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Greetings from me as always! Welcome to my Javascript Commission Bot review. 

So you found this Javascript Commission Bot website by an accident, isn’t it!

Or this app could have been recommended by some random affiliates or bloggers. Whatever may be…

Are you excited to see the software in action and all those claims!

Nothing wrong in getting animated, but until and unless you’ve some online presence or experience, there’s no way to judge whether Javascript Commission Bot is real or a scam!

I usually don’t use a word scam but let that be because many bloggers use this term so I want to include that in my review, too.

This is not a typical Javascript Commission Bot review, where you’d see just bashing and bashing without concrete proof.

You see most bloggers tell you something good about the product at first because by some means they’d have associated with it. 

There’s nothing wrong in promoting affiliate offers and that’s what I do too. Although I want to reveal something what you should know before spending money on this Javascript Commission Bot. 

I hope I can get you the needed information that you’re searching for.

Alright! Let’s start right away…

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Javascript Commission Bot Overview

Рrоԁuсt: Javascript Commission Bot
Сrеаtоr: Jono Armstrong
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2020/Jul/07
Ѕіtе: Click Here
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $13
Category: Software
Rеfunԁ: 30 Refund Policy
Nісһе: SEO & Traffic
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ!: Read My Full Review
My Rating: 4.2/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✰

What Is Javascript Commission Bot?

Well, Javascript Commission Bot is a piece of app or extension to do social marketing. This software designed to get followers on two major social networking sites – Twitter and Instagram.

With this software, you can gain followers based on your interest. You simply activate the extension and then request people to follow you by choosing what niche or targeted audience you want for your page.

Unlike a traditional method, where you have to give a request by manual action. This process at times will eat your time.

But with Javascript Commission Bot, all heavy lifting work is handled by the app itself.

It also comes with a set of timer and the frequency by which you can set things within the software so that you won’t get flagged for too many requests. 

The coolest part is that this software created to act like a human – this means the BOT request people just like a normal human so you won’t get blocked or flagged. This way you can gain massive followers over a period of time. 

I’ve never seen a video presentation like what Jono did! Wow! That was something different and epic. I really loved the way he presented his product with FAQ. Very convincing in his argument. Good video and I give a 5-star rating for it.

How Javascript Commission Bot Does Work?

Account setup and Functionality:

One thing I liked about this app is the simplicity. You see an easy process to work with. Simply follow the demo tutorial and follow how to activate, and work with this app.


Purchase the product from the vendor’s page so as to gain access to the membersarea. Once done with the 1st step then move onto the second one.


It’s time to click on the software link to get it added to the Google Chrome extension. It’s easy and no need of adding extra codes or anything like that.


Now the bot extension has been added successfully into the Google Chrome browser – for both Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Javascript Commission Bot - DemoStep:4

The next step is to search the page or industry type that you wanna get followers from. A simple search will do. And then “Select the followers” option from there to give auto-request using the BOT.

Javascript Commission Bot - Tutorial step twoStep:5

You can log in to the respective platforms to send requests. Sometimes you may get confused with the BOT icons because both look alike. If you weren’t sure about how to set up the timing –  leave it as default.

Javascript Commission Bot - Tutorial step 4How to Promote Offers!

It may take a while to get some followers on your Twitter and Instagram pages.

Meanwhile, you can insert your favorite affiliate link and enter the relevant information in the fields to promote through social media sites.

Alternatively, this BOT comes with fully loaded offers with bonus pages. Simply connect with the offers first and then shorten the link.

After cloaked your link, you can save them in your social profile accounts. This is it. 

sales page and bonus pageFunnel Breakdown & OTO’s

JavaScript Commission Bot FE ($12.97):

The first OTO comes with a basic future – will give you beginners to get access and start testing the app.

You simply add this extension to gain followers on the 2 major social networking sites – Instagram and Twitter. You can use this app to bring targeted followers and traffic.

Not only you get the app but also included x2 done for you offers on the front-end along with step by step training.

Upgrade 1 – “JavaScript Commission Bot Pro” $47

The 2nd option comes with unlimited in everything. This means once you upgrade, you get access to this software by which you can gain unlimited followers. 

Of-course included URL Shortener. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to cloak or shorten your link.

And also do tracking facilities like click counts, device variation, country, etc. This helps you identify how your campaign is performing across the board.

Upgrade 2 ($97) – JavaScript Commission Bot DFY Campaigns: 

With this 3rd upsell – you get 7 proven high converting, tested and best affiliate offers. These offers were tested by Jono from his campaigns. 

You see it’s like “picking the offers and start pushing traffic”. No need to worry about conversion ratio or anything as they were already tested so you can generate easy commission from those offers.

You get an additional bonus like…

  • Ready-made email templates to contact your prospects
  • You also get review videos for your campaigns
  • And bonus pages + some extra bonuses

Upgrade 3 ($197) – High Ticket DFY Funnel + Limitless Traffic 

This offer is something I never heard anywhere else. With this offer, you get access to Jono’s AdWords audience.

All you need is to place the pixel on his sales pages for 1 year. Additionally, you’ll be allowed to access his personal ads library and his Auto-webinar. 

It doesn’t stop there, you get fully loaded swipes, follow up emails, re-targeting guide, and other bonuses. With this bonus, you get huge traffic for a fraction of what you pay for paid ads.

Upgrade 4 ($197) – 4 Apps Resellers License Bundle

Do you want to become a creator without creating any product! Yes, with this option you get combined developer’s rights to the software, resell rights + 3 additional software. 

The good news is that you get access to sell Javascript Commission Bot as if this was created by you. You can sell this and earn 100% of the whole funnel.

Javascript Commission Bot PROS

Low Budget To Test:

Javascript Commission Bot comes with a one time fee. Not only that, but you can also use the basic product to gain followers on Instagram and Twitter. You may not require to purchase other products. But it’s up to you to decide on those areas.

Java Script Coding 

Another interesting benefit of the Javascript Commission Bot is that this app runs without need of switch over. Not only that, this extension created with javascript so even if any changes been made on the Instagram or Twitter side, but you also won’t face any difficulties unlike if the software was proxy-based targeting. 

It’s because proxy-based software doesn’t stand the test of time. Just in case, the algorithm was changed in the networks – no worries, your app is safe here.

Easy To Understand the Program

This is one of the best parts in my opinion. There’s no complicated software or training program. The founder designed in such a way that even dummies can understand the whole system – from how to install to operate. There are only 3 lessons to learn. This is it.

Simple Click App Extension:

Once you confirm the payment then you’re ready to connect with the software. [Learn more from the above tutorial on how to activate the extension just in case you’re not sure about the activation process].

No Monthly Fees:

That’s right! The Javascript Commission Bot app comes with an onetime fee only. You can purchase the other upsells within your discretion but no need to pay or activate a recurring payment option whatsoever.

This helps you save a lot of money because you’re going to pay once and forget forever.

Step by step guide and reivew of Javascript Commission BotJavascript Commission Bot CONS

Multiple Upsells:

The problem with Javascript Commission Bot is that your one-time fee may be doubled. It’s because this product has multiple upsells. Yet I feel you don’t need to buy the next plan because you don’t need to. If you have money in hand, perhaps you can purchase the next offer to get more features.

No Facebook Traffic:

Javascript Commission Bot covers only 2 social networking sites – Instagram and Twitter. There are many social networking sites out there like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

Though there’s no information found on the Javascript Commission Bot official site or anywhere to see whether this app work on those platforms.

Yes, some software that are available in the market does the same functions as what Javascript Commission Bot does.

For that reason, the creator could have left not targeting FB and other popular networks. This is my assumption only – I cannot guarantee 100% on this. 

Facebook is another great platform where you can get a lot of visitors but I wonder why the founder did not include a script for Facebook. This way, you’re gonna miss a lot of potential clients from Facebook groups/pages.

List Building Option:

There’s always saying – no list means no business. This Javascript Commission Bot doesn’t offer any means to build a list until you use some third-party software. Without building a list, you’re like just leaving too much money on the table.

Autoresponder Integration:

Based on my research, I didn’t see any information regarding autoresponder. Does the app provide any third-party email marketing software integration! Or Did I miss something!

If this – Javascript Commission Bot don’t offer integration then you’re missing a very important thing here.

Alternatively, create a landing page with email optin, and then redirect to the affiliate link. Get Aweber autoresponder FREE for 30 days here.

By doing so, you can capture visitors’ names and email addresses to promote any offers you can imagine.

Limited Traffic Source:

There are only two traffic sources available. Yet both are biggies but still very limited in terms of traffic sources. This tells us Javascript Commission Bot won’t work with other social platforms. 

Big Claims On Cash-flow: 

Javascript Commission Bot tells us anyone can earn $1000 per day. If you ask me whether you could earn $1,000 using this extension, I think you can but it will take a long time. 

It’s not possible to earn that much amount of money having a few hundred followers. You must have at least 1-2 million laser-targeted followers to earn that much amount of money. This is my view – based on an online surveys. 

Limited to Google Browser

According to the video presentation, the Javascript Commission Bot works only on Google Chrome extension. 

We’ll wait and see if any changes will be made for Mozilla and for other browsers. 

Custom Domain May Be Required: [Optional]

Days are gone when you drive traffic to the referral links. Most people these days can spot whether a domain is an affiliate like or not. 

Yet there are no rules that you should only promote with a custom domain but the conversion rate will go up when you do that with your own domain.

Still, you can purchase a custom domain for just $10/Year at

Can You Really Make Money By Using Javascript Commission Bot!

When it comes to making money online, you either have to have a blog or some traffic sources. Without either of these, selling products is not possible at all. With this kind of extension or app, you’ll be able to gain followers on social media. 

Even if you don’t have one yet or dedicated social page for a particular niche, still you can start today because you have a tool that does all the building work for you.

Twitter and Instagram are the main two traffic sources that you’ll be working with. Yes, if you could build massive followers on these platforms – Yes, you can earn money for sure.

However, you can’t start today and expect to earn big commissions. For everything, there’s a time for it. With the help of Javascript Commission Bot, you can build followers over a period of time. 

DFY Sales Funnel:

A few things that I liked about Javascript Commission Bot is that you get full training on how to set up the app as well as “Done for you funnel and campaigns”. 

This means you do not spend time on creating funnels and testing offers. Alternatively, it provides you ready made sales pages and offers.

All you need is “Plug and play”. This is good for beginners who are searching for an offer to make money working from home.

The founder made it very clear that you get access to his fully tested and high converting offers. This not only saves time but also money on advertising.

You see finding proven and high converting offers requires some testing with a paid campaign but this app eases the process.

CPA offers:

Just in case you want to try something different with your followers. Yes, you can do so by CPA marketing where you don’t need to sell anything. 

Join the best and beginners friendly CPA networks and start promoting some email submit offers. Each offer gives you up to $5 commission. 

This may not seem big cash but it will add up quickly. Just 10 emails will do to get $50 per day. 

Random Affiliate Programs:

Not want to promote small offers! You can choose a product or program that is interested in you. You see the traffic quality also plays a major role in conversion. 

So if your audience is about Health & Fitness, then you can promote an offer that is purely related to it. There are so many marketplaces out there where you can join free and promote some top and high converting products.. 

Clickbank Products:

You wouldn’t be here without knowing this name – CLICKBANK. You know this affiliate network is been there for nearly 2 decades. Finding lastest and high converting products there is damn easy. If you want to try something like this, you can do so.

Whatever may be, the first thing you need is a decent number of followers. You can not expect daily big commissions with your 50,000 followers.

You need to surpass this limit with quality followers. Don’t give requests to some random or freebie seekers. This is because they don’t join until and unless the offer is free to join.

“People Became Millionaire Somehow!”

Yes, many people have become rich but not overnight! So don’t assume that this software does all the work without putting any effort on your part. 

According to the online reviews, some bloggers may mislead you for affiliate commission. 

Sadly, you can’t become rich by using this software but YES you can earn some money if you apply the strategy as described. The above quote is nothing to do with this software or anything.   

My Conclusion to Javascript Commission Bot Review

Well, there’s no need of asking whether this system is a scam or legit! You see Javascript Commission Bot is just a software. It’s you – have to use it as recommended by the creator.

One thing I don’t like about Javascript Commission Bot is that some features are missing. As I mentioned above, the traffic source is limited, and of-course, no integration option is available.

I believe there’s an option to insert your autoresponder code within the funnel through the WarriorPlus marketplace.

See if that option still available. Besides, I don’t think there’s anything much I can blame about.

In short, Javascript Commission Bot is a simple software designed for beginners. If you’re seeking a money-making app online, maybe this could be the one for you.

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Understanding Push-Button Software

Though there’s no guarantee you’ll make money. Building followers on Social media is not that easy even if you use some sophisticated software.

Like I mentioned above, yes – you can make money by using Javascript Commission Bot but not $1,000 per day from day one, which I think far from the truth. 

In my opinion, you can earn $20-$50 per day as soon as you reach a decent number of followers in your profile. Until then you have to keep working on gaining quality followers. 

You see, when you have 100s of followers, a certain percentage of people only view your profile and out of which only a few people click on the link.

Again, there’s no guarantee that all those people who have clicked will buy something from you. 

Yes, they’d until they’re very desperate in your offers. So it’s not like you push a button and things will work on autopilot. In reality, online marketing won’t work like that.

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I’m not here to bash Javascript Commission Bot product but this is the reality. Remember! People on YouTube may show off their payment proofs and their daily earnings.

It’s because they have got a proper channel to redirect visitors. Some folks like me can drive traffic through a blog. 

What about you! Do you have a blog!

JavascriptCommissionBot - Final verdict

You know, your driving force is only Instagram and Twitter. And you may need to wait for a certain period to see some results.

I repeat this to you! Yes, you can make money by using this software but you need to wait for that to happen. 

On the other side, this is a one-time investment only so why not try this option and see what it takes!

This Javascript Commission Bot review was not aimed to find flaws. Yes, there are many benefits to this, of course, but I want you to understand everything before purchasing this product. 

If you feel OK with this app, you can visit the official site by clicking on the above button. Like any other product, this app comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

I hope I’ve provided you enough information that you need to know before jumping into the Javascript Commission Bot game. Want to share something with me! Let me know your opinions and thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading. 

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