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If you were looking for the best CPA affiliate networks that approve instantly/immediately then I got you covered.

In the previous post, I’ve shown the methods on how to get approved for high paying CPA networks.

Earn Cash Online

In addition to that, this post covers more about beginner-friendly CPA affiliate networks where you can get instant approval…

Many folks actually does not know there is a considerable number of CPA affiliate networks that do not deny application instead it will approve instantly.

“If you read this page too quickly- you’ll lose fast, too, so keep it slow”.

CPA Networks Denied You! I Understand Your Concern!

In an aim to help beginners with CPA marketing, I found some legit, good, and established CPA networks that approve application immediately.

Some CPA networks are familiar to me because I am an affiliate, too.

Even the best CPA networks sometimes will refuse you to accept your application. Indeed, it is very hard at times for beginners to get into CPA networks to make money online but some folks have had great success too!

Would you like to make some easy cash by promoting free offers?

Don’t go anywhere because I got you covered everything you wanna know about the approval process and how to make money with CPA networks.

Remember, if CPA marketing is not a new concept for you then scroll down the page to access my CPA list. 

On the other hand, if you were a beginner, and want to learn more in-depth before diving into CPA list then reading the entire page will surely help you in many ways. This way, you don’t get disappointed even after CPA approval.

So, let’s start with a basic here…

What are CPA Network And Affiliate Network – How They Differ?

What is CPA Network?

CPA network is a third-party service provider that acts between advertisers and publishers. The advertisers approach the CPA network for getting sales and leads for their products. This is it.

CPA stands for – Cost Per Action (acquisition)In a nutshell, CPA networks consist of two parties, namely – advertisers and publishers. You make money when some action has taken place in advertisers’ offers. This is it.

How CPA Affiliate Network Works!

The advertisers who want to promote their products and services approach CPA affiliate networks through which the sales will be generated – with the help of affiliates or publishers/promoters.Find the best CPA Affiliate Networks that Approve Instantly!

To exemplify you better, let’s say – a product owner who wants to generate leads and sales for his service. 

He then pays the advertising cost for the CPA affiliate network. Now the CPA network connects affiliates to generate sales. This is it.

Each transaction will fetch money for affiliates and some part of the commission goes to the CPA network. As a result, the advertisers would have generated sales and leads too.

When it comes to CPA advertising, the vendors that pay a total cost for the campaign to the CPA affiliate networks. And then the commission will be evenly distributed across all affiliates.

Also, the vendors who decide how traffic should flow to the offers and what ways!

There are several types of traffic methods out there and it’s the affiliate’s responsibility to follow the traffic rules to promote offers to make money.

What is Affiliate Networks: Cost Per Action?

Well, I don’t find any big difference between CPA networks and affiliate networks. 

Both works in the same way. You may be call affiliate networks as a sub-network, however, the concept behind this business model is the same. 

Therefore, don’t get confused with the terms when you heard CPA networks and affiliate networks. 

The affiliate networks also will have the same business method of generating sales and leads for the advertisers. 

And the commission will be paid accordingly as set by the respective networks. For every lead generated the advertiser has to pay the publisher as well as for the CPA Network/affiliate network.

What Are Ways To Make Money In CPA Networks?

CPA networks will have plenty of offers to choose from – free to paid offers. The number verticals may vary network to network.

However, CPA networks, in general, will have a good amount of offers on many verticals to choose from.

As an affiliate, you can choose any offers as your choice. It can be CPA – cost per sale, CPL – cost per lead or CPI-Cost per install.

Type Of CPA Methods To Make Money:

✅ Cost Per Action:

When any action took place on the sales page then you’ll earn a commission, it can be such as signups, free trial offers, etc.


This is called “Cost Per Sale”. When you generate a sale, you’ll earn a commission as set by the CPA affiliate networks.

Cost Per Lead:

This offer is easy for beginners because you’ll only need to generate leads and it can be anything such as email submit, sign up form, free trial submit, etc.


Promoting an offer using the SMS service. Yet some networks even allow promoting offers via live chatbox. 

Content Locking:

This is another method for bloggers/website owners to make money. To put this in short, the content is unlocked when one or more offers completed.


This type of offer is great for loan offers, insurance, etc. When a customer enters his/her information on the offer page you’ll earn a commission after validation.

Cost Per Install:

This offer is most suitable for beginners.

When people download and install the app/software you’ll earn commissions as set by the advertisers or CPA networks.

Best Paying vs Scam CPA Networks

This internet can offer you anything you want. A simple search will do for any topic you wanna learn! 

However, there is a darker side to CPA networks too. Just like any other online scams – CPA networks are not an exception to this. 

Some CPA networks do permit you to work with them instantly. And later they do not pay you striking you with some lame excuses. 

The scam CPA networks do not pay you out rightly without even providing any reasons.

And a few CPA networks don’t release your payment even after proved that your traffic quality was legit.

That’s why choosing the best CPA networks is very important. Regarding scam, if your intention is not to focus on paid ads then you may not lose that much except your time and effort. 

On the contrary, you see affiliate marketers spend thousands of dollars in the form of paid advertising and they too know which one is real and which is a fake. 

But being a beginner, you should play safely because if the site was a scam then it would be a disaster.

Not to forget that some lousy affiliate networks hold your payment on purpose. If payment was not released on time, it would be very difficult to pay back or manage the advertising cost. 

However, the reputed and established networks release payment upon your request or by default. That’s why joining with best and legit CPA affiliate networks is highly beneficial and also recommended.

Understanding Traffic Methods in CPA affiliate Networks

CPA affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a full-time income. At the same time, I want you to understand the type of traffic methods you should learn so that you can apply accordingly.

I wrote this exclusive blog post only for beginners who wants to start CPA affiliate marketing! 

However, I see those who have found the CPA money-making method of late just going with a random CPA network without even knowing the traffic methods & rules. 

Whilst promoting an offer you should know what type of traffic is allowed. If you did not follow it religiously then your account may get banned or disabled.

The worst part could be just this – you do not get your payment. Yup! Loss of money and time.

That’s why you need to learn about CPA traffic first and why it is important to know upfront before the big bang happens. 

I’ve provided a brief detail on traffic types in my post – CPA disapproval and traffic types – Please make sure you read that one too. Very important my dear, friend!

What Is High Paying And Low Paying CPA Networks? 

Well, this is another hot debate among beginners at various online forums. One thing to understand is that “low paying and high paying networks” do have a strict policy in general. 

Whereas low paying networks accept your application without further inquiry.

At the same time, high paying networks do have a very stringent application process where they pick the right affiliate to prevent scammers and spammers or who has the disease of a black-hat virus.

I am part of both low and high paying networks too. I see not much difference there. The only thing I found was a variety of offers and the pay range.

At low paying CPA network, you normally see limited in offers and the payout per sale or lead.

For example, in high paying CPA affiliate networks, the payout range for the email submit offers will be anywhere between $2-$2.50, whereas in low paying networks it would be around $1-$1.60 respectively. 

Even in some low paying CPA networks, I have seen the payout range were the same, however, it depends on the network to network.

The list I have in this page do have high paying networks too. So don’t get discouraged! My dear, friend.

How To Find Best CPA Offers?

When I started CPA marketing for the first time, I was confused as to which one to choose. CPA networks always suggest the best and high converting offers.

However, you get the feeling sometimes that the information there is overloaded.

In order to prevent entering Coronavirus – I would suggest that you just need to spend about 2-3 days there. You can browse around the offers to see which offer that suits your niche and interest.

Each network you see provides a suggestion according to its interface. CPA network shows you how offers are segregated accordingly. 

For example – trending offer, recently added offer, top converting offer, network pick and so on. 

My advice would be to choose the “email submit offer” first. For a beginner, the Cost per sale offer would be very difficult to earn a commission in the beginning.

Once you got your feet wet then you can try for the high paying offers at a later time.

Understanding EPC – Earning Per Click

This is very important to know before picking the best CPA offer.

EPC is important, at the same time, I don’t suggest you go with EPC all the time because the competition for that offer will be immense. 

As I mentioned earlier, if your focus was to promote via paid ads then this could be a problem. You know completing with top affiliates is not that easy.

EPC is nothing but earning per click. 

Wait! You don’t get paid per click instead it’s a parameter to understand how that offer is performing across the network.

==>> Learn about EPC

Hope you learned some basic about EPC, right! A best practice to promote CPA offers is through a presell page or landing page.

If you want to take CPA marketing as your primary business then understanding marketing tools is important. 

Read here: Benefits of Marketing tools

How You Get Paid from CPA Networks!

Daily – Weekly & Monthly Payment:

As far as I know, most CPA affiliate networks pay payment quickly. It depends on how effectively you promote your offer. 

As I said earlier, CPA networks reward its affiliates with a high percentage of commission whenever necessary.

If you’re hitting the cashout threshold daily or weekly then you can request your payment manually. For high performing affiliates, getting payment is not a big deal.

Beginners, in general, receive after 30 days but once you received the first payment, most CPA networks award a quick payment too.

Being an affiliate marketer, I know most CPA networks pay either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

If you have a good relationship with your affiliate manager, getting paid daily is 100% possible. For that, you need to earn $5000-$10000 per day (based on user’s testimonials).

This is because affiliate managers understand the pain you go through. Generating a big commission for their network helps to earn more money. 

Besides, they’ll also know that you’re paying for paid ads to generate money. So, yeah! Daily payment is possible in many cases too.

How To Sign Up With CPA Networks Without disapproval?

What is Best Beginner Friendly CPA Networks?

To define a beginner-friendly CPA network, I would say, it should not have too many traffic restrictions and the payment should happen a lot quicker too. 

Not to forget that each CPA network has its strengths and weakness. 

Though there is a huge difference between instant approval CPA site and high paying CPA networks. 

The high paying CPA networks usually have higher payout and plenty of offers to choose from; restricted to a particular type of traffic or location. 

Some beginner-friendly CPA networks approve instantly but when you get inside you don’t find many offers as your favorite to pick one that suits your desire. 

Even though there are still some user-friendly CPA networks out there that have a considerable number of offers in their repository for any affiliates. 

So if you have been failing to get through with high paying CPA networks then I suggest you go through the previous post to learn more on how to get approved successfully. 

Meanwhile, the below-listed CPA networks do wonder for any newbie.

Join first with these networks and promote some offers to get an idea of how this type of work at home program works in general. 

And then move on to the high paying networks to earn even more. If you were looking for CPA networks to get approved Instantly then below websites will help you! Here are the top 20 CPA networks that approve you instantly! (High & Low Mixed).

Dmsaffiliates – Highest Paying Offers 

Network Name DMSAffiliates 
Founded 2016
Number of Offers  400+
Email support  contact@dmsaffiliates.com
Commission Type  CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS
Minimum Payment  $100
Payment Frequency Every  15 Days
Payment Method  Wire, PayPal, Skrill

DMSAffiliates is said to be one of the leading affiliate networks around, with over 400+ live offers as of today. 

It has very good categories and the following niches such as Dating, Adult, Binary, Gambling/Casino, Forex, Giveaways includes incentive and non-incent traffic. 

Unlike other CPA networks, you can send traffic to a particular offer without worry about getting the offer paused or canceled.

When it comes to the approval process, I would say, it’s easy like taking a cup of coffee. Not need to wait for a call or anything – simply register your account for instant approval. 

I would say, 4000+ active affiliates don’t lie. Want to take part in the DMSaffiliates network? This site could be the best choice for beginners. 

DMSAffiliates Affiliate program

DMSAffiliates affiliate program has 5% commission range, which means when your sub-affiliates earn commissionS you’ll earn 5% off of that. An extra way to earn money with DMSaffiliates.

CPAlead CPA & Content Locking Affiliate Program

Network Name CPAlead 
Founded 2006 
Number of Offers  2000+
Commission Type  CPA, CPL, Content Locking 
Minimum Payment  $50
Payment Frequency  Net-30, Net-15, Weekly, Early Payment (upon request) 
Contact Email support@cpalead.com
Phone Support  (800) 447-7307 
Payment Method  Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

CPAlead was the first network that I associate with and made $50 PayPal commission from my sub-affiliates alone.

CPA Lead is a user-friendly network that allows all types of people from beginners to advanced affiliate marketers. One of the premier lead generation networks with hundreds of high converting offers in hand.

It has offers for mobile such as app install and other verticals include email submit, cost per sale, etc.

If you have a blog or website you can use their content locking tool through which you can earn extra money too. 

Content locking is a tool that allows you to list the offers to show to your website visitors. 

You set the time as to how and when to show. A popup box opens up to show the offers. When any action takes place you’ll earn commission as well.

CPAlead has been one of the favorite networks for a starter because the application process is simple and straightforward. Register your account and get approved immediately.

CPAlead Affiliate Program 

Invite your friends and others who have shown some interest in promoting CPA offers. 

You get paid 5% referral commission for life. For example, if they earn $100 then you’ll earn $5.

Mylead CPA Network – Best Converting CPA Offers

Network Name Mylead 
Founded 2014
Country Origin Poland
Number of Offers 1600+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPA, PPI, SMS & IVR
Minimum Payment $20
Payment Frequency
Net-14, most often 48 hours
Contact Email kontakt@mylead.pl
Phone Support +48 570 111 414
Payment Method   Wire, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney
Mylead.com CPA affiliate network

MyLead is another CPA network that approves your application instantly. Being the top CPA network in the industry; this network enables all classes of people to register.

There are over 40000 active publishers currently working with MyLead.com.

If you want to test this network, you can sign-up for free and see the support and offers availability. A very few networks only allow you to cash out at $20. MyLead is one on the list. 

Besides, you get free access to their training which will offer you the most important information and help you to earn money.

MyLead – Affiliate Program

Same as other CPA networks, CPALead also offers an affiliate program. It pays 5% referral commission for life. 

For a blogger, this could be the best way to earn additional income.

Fireads – Express Withdrawals & Instant Authorization

Network Name Fireads 
Founded 2011 2011
Country Origin Poland
Number of Offers 400+
Commission Type CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI, PPI, WAP Opt-In
Minimum Payment $20
Payment Frequency  Weekly, Instant, 48 Hours
Contact Email Support@firemedia.pl
Phone Support +48 519 760 799
Payment Method  WirePayPalWebMoneyePayments, TransferGO

Fireads is another great CPA network that pays daily. Finding a daily paying CPA network is hard and not many around. Fireads allows you to receive your payment within 24hours. 

Though people might ignore this network considering the number of offers. Look! 400+ offers is not a lot but still, you can find your best choice there. 

Getting your account is instant so I would say, get inside and see the offers.

Pick the best offers from there to earn a full-time income. Not only Fireads CPA network pays daily but also it has a very low cash threshold of $20. You shouldn’t miss this network for sure.

Fireads Referral Program

Fireads also have an internal affiliate program. The average affiliate commission you get is around 5%. Get qualified CPA marketers and earn extra commission.

CPAgrip – Best Realtime And Instant Access Network

Network Name CPAgrip
Founded 2011
Number of Offers 2500+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS
Minimum Payment $50
Payment Frequency Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly
Contact Email support@cpagrip.com
Phone Support  +1 (702) 582-8001
Payment Method Check, PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)

CPAgrip is a performance marketing & CPA / PPD Affiliate Network. Very beginner-friendly network and has an option to chat with existing affiliates too. 

CPAgrip allows members to access their platform instantly. And for those who have a website/blog can still earn a lot of money with their monetization tools.

Whether you’re a publisher, website owner, or app developer, CPAgrip could be the choice for you.

CPAgrip has the following tools through which you can earn money such as Content Lockers, URL & Download Lockers, Video Lockers, Offer Walls, and Virtual Currency.

CPAgrip Affiliate Program

Take part in their ever-growing affiliate network. You’ll 5% recurring commission from all affiliates who had registered via your affiliate link. 

Get as many sign-ups you want to add more money in your wallet.

Adworkmedia – Most Rated CPA Affiliate Network

Network Name Adworkmedia 
Founded 2010
Number of Offers 1000+
Country Origin USA
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Gateway, Product Locking
Minimum Payment $35
Payment Frequency  Weekly, Bi-Weekly, NET 7, or NET 15 (Default NET 30)
Contact Email contact@adworkmedia.com
Payment Method  Check, Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, ACH (Direct Deposit)

Adworkmedia is another popular CPA network that accepts affiliates quickly on the same day. Back in 2014, I had a domain with a keyword “FREE”. 

I got approved FIRST but later questioned about my domain. 

Though my intention was not to mislead visitors. But later I was approved to promote offers on that blog. Now that blog is no more because I was just playing around that time.

Adworkmedia has more than 1000+ offers and new offers are being added weekly.

If you’re a beginner or pro blogger you want to start with this network ASAP. It has a great content locker plus an intuitive UI and good support too.

Their content Locker, Link Locker, Product Locker, Offer Wall & other monetization tools are easily integrable to protect premium content such as downloads, links, upgrades, credits, guides, digital products, music & much more.

Adworkmedia Affiliate Program

Adworkmedia pays around 3% affiliate commission when some of your friends join and earn on their side. 

Not much though, but money is money. A few hundred quality and active sub-affiliates can earn you an additional $500 per month.

Indoleads – Small Network With Great Support

Network Name Indoleads 
Founded 2016
Country origin Malaysia
Number of Offers 500+
Commission Type CPA, CPS
Minimum Payment $100
Payment Frequency  Net-30
Contact Email care@indoleads.com
Phone support +60 323 030117
Payment Method PayPal, Wire, WebMoney

Indolead.com has generated over $500M in revenue annually with the highest payout of 127k. 

And top of that it has over 30,000 registered affiliates with top brands from Tokopedia to Aliexpress.

To date, the Indolead CPA affiliate network is serving more than 500+ offers from over 60 countries around the world. This is another great CPA network that approves your application instantly.

Indoleads Affiliate Program

Indoleads is even better when it comes to their affiliate program. 

It pays affiliate commission anywhere between 1%-50% depending on the type of offers. A best and high paying affiliate program in the CPA industry.

Clickbank – Top Rated Affiliate Network

Network Name Clickbank
Founded 2003
Number of Offers 5000+
Commission Type Cost per sale
Minimum Payment $100
Payment Frequency  Bi-WeeklyWeekly
Phone support 1 (208) 345-4245
Payment Method Check, ACH (Direct Deposit), Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer 

This blog is dedicated for beginners so I thought to include the Clickbank affiliate network too. 

It’s because Clickbank is very similar to the CPA network with small changes here and there. Though you do not get daily payment, yet one of the most sought affiliate networks in the world. 

Clickbank allows starters to join instantly. No waiting or a phone call whatsoever. Sign-up with your valid email address and confirm it. You’re ready to go.

You get access to over 5000+ great CPA offers within the marketplace. You get paid whenever a sale is generated. Most offer pays up to 75% commission and some are recurring commission too. 

An alternative to any high paying CPA affiliate networks (BBB accredited business -BBB rating A+).

Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank does not have an affiliate program. Any person who has had a few months of a taste in online marketing knows what is Clickbank. 

So I reckon that Clickbank deliberately voided this option because they’re super popular. Clickbank could have thought of not to promote their network through affiliates to cut the unnecessary cash leakage. 

CPARK – Honest & Transparent Affiliate Network

Network Name CPARK 
Country origin Ukraine
Number of Offers 1000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL
Minimum Payment $100 
Payment Frequency Net-7, Net-15Net-30
Contact Email support@cpark.pro
Payment Method  Wire Transfer, PayoneerWebMoneyPaxumePayments
CPark affiliate Network

CPARK is another user-friendly CPA network allows people to get instant access. And has a vast experience in the CPA industry with great reputation and flexibility.

It has some of the easy converting verticals such as mobile subscription offers, dating offers, sweepstakes, etc. It also provides you customized high converting offers from top advertisers.

CPARK Affiliate Program

CPARK pays a reasonable affiliate commission for each sub-affiliate you bring in. 

Who doesn’t like extra money in the bank?

The average earnings per affiliate are anywhere between 5%-7%. Connect with potential affiliates and earn side by side along with your regular earning.

Mobidea – Best and Reliable Mobile CPA network

Network Name Mobidea 
Founded 2011
Country origin United States (Headquarters-European Union (EU))
Number of Offers 1000+
Commission Type CPA
Minimum Payment Euro 50
Payment Frequency Every business day (e-payments during weekends for VIP only)
Contact Email onlinemarketing@mobidea.com
Payment Method  Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, ePayments & Firstchoice

Mobidea is well-known for a mobile CPA network, allowing you to signup without even need of waiting. 

If you planned to join a mobile CPA network then Mobidea is something you can consider about.

Mobidea Mobile Network

This site accepts all kinds of affiliates, including those who have not had any Internet marketing experience.

Not only that, but you also do not even need to purchase a third party tracker which is another advantage because it can save you $100/month.

No scarcity of best and high converting offers in Mobidea. Pick thousands of top converting mobile CPA offers from several verticals or let the Smart-link optimize your traffic! 

Not just that, Mobidea is also a dedicated traffic provider and specializes in push traffic. 

If you want to promote offers that are within or from outside, you can utilize their traffic source for your marketing campaign. 

To test their traffic quality you may want only a minimum deposit of $50.

Mobidea Affiliate Program

Mobidea offers you a 5% referral commission for each affiliate. Let them join under you and start pushing some cash on their side. 

The best way to earn extra money while making cash.

Leadbit – High Payout On Offers

Network Name LeadBit
Founded 2013
Country origin Russia (HQ – UAE)
Number of Offers 800+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS
Minimum Payment $25
Payment Frequency Upon request
Payment Method Wire, PayPal, Skrill

Leadbit is one among many CPA networks that do not ask any prior experience in order to participate in their network. 

Leadbit Affiliate Network

Just like any other CPA affiliate networks mentioned here, Leadbit also has the same work behavior that allowing young entrepreneurs to get instant access.

No more complicated documents are required except for some basic details of yours.

Leadbit consists of over 800+ great high converting offers include gambling niche. Submit your application to get instant access. 

Besides, it provides some training for beginner to learn affiliate marketing and the training includes Adwords, Facebook, MGID (native ads), etc.

Leadbit Affiliate Program

Leadbit affiliate program is currently not available and I’ll update when it changes in their business policy.

CPAbuild – CPA Affiliate Network with High Rated Offers

Network Name CPAbuild
Founded 2011
Country origin United States
Number of Offers 1000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI
Minimum Payment $50
Payment Frequency Weekly
Contact email dmca@cpabuild.com
Payment Method PayPalPayoneerWire, ACH

CPAbuild is said to be the provider of most profitable offers in the world. I tested this network to see how long will it take to get approved. 

Wola! It took just about 30 minutes to receive an email saying, “your account is approved”. For some, it might not take this long for sure. 

Another best feature with CPAbuild is that it has full stats on offer, browser, operating system, location, referral, etc. 

This means you don’t even need to worry about buying a third-party tracker to see. Though tracker is highly recommended for a beginner, this could save some money. Sign-up with CPAbuild now to get instant approval.

CPAbuild Affiliate Program

With the CPAbuild affiliate program, you can earn a 5% bonus on all traffic that your affiliates brought in. 

It seems to me that they’re talking about only traffic and not the affiliate’s earnings. Even though you could potentially make some extra income. 

CJ Affiliate Network- Top Affiliate Network

Network Name CJ Affiliate Network
Founded 1998
Country origin United States
Number of Offers 1000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS, Pay Per Call
Minimum Payment $50
Payment Frequency Net-20, Net-30
Payment Method  Check, Fedex Check, ACH (Direct Deposit), Payoneer

CJ is the rename of “Commission Junction” and it’s one of the top leading affiliate networks similar to Clickbank and JVzoo.

CJ Affiliate Network

It has been in the industry of over 20 years and still growing every day. CJ is yet another most trusted and established name in affiliate marketing.

The reason I listed CJ in this category was that not many people know about CJ. 

Those who have the least experience in affiliate marketing perhaps know what it is and how it works. Since this post is for beginners I thought to add this site in this list too. 

Sign-up for free to get instant approval. You get access to their ever-growing offers to promote online. 

One of the easiest affiliate networks to get approval; similar to Clickbank and JVzoo affiliate networks.

JVzoo – Fastest Growing Affiliate Network

Network Name JVzoo  JVzoo 
Founded 2011
Country origin United States
Number of Offers 1000+
Commission Type CPA
Minimum Payment $10
Payment Frequency 30 days
Payment Method Bank transfer and PayPal

JVzoo is very similar to Clickbank but vastly differs. A one-stop solution for Affiliate Marketers, Software Developers, Info Marketers, Membership Sites, Product Creators, etc.

The product owners list their products in the market place and you as an affiliate promote their product to earn a commission. 

When it comes to approval, JVzoo allows you instant access to their affiliate network. Making money is easy as long as you know the way how to drive traffic

Every time you generate sales, you get your commission deposited to the JVzoo account. And then you can withdraw to your PayPal account.

Though some vendors are selective in approving their offer but do not worry – JVzoo has 1000s of great high converting digital products to choose from. 

Choose the one that converting well and take it from there.

Trafee – Highly Responsive CPA Network

Network Name Trafee 
Number of Offers 1000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPI, Smartlink CPA, CPL, CPI, Smartlink
Minimum Payment $100 $100
Payment Frequency  Weekly
Payment Method PayPal, QIWI, WebMoneyPaxumWireePayment
Trafee affiliate network

Trafee CPA network has been around for a while. It has over 15 years of experience in the CPA industry and it’s growing rapidly.

It has a verity of verticals from CPA to CPI. You don’t want to miss this network as the payment seems to be very quick and highly responsive in terms of support. 

When it comes to getting approval, it won’t take more than 5 minutes. Sign up today to access their repository.

Trafee Affiliate Program


Affise – Highly Responsive CPA Affiliate Network

Network Name Globalfastads 
Founded 2015 2015
Number of Offers 1000+ 1000
Commission Type CPI, CPA, CPE, CPL, CPS
Minimum Payment $100
Payment Frequency Net30
Payment Method  CheckPayPalWire

Affise is a performance marketing platform to manage, track, analyze, and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time. 

Affise CPA Affiliate Network

Tracking is the core principle for CPA campaigns and this is where Affise comes into the picture.

You can use their software to track your permanence or you can sign-up directly with their CPA network.

Affise covers a wide range of verticals from E-commerce, Mobile, Gambling, Gaming, Dating, Nutra, Crypto to Finance.

Find more information about offers and payout range. It is easy to get sign-up and approved by them – instant access for me to say.

Affise CPA Affiliate Program

When compared to other high paying CPA affiliate networks, this won’t be a lot to say but instead of not making a dime I think earning 2% is an ideal way to add some extra cash. 

Dr.Cash – Exclusive To Nutra Verticals

Network Name  Dr.cash
Founded 2016
Country origin Hong Kong
Number of Offers 3000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL
Minimum Payment $50
Payment Frequency  Daily and Weekly

Dr.cash is another easy CPA network which will give you instant approval. Dr.cash is operating since 2016 and working exclusively with CPA and Revshare offers in the field of human beauty and health. 

Dr.cash has its own production to link the world’s top advertisers, which means you never lack the best offers in those verticals.

If you’re interested in promoting Nutra verticals then Dr.Cash CPA can be a way to boost your affiliate earnings. 

There are currently 3000+ offers to choose from covering India, US, Canada to over 100+ Geo’s/countries.

This network offers extremely high rates and payouts up to 2 times a day!

Dr.cash Affiliate Program

Dr.cash has an affiliate program too. It currently pays a 2% referral commission. 

As always check the official site to know if the percentage is increased or remains the same so you can get a clear idea.

Paysale – One of the Stable CPA Affiliate Networks

Network Name Paysale
Founded 2013
Country origin Scotland
Number of Offers 2000+ 2000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS
Minimum Payment $100
Payment Frequency Every 10 Days (Default net30)
Payment Method Check, PayPal, Wire, Paxum, WebMoney 

Paysale is another good CPA network that allows new affiliates to promote their offers without any waiting period. 

It gives instant access to work for them like many CPA affiliate networks listed on this page. 

Paysale offers a full range of services – verticals include e-commerce, dating, and match-making, travel sites, etc.

Your earnings will be paid timely depending on the level you hold. Once you become a super affiliate then you can receive payment every 10 days. 

Besides, you’ll be assigned a dedicated manager as every CPA site does. Find the best and scalable offers to reap the benefits.

Paysale Affiliate Program

Paysale has an inbuilt affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can invite an interested candidate to join in their network. 

You’ll earn 2% affiliate commission based on your performance and activity.

Crakrevenue – Highly Responsive CPA Network

Network Name Crakrevenue
Founded 2010
Country origin Canada
Number of Offers 800+
Commission Type CPL, CPS, CPI, Revshare
Minimum Payment $100 $100
Payment Frequency Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Weekly, Bi-monthly
Payment Method Check, Paxum, Wire, Firstchoice Pay

Crakrevenue gives access to new affiliates instantly. No waiting for approval. However, Crakrevenue is not the choice for everyone because this network mainly focuses on adult offers. 

Crakrevenue CPA Network

Do you love to run adult traffic to earn a big commission! CR could be the place for you.

An interesting thing about Crakrevenue is that it has already tested all offers by an in-house team.

This way, you get maximum revenue for each offer. Only high converting offers are promoted. 

More frequently, they tweak the offers’ landing page to maximize your revenue. 

If you’re keen on promoting adult offers such as male enhancement and dating offers – you can do so.

Crakrevenue Affiliate Program

Crakrevenue pays up to 5% referral commission from your sub-affiliates. This platform is suitable for those who have a website that has adult content. You can try with the best adult traffic to see how it works.

Conclusion to Qualify CPA Networks & Methods:

Being a beginner to CPA affiliate networks can get you super excited. Isn’t it!. However, you may need to acquire some basic skills in the affiliate marketing arena.

Of-course, keeping multiple landing pages for promoting CPA offers is highly recommended.

Learn first how a simple offer like CPL is performing so you don’t lose money from your advertising campaigns. 

For paid advertising, keyword research is the most important thing, and also knowing how to reduce your CPC on paid ads is another trick to save a huge amount of money. 

Without knowing how to be profitable in CPA offers can lead to debt like many others. If you were to promote only on social media using a free method, You have no problem whatsoever.

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There you have all the best CPA affiliate networks that approve your application instantly. 

As mentioned earlier, if you had failed before with some of the popular networks such as Maxbounty or anything similar then you might need to learn how to successfully pass in the interview. 

Therefore, please read my previous post to get a clear idea and the reasons why things did not go well for you.

That post will help you to learn the causes and allow you to make changes in your thinking before submitting your application. 

All right, my dear – friend!

These are my findings of instant approval CPA affiliate networks.

And if you are working with any networks that approve immediately then please leave the links in the comment box so I can add them in the post. 

Did you ever got denied in the CPA network! Your honest input will be really appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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