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earn money online via apps  

Want to save money and time from online job scams! Well, Indian job providers, especially, work at home job portal sites are plenty on the internet.

If you Google with your preferred keywords, on many occasions, you’d have noticed a few ads that appear in the first place of the Google search engine.

And Indian scammers always promote online jobs with big claims. Did you observe all those!

Now, whether you’re from India, USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, or any part of the world! It’s time to take some precautions from notorious Indian scammers.

How to save from Indian scammer?Indian Scammers- Online Job Scams

I’m conscientiously speaking, the free work from home job sites that listed below are 100% scams. 

So, to save time, money, and effort, I’ve extended over some of the well-liked online job scams that are still operating in India and they’re popular outside of India too.

These Indian scammers can cheat you in no time in the name of work at home jobs if you did not recognize them in the first place.

To acquire knowledge more on these work from home scams, I want you to stick to this post for just 5 minutes, which I’m sure will shed more insights on many areas.

Before I start, thank you so much for stopping by, my friend. I appreciate your time. Time is very important for everyone, and I’ll make sure you get everything you’d want to know from here.

Without a doubt, this internet can offer you anything you want in terms of subject enlightenment.

You see, every time we lack some information, we always visit search engines such as Google.

You see, when it comes to work from home online jobs, most scams are oblivious. According to me, not many would be able to identify which one is real and which one is fake. 

Likewise, there are plenty of sites that scams to make money from novice people like you (assuming you’re new to online).

Based on my research, I found some common key phrases that Indians use to search for free work at home jobs.

The most commonly searched term in Google by Indians are:

  • How to make money in India for students?
  • Work from home jobs in India
  • How to earn money in India – ideas?
  • How to earn money in India fast?
  • Work from home companies India
  • How to make money in India? – Quora
  • How to earn money in India without any investment?
  • Easiest ways to earn money in India
  • How to earn money online in India without investment?
  • Easy ways to make money offline in India?
  • How to earn money as a school student in India?
  • What kind of parttime jobs are available in India?
  • Ways to earn money India online, etc.

In the same fashion, when you search, you may be able to notice a verity of free daily online jobs in which you can join and earn money. But do all live up to our expectations! Of course, not.

To emphasize that, I’ve covered online job scams in two parts, general and specific topics.

Firstly, I cover a general review of Indian job scams that you are not aware of till today.

In the second part, I dive into what type of online job offers will be presented to you by Indian scammers.

Online Paid Survey Scams In India: 

As always, Indian Scammers lure people promising that paid surveys can generate a lot of cash freely – up to Rs.50,000 per month. Unfortunately, this is not true. 

The paid survey sites are not for replacing your current income or your regular job but help you make some extra income.

I’ve already covered more on this subject – paid survey websites and eligibility before joining.

Online paid survey programs designed to get your opinions and in return, you’d earn some points or cash. This is it.

By the same token, there is even a dedicated survey site out there from Clickbank marketplace such as Takesurveysforcash website, and this site is also a scam that charges up to $30 fee for membership access.

Don’t heed to any of their promises. Otherwise, you could lose your money for sure.

You can read my extensive review by clicking the above link if you want to know more.

Typing Job Scams In India: 

I see many people in India who love to work with some easy jobs and it could be online or offline typing jobs.

But one thing they don’t realize that typing jobs are not just typing data alone. There is so much to this position in order to make wealth. 

I can pretty sure that most people fall victim to this offer by Indian scammers without knowing, its a scam.

Do you want to work with real data entry companies? Awesome!

To access real typing websites, just head over to my recommended page – best typing job sites – only if you’re interested in working at home.

Remember! You may have to have some experience, typing speed, English skills, etc.

Proofreading Job Scam In India: 

Before I write this post, I found that some college students and dropouts who were about to join proofreading scam websites.

Instead of joining the site, they asked relevant questions in the forum which helped them avoid scam in the first place. Though not many would do that same! Will you!

For sure, the scam sites will never inform in advance that one has to have vast experience in editing and English skills. The scam sites hide this information to propagate their agenda like Rahul Gandhi.

But you may wonder why do they recruit people for free jobs and what they get! I get your question! To know more, please read down the post.

Translation Online Jobs – Indian Scammers:

Based on my research, I found Indian fraudsters always recruit free translators who are willing to do a translation job from home.

For example, when you get an opportunity, you most likely get accepted by them.

However, after you complete projects within a stipulated time, most likely you do not get paid by them. The reason…

It’s because they always find some errors in your projects in the end.

Your error-free projects will be passed on to clients which makes scammers easy money. On the other side, you’ll be left stranded without getting paid. In this way, you’ll lose time and effort. 

Scam Adsense Turnkey (Ready-made) Sites:

Indian scammer of Google adsense

Adsense money-making concept is still around and being used widely to attract beginners through an inbuilt mechanism.

I’ve already covered this Adsense scam under the “online scam” category.

To save your hard-earned money, please go ahead and read that post. 

Not just that, I had a comprehensive list of some of the make money scams which may be absolutely brand new to you.

Hence, ensure you read that post so that you can save money and safeguard from online scammers. The upgraded money-making online scams here. 

Captcha Typing Scams In India: 

I don’t understand why still people subscribe to online typing offers. I’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry for over 10 years and I never thought of wasting time on Captcha typing jobs as it will suck my blood in no time. 

You see, this job requires at least 8 hours a long stretch in order to earn Rs.40.

But the truth is, sometimes you don’t even get paid for it. The scammers will promise that you could make Rs.15 for every Captcha entry. 

But the hard truth is that the pay range will be comparatively higher than free Captcha typing sites.

Don’t get involved in the Captcha typing job from any networks that are operating in India.

Not only-but also, there are international-based captcha typing sites still around and they do also scam people just like Indian websites.

To avoid – please read my linked post where I have provided good information on why you should avoid Captcha typing websites.

Form Filling Job Scams from Indian Scammer: 

This is another Bullshit! I’m sorry for my language. Back in 2006, there was an Indian scammer called 365daysjobs4u.com. Now, this site is no longer alive. They had all sets of job offers I’ve listed here. 

Indian from filling job in India

I worked for about 45 days without owning a computer – going out daily spending money in the browsing center.

In the end, I and many people who worked were cheated without getting a penny.

It’s important to realize that the same trend is just happening on the internet even today.

Most Indian based work at home job providers have the same BS concept from data entry, form-filling, ad-posting to Adsense, etc.

A real and dedicated work process of form filling jobs is nowhere to be found on the web.

You may encounter as such from direct clients – that too from freelancing marketplaces. Hence, don’t get lured by such promises by fraud websites in India. 

If you want to legitimately earn from home doing form filling work then try my recommendation below. And I’m sure you get an answer to your search on how to make money doing form filling job!

In addition to that, you get a chance to work with real people and could earn real cash without worrying about getting cheated.

The reason is the freelance marketplace is reliable and only verified job posters are allowed.

How will you earn from freelance marketplaces? To clarify, you’ll enter into an agreement with clients first.

And then finish the work and create an invoice to collect payments through Paypal or other methods.

Scam SMS Sending Jobs from Indian Scammer: 

This is another trick by Indian scammer to pull as many as people on-board. Don’t override your consciousnesses whenever you get across such a concept.

This SMS sending jobs is a new concept by fake websites and they tell you to send companies’ links (their link) through SMS. 

Online job scams - India

Unlikely, you could earn money every time you send SMS to someone via your phone.

The ease of making money method is told that you could make 100s of dollars or even RS.25,000 per month just by sending SMS. Are you still sitting on the fence!

Additionally, some fake SMS companies or websites that allow its members to scrap customers’ contacts from Google to send spam messages.

This way, they’ll be able to promote their website. Besides, there is an ultra scam concept within these networks is called make money by selling their membership.

Don’t promote their service as you’ll never receive payments.

You see, we always receive tons of spam messages every day. Even if we get messages from our network provider, we often get frustrated. I don’t know about you, but I certainly get worked up whenever I get such BS SMSs. 

This type of claim is not real and you should never consider this proposal a real way of generating cash from cyberspace.

These days individuals have enough knowledge, at least with mobile SMS concepts, but the problem is generating traffic to a link is another colossal task.

Ad Posting Job Scams from Indian Scammer: 

Adposting job is another culprit in the cyber scams. Without a doubt, people always want to make some quick money, it doesn’t matter what it says and who says that. 

Despite knowing there is an uncountable number of scammers outside, still, people tend to give their attention to such bogus offers.

Some websites even tell them that every ad post will bring money. These bogus sites always target Indians and of-course those who in need of money as soon as possible. 

This helps Indian scammers to hook novice people into their network –  you could be the next person in the list too.

The sad story is beginners always heed to such claims and they pay either from their own pocket or borrow money from somebody else.

When somebody wishes to join and make money by posting ads they inherently anticipate the income. At the end of the pay period, the projects they have done either will be invalid or rejected.

There are no branded companies out there to provide such as ad-posting job. However, there is a way to overcome this hoax by yourself. 

You read it right! I have provided a piece of detailed information on how to post ads online and earn up to to $1000 or more.

If you’ll ever need help, let me know in the comment section. Meanwhile, follow the link to learn more about Adposting job without investment here.

Data Entry Job Scams from Indian Scammer: 

Apart from the above listed online scams, the data entry said to the top & most searched job in India among students, housewives, undergrads, etc.

It is very unfortunate to see people in India susceptible to such offers. 

A reason could be, the ads are being bombarded with big claims.

People, in general, fall to such ads that claim big income potential. I see there are many Indian-based bogus websites still ranking on the first page of Google.

Did you ever contemplate this subject as to why many websites still willing to offer you a data entry job with some registration fee!

Why can’t you apply your common sense! These fake sites were been designed such a way to convince you on the first visit!

Stop Going Behind Fake Data Entry Projects:

Data entry jobs are not in everyone’s cup of tea. It is not just about typing data in the software.

Besides, you must hold a relevant certificate, experience condition, English skills, typing speed of 80 WPM, basic materials, and whatnot.

If you believe you are qualified to do such jobs, you may try here – Direct data entry websites to work from home.

It doesn’t stop there, still, you’d notice many bogus offers within this group such as work at home general, affiliate program, promote & earn concept, invite & earn, report & earn, earn from Facebook, earn from twitter, win free cash, online tutor jobs, etc, still helping Indian scammers loads of cash.

Indian Scammers always find ways to adapt unique concepts so that people like you assume the offers are real. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s a scam for sure.

Now, we are moving on to the core part of the segment. I’ll cover what are the websites that running bogus offers and why you should avoid them at any cost.

Remember! some of the websites might be familiar to you as they are being heavily promoted through Google AdWords center.

Whereas, Google’s responsibility is to promote their ads. It’s not their job to scrutinize who’s right and which is legit. It’s your irresponsibility to research before making an informed decision. 

Now, let’s move on to what are those scam sites that operating in India and why you should be wary of such bogus online make money concepts. Each site contains information and a short review.

I don’t want to make it lengthier because you may get bored. Shall I start…

Work From Home Scams – 15 Top Scams in India From Indian Scammers!

Website name – Dailyonlinejobs.com
Founder – Not found
Created date – 2016 
Opportunity – Copy paste jobs, Article writing, jobs, Play quiz, and Bonus emails
Social authority – None
Payment proof – Testimonials and proofs found to be fake
Registration type – Free
Contact – Not available
Payments frequency – Daily payment as per the site

Is Dailyonlinejobs.com a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam Site

Dailyonlinejobs is an Indian based site promising to offer you free jobs for the following category.

They are Copy paste jobs, Article writing, jobs, Play quiz, and Bonus emails. 

This site comes with an offer of no investment policy, which seems a great place to start. However, a few things bothered me about the offer. 

There’s no name found as who’s operating this website, credibility, and presence in social media.

The copy-paste job is not something you’re going to work for some clients where you earn money.

It’s the hidden agenda to promote his site in classified sites. You need to promote his site in various places to generate traffic for them. 

Besides, Indian scammer like Dailyonlinejobs hasn’t mentioned how they generate income to repay or pay their members.

Perhaps with some other means like Google Adsense and selling your leads to some third party websites.

Also, I found that they have few articles which might seem like blog cum business offer, though I see those articles have been scraped and just mere show off so that they can convince people like you. 

Article Writing – More Work But Less Money

I don’t understand the article writing job. Who’s in the world willing to accept the offer for just Rs.15 per article when there are companies out there to pay you even up to $600 per approved article!

That means, it’s clear that they don’t have any clients and just want you to copy and paste somebody’s article, which considered plagiarism. 

Not just that, Dailyonlinejobs has provided payment proofs on their website, but for me, they are just a random number and names.

Based on my research, I did not find any payment proofs and positive reviews about Dailyonlinejobs.com. But they do pay for some YouTuber selectively so that they can convince people like you.

This is another job scam in India, and I urge you to stay away from it.

You’ll be invited by other advertisers to earn for reading emails and other things that will plaque your email account.

You must choose real and honest sites only while creating a free account online. Want to receive unwanted spam emails every day! Feel free to join Dailyonlinejobs.

Website name – Cyberexpo.in
Founder – Mr. Anirban Karmakar
Created date – 2013
Opportunity – Ad Posting Jobs, Online Jobs, Demo Work, Work From Home Jobs, Data Processing Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, Copy Paste Jobs, Data Entry Jobs.
Social authority – Yes
Payment proof – Not Found
Registration Fees – Rs.1
Contact – info@cyberexpo.in, (07585 04 04 04)
Demo work – Available
Payments frequency – Daily/Weekly

Is Cyberexpo.in a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam site

If you were searching for a free job in Google in India, there is no doubt you could come across this Indian scammer – Cyberexpo.in.

This site was created by the person name called Anirban Karmakar, who’s also a Youtuber. Yet there is a reason to say why this site is a scam in the first place. 

Anirban Karmakar Data Entry Indian Scammer!Online Job Scams – Indian Scammer

As always, I did some research on this Indian scammer but found some negative feelings in terms of his legitimacy.

I don’t want to discuss the type of online & offline jobs that he offers for you because I have already explained the real picture of all those at FAQ before we get into this section. Now you can correlate everything I mentioned above. 

Now the question arises in your mind, whether or not Cyberexpo.in is paying.

The answer is – NO. He’s been in this business for nearly 7 years and there should be people with testimonials with income proofs.

But the fact is that I didn’t find any payment proofs from members saying they’re getting paid or received either.

Fake Registration Free By Indian Scammer!

The funny part is this Indian scammer charging Rs.1 for each account so just imagine how much money this con-artist can make.

Most Indians are just ignorant and want a quick buck. They always go after a non-technical job so to make money.

If it is too easy to make money online then everybody would have quit their day job by now. Don’t you understand!

Another Bullshit I found at cyberexpo.in is BPO outsourcing work!

This guy is living on another planet thinking people pay some fee and join for BPO online outsourcing business with him!

Who knows there could be some BS people like Rahul Gandhi in India who subscribe to his idea!

If ever this was a true BPO franchise offer then the founder must reveal his identity, location, his current projects & services, etc. You see, nothing found on the Cyberexpo.in website. 

He makes loads of money from Adsense, registration fee, and selling people’s information to third party websites as most scams websites do. Hence stay away from this BS guy.

Website name – Adpostjob4u.com
Founder – Mr. Anirban Karmakar
Created date – 2013
Opportunity – College Students jobs, Jobs Data Entry Jobs, Free Ad Posting Jobs, Free Online Jobs, Free Typing Jobs, Housewife Jobs, Make Money Online, Online Form Filling Jobs, Online Survey Jobs, Part Time Jobs, SMS Sending Jobs, etc
Social authority – Yes
Payment proof – Not Found
Registration Fees – Rs.1
Contact – info@cyberexpo.in, (07585 04 04 04)
Demo work – Available
Payments frequency – Daily/Weekly

Is Adpostjob4u a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam Site 

Adpostjob4u.com is another Indian scammer operating in multiple domains. Both adpostjob4u.com and Cypberexpo.in are operated by the same person.

This adpostjob4u.com started as a job poster at first and then moved gradually as a blogger so to convince people.

Both generating a sick amount of traffic from all corners. This helps this scammer to earn a lot of money.

This fraudster understood that non-technical jobs can attract more Indians so they can subscribe to this BS. Adpostjob4u.com redirect eventually to his sister site to help spread the domain.

As per my understanding, he either offers real jobs or pays for your work.

These two websites always come on the first page in Google those who search for a similar job. The visitors either give away their information freely or just get scammed by his horrendous scam. 

If you have been a victim of online job scams by this guy, kindly report to cybercrime to take action.

As always, these fake people pay at times to those who have good subscribers on YouTube. Don’t fall prey to Adpostjob4u.com scam tactics.

Adding to that, this guy is just promoting Ysense and nothing else.

His aim is to collect email and redirect you to Ysense. If you want to know more about Ysense! Go to my link to find out whether Ysense.com is scam or legit here.

Website name – Pentagonjob.com
Founder – Not found
Created date – 2009
Opportunity – Offline data entry, online data entry, ad-posting, SMS- sending, and form-filling, tweet & earn job, paperwork job, e-mail processing, ad-posting job, web reading job, etc
Social authority – Yes
Payment proof – Not Found
Registration Fees – Rs.1
Contact – support@pentagonjob.com
Demo work – Not available
Payments frequency – Daily/Weekly

Is Pentagonjob a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam site

Pentagonjob is an Indian-based site located in Mumbai.

This Indian scammer worked really well on the overall design, layout, segregation of job types, etc. Though that doesn’t mean Pentagonjob is a legit site to join. 

It also has an ISO certificate that might impress you at first, but when I look into that deeply, the same type of certificate available on Google images, which means anyone can edit through Photoshop tool.

Instead of just showing the image, the seal has to take us to the authorized site to have a clear understanding of it. This is a big red flag for me.

Don’t forget I reminded you so many times on the blog about Google Adsense work from home job.

This is indeed a real way to make money but not just you join today and earn money from day one. 

Google Adsense Online Job Fraud

To make money with Google Adsense, you should have a blog or website and has to drive a minimum of 10,000 visitors to earn at least $10-$30 per day.

Moreover, the CPC – cost per click exceedingly depends on your niche, where traffic is coming from, CTC – click-through rate, etc. 

Additionally, the tweet & earn job, and paperwork job both are just ludicrous to see and I don’t know what to explain.

Do you think anyone out there to pay you for just tweeting! 

In regard to paperwork, this Indian scammer is blabbering and nothing else.

This scammer asks you to send a bunch of paper mails to some unknown people so that they can visit Pentagonjob.com BS and subscribe to a membership.

Pentagonjob company also has registration fees starts at Rs.3500. So, to make money, you need to invest in this unreliable, unpracticed, and outdated offers.

The next batch of offers is email processing & web reading.

Both are outdated and never been the case to make real money online. Those days are gone where people just process emails to make money. 

Remember, there is no one out there to explain how these types of jobs actually work and how members can earn from it.

All these job offers are just a hoax to me which may excite you seeing all offers if you were not close association to all of this nonsense. 

When people unconscious about these, they buy this notion. Pentagonjob is another scam website in the list. Don’t pay any registration fee to these con artists.

There is so much to cover but I’ve detail post about online job scams so please go through all that I have interlinked on this post to save your time, money, and from getting disheartened later on. This is for your protection only. 

Website name – Vilencetechnology.com
Clients location – India, Canada, and the UK
Opportunity – Offline Data Entry Jobs, Online Data Entry Jobs, Annual Maintenance Contract, and Ad posting jobs
Social authority – No
Payment proof – Not Found
Registration Fees – Rs.3600
Contact – vilencetech@gmail.com
Demo work – Available
Payments frequency – Daily/Weekly

Is Vilence Technology a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam Site

Vilencetechnology is a hybrid of Pentagonjob but small changes in it.

You can see on their website that tells – you get projects from different countries.

To get projects or work from these fraudsters, you might need to start with some fee. As of now, it is charging you around Rs.3500 to access the work from jobs.

Just like many other sites that I listed above, the same course of action is being taken by Vilencetechnology.

What Vilencetechnology do is that they collect registration fee from people who are soft-hearted and in dire of looking for real ways to make money working data entry job. 

This scammer charges them at first and supplies some fake projects to the members. And when they

Vilencetechnology Scam Report
Vilencetechnology Taken from Online Source (Compliant board)

complete and expect the salary, they thumbs down saying, the quality of work was not up to the standard, too many errors, etc.

And therefore, the clients voided or nullified it. Bam! You’re out!

Also, I found scam complaints on the complaints board website.

If you take a look at the screenshot you’d realize how these cheap mentality behavior is unfolding.

I feel sorry to see that people are being misguided, cheated, looted their gold-like money that includes their hard work, time, expectation, and whatnot. 

You could be the next in the list if you did not learn from the victims.

It’s hilarious to note this company is still using a free email for customer support. What a pity!

Website name – Homejobsinus.us.com,


Founded – 2006
Opportunity – Ad Posting Jobs, Captcha Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, Content Writing Jobs, Google Adsense, Global Max Investment, Online Data Entry Jobs, Offline Data Entry Jobs, Copy Paste Jobs
Social authority – No
Payment proof – Not Found
Registration Fees – 50USD
Contact  – support@homejobsinus.us
Demo work – Available
Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Batch found bogus
Payments frequency – Daily/Weekly

Is Workfromhomeinus.com a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam Site

Let’s dig into what these folks are actually trying! As per the records, both Homejobsinus.us.com and workfromhomeinus.com operated by the same person.

But I couldn’t find the founder’s name and where he located in reality. 

When I check the sign-up link, it asked me to create an account with an advance $10 bonus.

Very impressive, huh! Wait, there is more to it. Have you heard of Better Business Bureau!

If not yet, please research and you get some idea about what this BBB for and what they do. 

Faking Better Business Bureau Logo

This scammer has placed the BBB logo on his site and I was impressed at first.

But I wanted to check the status whether this scammer indeed has partnered with Better Business Bureau. Not a big deal for me, I found nothing.

The logo supposed to take me to the official website of Better Business Bureau so that I can check the records, complaints, or anything if any.

These people are traditional liars, looters that make people die by looting people’s money.

All websites you see, have the same script that claims to be high paying work from home jobs.

In reality, these Indian scammers, either take your information for promotion or don’t pay a dime after the work.

Why they don’t pay you! It’s because there are no real projects to work for. Thus, you are being cheated. It is as simple as that.

On the side note, on the “about” page, I found an email ID and contact number of someone’s website – +1856-236-1853 and Contact@archer.com. So, coming to the point, both websites are scams and there should not be even the slightest doubt you should hold.

Website name – Cjinc.info (Creative jobs)
Founded – 2011 (As per who’s domain)
Opportunity – Market Research, Typing jobs, Proofreading, Translation, Advertising, Online Teaching
Social authority – No
Payment proof – Not Found
Registration Fees – FREE
Demo work – Available
Payments frequency – Daily/Weekly

Is Cjinc.info a Scam or Legit? – Status – ❌ Scam Site

Another Indian scammer – Cjinc.info is unique in terms of pulling crowds toward its site.

This site has a bunch of work from home free offers that you can join and earn but do they really pay as per their claims or even as per their Google advertisements!

This Cjinc.info always appear on Google ads, most of the time aimed to draw attention from Indian visitors.

I have reviewed this scam site very extensively in one of my blog posts.

To learn more about the Cjinc.info scam site, I advise you better click on the below link as this shed more light on how these scam websites are looting and how these people are making money daily.

Click here to read about Cjinc.info review here.

Website name – Helponlinejobs.com
Founded – 2012 (As per who’s domain)
Opportunity – Article Writing Job, Link Sharing Jobs, Facebook Online Jobs, Ad Posting Jobs, SEO Online Jobs, Google Adsense Job, Reseller Online Jobs, Youtube Jobs
Availability – Pakistan, India, USA, Dubai and worldwide
Social authority & Payment proof – Not found
Registration Fees – $300
Contact – help.online.jobs@gmail.com
Demo work – Available
Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Batch found bogus
Payments frequency – Daily/Weekly

Is Helponlinejobs.com a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam Site

Helponlinejobs was founded in Pakistan. This scam list is for Indian but still, I thought of listing this site because it’s getting traction from Indian visitors as well. Hence, I thought of including this fake website.

A reason I wanted to include this site was; fake job offers and Google Adsense programs.

You’ve learned from the above-recommended link as to how Google Adsense works and what are the types of online scams out there.

This site is on the other hand, charges $300 for the Google Adsense website.

I don’t know how many of you know the fact that you can own your website under $5 on WordPress platform? Hence, stop going behind scammers, instead…

==>> Learn here step by step guide on how to start your blog here

Google Adsense is Not Easy-peasy

I repeat Google Adsense program is meant for bloggers and web journal owners.

To take off your blog, I would say, you need to wait for at least 6-8 months to see some visitors flow coming.

Google never sends tons of visitors right off the bat. On top of that, you must publish posts daily during your initial stage.

If somebody told you that you’d get instant visitors then you’ve been misguided very badly.

Perhaps, by these scammers so that they can loot your money. Besides, there is no “link sharing job” concept anywhere but there is a way to make extra income by doing it legally.

If you would like to make money using link sharing program – you can join the best link sharing websites to make money here.

The Facebook job is nowhere to be found and there’s nothing as such. Don’t get scammed.

This Helponlinejobs offers you reseller program and you’ll only make some affiliate commission when you brought some paying customers to this bogus site – Helponlinejobs.com. On top of that, there is no guarantee you’ll get paid for it. 

So, instead of promoting this fake site, try promoting best offers from the Clickbank marketplace, in this way, your payment is certain if you managed to generate sales.

The other types of job offers are pretty much the same as what we discussed earlier. 

To conclude, Helponlinejobs is another scam site on my list, so stay clear off at any cost.

Website name – Easypostjob4u.com [Universal Info Service]
Founded – 2006 
Funder – Sawmithya Sarkar
Opportunity – Copy Page, Typing Jobs, Adposting, Affiliate Income, Quiz Income, Franchise Business, etc
Social authority – Yes
Customers’ feedback – High alert
Registration Fees – Rs.2,550
Contact -Customercare@easypostjob4u.com
Payment method – Cheque or direct deposit 
Payments frequency – Indefinite 

Is Easypostjob4u.com a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam Site

Easypostjob4u.com is another Indian scammer in our list. This website offers the same types of work at home offers as you see in the table.

Now the question is how do you trust this site when it charges up to Rs.8,000 for a membership?

It’s true that if a site charges you for the job then it should be a scam. Let me tell you what are other red flags with this site.

Indian Scammer usually charges you first so you can access their portal. Your primary job is to post ads online as they give some materials.

Now the questions come into your mind as to what type of jobs you do?

As you can see, the image pretty much confirms that you would need to promote their site posting ads online. This is not a real job, in my opinion.

Ways to spot fake Indian adposting job?They don’t have any clients to work for. All these Indian scammers want you to promote their site online and when anyone who purchases any of the packages, they make money.

Do they offer you tracking pixels to track how many clicks or sales you brought or even identifying click-through ratio?

How do they track how many visitors you had sent them? Posting ads on the free classified websites won’t get you tons of traffic all the time.

More so, you may not get much traffic from all of your ads. That’s why they don’t pay you because the sales on the back-end are not happening much.

No More Real Projects – It’s all Just Hoax

These Indian scammers only make money when members generate sales form visitors.

And also, they earn from Google Adsense. You see almost all these websites have enabled Google AdSense ads.

This method generates additional income for them but not for you. You’ll be paid around Rs.5 per post, even though there is no guarantee that you’d get paid.

Therefore, stop promoting scams websites to earn a penny. I’ll teach you how to earn at least $50 per day promoting CPA offers that too for free.

If you could post ads in the same way as you do for scam websites, you could earn handsome money. 

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Website name – Homebasework.net 
Founded – 2018
Funder Name – Unknown
Opportunity – Data Entry Jobs, Offline Data Entry, Form Filling Jobs, Copy Paste, AdPosting Job, Whats-app Jobs, Twitter job, Facebook Job, etc
Social authority – No
Customers’ feedback – High alert
Registration Fees – FREE
Contact – Homebasework.ticket


Payment method – Western Union, Paypal, Cheque, Payoneer Or Online Bank Transfer 
Payments frequency – 30 Days

Is Homebasework.net a Scam or Legit? – Status ❌ Scam Site

It seems like Homebasework.net is one of the high paying home-based internet job providers.

Yup! When I look at those all offers, they pretty much the same as what other bogus sites have offered. 

But a key point to note with this one is the pay range for each work. I would like to discuss only the two offers – copy paste and adposting.

Online Job Scam – Next Level

For example, when you look at the copy-paste job, this Indian scammer says that you’d be making $10 to $15 per 100 hundred copy paste and goes up to $3000 P.M. & highest-earning of $ 15000 PM.

By seeing this claim, I am sure many of you guys think of trying so to see how it goes and what it brings.

But the truth of the matter is, you actually going to do the same bullshit of what other scam websites had asked to do.

On the other hand, an adposting job is making you rich because every ad post will fetch you $1 which is huge in the adposting industry.

In fact, there are no streamlined ad posting jobs anywhere. Will anyone in this world ready to pay you $2 per post! I don’t think so. 

Look, you don’t even need to go out there for any research.

By looking at their job offers and payout themselves will provide some idea about what it is. I’m being in the industry for a while and I bet this site is 100% scam. 

Indian scammer always does this trick so common people like you fall prey to this.

Eventually, they’ll sell your information for a big price and enjoy it. In return, you get only bombarded with spam emails, SMS, etc.

Stop going behind these scammers, folks! Educate yourself first before trying any work at home business opportunity online.

Bonus: Online Job Scams from Indian Scammer!

Apart from the above-listed online job scams, you must also watch out the following Indian scammers such as Talentdesire.Com, Kmention.Com, Dataentryboard.Com, Onlinedataentryjob.Co.In, Onlinejoboffer.Info, Incomebooster.In

I didn’t review it because all of them operate very similarly so there is no point in wasting your time.

These sites are scams, so don’t waste time on paying fees and even work for them. 

The Conclusion to Indian Scammer!

There you have all popular online job scams that operating within India and outside.

If you were lucky, perhaps you’d find this post to save your time and money.

Just as these websites, many sites are floating around on OLX, Quikr, Clickindia, Indeed, Craigslist, Flexijobs, Quora, etc. 

Please be safe and avoid the above-listed work at home job sites and Indian Scammer.

Still, if you had found any Indian scammer that I have not added or reviewed then let me know in the comment section so that I can add those online job scams in this post with a short review.

Wanna say thank you to me! Please share this post with your family, friends, co-workers, students, etc. to avoid online job scams. Thanks for reading. 

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