Internet Jetset – Super Affiliate System Review [Complete Guide Before You Buy]

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You could be one of those in the group online who may want to find more information about Internet Jetset. I found this web-address – from one of my blog’s comments section. I’m sure he must be one of the affiliates of  Internet Jetset. And I thought to find out what this product exactly is. 

Surprisingly, I knew the product owner – John Crestani who’s been in the marketing industry for a while. And he has a big YouTube channel, too.

I had seen many of his videos personally and the best tips and tricks he offered me were best in the industry. So after I looked at the affiliate link I immediately correlated to it.

Without a doubt, this Internet Jetset review is going to be very clear, straight forward, and simple. If Imjetset was recommended by someone to you then this simple review will help you in many ways so to make an informed decision. 

Are you ready for this! Awesome! Let’s dive into the essence to learn more about Internet Jetset products and the founder’s credibility. 

Basic Information About the Product:

Product Name: Internet Jetset – Super Affiliate System
Websites Address:
Founder: John Crestani
Active in the Business Since: 2016
Membership Cost: Check the official site
Country: USA
Availability: Worldwide
Marketplaces: Clickbank, JVzoo [Subject to Change]
Skype: Nickcrest [Affiliate manager -John’s brother]
Contact: Email –

What Is Internet Jetset?

Internet Jetset is a digital product designed in mind to help people to earn money on the Internet. This product comes with a series of training that teaches you “step by step” on how to promote products online and earn from home.

Affiliate marketing is all about selling advertisers’ products. These advertisers who do sell their product with the help of marketplaces aka merchants. 

If you have been trying for something online and did not really make any money till today then this Internet Jetset program could be the next one for you. It’s because this training will give you a hand with a lot of resources, training, tricks, and tips.

Internet Jetset comes with a 6-week training course. And also called as “Super Affiliate System”.

Not to forget that this product comes with a membership plan, this means you have to invest some money to access the entire course.

This product contains a guide and information which are best in the industry. It teaches you how to make money from Google, how to earn from YouTube, how to drive traffic using Facebook and other social media platforms, etc.

You’ll learn more about this product here as you scroll from one section to the other. So keep reading.

Who’s The Creator Behind Imjetset!

Before you get into any online business, it is always good to know who’s behind the product and of-course, his credibility as well. If you go through my product reviews on my blog, you’d know that I had mentioned several times as why the founder’s credibility is important.

Creator of Internet Jetset – Super Affiliate System

Especially the founder’s name, background, and his strength. All that matters for you before venturing into any online business.

The founder of the Imjetset is John Crestani and a well-established player among affiliate marketers.

Not just that, he also shares his ideas, tricks, and methods for his YouTube followers. And makes a lot of money from his YouTube which has around 400k+ subscribers.

He always comes with unique free methods to teach his subscribers how to make at least $50 per day by promoting various affiliate products.

When it comes to his personal life, well, long story short; he’s someone who was forced to go out by his ex-employer when he was just 28 years old.

After worked for several years, he found a secret way to make money online. It said that he already made over $500K commission from his business alone.

He also has multiple products which are known as Super Affiliate System and a well-known affiliate network called Nutryst.

This tells us he’s not someone who comes with some sort of push-button software to lure people. He’s a legit, real person and has been featured at many places including on TV shows.

Some are “Business Insider“; and “Inc.“; and other miscellaneous business papers and magazines.

As when he became super popular, he was invited by some of the TV channels like Fox 4, The Morning Blend Fort Myers; CBS 10 News, and NBC 9 Tucson’s The Morning Blend; and more. - Super Affiliate System featured on TVInternet Jetset – What’s So Unique About!

As per John’s claim, you don’t need to…

  • Create any type of digital product
  • No coding or funnel creation ever needed
  • No need to focus on Shopify/Amazon eCommerce
  • You’re not going to join with any Multi-Level Marketing
  • There is no Bitcoin business whatsoever
  • You don’t need to establish a digital agency

Not only that but also you don’t have to worry about…

  • How to build an email list?
  • You don’t require any internet experience or skills
  • No need to come up with your own product
  • 100% no shipping or inventory stuff needed
  • No need for social media sites or require a big budget to start
  • No cold calling or bugging people

What’re The Training You Get At Imjetset?

There are many benefits to joining Internet Jetset – Super Affiliate System. It starts from the basic to advanced training. 

Here’re some of the courses that John is offering.

1. The basic plan of affiliate marketing

This is a foundation for beginners who can access and learn about affiliate marketing. In this lesson, he covers about affiliate marketing and the basic from beginner perspective so you can easily grasp the essence from his course. 

2. Ways to choose the right affiliate program

There are more than billions of affiliate products and services on the internet. At times, even advanced marketers won’t be able to choose which products are good and which aren’t.

Because understanding the product value, legitimacy, and conversion ratio is very important.  

Without knowing the foundation, you simply waste your time and money. However, this course guides you exactly how to pick the best converting products to make fast cash online.

3. Ways to sign up for affiliate programs

Yet there are many affiliate programs out there but some are easy to get in but for many, it requires some background experience.

Here he talks about what are the best marketplaces for you to join. This way, you can have the best networks in hand to promote as many offers as you like. 

4. Understand Google SEO & Its Functions

We all know the power of Google. You see, Google gets around 3.5 billion searches per day. This means people looking for something daily, it could be product based or just a piece of information. 

In this module, Mr. John Crestani tells how to implement SEO – search engine optimization so you can generate quality visitors from Google. This helps you boost visitors’ count, clicks, and sales.

5. Get Traffic Via Video Marketing – YouTube

Without YouTube, we are like a zombie, isn’t it! This is where the founder comes in. People who have a habit of just watching videos now can have their own YouTube channel so they can redirect visitors to his/her affiliate products. This way, you can earn money from YouTube as well.

6. Ways to get traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the second-largest crowd-pulling machine next to Google. So the fishes are plenty there. In this Facebook course, you’ll learn how to generate traffic from Facebook marketplace itself. If you don’t have a budget to use for paid ads, this is the course you should be looking for.

7. Setting up a WordPress website

If you’ve been running away from creating a website then this course will teach you how to start a WordPress blog so you can make money regularly.

You see, a blog is something like a life-blood that always gets you traffic. It’s like evergreen traffic. Once you get the type of traffic you want, it’ll be no stopping. This Internet Jetset teaches you how to set up your brand new site to make money.

8. Basics of Copywriting

Internet Jetset covers even further on how to write a good copy for your advertising to attract more visitors. Internet Jetset teaches you where and how to write crowd-pulling ad copies as an advertiser so people can click on them.

The more best ads you have the more people tend to click on your ads. This helps boost your sales without leaking your money.

9. How to take benefit of the launches of other people

You see, every day hundreds of new products are being launched on the internet. Internet Jetset teaches you how to choose them and make them better to promote on the internet. This method allows you to earn fast money working from home.

Internet Jetset goes one step further, that is it showers you plenty of non-traditional techniques for you to make full use of the new launches.

10. How to create an authoritative review websites

Review based websites always get more traffic because people who want to purchase a product may want to read reviews online before making a purchase.

Internet Jetset course teaches you how to create a review based site to boost your sales. The better you write articles the better you get trust among buyers. As a result, you get more clicks and sales for the product you reviewed.

11. How to run ads on Facebook

Do you love to run ads on Facebook! You know, promoting ads online is easy but converting those clicks into buying customers is hard. Internet Jetset shows you step by step formula in which you’ll learn how to promote ads and earn a good amount of money.

This Super Affiliate System created for beginners so each course comes with a simple and non-technical manner. This way, you’ll be able to learn everything without bugging any people.

12. Understand the working of Super Affiliate System

This lesson is about how to be a good affiliate and how to become a super affiliate online. Plus allow you to learn how the system works and how to make full use of it.

It covers some very tough questions that people who ask in the marketing world. If you just follow the course as it was then you can become a super affiliate for sure.

How To Make Money Using Imjetset Course?

Super Affiliate System is for those who are serious about starting their own business online. To make money consistently, you either have to have tools or some experience.

There are millions of people who want to rank their products on the first page of GOOGLE. But wait, selling stuff is not that easy.

First of all, driving traffic is one of the toughest parts. Even if you get 100s of clicks, what’s the point if you didn’t know how to make it work? Because you should know how to convert those clicks into paying customers.

On the positive side, under the guidance of Super Affiliate System, you can learn everything about how affiliate marketing works.

For a beginner, this might seem like information overload but don’t worry. All training modules are created in such a way that anyone can apply without the need for any prior internet experience. 

All you need is access the course and apply the same strategy that you learned from John. This is it. You can even go to the next level like tracking and other stuff later.

Bonus: Participate in JetSet Webinars

You won’t be thrown out once you complete the course. On the contrary, you’ll be able to attend the webinar which will be organized by John.

There you get an opportunity to talk one another and get your doubts cleared. This is a value-added weekly webinar service. Isn’t that interesting, buddy! bonus training and packageQuality Marketplaces – Are You Safe?

Did you know buying products from reputed marketplaces like Clickbank, JVzoo, CJ, etc always comes with a money-back policy!

Internet Jetset or super affiliate system is a vendor of Clickbank. This means if you were not satisfied with the product you can request a refund.

Unlike the one, I reviewed yesterday Profit Point Autonomy, which does not have any merchant or network associated with it. This means, there’s a chance that you won’t get your money so don’t join with bad people.

Must be remembered, you need to first analyze the basic thing like to whom are you going to associate with and what their credibility in the market is. 

Specifically, if I talk about Super Affiliate System, I’d say, your money is safe with Clickbank. 

Refund Policy – Can You Get Your Money Back!

I do research a product before writing a review. When I check the reviews and members’ feedback, I found a comment in one of the blogs where it says that Mr.John Crestani failed to refund the money.

One thing to remember that Clickbank is super quick in refunding your money. I believe he didn’t follow the right method to get his fund.

The funny thing is that the X person who joined the system decided not to continue with Internet Jetset membership. That’s all right.

But the moot point is he never had completed the training in the first place. The refund policy says that after the payment confirmation, you must complete all of his training videos and apply the same to make money online.

If by chance that his training not worked then you can request a refund. However, this member just completed a few videos and asked for a refund. This is not the way to learn affiliate marketing. 

If you’ve no idea about online business and still want to invest SOME money into it then complete all lessons before making false claims.

If your intention was just to take a look at the courses and get back your money then why you wanna try this product in the first place! Online business is for serious folks not for those who have a notion of “become rich overnight”. 

Any business you want to involve requires some dedication. Please understand that, at times, you lose money in the business. It’s all part and parcel of the game. Even if you test a product with Bing ads, there’s no guarantee that you get results. 

I lost $300 for one of the offers just for testing alone, and there’s no way I can blame the product or the advertiser either. So any product you choose to promote or want to work with, you bound to lose money because data is important for you to learn. 

Make Money – Become An Affiliate

John Crestani is one of the popular figures in the affiliate marketing arena. He’s been there in this business for a considerable number of years and proved to many that this system works.

I’ve seen many affiliate marketers who will charge some membership fees just to promote their products alone. Considering that point, I think he has given full access to bloggers and affiliate marketers to promote his product. 

If he had charged even $20 for the reseller program, he could have made a lot of money from it. But this guy didn’t do it. In that sense, I think he’s one of the legit, honest folk around. 

This course for those who want to make money online. Not for those who always seek or trying to spot a push-button software. Simply access his course and follow his step by step training and apply the same. 

This way, you’ll be able to make a good amount of money. It’s all about passion, effort, and eager to earn money. 

Still, you want to get your money back! Sure, Sign-up at Clickbank for free. Contact support providing your receipt number and give a refund request. You’re done. 

Internet Jetset - Video PresentationConclusion to Internet Jetset

Online business is not for someone who always searches for push-button software. There’s nothing in this world as such. Internet Jetset is a program designed for all types of people irrespective of their age, country, background, etc. If you’re one of them who love to start a business. This is for you.

The founder’s credibility and experience say it all. It’s all about your commitment and effort to make it happen.

This product comes with 60 days money-back guarantee, so even if you were not satisfied with this product you always have a way to get your money back.

John shares the extract methods that he used to make over $500K online. So if you want to take part in this Internet Jetset community, why not try to see all action yourself!

If you are a beginner who wants to become a successful affiliate marketer, I think learning from someone like John is always recommended. What’s your plan now!

Thanks for reading the Internet Jetset review and if you need any help, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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