11 Easy Steps To Make $10-30$ Per Day On Quora! Can You Do This For 7 Days!

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Wanna make money on Quora? Awesome! This guide shows you how to earn daily fast cash without using the Quora partner platform! All you need is a computer, internet connection, and some editing skills. This is it.

So, before I get started! Welcome back to Spotthetreasure.com!

In this short post, I am going to show you how to make daily $10, $20, $30, or even $50 per day using the Quora platform without investment.

With this Quora tricks and beginners’ guide, you can earn daily without the need for writing posts or any lengthy articles.

Remember! This Quora guide is 100% beginner-friendly and not associated with the Quora partner program.

For Quora Money – What You Don’t Need Or Require To Do!

  • You don’t need to own a website such as WordPress
  • No need to become a Quora partner to earn money from home
  • No need to create a sales funnel to make money on Quora
  • You don’t need to write 100s of articles to drive traffic
  • Not required to purchase a third party autoresponder
  • Absolutely, no profile authority is required to make money on Quora
  • You don’t need to create pictures/images to draw attention
  • Article writing skills are not required to make money in Quora
  • You need not have hundreds of followers on Quora
  • Anyone can participate in the Quora Affiliate program [ In my term, it is a short-cut to affiliate marketing]
  • You don’t need to own a product to earn $10-$100 or more

For Quora Program- Eligibility & Requirement To Do!

  • Basic English with editing skills
  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Able to browse the internet
  • Desire to earn from home
  • Suitable for beginners, students, housewives, college dropouts, part or full-time job seekers
  • Eligible for the residents of the U.S, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, Canada, or any countries that exist on this planet.
  • Have the patience to follow this method for 7 -10 days

This Quora money-making concept is not being used by many Quora members yet or even outsiders.

So to say, this Quora, work from home concept still works and don’t let the opportunity to go away.

All you need to do is follow each step as I outlined below. Again, I want you to do this for at least 5-7 days to see the results. But, don’t worry, you don’t need to write any articles on your own. That’s what this Quora make money guide is all about.

Anyone who has a little bit of experience in searching the web can participate in this Quora money-making program. OK! Let’s start now, keeping beginners’ perspective in mind.

How to earn from Quora platform?Create Your Account To Become a Member

How To Become a Quoaran?

If you have no idea on how to become a Quora member, then don’t worry. To become a Quora member, you don’t need to invest anything. All you need is to have a valid email address.

I would highly recommend you to start with your Gmail account.

You can either join through a Facebook account or Gmail.

For me, I don’t sign-up with any social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anything available to integrate because at times you get some trouble in logging in.

Also if your account gets banned or deactivated then you may not be able to integrate with your social networking sites in the future.

Don’t worry, it won’t happen anything as such but always be on the safer side. So, don’t be lazy in creating a new account. Click the Quora.com link to create an account now.

Update Your Profile To Make Money On Quora

How To Update Your Profile On Quora?

This is the most important part of the Quora money making method. It’s because some members at times click on your profile to see what you’re offering. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have 100s of subs or followers.

Off and on, some folks may want to see what service you’re offering and know your credibility. If you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, please link them all within your profile description area.

If you’re not sure about how to write a good description then you can find the same within the Quora Platform.

Copy from one of the member’s descriptions and make small changes where it required. You’re ready to go now.

Look! It’s not that you’re going to get traffic only from your profile.

But at times, some folks just do this to make sure you’ve some social influence. If your profile was good then you get additional traffic from there as well.

Start a Discussion [ Rehearsal]

How To Start a Discussion On Quora?

Before you apply the following methods on Quora. I want you to start a discussion there. You can find 1000s of topics to choose from.

You can choose any niche you want from Movies, Healthcare, Gossips, make money from home, affiliate marketing to any topics you can imagine.

I want you to answer for each thread there. It can be about 10-15 replies before you apply my methods to work better.

By doing this way, you reduce a chance to get your account deactivated or banned. Again, this won’t happen but as always, be on the safer side.

Ensure that your replies contain about 100-200 words.

Before post your answers, you can write articles in MS-word to count the words. This is one of the basic steps you must do before applying my strategy.

By doing this way, You get some momentum so that you can apply the Quora work at home methods as outlined below.

I think to reach 10-20 posts is super easy and can be done by anyone within a day.

Once you finished. Stop doing it for at least 1 or 2 days. And then start a second round. This time answers to 10 replies. This is it.

Now you have laid the foundation. Awesome! You’ve done a great job. Before you apply my tricks, you may continue to participate or take a leave for 2 days. It’s up to you.

Best Products And Services To Offer

How To Find Best Converting Products To Promote On Quora?

After you applied the first step replying to some threads or posts. It’s time to find the best products to promote on Quora. Now, there are many ways to find the best high converting products.

You can choose any digital products you want to. For example, Clickbank products.

Without a doubt, 70% of people who visit through search engines like Google, won’t be having any idea about affiliate links, affiliate marketing, or Clickbank, etc.

So, don’t worry about commission leakage!

Now, head over to the Clickbank marketplace to find your favorite niche.

Are You Beginner To Clickbank Marketplace?

Well, Clickbank is a digital marketplace like Amazon in which you can choose digital products to promote online.

Unlike peanut-amazon, Clickbank will pay you up to 75% commission for every sale you generate.

The best part is, you can choose products that pay either an onetime commission or recurring.

After you created an account, click on the marketplace link.

Choose the category and from there you find 100s of products to choose from.

You can find popular and high converting products by clicking on the drop-down menu there. Click here to register the Clickbank account here.

How to find products from Clickbank?

It’s up to you to decide what niche and product type you want to promote.

I cannot direct you which one to choose and which one not. This is because my interest and taste won’t be the same as yours.

What next! After decided to promote the best products, copy all the affiliate links and save them on your notepad as this help you in the later stages.

You need to promote affiliate products through established and reputed websites. Don’t worry, there is a way to promote affiliate products using some of the top well-known websites and blogs.

You don’t need to create blogs/WordPress websites to promote online.

Promoting affiliate products through your websites is a common practice to earn money. So, we don’t want that nonsense.

To make money using a non-traditional way, you need to find good websites that are trending!

You don’t need to wrack your brain as to where to get trending news and good websites.

In order to make money from Quora, you must have 10-15 websites that are talking about news and trending in a big way.

To find trending news, you can search on Google as “Google trending”. There you have tons of websites that talk about various topics.

See which are the websites trending! Once you finalized all those basic things, copy them all and save them on your notepad [ You must copy the page links, not the direct domain].

Keep everything ready in your documents so you can set up this method easily.

Write Articles For Every Promotion

How To Steal Articles From Outside?

I know what you thinking right now! I repeat you don’t need to write articles on your own.

Alternatively, you can copy from other websites to make it work. This way you can drive loads of traffic to your affiliate products daily, weekly, and monthly.

But how to do it!

Well, there are thousands of article-based websites such as Articlesbase.com, Amazines.com, Ezinearticles.com, Articlesfactory.com, etc. This is where you get some content to post on Quora discussion.

Did I say you just copy and paste on Quora!

Is Amazon Associate Program Scam?

Nope! You might need to make small editing within the article.

I would recommend just copy the portion of those articles and make small changes in them.

You don’t need to copy even the entire article, it can be 200 words from there.

Just rewrite changing some words here and there. You’re ready to go!

Now do the same way for at least 10-15 articles first and save them in your notepad with the tiles and the category. This helps to post at Quora faster without confusion.

Variation is always good, so choose multiple niches and articles, and word counts.

One set of articles can be 150 words, the other set can be 250 words and the last set can be 350 words.

This is because when you start posting on Quora with variation in words count, their algorithm won’t catch you.

If you keep sticking to the same number of words then your posts may get red-flagged from Quora. So, ensure, you have variation in place.

Mask Your Product page

Assuming you have 10 affiliate links from Clickbank ready to rock and roll.

However, before inserting LINKS in the popup button you need to mask them first.

Shortening Your affilaite links

In order to complete the setup process, create an account at Bitly or Rebrandly, and then paste the affiliate link there. Click on create new to cloak the link.

You can also give a name for each link so that you can check the progress of link clicks, device type, where visitors coming from such as country, location, etc.

This is a good idea to cross-check the progress because as you when promoting multiple offers the platform allows you to see all variables.

This way you’ll be able to optimize Quora advertising based on the performance.

Please follow the image tutorial to learn more.

  • Create Bitly or Rebrandly account
  • Insert an affiliate link
  • Create a unique link for each product

How To Promote Reputed Websites?

This is the most important aspect of Quora affiliate marketing. In this step, you have to insert your cloaked affiliate link on the websites.

As I said earlier, you don’t have to have access to websites or access to their admin panel like HTML pages.

Instead, we are going to enable a small pop up box with our offers on these websites.

In order to achieve the best results, we are going to use a free platform is called Snip.ly.

This Snip.ly platform is free to use. And if you’d like to remove their branding you can subscribe to their premium membership plan. For now, let’s start with a basic – free membership.

It’s time to copy your product cloaked link and paste it in the account setup process (see below).

And after the setup process is done, double-check your article link and affiliate link by opening them on a new tab.

The popup should show up. As always, test them before doing article marketing on Quora or any social networking sites.

See the image below.

  • 1. Upload an image and name the title
  • 2. Add a short message of your product
  • 3. Call to action [ such as click here, download now, watch now, etc]
  • 4. Bitly or Rebrand shortened URL
  • 5. Website page or article link

Quora affiliate MarketingIn this way, you can create as many pop-up boxes for any number of products as you like.

Promote Popular Websites

We have done all the nitty-gritty things. Now, it’s time to promote links at the Quora marketplace.

Awesome! You’re almost there!

Time to copy those articles one by one and post them in the relevant Quora discussion area [Give gap about 10 minutes for each post].

Ensure, you interlink article links at the end of the post or within the keyword.

Firstly, focus on articles that have 100+ words. And then on the second 2 day, publish posts that have 150 words and finally 300+ words. Don’t insert links in all the articles, mix it up.

===>> Recap Of Quora Affiliate Marketing!

  • Create an account in Quora & update your profile
  • Choose the best high converting products from marketplaces
  • Cloak the referral or product links using ULR Shortener
  • Insert those affiliate links in the Snip.ly platform
  • Get the link and post articles in Quora. You’re done.

What next! Rinse and repeat the process for 7-10 days or more.

Similarly, you can promote websites once in a day or multiple times a day. As long as you have good articles and product links then you’re fine.

You can do as many times as you want. Keep in mind, every time you post answers in the reply section ensure you give some time-space for posting there.

Don’t overdo it as the Quora sometimes block you for posting like a BOT.

You see, the Quora algorithm is a software and not a human so there is a chance you get marked as a bot or something. You can use this method on any discussion forums too.

Watch The Traffic Flow In Quora Platform

Awesome! You did what you need to get traffic from Quora. Usually, you start getting traffic from day one.

However, I cannot predict how many visitors are going to click on your links.

You need to be specific in terms of choosing a topic in the Quora discussion forum.

Ensure you post answers where people are discussing like a fish market. Also, try to respond to the first question if you find any.

If that the case, post as quickly as possible with 800+ words or more. In this way, you can keep your answers on top instead of getting buried.

My recommendation is to get at least 100-300 visitors per day to your links.

New Post ==> Direct Data Entry Companies

Trending Post ==> Paid Online Survey Sites

Time To Up The Ante – Increase Traffic

Considering all went well! Now it’s time to up the ante. Try to post answers more now. Look, the more you answer, the more traffic you get from the Quora forum.

The Quora traffic is evergreen so once you start getting the traffic you can edit your answers changing the links if required.

How You Make Money With Quora By Doing This!

By this time, many of you guys might have understood how to make money from Quora.

Yet some folks might be wondering how to earn by doing or posting answers in this way!

Best websites to refer and earn Money?

Let me tell you in short.

When people search for the answers from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc.

You start to get traffic from search engines as well as the Quora forum.

When they click on the source link you offered, people click on to read the news.

The readers always trust big and established websites.

As when they read the content, a small pop-up notification at the bottom of the page appears. When readers notice that, they assume that the recommendation is from the same website.

Having a great authority, 90% of readers who click on the button without a fail.

At a rough guess, 1%-2% or more people buy your offers. This is how it works.

Let’s say that you are getting around 300 people to the website page and out of which 150 people click on the button.

Even if you consider only 3% of conversion, still you earn $10-$30 per day without the need for email marketing, cold calling, or anything as such. Remember! Quora traffic is every-green.

If the vendor pays 75% commission of the $200 worth product then you’ll earn $150 in one sale.

At times you get more sales too. So, your earnings depend on the product quality, price range, and the demand in the market.

Alternative To Clickbank Products To Promote On Quora

This Quora marketing is not only restricted to Clickbank. There are hundreds of digital marketplaces out there such as JVzoo, CJ, Shareasale, etc.

To make money on Quora, join right now and replicate these methods over and over again.

You see, the process of Quora marketing is the same as anywhere. Not only you can promote CPS- Cost per sale offer, but also CPA offers.

CPL offers usually convert really well. It’s because CPL offers require only an email address and nothing else.

Advertisers usually pay $2-$5 per email submit. And it’s an easy way to promote Cost per lead offers using this Quora marketing.

For example; 50 leads per day, assuming you earn $2 per lead. That means you earn $100 per day without selling or recruiting anyone online.

Up The Ante From CPA ===> Access To CPA Marketing Websites

Besides, you can also promote via social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any social networking sites you have.

Bonus: Quora Tips And Guide:

Want To Multiply Your Income Using Quora Traffic!

I’m adding this bonus method so you can multiply your income in no time.

With the above tricks or methods, you can certainly make money.

However, in order to avoid leaking your visitors there, additionally, you can do these steps too.

This is for those who have a $15 monthly budget. That’s right!

You are guaranteed to multiply your income with this method. OK! Let me tell you how it works!

You see, every-time you drive traffic to your product page, people click on the button.

But, did you know only 3%-5% of people take action! But the rest of the people don’t. In this way, you lose a lot of potential customers.

In order for them to come back to your offers, you can alternatively, create a simple email capture form.

Instead of linking a direct offer page, insert your email form in there [ Some integration work is required here].

So when someone clicks on the button, it will be redirected to a sign-up form before they see the offer.

For example, let’s assume that 40 people out of 100 people who have entered their name and email address in the email form before being redirected to the affiliate link.

You see, two things will happen here!

You’ll be able to acquire an email list and earn money then and there. Those who have not taken action can be contacted through email marketing.

Not only you can target them by sending one product but multiple products, any time, any day you want.

All you need is to send emails using autoresponder along-with your affiliate link. This time, you can insert an affiliate link instead of sending a masked website.

In this way, you can earn instantly, at the same time multiply your income promoting unlimited affiliate products or free offers.

Top Recommended Autoresponder ===> Get Aweber Free Here

Final Touch To Quora Fast Cash Guide

I hope you like the above Quora money making guide. I want you to follow this method for at least one week in order to see results.

Again, if you have no idea of autoresponder integration, you can contact me so that I can set up for you for free.

Provide me those website addresses using my “contact me” form [ Leave a comment before you contact me].

You don’t need to pay anything extra for me. With an Aweber affiliate program, I earn some commission if you had joined through the provided link above.

Automated Method ===> How To Make Money blog?

You can earn either with an autoresponder or without it. It’s up to you to decide.

If you’ll ever need any help, always leave a comment in the below section. Awaiting for your response. Thanks for reading.

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