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Welcome to my LetsMail Review:

LetsMail is an email marketing software/autoresponder. I got a promo email from someone about a week ago. I thought, alright, let’s find out what exactly it is!

After I have gone through the LetsMail official site – I felt like super excited. Believe it or not – it made me rethink switchover from my current marketing software to LetsMail. 


Because I thought LetsMail is still relevant, and very practical in many aspects.

If you have been thinking or planning to use an autoresponder – sure this LetsMail review will help you some extent to learn about the software, reliability, etc.

LetsMail is primarily created to cut down your cost for email marketing. You see, there’s an abundance of companies out there that offer you the same service from sending emails, tracking emails & CTR, and of-course setting up email sequence, etc.

However, if you have been looking for a simple, cost-effective email marketing software, this could be it. 

For sure, this LetsMail review explains to you – how to work with this software, understanding uniqueness of it, saving money, and the reliability of the product.

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So in this product review, you’re just gonna learn everything first. 

And then you decide whether you want to try this or want to go for some popular service like AWEBER.

To know further about LetsMail app, let’s get started.

LetsMail Overview

Vendor: Mike From Maine Et Al
Product: LetsMail – Email Marketing Software
Launch Date: 2020-Aug-19
Front-End Price: $37
JV Page: www.Letsmail.us
Affiliate Network: JVZoo 
Product Monthly Cost: $0
Niche: Autoresponder Marketing Software

LetsMail Autoresponder ReviewWhat Is LetsMail?

LetsMail is a simple to use app or email marketing software that allows you to send emails from your own server instead of using a traditional or established email marketing software like Aweber.

The good news is that – with LetsMail you can connect with your local server or with a hosting company directly. 

This means you have full control over your email complaints. 

There’s no one out there to watch you how many leads are getting bounced and what type of email should you use for your marketing.

You see, autoresponder like Mailchimp doesn’t allow marketing email. The popular autoresponder like Aweber monitors all your email campaigns very closely.

This is because they don’t want to put entire people at risk of being flagged as SPAMMER. 

The more bounce rate you get the more quickly your account would get shut down. 

Plus you should maintain a minimum “UNSUBSCRIBER RATE” to continue using the platform.

But with LetsMail, you can do your email marketing without worrying about terminating your account, complaints, unsubscription, or anything related to your account.

How LetsMail Work!

How To Activate this Autoresponder!

LetsMail can be integrated into any web hosting company you find online. 

Once you activate your LetsMail account. It’s time to find a good web hosting company. My favorite hosting companies are Bluehost, NameCheap, Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc.

Sign-up to LetsMail. And then subscribe to a very basic shared hosting. 

The cost for the hosting will be anywhere between $3-$5 per month. You can purchase either a monthly or yearly plans.

You just need to create a custom email address so you can connect to a server. This is it. 

After this simple step, you’ll be able to use your custom email address that can be integrated into LetsMail software in secs.

Now, you’re one step away to send unlimited emails to your subscribers.

Pricing and Upsells

Frond-End Product – LetsMail ($37-$47) 

This front-end option comes with a self-hosted full-featured Autoresponder system.

With this option, you have full control over emailing without any restriction. 

That is to say, there is no limit to how many emails you can send per day. 

Also, LetsMail offers you the best email delivery for your campaign.

LetsMail Pro Upgrade ($67-$97) 

This option helps you remove branding from a player and auto-generated video pages. If you want to keep branding, you can have the basic version.

But if you want to remove branding, you may optin for LetsMail Pro. Besides, Clickable / Customizable lower 3rd links on your video. GIF creator (turn your videos into animated GIF’s)

Final Product – Live Coaching ($47) 

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced marketer, this upgrade allows you to learn some of the best email marketing strategies and tricks from Brett.

You get some suggestions to optimize your email campaigns so you can make more money from your email campaigns.

I just wanted to compare only the pricing and nothing else. These software are being used by top affiliate marketers, bloggers, and business people.

This price comparison helps you save some money during the initial stage of your business.


GetResponse [Professional] 


LetsMail App [Top Pakcage] 


MailChimp [Starndard Plan]

Email Marketing Unlimited
Unlimited Email Marketing Send Emails Unlimited [No Affiliate Offers]
Unlimited landing pages Third-Party Software Shoppable Landing Pages
Unlimited Sales Funnel Third-Party Software Ready to Go Websites
List Size 10,000 Unlimited contacts
List Size 10,000
Custom Email [For better delivery] Custom Email [For better delivery] Get FREE Email [For better delivery]
Webinar – YES NO Webinar – NO
Forms & surveys NO Forms & surveys
Templates and images, etc Yes Basic Templates and images, etc
PRICE: $165/Month ONETIME: $97
PRICE: $100.75/Month

Who’s it for LetsMail Software!

There are some email marketing tools like LetsMail. Yet I found this software is easy to use even if you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing. 

I’ve used Getresponse for nearly 2 years and I used to pay more than $150/month for my plan. 

At times, the cost for the autoresponder goes up as you when start adding more and more CONTACTS in your database.

But with Let’s Mail, you simply need to purchase the software, connect with your hosting company to do all email broadcasting activities. This is it.

Besides, you can upload any number of leads that you have obtained from other software.

The software like Constant-contact, Aweber, GetResponse is a great tool for your online business – but not for a starter [Good if you have got a budget].

LetsMail app can save you a lot of money upfront. You just need to spend for hosting and the software. This is it. If I put all costs together it comes down to a one-time $100 fee only.

If you have been wanting to get easy and cost-effective software then subscribe to LetsMail software.

You can stick to it until you established yourself in a good financial position.

And then you can optin for popular software without worrying about your budget.

Benefits Of Using LetsMail Autoresponder 

 ♠ No Need To Worry About Monthly Recurring Cost

 ♠ You Can Upload Any Number Of Leads From Outside

 ♠ Easy To Use Software
♠ Get Maximum Open, and CTR For Your Business

♠ Fewer SPAM Complaints
♠ Your Account Is Safe – No Termination 
♠ Good Email Delivery Rate
♠ You Can Shift From One Server To Another [Just In Case]
♠ Lifetime Membership To Use LetsMail

Cons Of LetsMail Autoresponder 

  • You May Need To Purchase The Top-End Product To Use Full Featured Software
  • Additional Cost Is Require To Purchase Domain Name
  • LetsMail Features are very limited [Not like Aweber]

My Personal Questions Needs To Be Answered By The Creator

  • Can I avail custom HTML email optins form like Aweber?
  • How many leads will I be able to upload in one go?
  • Is there any option to use free servers like Gmail or YahooMail?

All of these questions have been submitted via the contact form! Hope I get a reply from the founder ASAP.

What’s My Take On LetsMail Software!

To conclude my LetsMail review, I would say – this software does a lot of basic work.

You can use this software for sending emails to any number, which is very important for your online business.

On the other side, if you’re in a shoestring budget and want to avoid paying $100+ every month then this is for you.

Again, you can not compare everything in everything. Some are better than the other.

Considering the cost involved – I think LetsMail is a very cheap/affordable product for anyone.

Are you looking for a product something like this – go for it.

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It’s not about asking whether LetsMail is a scam or legit.

Nope! It’s a piece of software that only helps you communicate with your subscribers.

With this app, you can upload leads that are gathered from safelists or anywhere. This is because you’ve full control over your leads. 

Considering all of these benefits in mind, I think LetsMail is a good app to try. After all, you’re going to pay once and then forget for life.

Have something in mind! Share with us. Thanks for reading the LetsMail review. 

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