11 Places To Make Money! A Car Not Older Than 2008 Eligible To Earn $2000/Month!

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If you ask me, “how to make money with my car!” I have an answer for you. …So you have got a car and have been commuting for a long-distance every day!

The best way to generate easy money with your car is to just display the company’s ads on your car. Pretty simple huh!

There are plenty of advertising companies waiting for you to offer monthly payments for doing nothing.

If you have got a car not older than the 2008 model then you can partake in this risk-free make money program.

Why, not older than 2008? Well, most of the companies I’ve heard do not prefer to offer this opportunity if that a car was older than the 2008 model.

How to make money with your car?

If you have a car and want to compensate for the consumption of fuel, producing extra income is a way to go!

You can now make anywhere between $100-$2,000 per month or more just by putting decals or stickers on your car. 

Don’t you like placing banners everywhere! That’s OK. You decide on which part of your car the banners/ads should go!

Do wrapping partial or in full. You get paid for just that. Some companies even give you a car to drive FREE for years.

What you can do with the extra cash! Well, you can pay for your car insurance premium or collect all the profits every month. 

How “Get Paid For Car Advertising” Works!

The concept is pretty straight forward. You’d be asked to put ads on your car, it depends on what type of option you’d want to choose.

Your car will be either partially or fully wrapped in vinyl decal. 

When you place an ad on your car this determines the exposure of the ad and the payment rate.

Most legit car wrap advertising jobs prefer to run your campaign from 3-6 months or longer.

How To Get Selected in Get Paid To Drive Car Program?

“Get paid to wrap your car with advertising” is a free job. You don’t need to pay a dime for any companies.

Whether your car is a new one or older, the adverts will be stacked up on your car front and back.

If you don’t mind wrapping your car with advertising then you can be up and running in weeks.

It depends on the availability of the advertisers. When offers available you’ll then be contacted via email to participate in ‘get paid to put an advert on cars’ campaign. 

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Applying a job is not a big task but you need to reply as soon as possible so that you don’t bypass the opportunity.

If you were late in responding it will move onto the next driver.

You may also need to accept the contract terms to run adverts on your car at least from a few months to 2 years.

This helps you to get approved in the program at earliest. 

Eligible To Be a Part Of “Get Paid To Drive Car Program”

If you want to get paid to drive with an advertisement in your car then you might need to furnish and meet the requirement before you get accepted into their program.

Each company does require a certain type of documents and conducts an eligibility check.

Here are the common conditions and criteria:

You must have a car not older than the 2008 model. A background check will be conducted to see if you’re OK with the program.

If you have any bad history of driving you may not be eligible for it.

Ensure your driving record is clean and up to the standard with no criminal record.

Your driving habits also play a vital role to join the “get paid to drive” program.

Below You Will Find a List Of Companies To Make Money:

FreeCarMedia- Highest Paying Site

Site Name Myfreecar
Founded 2007
Country Origin USA
Income Potential $400/Month
Payment Method PayPal & Check
Availability USA & Canada

free my car - get paid to drive

FreeCarMedia is one of the highest paying sites that pay a driver when decal placed on a car.

If interest strikes, signup there and enter your details correctly as they’ll use to check before selecting you as a driver for their advertising campaign.

Another thing is the wrapping stuff should be done by yourself. You can place an advertisement on back your car with the help of their how-to instruction. 

You get paid $50 per month for a rear window advertising. If you want to make more up to $400/month then you can fully wrap your car.

Ads2go – Established Company

Site Name Ads2go.net
Founded 2012
Country Origin United States
Income Potential $50/Month
Payment Method PayPal or by check
Availability USA
Referral Bonus $5 to $15 per car

make money with you car

Ads2go is yet a very old company in the “get paid to advertise on cars” concept, bringing the best of traditional outdoor media together with targeting in mind to impact direct marketing.

This site seems very old but I don’t like the way how the site is.

A very outdated site and needs to be updated with new features and interface. However, this company was featured on news media too. 

You get paid $50 per month for a fully loaded wrapping, again not a lot but anything extra money is really good.

You’ll be able to earn an extra $5-$15 per referral too. 

Site Name Carvertise.com
Founded 2012
Country Origin United States
Income Potential $100/Month
Payment Method Direct deposit or PayPal
Availability USA

Carvertise – Interested to know how to make money off cars? This is the place for you.

Carvertise is a popular and well-known company in the marketing firm operating since 2012.

And have partnered with some of the top brands such as Amazon, 7-eleven, EAsports, Buffalowidewings, Pennstate, Nascar, Retrofitness, Bimbo, etc.

Their standard payment is $100 per month. For some specialized campaigns, you get up to $200/month.

Besides, you also get $30 per hour when you park in certain places at certain times. 

Carvertise - Make Extra Money

Before hitting the submit button, here’s the requirement that you need to meet.

You need to maintain at least 30 miles per day. Your car must be a 2008 model with a clean driving record with a factory finish.

If your car gets wrapped between the 1st – 15th of the month, then you will get paid at the beginning of the very next month

Wrappli – The Highest Paying Car Advertising Website

Site Name  Wrappli.au
Founded 2016
Country Origin Australia
Income Potential $600/Month
Payment Method Direct deposit
Availability Australia

Wrappli – This company offering services for Australian people who looking for advertising.

As you’re being a driver, you can earn extra money while going on your daily commutes.

Earn money with you car

Get your car wrapped in advertising and be paid while you do normal work.

You can go shopping or a trip or anywhere. Get paid what you deserve.

If your car meets their qualification requirement, you can take part in this service.

The type of cars they aiming for Four Door Sedan, Hatchback, Coupe, Convertible, Mini-Van, Four Wheel Drive, Station Wagon, UTE, etc.

What they don’t want – Jeep Wrangler, RV/Motor-homes, Commercial Vans, VW Beetles, and Freight Vehicles

Here’s the payment type for every type of wrapping: You get paid $200/month for a normal category.

Earn up to $350/month for Back door or side doors. For partial wrapped, you’ll make up to $600/month.

For a full car wrapping, you can get a quote. 

Drivertise – Most Driver-friendly Advertising Company

Site Name Drivertise.ca
Founded 2017
Eligibility Minimum 15,000 KM per month
Country Origin Canada
Income Potential Up to $250/Month
Payment Method Check/PayPal/Direct Deposit
Availability Canada

Drivertise – For Canadian drivers, this could be the best choice to get paid to drive a car.

advertise on your car - drivertise

One of the best outdoor advertising companies you find in Canada. The cost per drive may vary according to your car type and size.

For back window, you’ll earn $70/month, plus car wash bouns.

You’ll still earn more for four-door windows up to $130/month plus bonus.

If you want to wrap only half you get $170/mo with car wash bouns.

The highest range is $250/month for a full wrap, plus car wash bouns. This company also pays $100 bonus towards car washes.

Adsoncards – Best Car Advertising Campany in New Zealand

Site Name Adsoncars.nz
Founded 2016
Eligibility Trucks, Cars, Vans, Utes
Country Origin New Zealand
Income Potential Discuss with advertisers
Payment Method Check/PayPal/Direct Deposit
Availability New Zealand

Adsoncars Make Money

Adsoncars – Are you from NewZealand looking for an alternative way to earn extra money with your car then this company can help you.

Adsoncars is specialized in buy and sell advertisements. It allows car owners to sell ad spaces on their cars.

As a driver, you’ll be paid for putting ads on your car.

There is no exact amount mentioned because the pay range depends on the type of car, the area you live, usage of the car, vehicle conditions and clients’ budget.

Get in touch with the company and arrange it before you start your campaign.

You’ll be paid directly to your bank account monthly.

3domwraps – Want to take part in car advertising? Register your account and you’ll be soon contacted with one of their clients.

3domwraps - Earn Money Displaying Stickers

Put stickers on your car and start earning money.

I couldn’t find any information about pay but it would be best for you to contact the company to know more about the pay rate and requirement.

Adverttu – Userfriendly UK Based Site

Site Name Adverttu.com
Founded 2015
Eligibility 17 years or older
Minimum Amount of Miles 400 Miles
Country Origin United Kingdom
Income Potential £150 a month
Payment Method Check/PayPal/Direct Deposit
Availability United Kingdom

Adverttu is another company from where you get paid for driving with an ad on the back of the car. The pay range is good when compared with other get paid to drive advertising sites.

Adverttu - Earn While You Drive

You get paid up to £150 per month with at least 400 miles per month.

You also get cool perks from their clients for something you’ve been doing all along – driving.

Their wrap made exclusively to protect your vehicles’ paint and against chips & scratches.

It comes with the minimum requirement to participate in Adverttu.

You must be at least 17 years old with a clean driving record with your own car from 2009.

CarQuids – Beginner Friendly Car Advertising Campany

Site Name Carquids.com
Founded 2014
Country Origin United Kingdom
Income Potential £100 a month
Payment Method Check/PayPal/Direct Deposit
Availability United Kingdom

CarQuids is yet another popular advertising company helping brands to connect with millions of people. 

If you want to partake in this service, go ahead and create an account and tell them about your car, lifestyle and driving habits so that they can get you matched to one of their advertisers.

Carquids - Advertise on your car

This service is for UK residents, but feel free to check the official site to know if your country is listed.

If yes, you can participate and get paid for putting car advertising stickers.

This company pays payment every month as you drive, and it depends on the conditions like the length of a campaign you matched with include size and type of advert. It pays between £60 to £100 per month.

The campaign lasts for 2-3 months but if that extent is not for you then you can stay or leave.

Movo – Best Singapore Based Car Advertising Site

Site Name Movo.sg
Founded 2017
Country Origin Singapore
Income Potential $200-$400 per month
Payment Method Check/PayPal/Direct Deposit
Availability Singapore

Movo is a Singapore based advertising company offers a way to expose peoples’ brand through a car for as low as $82.50.

Movodrivers - Earn extra cash

You can signup as a driver to make money.

All you need is to submit your information and wait for an advertiser to match your location so you can put their ad in your car.

Additionally, they’ll request your basic information like daily routes, and estimated mileage per month and your car type & details.

Once you approved you get paid to drive around. You need to install a decal and your starting mileage filled.

What next! You can be just like a normal driver to earn extra money doing normal routine you do.

Start earning passive income – Earn as much as $200-$400 per month. Get paid to drive your new car.

Site Name Wrapify.com
Founded 2015
Driver Base 250,000
Country Origin USA
Income Potential Up to $500 per month
Payment Method Check/PayPal/Direct Deposit
Availability Check the official site

Wrapify - Drive and Get Paid

Wrapify – No complicated process here. Visit the website, enter your phone number to get the app.

Download the app from the link and you’re ready to GO!!

You’ll be screened before you allow to take part in the get paid to drive car program.

Once formalities completed. You can generate extra revenue from your car.

You get paid for the following basis:

1. For full advertising -$264 -$452 per month

2. Partial wrapping -$196 – $280* per month

3. For lite -$181 – $280* per month

4. The base price-$174 – $280* per month

Car Wrap Advertising Jobs – Checks & Scams!

You need to be aware of the fact that there are tons of scams on various niches.

If you’re new to online or have had subscribed to any of these ‘how to make money with a car’ concept then you need to be very careful.

There is so much confusion among new players who’ve come to WWW, look for a fresh service or online opportunities.

For example, you get an email saying that you’re eligible to receive a check worth $2000. 

Out of curiosity, you’d send your information to the scammers. What next! You’ll receive a check within a week or so. But that won’t be a legit check.

They’ll first ask you to deposit $500 or so to their account so you can keep the rest. Some people do this because a lot of money still needs to enchased. Who doesn’t like $1500 cash? 

After your bank wired the money, you’ll notice that the check has bounced from your bank.

There you go…You got scammed! So don’t ever try to encash or wire the money to anyone. This kind of scams even popping up on mystery shopping programs as well. 

Conclusion to Make Money By Car Concept!

“Get paid to make money with your car” concept is not a new thing.

If you have a car and want somehow to use to earn money then you can follow this method.

Until and unless you’re completely fine with the program, why not make extra income for doing nothing.

Also, note that once you get accepted in “advertise on my car for cash” program you might not be able to choose which advertisers should place ads in your car. You’ve no control over it.

At the same time, even after you subscribed to “make money for placing ads program”, you can participate if you’re fine with it or cancel it just by writing an email back to them. You’re done.

Besides, go through the companies one by one and then decide which is good and pay a better rate for you.

Always read drivers’ feedback and how they’ve been treated for taking part in “get paid to place banners program”.

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