Handwriting Jobs From Home – Can You Make Money Writing Letters Even If Your Handwriting Was Good!

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The Handwriting Jobs From Home offer is another income-generating method, and still popular in a certain part of the world. Undoubtedly, the internet is a one-stop solution and a great resource for everything up till you know what you’re doing. 

If you make a small mistake in the work from the home domain, you’d lose loads of cash and time. 

If you’re a regular user, searching for “handwriting jobs from home without investment”, perhaps this article will shed enough information and help you understand how handwriting work at home job works, the cons, and what myth it carries…

This article is for everyone [even if you had never intended to] because when I research this keyword – “Handwriting job from home”, I found only a particular group of people from certain locations who willing to join for a remote handwriting work. 

If you were in that group, this guide will show you what you should do and what should you be wary of handwriting jobs from home offer.

Interested in joining paper writing job or handwriting job!…get the best inputs from here.

How to find Handwriting Jobs From Home online?

What is Handwriting job?

The name does say it all – write letters on papers and get paid. Without a doubt, this type of job for people with good handwriting only. 

There are many types of writing jobs that you can find on the internet such as offline writing jobs, manual writing jobs, paper writing jobs, digital writing jobs, etc. 

The one which I see online more frequently is “work from home Handwriting job”. For me, a bit difficult thing to explain how these types of businesses actually work behind the scene because there are many variations in this niche. 

But in general, you’ll get a set of paper in which the data need to be entered by hand, I mean manually. 

If you take a look at the demo of a handwriting-job image below, it’s evident that this job pretty much requires you to write the data on the paper manually.

The service providers or a company will send you a bunch of papers with data. You need to write everything without making an error while inputting the data. 

hand writing job sample project sheetThis type of job consumes time because you need to write precisely what you’ve been told to do so. Remember! Making a simple mistake will cost you time and money.

Now, you may ask – is paper writing job true or a fake concept? Or Are all paper writing work from home jobs fake in India as well as outside?

Don’t go anywhere…you’ll learn that in the final section..so keep reading.

How Does Handwriting Jobs Work!

Like I mentioned above, Handwriting jobs are about just writing data on the papers. The task can be executed on anything like A4 sheet writing, writing on forms, filling up receipts, writing notes, etc.

Each project may vary because not every work falls into the same format. If you get an opportunity to work for some collages via some service providers then you’d get forms that are related to the schools/college administration or anything to do with universities.

For some companies, you’ll need to write things in capital letters by hand without making even a single mistake, and a very complex job, too.

So in a nutshell, get access to the handwriting job and input data by hand as it is. The work has to be neat, error-free, and should be submitted within a given time-frame.

Adding to the previous questions, will you be able to get paid even if you had completed your tasks with 100% accuracy? I got you covered…keep rolling.

Finding Handwriting Jobs Online

Finding manual writing jobs is not that hard, at least some websites online. A simple search will do on Google. 

I could see there are enough advertisements that popping up every day which says “we’re a handwriting service provider”. And the remuneration for handwriting work from home job seems a very decent – pay rate up to $3 per entry.

With no surprise, 99.99% of companies you see online will ask you some sort of membership fee to get accepted. I wonder why somebody has to pay for doing work for them!

After you successfully paid your registration fee, you’re ready to go. Your work to be handwritten with a clear submission with a deadline. On the submission of which you will get your payment AFTER the checking is done.

What’s the Pay Rate for Handwriting Work From Home Job?

I cannot guarantee how much you make per entry but I had learned some info from one of the paper writing job providers. You’ll find that all below.

It seems a very reasonable pay rate for each entry, unlike online captcha typing sites, very promising and impressive.

Will I recommend that? Never…

Hope you have got an idea of how manual handwriting jobs work.

Now if you were heading toward RED-ZONE, the myth about online or offline handwriting work at home projects will be uncovered below.

The Myth Of Freelance Handwriting Jobs 

Whenever you come across a job like this you get feeling that you can make easy cash just by writing letters on the paper. 

But the point is that did anyone made money via online service providers or offline companies? Well, that something very difficult to confirm!

Not only that, the pay range also most often seems too good to be true. Who’s in the world pay you $800-$1500 writing letters on plane or form filling paper?

Most of the time, you’ll be asked to do something which most people fail before even completing the tenure period – that’s error-free work.

Some of the hardest thing you were told to do just these…

Unexpected Bundle:

Get a bunch of plane pages [100-200] and novel to write in capital letters. You need to write both sides which could double your work. 

Maintain The Lines:

You need to maintain the accuracy of the lines if not your projects will be rejected.

More Work, Less Life

You need to finish it within a week without error. This takes hell lot of time to write between 40,000-50,000 words just by hand.

Limited Choice:

Sometimes you’ll be forced to write with a GEL pen only. Not with your favorite TYPE. 

Blurry Images/Format:

Most of the time, you find it very difficult to catch the given words that include commas, punctuations, etc. Leaving out any of those will make you go nowhere and you lose your hard-earned money then and there.

Become a Robot:

Your writing shouldn’t be stylish. The lines shouldn’t kiss each other and of-course no small letters are allowed even by an accident.

No Mercy Whatsoever:

You see, human error is possible, and even if you make 10-15 mistakes in your 7-day projects, your entire volume of work will go in vain. You won’t get paid for the time you had spent! 

Advance Fees & Refund:

Many job providers will ask you to pay some fees before you get access to the projects. If you failed to complete the projects in time, you’ll be rejected and the fees will be not paid [non-refundable].

Paper Writing online jobsWhy You Should Not Trust Online/Offline Handwriting Projects!

Just like any other work at home business opportunities, I see many offers are surfacing online. Most of them are not doable and trustworthy. 

In the same way, handwritten form filling jobs or paper notes work from home is a scam in my opinion.

Due to internet advancement and software availability, I think it’s hard to find such jobs online where you can sign-up free and start making money just for writing some letters.

If there was an offer as such, there are many students out there within the location who can do for a very low price. Don’t they!

Why do companies want to outsource to some countries for small projects like this?

Those websites that I found online seem to take projects from offshore. So people like you and me start to believe that the operation works very similar to BPOs or Call center. No, those websites are fake and not genuine.

In the same way, there are many categories like MLMs, Internet paid survey websites, e-books, and much more.

Please understand that there’s no easy job online. The difference between online and offline are just accessibility. That’s it.

Concluding Work At Home Handwriting Jobs

I hope you learned something from here. Understand that there are so many offers through which you can make money online.

If you ask me which one to go, I would say, affiliate marketing is the best, ever-growing, and easy to learn. You can learn from CPA affiliate marketing guide here.

Once you’ve learned some basics then you can start pulling real cash. I’ve seen people struggling to make even $5 per day online.

People struggling to make money online not only in India, even in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, or any country you name it.

Why go behind some BS!…

First and foremost, you need to find a proper channel and resources to apply in your effort. I cannot say there’s no real and trusted handwriting websites out there but it’ll be not easy to get one. 

Whether you’re a student, housewife, retired person, or someone looking for real ways to make money then stop going behind business models that are not proven yet or recommended by bloggers/online money makers.

I would have 100% recommended this offer if there were any legit handwriting companies online. I’ve been floating around for over 10 years online. I’m sure if there was one, I would’ve found one.

At first, it may seem very easy but work from home handwriting jobs is the most complex project and difficult task to do.

After all, finding a legit offline handwriting job offer is like searching a needle in the haystack. 

So from now on…stop using this term – “Handwriting jobs from home without investment” on Google.

Please note – those who really want to work from home please do not go for this kind of simple handwriting job, which promises to give Rs.20,000 – Rs.45000 in one week. Just a waste of money.


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