Amazon Associates Program – How To Make Money Promoting Amazon Affiliate Products? [Beginners Guide]

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This Amazon associates program guide going to be pretty straight forward and concise. I’ll try my best to explain how you can create your own business as an Amazon associate and start making money!

3 ways to make money with Amazon associate program!

Unlike somebody out there, I’m not going to say that you can make money right away. Yup!!! Let’s be practical here. I am going to show you something that most people don’t teach you.

This simple guide paves the way on how to start from scratch and earn part-time or full-time income from Amazon associates program.

In opposition to this, I created a post last week why you should stay away from the Amazon associates program.

Feel free to reach this post here – Reasons to avoid Amazon associate/partner program.

However, I thought, my idea applies to only a certain group of people. You see there are loads of people who still want to make money by joining Amazon associates program.

So I decided to write this Amazon affiliate guide for them. 

How about you! Would you want to work from home promoting Amazon affiliate products!

If so, this post will guide you from choosing a topic, activating the software, creating a website to make money working from home simply by promoting Amazon products.

Who Can Join Amazon Associates Program?

The good news is getting accepted in the Amazon associates program is so easy. As long as you have a simple website with some visitors coming daily then you’re ready to go!

As long as you have a proposal to do that then you can join irrespective of your age, country, background, etc. 

Even if you’re underage still you could join through one of your family members. 

Therefore, when it comes to eligibility, anyone can join the Amazon Associates program to earn from home.

What Are The Criteria To Join As An Amazon Affiliate?

As with any online business, Amazon also has some basic criteria which need to be fulfilled. As long as you have a working website/blog, you can take part in the Amazon associates program.

Some common requirements are website, good traffic to your website, computer and internet connection. 

As far as I know, you should only need to meet the above criteria in order to get approved in the affiliate program!

How To Start An Amazon Affiliate Blog?

Making money promoting Amazon’s products is not that hard, at the same time don’t come easily either. What I mean is that you need to have a good website or a blog driving at least some visitors to your pages. 

I’ll run down everything below the post about how to start your Amazon blog and make money.

All you need only three basic foundations to run your Amazon associate program successfully.

You’ll also learn about CPA marketing too! To learn more, please keep reading…

Benefits Of Joining the Amazon Associates Program!

Well, when it comes to benefits, I would say there are some benefits to promoting Amazon products. Like I mentioned in my previous post, there are more cons to the Amazon associates program than pros. 

But anyway…you’re not here to read about the negative aspects of it. If you want to know about the cons, feel free to check out the provided link.

Here’re some benefits to the Amazon affiliate program.

  • Amazon is a well-known, established, and popular company. It’s a well-known brand on earth. 

  • You can promote any products you want. 

  • There are millions of products which you can choose to promote. 

  • You hardly see products are out of stock.

  • The commission range may not be very impressive but even if you have a niche that gets a few hundred visitors per day, you could earn $20-$50 per day online.

  • Most customers don’t go often to check the product review as they can find reviews within the Amazon platform, so the chances are that the lead conversions do happen on a regular basis.

  • The inventory, tracking, paying your payments, etc are taken care of by Amazon. This way you don’t need to worry about refund or any shipping issues as this service won’t fall on to your head.

  • Amazon provides a wide range of widgets that you can install or activate so to display products. Hence, no coding knowledge is required.

  • Amazon offers flexible payment options for some countries too.

Now, keep all the pros on one side, because I want you to focus on three main important aspects when it comes to making money from Amazon affiliate program.

Setup Amazon Affiliate WordPress Website

As I said before, you need to create a simple website to drive traffic to Amazon products. 

Each visitor sees your product pages or links. When they click on the links and purchase any you’ll earn a commission. 

I’ll cover more info down the post on how to create a simple and good website to drive traffic.

Enable Redirection Tool

Redirection is very important when it comes to earning commissions from Amazon associate/partner program. You see, Amazon has one problem here.

That is if you’re from India and when someone from United states clicks on the product link and buys it, perhaps you won’t get paid. How ridiculous is that!

That’s why you need to have a redirect tool that sets the right products to redirect according to the country’s location.

Activate Amazon Keyword Research Tool

If you’re a beginner to the Amazon associates program, perhaps you may wonder where to start! And some commons questions may strike your head like…

  • Which niche is less competitive?
  • What are the top-selling affiliate products?
  • Which products should I have to choose first?
  • What I’m going to write to rank my articles?
  • How to outrank my articles against my competitors?
  • How to choose Amazon products and write reviews?
  • Which products selling fast in the Amazon marketplace?
  • Which products bring more commissions!
  • What GEOs can get more traffic and clicks? And so forth…

Do you have any idea about the above-listed questions! No idea?

This is where the Amazon keyword research tool comes in handy…

Undoubtedly, keyword research tools play a very important role in any type of affiliate marketing program. Whilst you start your blog, you may wonder how to start and on which topic you want to write articles. 

With the help of a keyword research tool, you can search based on popularity, competition, commission range, etc. This helps cut down your time in a big way. 

Before you dive into the keyword and redirection tool, you need to set up your website first. In fact, I’ve already covered in depth in my previous post at Blogging Course. 

However, I want to add a little more information to this post.

Now, learn the basics of how to set up your Amazon oriented website so to make money promoting products.

Amazon associate program guide

How to Find the Best Domain For Amazon Affiliate Website?

What most people make mistake while registering their website domain is creating a site under their name. According to me, this is not a good idea.

This is because not many people would be able to remember your local domain name. 

Another reason is you could lose many potential repeated visitors by having a domain in your name.

As always, register a domain in regular English names or keywords. 

Another recommendation from me is to create a domain with a short one, not more than 10 characters. 

It is very important to note that migrating from an old domain name to a newly registered domain is not that easy. By doing so, you might lose a lot of backlinks too. 

Google may not give credit to your new domain even after you migrated from the old domain. 

Backlinks are the links that are pointed to your website or articles from relevant websites. If you migrate to a new one considering the old domain is not good or you thought of changing for some reason then you have to do a lot of work for sure. 

Therefore, in order to avoid all these headaches, come up with the best and short domain before setting up your website.

Hosting Your Blog For Amazon Affiliate Program!

Did you know that Google ranks your website higher when pages load faster? Though only speed alone won’t take you to rank #1. But still, play a vital role in the SEO part. 

That’s why you need to choose a good host before setting up your Amazon affiliate blog or website. Having hosted on a reputable hosting site helps load faster when customers arrive on your website. 

If customers found that your pages taking too long to load, they will close the page and return back to Google or search engines to find an alternative website. Therefore, ensure that you have a good server with a fast loading site. 

Hosting with the best web-hosting company helps to load your product pages quickly as well as keep the organic visitors intact. 

I’ve many recommendations but I personally advise you to host your amazon blog either on Bluehost or WPengine [ WPengine cost around $30/month].

Alternatively, you can create your account at BLUE HOST here.

These hosting companies can provide super fast support, free domain, unlimited storage, and band-with, etc. However, with Bluehost, you can start with as little as at $2 per month plan.

Always Go With Free WordPress Themes

The good thing about WordPress is that you can choose a verity of free themes from the WordPress marketplace. I don’t think you need any premium theme during your launch. 

There are so many places out there where you can download an SEO and fast loading WordPress template for your Amazon affiliate blog.

There are some benefits to paid themes. They always come with additional features so you can customize the overall look the way you want. 

If you can not afford to purchase a premium template I think you can stick to the free version.

So for a beginner blogger, I don’t think you need any paid themes until you start getting some traffic. 

All you need first is to concentrate on writing product reviews to gain some momentum.

You can find loads of free templates here: 

Do The Basic Setup In WordPress

Setting up your WordPress site is very important. It’s because you want to let search engines know about your site first. So, the basic setting is very important. 

If you have a wide range of ideas and know-how to write content but have no idea about setting up things then I’m here to help you all these things. 

You can contact me so that I can do it for just $100 include lifetime support. I’ll provide support as much as I can.

To know more about my bonus, you can read linked posts which will be basically very similar to this – Amazon blog guide but I’ve covered generally how one should work with a new blog. 

Follow the link to know more: Start a WordPress affiliate blog here.

I assume you have done the basic setup before writing articles for your blog. However, without content, nobody is going to visit your blog. 

So to make things easier, I want you to focus only on 2 software. Both are absolutely vital in order to make money from the Amazon associates program.

…why you need to Activate these third party Software?

Amazon Marketplace Competition

You see you’re not alone. There are millions of people who have some future plans to start their business in the form of blogs. In fact, so many people are already taking part in the Amazon affiliate program. 

Amazon is one of the leading shopping marketplaces in the world. It seems there are no direct competitors to Amazon. It said to be there are more than 100 million prime members alone. Just imagine the selling ratio here.

Similarly, in order to bring people’s attention towards your website, you might want to have some tools to automate the process. The competition is not something you’re the only person going to play there. 

So to bring the attention of that small fraction of overall Amazon customers, you might need to come up with unique keywords to rank faster. 

The keyword for each search is very competitive and there are 1000s of so-called bloggers already doing it.

Therefore, to get visitors to your website and make tons of sales you might have to have some tools in place to make your work faster, easier, and avoid competition within the market.

The Amazon keyword tool helps you find the best products for selling from your amazon affiliate blog. With this tool, you just need to enter the related keyword that you wanna target from your blog. 

It brings relevant multiple long-tail keywords include how often people search, product cost, commission range, overall search query, ranking factor, etc.

This helps you spot which keyword you should choose to write content and optimize accordingly.

Having optimized website pages improve search visibility in the search engines and thus more visitors, clicks, and sales.

With you can do all activities under one roof.

Redirection Software For Amazon Associates Program

There is some disadvantage to Amazon affiliate program. You see you might need to create multiple accounts and the redirection must be placed in the right way. 

Many people who have asked these questions in the community forum about which country can generate more sales and traffic.

Some folks may want to focus on some desired locations such as, Amazon.UK,,,, etc.

Don’t forget that your affiliate earnings going to be purely depending on the type of traffic you get.

Not all traffic is made equal. The traffic varies from freebie seekers to product buyers.

If your blog is getting around 50% traffic from India then you must focus on

However, the rest of the traffic share seems like a waste of traffic. Isn’t it?

This is because when someone clicks from the USA and purchase any products you won’t be qualified for that commission.

In order to avoid commission leakages, this redirection tool helps in many ways.

This means, you simply create multiple GEOs and activate the redirection software. In this way, you can prevent wastage of visitors, clicks, and sales.

If you’re reading this far, and I’m sure you would know how amazon really works.

In a nutshell, you create a website, write content, or write a review about Amazon affiliate products and then start driving traffic to your website pages. 

And when someone purchases through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission.

Yeah! You’ll know that but there is something which what many Amazon affiliate doesn’t care about is leaking affiliate commission.

Many new Amazon affiliate bloggers don’t use a method called Geo-target.

Geo redirect is very important for your affiliate blog.

What this means is that the link will be automatically redirected to the countries’ target product page.

Automate Local Redirection:

With Amazon, when someone who visits from Canada and clicks on the link, it should redirect to their local Canadian product page, otherwise you lose your commission.

For example, let’s say you have enabled an Australian Amazon product link.

Someone who has visited your website from the United kingdom via Google. If that customer takes action you won’t earn a commission. 

To avoid such things you might want to localize all of your links so that each time people click – irrespective of where they’re then the software will automatically redirect readers. This way, you don’t lose any commission. 

The traditional method is you need to sign up Amazon for each and every country according to your blog traffic.

At times it can be time-consuming and need many link insertions for each and every page. There is a possibility that you may copy incorrectly or something will happen.

To avoid all the nonsense, this Easyazon WordPress plugin does all the heavy lifting work for you. Simply upload this plugin into your WordPress and update the ID and activate it.

There is more to it so I would highly recommend you visit the official site to learn more. Click here to find out Easyazon wordpress plugin to automate your Amazon affiliate business.

How To Choose Amazon Products To Promote?

If you are reading this far…awesome!

Now, let me ask you how you’re going to choose products before writing articles?

Are you going to promote whatever products you find in the Amazon marketplace?

Don’t ever do that. My recommendation is to spend time using the keyword research tool.

Amazon’s prime customers are well-versed in noting which products are good and which one is legitimate!

One the other side, I want you to target low-end products before you establish your website. 

I mean if your website is operating around 2+ years then readers most probably believe your products’ reviews.

Otherwise, you could lose affiliate commissions from those Amazon customers. 

I want you to choose low paying products between $5-$20 range.

Why because your website readers don’t always go out search engines to read reviews when you selling low-end products. 

On the other side, if you are trying to sell a product that worth anywhere between $100-$1000 product then you may not get a sale then and there. 

I understand that selling low-end products might take longer to reach $2000 per month than selling a few high-end products.

In my opinion, it is not wise to promote products that are above $30 until you reach some domain authority. 

Another reason is Amazon cookie is valid only for 24 hours so when people don’t take action you may lose valuable customers.

That’s why you need to choose products that are low priced which in return sells quickly.

Write Amazon Product Reviews

Awesome! Now you have come up with the best 50 keywords that you want to write articles around them.

I don’t think anybody recommends this simple strategy and it works if you follow them for at least 6 months.

High Vs Low Competition – Researching Keywords:

Stop going behind high paying keywords at any cost…

Let’s say for example that you wanna rank for “Shaving Cream”.

You may not be able to rank for this keyword – the best shaving cream because the competition is so fierce on Google.

But I wouldn’t discourage you from writing the post, you can still market it well on Pinterest and through your email list.

Always keep in mind that as a new blogger, ensure that you aren’t trying to compete with other established websites.

As a new blogger, ranking for competitive keywords is not a good idea.

Writing Amazon product reviews is one of the easiest things.

But writing articles with 100s of affiliate links alone will not help boost your credibility.

So having a verity of articles helps boost your Amazon conversion.

How do you want to segregate articles? 

Write Evergreen Content:

I would say, instead of just writing articles for Amazon focused, I want you to choose topics that don’t go outdated.

For example, let’s say, you want to write articles on “MAKE MONEY”.

By writing content on this topic which carries credibility for years. And you don’t need to update them over and over again.

This type of article valued by visitors even if they come back after 3 years [Always hide the published date of the articles].

I don’t want you to insert any affiliate links in the articles either. Perhaps you can interlink your posts within the articles so that visitors can move from one page to the other. In this way, you can reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Ensure that you maintain 60% of the articles which are purely ever-green.

Articles For Amazon Affiliate Products:

Now the next setup is to write product reviews. Choose which are the low-end products that have low competition in the search results.

The keyword research tool allows you to search a specific keyword showing you which keyword can rank well. I prefer lower volume as this always get indexed faster and rank top of the search results.

In the same way, Amazon product reviews must have around 35% of the overall website content. This helps balances your website not overtaking your pillar articles. 

When you keep posting articles with full of affiliate links, Google and other search engines start to notice that your site is not information-based but a selling machine.

Most search engines don’t give much credit to those sites that have only affiliate links and product reviews. Don’t overdo it.

Trending news is like what’s being talked about and how long that the content value carries. 

The trending articles boost your visitors’ count for a certain number of days. Having said that, the same articles won’t yield future results once they died off.

So you need to mix it well. I think 5% of your overall blog can be trending articles. Or you can play around just to boost visitors.

For me, the more evergreen content you have the more visitors start to flow gradually. 

Write Longer Posts for Amazon Affiliate Blog

In order to get maximum keyword index in the webmaster tool and get high ranking, it said to be that the blog that has articles longer than 3000 words tend to rank better.

In the same way, when you start an amazon affiliate website ensure you write posts at least 2000-4000 words articles.

For responsive posts like a product review, it can be ideal to have above 1800 words. And for trending, you can mix it up anywhere between 800-1500 words.

Writing articles for your blog can be very easy for those who have good communication skills.

However, one thing you must note that filling just words alone won’t help you rank. 

Ensure your articles have sufficient information on what your audience/readers are looking for. 

Keeping articles at good length ensures you inherently can insert some good keywords within the articles. I would say, minimum of 2500+ words articles are ideal for any websites. Again, the more is better.

Besides, when you promote affiliate products or partake in the Amazon affiliate program ensure you have a privacy policy set up for your website.

This ensures you are not misleading or against their terms and conditions. It is better to just put the amazon affiliate program disclaimer within your blog so you can avoid getting banned.

Why You Should Wait For 3-6 Months?

Like I said in my previous post, don’t quit too early. Your focus is to write enough content first. Without content, your website won’t rank for sure. 

The more content you have the more chances that you get maximum visibility in the search engines.

I heard people that they want to make quick money using Amazon’s affiliate blog without a proper plan. You cannot rank your website just because it has 50-60 articles. 

There are some criteria for that. Ensure you read my previous blog post to get an idea of why new websites don’t rank quickly and what Google and other search engines do before pushing people to your Amazon or any content-based websites. 

Therefore, don’t quit too early before it takes off. Give ample time to flourish your website before making any decision. 

As long as you treat your website as a brick and mortar business then in whatever situation you’re into will not make you quit. 

There will be leaps and bounds during your initial stage. Once you start to get some visitors then you’ll know how to make your Amazon affiliate blog better and more years to come.

Keep Publishing Review Posts

That’s right, you need to focus on writing more content first before applying for Amazon associates program. I have seen that most new bloggers just want to jump in before they even set up their blog.

Don’t be naive just like them. According to me, you must have at least 50-100 unique content on your Amazon affiliate website before applying any monetization strategy. 

You see the content alone won’t help you. There are other important aspects of it which you might need to do in order to get some momentum. 

Write guest posts if you can, participate in top-ranked forums, discussion boards like Quora platform, Reddit, and other places.

There are many free traffic sources through which you can drive traffic to your affiliate blog.

Don’t Reveal Everything

A group of bloggers recommends that not revealing everything in your product reviews is good.

It said to be that humans are wired for curiosity and just want to explore more whenever there’s a little mystery.

Create content that creates some sorts of curiosity not revealing everything under one roof. This helps them to click on the affiliate link which helps get more conversion.

For writing, even if you have not purchased any products, make things like you actually bought them.

You can find hundreds of reviews within the Amazon marketplace. 

Instead of directly recommending, tell them how that product could help if they purchase it.

This way, you get more engaging readers which eventually generates more clicks on the CTA button.

Start Promoting On Social Media

I am sure many of you guys have accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and so on. It’s time to get some traffic from there. 

All you need is to share your link there. Don’t overdo it!

You might get flagged as these days Facebook has become so greedy that they force people to go for paid advertising. 

It’s happening so don’t give much importance to Facebook rather do some activities on other platforms like Reddit.

Adding to that, you can also share your post on the content syndication websites. There are some good high traffic websites like Scoopit which specialized in content curation service. 

Create your account and start sharing your articles links there. You can find more content curation services here.

When To Activate Amazon Associates Program?

Having all that done for your Amazon affiliate or associate program, it’s time to rethink your plan now. Most of us just want to join the Amazon partner or associate program to make commissions. 

Before you do that, you need to check the progress of your blog. You must get at least 300-500 unique visitors from search engines alone. 

Once you start getting around 500 unique visitors you can then join Amazon associates program to activate your account. 

Most probably you won’t be able to get approved in the Amazon association program when you don’t have enough credibility and visitors. 

So don’t get discouraged when Amazon did not approve your website.

Awesome! You got approved on Amazon!

Now, your dream has come true and your site has attained credibility and a good amount of visitors.

What’s your next plan?

Are you going to keep linking tons of amazon affiliate links there! Don’t ever do that? I have seen most people do these mistakes inserting Amazon affiliate links all over the places. By doing this it could lead to very poor user experience. 

I don’t recommend just putting links to make amazon affiliate commissions. Visitors may get annoyed if you use this strategy. It’s important to use links maybe 3 times within the articles. 

Remember! Your articles must be readable, clean, enough space between the sentences, and easy to navigate. Most of you guys might have noticed that some bloggers don’t even give space between the paragraph.

Give spaces between each paragraph just like how I do. This ensures that while reading articles on a mobile device doesn’t appear like a full of text. 

The other thing you should check is the affiliate links and the validity of those links more often.

Some tools are there to help you scan your entire site to see where things are not right and how to rectify them with a click of a button.

When links are not in place, people get frustrated. You see it happens when they click through the Amazon product link and get a 404 error page or some kind of error saying out of stock. 

This is not going to help you anyway. You lose visitors and commission then and there.

Alternative to Amazon Affiliate Program [store]

There are many ways through which you can monetize your blog. Not only with Amazon but also other ways like Adsense, affiliate programs, CPA marketing, etc.

These days, there is no scarcity of finding best and high paying networks for your blog to earn an income. Even you could find tons of networks that are alternative to Adsense too.

If the Amazon associates program is not working the way you want then CPA marketing is another choice for all types of people.


=> How to get approved in CPA networks?

=> How to make money in CPA marketing?

CPA marketing does require only collecting emails and nothing else. As a beginner blogger, you can sprinkle all links together to generate more revenue from your blog.

Again, before choosing a niche ensure you know what you’re up to and are going to do. Don’t just choose a random niche just because somebody has told you to do so!

If you consider your blog as your life then choose wisely. Choosing a topic that is not in your area and interest will make you give up sooner or later. Don’t try something which you’re not sure about.

Another difficult thing is to find a topic for your blog is very important. According to me, there is no topic out there which doesn’t saturate.

Can you name anything as such that never does! If I’m wrong…let me know your thoughts!

As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to earn from CPA, network marketing, and program like Amazon associates program.

Amazon also allows people who have a huge number of social followers.

You can even partake in the Amazon social influencer program side by side if you want to.

Thanks for reading Amazon associate program review and guide. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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