20 Surefire Ways To Get 500 Visitors Per Day! 🍟Learn How To Promote Affiliate Links! (Beginners Guide)

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Awesome! You’ve gone through my previous post which explained to you how to join the system and make money with it.

Now the next step is to learn how to promote affiliate links online.

In fact, it’s a well-known theory that traffic is the life-blood for any online business; without visitors or traffic, you are not going to make a dime!

How to promote affiliate links online?

So let’s talk about how to promote affiliate links online effectively!

In order to make money from affiliate links or any affiliate products/services, you need to drive traffic to that particular link or a product page.

When you drive traffic people can visit and join if they wish. 

Not to mention that without visitors you won’t get sign-ups or sales.

You see all over the world affiliate marketers are generating a sick amount of money by promoting affiliate links or products.

Although this may be true that making a six-figure income is not the easiest thing for beginners like you.

It’s an impossible mission for you until and unless you know the way to execute it properly.

With this in mind, I thought to write a post exclusively for beginners on how to promote affiliate links, where to post and how to generate traffic to the affiliate links easily.

I’ve segregated into 2 parts such as free traffic and paid traffic; works for both beginners and intermediate/advanced marketers.

I highly recommend you to go through the entire post until the last word.

This is because you may miss out on some important tips and tricks or the traffic sources that I have provided below.

Before a head start, there are some common ground and ideas that most people do not follow to make money consistently.

If you’re here to promote one particular product or multiple products then you must foster this method to generate traffic consistently so you can earn money every month without putting much effort all day long.

You see online so-called affiliate marketers, in general, don’t teach you how they’re making money and methods behind it.

Instead, they’ll show off their income without providing the basics so people like you can learn and execute the plan. 

With this intention to help you, I’ll share some very important details or the core principle of promoting your affiliate links online. 

Before you read on this traffic source guide, you would also want to know why marketing tools are important and how it helps in a big way to promote your affiliate links easily.

I hope you understood the importance of tools by reading the above post.

Now…If you’re new to online marketing this might confuse you on which way to go!

Don’t worry about it because I’ll cover everything you need to know to succeed in online business.

Top 20 Surefire Techniques to Get Traffic!

In the first section, you’re going to learn how to advertise your affiliate links using free methods.

This free method will take some time to receive traffic but does require no cost to use. 

Some free methods are really good and generate instant traffic to your affiliate products. Here we go!

Free Facebook Groups Marketing

Facebook is one of the most used websites right now. Have millions of real users looking for a real offer.

Be it free or paid offers. This is where you’d need to dive in.

You probably have seen people waste their time like chatting, liking and posting comments for no reason at tall.

But being a new affiliate marketer you can use this platform to generate instant traffic to your affiliate products.

The first thing you need to do is to find “money-making groups” using the Facebook search bar.

You can type anything related to make money topics. There you find 1000s of groups right there.

Request to join 10-15 groups per day. As soon as you get 50-100 Facebook group approval then it’s time to post ads there.

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You may find a lot of people who promote different kinds of products.

All you need is to download images from Google images to post in there. Insert some text in the text section with your page link, I mean landing page. 

The more you post free ads on Facebook the more you get noticed.

If you don’t have a landing page then you can cloak your affiliate link using the Bitly website. Copy your affiliate link and paste it to shorten a link. 

You can not put affiliate links directly on Facebook feed or page. So you better shorten affiliate links before posting there. 

Herculist: If you wonder what is safe-list! Well, it’s a bunch of email lists from a certain website.

It basically allows you to send emails to their members with a click of a button.

Herculist is one of my favorite sites that allows you to send 1000 emails to their members. This site has currently over 80,000 members on its platform. 

Join as a free member and send emails up to 1000 people every day.

You need to draft an email with a subject line along with your affiliate links. Click on SEND button, you’re ready to go!

Total number of visits per month: 94.39K

Top 5 Countries traffic share: 

  • United States – 60.80%
  • Canada – 6.52%
  • United Kingdom – 5.89%
  • Australia – 4.96%
  • Philippines – 4.08%

Power of FREE Craiglist Marketing

Craiglist: No matter where you’re from. Craiglist is one of the top free classified sites in the world, generating nearly 364 million visitors per month.

To generate traffic, this couldn’t better place than anything else. A surefire way to promote your partnership affiliate links to get massive traffic. 

One thing I don’t like about this site is the limitation of posting.

You can post 2-3 ads per day under one category. It has so many restrictions for ad posters so learn some basics before posting ads.

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On the positive side, you see instead of spending a lot of money on Bing or Google Adwords, I think Craiglist can be a life savior for those who don’t have money to invest in paid advertising.

There are some changes to Craiglist policy which again require $5 per posting. However, you get tons of responses to your ads. 

Whenever people read your ads they then contact you via email.

Just reply with your landing page or direct link to get maximum affiliates and sales for your business.

Total number of visits per month: 361.20M

Top 5 Countries traffic share: 

  • United States – 93.19%
  • Canada – 4.63%
  • Mexico – 0.29%
  • United Kingdom – 0.17%
  • Korea, Republic of – 0.13%

Medium is another powerful free traffic source to get tons of free traffic to your affiliate links.

It’s a content-based platform that allows people like you to write articles. You can choose any topic, title to write articles. 

No experience is required. Create an account and write about 500 words article with your affiliate links in it.

This is it. You get approx 50-100 visitors to your article. In this way, you can boost your traffic count in no time.

Don’t copy and paste content from somewhere. It doesn’t work that way. As I said, you don’t need to write an in-depth article.

Choose a product or that you want to promote and write about how it helps people to make money or anything related to it.

This is it. Who doesn’t like free traffic! You can join right away!

Total number of visits per month: 152.52M

Top 5 Countries traffic share: 

  • United States – 27.01%
  • India – 6.82%
  • Brazil – 4.44%
  • United Kingdom – 3.90%
  • Canada – 3.36%

Drive FREE Traffic By Participating In Discussion

Quora: Are you not living on mother earth! Are you sure of this! Just joking! If you don’t know what is Quora then I think you’re not on earth.

The most used online platform to learn almost any kind of information where millions of people who ask questions and post answers.

This is one of the reliable platforms for job seekers or those who seek information from members.

You can partake in this community just by creating your free account. Also, ensure that your name is real and no fake. 

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Start a discussion by choosing your relevant topic and answer a few of them.

I would say, 20-30 posts and then you write about a product or website that you want to promote.

You can also leave your affiliate links in each of your posts.

The traffic quality is immense there. The more you participate the more you get targeted and quality traffic from Quora.

Total number of visits per month: 518.30M

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • United States – 35.33%
  • India – 21.23% 
  • United Kingdom – 6.06%
  • Canada – 4.43%
  • Australia – 2.76%

Fastest Growing Free Classified Site In India

Clickindia: One of the most popular free classified sites in India, besides OLX. I’ve used this site back in 2015 to promote one of the offers which focused on Indian customers.

I used to get 20-40 emails every day. If your products and services allow Indian customers then this is the place to go. 

Are you’re new to online marketing and wonder how to post ads? I’ll tell you how to post ads to get more replies from customers.

All classifieds sites function the same way, all you need is to create a free account and activate by clicking on the confirmation link.

And then enter your subject line along with a piece of text with your affiliate link; post it there to get traffic. This is it. Nothing rocket science here.

If you don’t know how to write then open the OLX website or any classified sites and browse “work at home” topic.

You’d find tons of ads there; simply copy the ads and make small changes in it before posting it. This is it. 

Total number of visits per month: 1.47M

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • India – 93.37%
  • United States – 1.77%
  • United Arab Emirates – 0.62%
  • Saudi Arabia – 0.35%
  • Canada – 0.29%

Apsense: This is another website which is similar to Facebook.

Though this site is not as popular as Facebook. Wait! We’re not here to focus which is best but to drive traffic from as many sources as possible. 

Apsense is another social network that allows people like you to promote products and services.

You can be a product owner or affiliate marketer; join this network and participate to contact laser-focused prospects. You can create your own social group, post articles and share your products with their audience.

Though the traffic does come mainly from India but not to forget that it still generating 7% traffic from the US.

That’s huge when it comes to the overall numbers. So what you need is to create an account and share your affiliate links.

You can also use their solo ads which will help you reach thousands of people.

If you’re conformable in using paid solo ads then you can use this option too.

Total number of visits per month: 164.73K

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • India 55.48%
  • United States 7.00%
  • Pakistan 5.95%
  • Vietnam 4.61%
  • China 3.31%

The Free US-Based Classified Site

Classifiedads is another free traffic source that you can use to get massive traffic to your affiliate links.

You can choose any services or products to post free ads there. There is two option to drive traffic. 

You can use a free method or a paid method. For people like you, I reckon to use free traffic method first to know the response rate.

Just like any free classified sites you need to create an account and confirm it.

After that, post ads just like how I outlined above. It is that easy.

Don’t post one ad and wait for millions to come. You must post at least 10 ads per site to see some results is showing. So use your time wisely to get maximum exposure.

Total number of visits per month: 2.73M

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • United States 55.87%
  • India 20.06%
  • Canada 6.66%
  • Mexico 2.35%
  • Bangladesh 2.08%

Free High Traffic Source from the US (Classified Site)

Locanto is another top website in the classified list which drives a huge number of people from India next to the USA. This site generates nearly 82% of traffic from the U.S region. 

Just like you do with any free classified site, create an account and keep posting ads.

You can also target UK customers and the Australian region to get better results. Locanto has many domain extensions such as Au., PE, MX, etc.

Total number of visits per month: 3.66M

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • United States – 82%
  • India – 8.50%
  • United Kingdom – 1.19%
  • Australia – 1.11%
  • Bangladesh – 1.05% 

Free Classified Site – Focusing on Top-Tier Countries

Adpost is another popular site that focuses on top-tier countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Also, it also allows posting ads globally. 

If you want traffic from all around the word, Adpost may the best choice for you.

Not just that it produces over 30,000,000 page views per month!

Surely, you’d get a lot of page views for your ads. The better you ad the better you get clicks for your affiliate links.

This has several topics ranging from vehicles, homes & offices, business opportunities, pets, employment, etc, where you can post ads to get maximum exposure to your ads.

Total number of visits per month: 410.14K

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • India – 26.91%
  • United States – 10.65%
  • Australia – 8.40%
  • Philippines – 8.39%
  • Bangladesh – 5.50% 

Free UK based Classified Site

Freeads: If you’re looking for a UK based traffic then Freeads.co.uk is your choice.

The concept is very similar to the other free classified sites that you learned. 

Nothing special here. Create your account, activate your free membership, and then start posting free ads. Choose your category and keep posting ads until you get traffic.

If you wish to participate in a paid option instead of free you can also do that.

This website has around 12 million buyers, sellers, and businesses each year. 

Total number of visits per month: 2.57M

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • United Kingdom – 88.39%
  • United States – 3.43%
  • Oman – 1.24%
  • India – 0.97%
  • New Zealand – 0.72% 

Share Your Images to Get Maximum Traffic

Pinterest: If you’re in the affiliate marketing you probably know the power of Pinterest. The sub-god to Facebook when it comes to traffic.

Are you new to this platform! That’s OK, my friend. Create your free account and activate it.

And then Google-search the best images to post them in your account. 

There are plenty of free online image editor tools out there. Download the best images and do some editing work.

Keep posting images so you get more likes, followers. Alternatively, keep finding the best groups that are relevant to your niche. 

Once you started getting people, share with them. The more images you post the more people do like your images. In this way, you can drive free traffic to your affiliate links.

That’s not all, there is a learning curve to this. If you know how to edit an attractive image then you could be the next high profile player in the Pinterest community. 

The concept is very similar to Facebook but with this platform, you’re playing around with images.

The more attractive and crowd-pulling images you have the more you get traffic to your products.

You can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube. Get used to it.

Total number of visits per month: 845.95M

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • United States 44.87%
  • Brazil 8.64%
  • India 3.88%
  • Poland 2.16%
  • Turkey 2.07%

Free Instagram Marketing and Influencers

Instagram: I don’t need to introduce to you what is Instagram!

You’re here to learn how to make use of this website that generating 4.03 billion visitors per month. You can be a part of this platform to purchase some of the traffic. 

Hay! Wait! You don’t need to play with paid ads or something.

You can start like how you do with Facebook and other social networks.

Yes, it will take time to accumulate enough numbers but once you started to get the flow then there is no stopping. 

Create an account and start following as many people as you want.

Meanwhile, post something you love about. To get 50-100 followers per day, you need to follow at least 200 people. 

But wait! Don’t overdo it because your account might get disabled.

Alternatively, you can find a free service called “free Instagram followers”. There are plenty of sites out there.

They’ll initially offer you, 50-100 free followers, and then some cost to it.

You don’t wanna be paying a dime anything after that. Just quit and move on to the next free service provider. 

Once you’ve obtained enough number you can post affiliate links there.

Total number of visits per month: 4.03B

Top 5 Countries traffic share:

  • United States 17.96%
  • Brazil 8.43% 
  • Russia 6.98%
  • United Kingdom 3.53%
  • Turkey 3.18%

Don’t run away when you look at this topic. I know you’re just starting out and no money in the bank.

That’s why I came up with some reliable and proven paid traffic source for you. 

These traffic sources are very common and require only a limited budget anywhere between $50-$100. 

This is for you to promote your affiliate links so you can obtain quick results.

Free traffic will take time to yield some results but when you want instant results than paid advertising is a way to go. 

Traffic Exchange

LAS: There are tons of traffic exchange sites around. Some of them really good but many are a time-wasting business.

I used the LAS traffic source in the past and have had some good results with it.

Traffic exchange is nothing but visiting somebody’s ads in return the members will view yours. This is it.

LAS has several ways to bring traffic to your affiliate links. You can send mass emails to the entire network that is over 80,000 people, and add banner ads, text ads and much more. 

The cost of the service is just an onetime fee of $17. You can get some quality and business-minded people within this network. Join and promote any products or services you wish. No questions asked!

Udimi: Let me explain what is solo ads if you’re new to this concept. Well, solo-ads is nothing but sending emails to the subscribers. Udimi has 1000s of affiliate marketers and Influencers.

In order to get traffic/visitors to your affiliate links; choose the best folks in there. 

You’ll be able to find their rating, reviews, target location and more. If you want to promote your affiliate links you can select someone who has a good rating.

They’ll send your affiliate links in the form of an email to their massive email subscribers. 

The cost for each click will be anywhere between 0.30 cents to 0.65 cents.

You choose what suits you. For example, if you want 100 clicks to your offer then you get the same based on the amount that you wish to pay for. 

Want to promote your affiliate links! Create your account at Udimi and look around. No cost to register.

Buy&sell-ads: The most used site by high profile affiliate marketers. Buy&sell ads is a platform where you place banner ads to get traffic. 

Though this is not for an average Joe. One thing to keep in mind that the more you pay the more money you’d make. 

Buy&sell-ads allows you to add banner on their partner websites. You can pay monthly-based or impressed-based. 

For example, you pay $250 for a site to be placed for 30 days or pay $2-$3 for 1000 banner impressions; choose either way to promote your affiliate links.

Another key point to remember is don’t promote any free program while promoting sites like this one. 

The cost of the advertising is too much for somebody like you. In this case, promote a product that is converting well and pay recurring commission.

Reliable Traffic Exchange Site

Viralurl is one of my favorite sites that functions very similar to LAS. I’ve used it in the past too for one of my affiliate programs.

This site allows you to send up to 4000 targeted emails per day. Wonder what is targeted!

Well, it is an option to choose which country you wanna send!

In the same way as LAS, you can view people’s ad or you can completely ignore viewing it.

In order to participate in this network, there is a $9 monthly membership fee. 

For a newbie, this might sound too much but you see the earners in the affiliate marketing world who are spending $5000-$50000 per month; compare to that this cost is nothing.

To get quick results for any affiliate links you may need to spend some money to reap the benefits. If you’re interested in this traffic source; visit the link above.

Forum Advertising From a Top Site

Digitalpoint: A forum is a place where you see like-mined people help each other.

Be it from affiliate marketing, website design, HTML coding to service providers. You can find answers to any topics you want. 

This is where Digital-point comes in to picture. This forum is operating since 2006 and has tons of business-minded members in there.

Not only that, but this site is also generating millions of fresh visitors per month from search engines too. 

Advertisers like you who can promote affiliate links on CPC based. It’ll cost just 0.10 cents per click. It sounds like too much to pay! Not at all. 

To advertise on Bing and Google, you may need to pay up to $2 per click yet results are not guaranteed; because there is so much to learn to do advertising on search engines.

I think 10 cents per click is a way cheaper than any traffic source you can imagine. Want to be a part of a digital point advertising partner! Go with it, buddy!

Banner or Text Advertising

BlackHatWorld is another forum like Digital point. It’s a platform created for SEO Enthusiasts, Affiliate Marketers and Internet Marketers; discuss the latest trends in marketing and making money online.

The site has many topics to discuss but mainly focuses on making money online.

If you have an offer to promote to 3.40Million people then this should be the place for you. 

While there is no PPC based advertising but still a cheap advertising platform for a beginner.

The cost for the adverting is just $90 bucks per week.

The competition in the online world is so immense that the cost per click continues to increase every day; considering that I’d say this not a lot. 

Create a landing page integrated with Aweber and then start promoting your products.

Drive Traffic from Fixed Ads

Warriorforum is another reliable marketplace where you find top info products, courses, software, and services.

It has tons of affiliate marketers, bloggers, and business entrepreneurs. 

To get eyeball for your products or affiliate links you can choose either way to participate; a one-time fee or banner placement. 

If you were not in a tight budget go ahead with Buy&sell because this is where you’ll find them. Alternatively, you can post ad for an onetime fee at the Warriorforum section for good. 

It’ll cost you around $20 per gig. If you want more posting then you can choose 2 gigs that will add up to $40. Your ads stay there for good. 

Therefore, I recommend you create a free account to see if this is relevant for you.

This site gets around 589.82K visitors per month. Not a bad deal huh!

Warriorforum will help you in generating quality traffic as well as from search engines.

Conclusion To My Tips And Methods

Thank you so much for reading this post this far and I really appreciate you.

If you’re absolutely new to this concept and probably you don’t get what this post is all about.

But I suggest you read one more time to get a clear view of what this post guides you and how you can make use of it.

This post contains 2 main methods to promote your affiliate links: free and paid marketing.

People like you who’re new to the marketing field advised choosing free marketing first.

Yes, free marketing takes time but will bring good results in the long run.

As long as you’re willing to make money online you’d find a way to work things out.

If you don’t have a budget to purchase a landing page builder, that’s OK, you can still purchase Aweber and create a simple landing page with it.

No need to purchase another landing page builder. This way you can save $50-$100 per month.

At the same time, ensure that you capture leads in the first place before redirecting to your affiliate links.

If you aren’t doing it then you might miss a lot of visitors, and also waste time and money.

Would you like to give me credit for this post! Please share it on Facebook right now 🙂

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