navigation, Ease of use and intuitiveness, Design, video, colours, layout, a specific task such as check out, log in, registration, search, utilities, etc.

This company do not offer any fixed rate per testing but you’ll make $5, $10, $15, $20, or other amounts, some of their projects pay as much as $90 for having fun expressing opinions while navigating the web. You get paid via PayPal after 15 days of your test complete.

Passbrains: You’ll make money for participating in-app test, customer experience studies and user research.

It won’t pay you a fixed rate for each user testing job you complete. It will be notified via email by the project manager. Earnings per project typically range in between 15€ and 150€ or more, depending on your contribution. The number of projects you will get invited also depend on your profile details, devices and the overall value of your contribution.

Get paid via PayPal once you accumulated enough money. Your payment will be issued every month.

Usercrowd (usabilityhub): This company is looking for ordinary people just like you. Bet it students or those who can browse the websites. You can make money with this company.

Usercrowd is one of the lowest-paying user testing websites that pay 10cents to 20cents per survey. But money is money, right!

Get paid via PayPal once you hit $10.

ProlificWant to get paid for taking surveys, games or studies about scientific research, new products or public opinion! This is the place for you. You’d get paid from minutes to hours, to multi-part studies over longer periods, it’s always up to you what studies to participate in.

Studies pay a minimum of $6.50 per hour. Easily cash-out via your PayPal account.

Testerwork is looking for QA professionals who can take the test and find bugs in the client’s software. You can work whenever you want or set your own schedule, it’s up to you. Join Testerwork and test their new amazing apps.

You’d receive your payment once you hit $5 cash out limit. A minimum payout limit allows you to know whether or not this site is a scam. Receive your payment in 12-14 working days via PayPal or Upwork network.

UX.validately is one of the high paying websites for testing products, finding bugs in apps and reviewing websites. You’ll be asked to complete a set of tasks, speak your thoughts aloud, and answer questions regarding a website or app.

If you like live remote research sessions, you could now make $100 range. Your payments will be paid in 7 working days via PayPal.

Trymyui: Get paid to use websites and apps and give your honest feedback! Can you browse websites and open apps! If so, you can make money with this site. All you need is browse the website and give your feedback on what you feel is good and what is not good for you. This is it.

All you have to do as a tester is be yourself: use the “testing-website” exactly as you would in a real-life situation, and voice your thoughts and frustrations out loud so the site developers can understand your experience (and others’ like you).

Just for doing these simple tasks, you’ll be rewarded $10 for each test you take which will last about 20 minutes. How many user testing tasks you can take per day? Register your account and start making the web a more user-friendly place.

Hellppingpong: A simple website for an online community to join as a user tester. You’ll need to give candid opinion or feedback for their clients’ websites or apps or start-up companies. 

One of the highest paying user testing companies around. It pays €40 to €200 per hour for taking part in user-friendly interviews and user tests.

Apps or websites test interview typically be around 30 minutes. Once you accumulated the cashout limit you’ll be paid via PayPal after 7 days of a successful interview.

Ubertesters is a user-friendly community, easy to get in and get paid for the testing. Whether you’re a newbie or skilled or a talented quality assurance professional. This platform is right for you. Join in their user testing community and get paid per hour basis. 

You need to test new products/apps or any services listed in their databases. Report the bugs, share your opinions by testing their products.

Rate Per Hour

You might need to take a screenshot via video sessions recording directly from the tested apps. The more quality you offer the more money you can make. One of the easiest ways to get paid to test websites.

The rate per hour is not fixed as you might need to consult with the reporting manager after the successful free test. If the test was met with their expected quality you’d receive more rewards in future. They pay via PayPal and also Amazon gift cards.

Testbirds is expert in finding bugs to make applications and websites more user-friendly and more usable. They offer a range of services for their clients from finding bugs, performance & functional issues on all devices and OS, project consulting, chatbot testing to end-to-end testing, websites & webshops, Mobile apps, internet of things, wearable, games & chatbot, virtual assistance, testing business and enterprise applications.

Join as a user testing agent and make $15-$20 per task. If you’re good at finding bugs in applications/software or websites you can make some serious money with this site.

Atrybox is offering many ways to get paid for testing apps & sharing your thoughts. If you do not like surveys, phone calls, you can choose the other method to complete the research test. 

Testing & Rates:

Personal Meeting – You will be paid according to the price you picked.

Phone call testing – Get paid $35 per phone, review the product, answer questions, share feedback and ideas.

Online usability testing program – Earn $25. You’ll go through the product and share opinions and tell what you think.

Want to get paid $10 survey! Yes, share your opinions on products and apps.

Earn $5 per testing…tell your preference for colour, design, logo, name, message, etc.

Receive your payment on the 8th day via PayPal after you complete the test.

Testingtime is a ‘’paid to test apps’’ service provider helping their clients to improve their products and websites. Do you have access to Skype! Become a user testing agent via Skype or in-person with customers and start reviewing client’s apps, products and websites.

You’ll earn €50 per hour for testing products. Join as a user testing agent and access to new apps and websites and share your experience thinking like a customer and earn an income.

Test.io is a user testing site that pays to review apps and products. A similar site to many popular user testing sites that conducts a wide range of testing such as regression testing, functional testing, usability testing, beta testing, exploratory testing, black box testing, website testing, mobile testing, wearable testing and IOT testing.

Want to make up to $50 for the user testing! There you go!!! One of the high-paying user testing websites that pay you for detecting bugs. Simply select the products and latest apps from their listing and start taking a test.

You’ll get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer after every successful bug found. Not found any bugs! You’d still get paid it too.

Webusability is one of the high paying user testing sites that pay anywhere between £40 to £50 which is very high in the industry. They offer services like Lab usability testing, Field usability testing, Quick & dirty usability testing and UX solutions. 

This company is offering services for Information architecture, Expert review, Wireframing, Content Audit and Online accessibility.

Also, it comes with users with a disability to ensure their clients’ products or services can be accessed by all classes of people. Get paid via PayPal after qualified user testing.

Userfeel is another popular brand in the user testing industry. It designed and developed for providing valuable input for their clients and offering feedback in the form of videos of real users speaking their thoughts as they use websites and apps.

Those who can’t speak English can choose a verity of languages as well. It consists of more than 80,000 real testers earning $10 per user testing. Each test lasts up to 20 minutes.

==>> Earn $60 Per Hour Just For Playing Games 

You might need to qualify to get paid to test websites. Your earnings will be paid via PayPal or in the form of Amazon gift cards.

You might need to purchase a good microphone and working computer/laptop to join their program. Join Userfeel user testing program and earn as a “part-time user testing agent” here.

TestFairy is a dedicated mobile testing platform helps brand owners and app creators streamline their mobile development process.

You can join as a Testfairy user tester agent and start taking or testing reviews on given apps and PRODUCTS. Make extra money simply by sharing your thoughts. 

How To Get Paid To Test Websites – Sample Testing (Demo)

Userbrain is another popular user testing site that pays for providing website reviews. Download their Chrome extension or iOS app to start testing products, apps and websites. Signup as a website reviewer and complete the sample test before getting approved. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a paid test to make money.

Just like any other ‘’ make money testing websites’’, you’ll receive payment via PayPal.

Usertesting is one of legitimate user testing sites that pay for visiting websites, apps, offering feedback, completing tasks and speaking your thoughts out loud. Some high paying user testing task require recording your feedback about the user experience. Each user experience test will pay you $10 which will take about 10-20 minutes long.

You’ll receive your payment when it reaches $10 payment thresh hold via PayPal in 5-10 business working days.

Currently accepting user tester or reviewer for the following countries and locations: Africa, Middle East, and India, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, United States and Canada. 

Get paid via PayPal in 7 working days after completing website reviews or app tests.

Testerjob is one of the get paid user testing companies that pay £10 per job. You’ll also be able to get Amazon products free. Create your account at Amazon, you’re ready to Go!!!

It has currently over 25,000 product testers worldwide. You’ll have access to their dashboard, select the products/website to rate or review. This is it.

The best part is the cashout limit. Once you reach £15 mark, simply hit receive. Get paid via a secure payment platform with no hidden charges.

TestapicWhether you’ve experienced in this niche or no experience, you have a chance to get into this company as a tester or reviewer. They conduct the following services: Remote user testing, surveys and R&D.

Their tests are usually easy to perform. Visit the website or the application page, complete the tasks and get paid an average €7 per test. To take user testing review you may need to download a Chrome extension, an app on your iOS or Android device.

They’ve multiple payment options to send your earnings: PayPal and Wire transfer.

Askable is one of the best user testing sites where you’ll earn up to $120 per hour and testing opportunity via text. They’ve user testing jobs for Australian and New- Zealanders. You might need to test for client’s websites and some cases provide feedback for products through in-person or over the phone.

The pay rate is anywhere from $50 – $75 for 30 minutes, and up to $60 – $120 for an hour.

Get paid via PayPal and receive gift cards of your choice.

Testlio is one of the freelance testing websites where you can join as a user tester to make extra money from home. A very different site from most crowd testing platforms. They have QA testers in dozens of countries providing high-quality user testing program over quantity approach.

You can make a direct impact on global-scale consumer apps from companies of every size – including Microsoft, the NBA, MLS, USA Today and Hotels.com.

You’ll earn hourly-based, not bug-based. That means you’ll earn per hour. Start here to test apps to make money working from the comfort of your home. Get paid via PayPal every week.

BetatestingDo you like screening survey and want to test applications for money! Look no further! Beta-testing is another user testing site that pays for testing new apps, websites & hardware. All you need to do is complete tasks, give feedback and bug reports.

They’ll pay you anywhere between $10-$20 for each test for doing video/audio testing. 

Want to test websites and get paid! Analysia is helping its clients through the medium of user testing – improve site performance by web usability test and from valuable feedback from real testers or people.

Get paid to share your testing experience for the following platform: Website, iPhone, android and blackberry.

You’ll earn surfing the website and sharing opinion anywhere between $10-$15 for 15 minutes of user testing, which will be sent via PayPal.

Real user web usability test and other rewarding programs are also available – you’ll earn 15% for the sales for the customers and with the affiliate program, you’ll earn $2 extra cash for inviting your friends. 

Whatusersdo is yet another low paying get paid to test site helping thousands of companies to improve websites on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The process is simple here. Receive invitations via email whenever a test is available for you. You’ll get paid £/$/€ 5 per test and the payment will be issued via PayPal on the 25th of each month.

Checkealos is a dedicated online user experience feedback platform helping their clients to improve product quality and web experience. 

They focus on the following categories such as App, insurance, cars, banking, eCommerce and virtual reality.

Join as a user tester and earn € 8 (euros) for every test which will last for 15 minutes. Keep a good laptop, mobile phone, PC or a tablet to join this community.

Teston.io – Want to be a user tester and work whenever you want! Don’t go anywhere. Teston is an online community designed to offer quality feedback for their clients.

This company will pay 10 € for every 20 mins of feedback. That’s not all. You’d also earn 4 euros for 5 minutes task as well. It doesn’t get better than this. If you’re a newbie, this is one of the best places to get paid to test websites. Start with low paying user testing tasks and move to the next level once you’ve acquired some knowledge. You’ll be paid at the end of the month for every qualified and approved user testing task.

Pay No Tax

Are you a Norwegian! The good news is that you do not need to pay taxes because testing is considered a hobby there. To receive payment, self-employed or those who work in the same industry as the same topic are not allowed. I think telling lies is the best way to avoid this hurdle.

Tips To Get Paid To Test Websites Program

I’ve listed the best get to paid websites for you to join. Note that the frequency of invitation may vary because it depends on the type of projects, company, profile information that they have in their databases. Many user testing companies prefer who can take action quickly, first-come-first- service basis. So do not ignore any small paying user testing projects you get.

Complete as many as you want to get more high paying user testing surveys to make more money. Finally, if you think I’ve missed any best get paid to test websites here, share with me in the comment section so I can update here! Thanks for reading.

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