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MoneyCraft App and Easy Guide – Review

MoneyCraft is a new product that is creating a lot of buzz on the internet. This is because this money-making method is a bit unique among biz ops.

Yes, MoneyCraft is designed for beginners or those who don’t have enough marketing experience on the internet.

You see, Domain flipping is another concept where you’d purchase domains and sell them for a higher cost. In this same way, you’ll learn how to sell games using the MoneyCraft application on the internet.

So in this MoneyCraft review, I’ll share my opinions and of-course the pros and cons of it so you can make an informed decision. 

According to MoneyCraft’s founders, you can use this app and earn cash daily without worrying about learning internet skills or investing a big budget.

Does MoneyCraft claim make sense to you! Not sure! You’ll learn exactly that…so let’s dive in right away.

MoneyCraft Overview

Founders: Ijlal Ahmed & Jahanzeb Khan
Product: MoneyCraft – Flip video games for profit
Operation Since: 2020-Jul-16
Front-End Price: $27
JV Page:
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus 
Niche: Bizopp – Gaming

The Founders 

Software Founders

The creators behind this MoneyCraft are Ijlal Ahmed & Jahanzeb Khan. Though Ijlal was inspired by his friend who happened to be a college student and was making a good amount of money by selling video games online [Fliliping model].

His friend told him that this business model can yield good results if this was put on the right platform.

As a result of this discussion, both sat together and came up with an idea and built an app where all top gaming and pricing can be seen under one roof. 

They put together great software which can anyone use to generate easy daily gaming sales just by using their sophisticated application.

What Is MoneyCraft Gaming App?

This MoneyCraft easy-to-use application helps you spot the best and low to high-priced online video games without the need of manual research.

Members testimonials

MoneyCraft created for all types of people. This software primarily helps you in finding which games are popular and for how much they’re being sold on the marketplaces. 

It also provides hidden marketplaces where you can re-list the same for a good price against your rivals.

This way, it helps you boost sales easily than your competitors.

Another interesting feature is that – MoneyCraft app also helps find the best games to write articles for your blog.

You see to get the right games and cheap ones, you may need to have some experience in the niche. 

But with the help of the MoneyCraft app, you don’t need to go anywhere. Simply use their research button and it pulls up 100s of games in front of your eyes.

After that, you can follow their step-by-step guide and then earn by flipping popular games for an affordable price.

​In a nutshell, it’s a VERY easy formula that anyone can use – students, housewives, retirees, part/full-time job seekers.

All you need is use the MoneyCraft app to find the best deals on video games, snag the keys, re-list the same for a better price.

This might seem too good to be true but this type of business model still there but with a different niche. This is the first app that discovered a business model in the gaming industry.

How Does MoneyCraft Work?

Step #1

Access the MoneyCraft application to view the dashboard. And then find games that are selling like a hot cake. How to find them will be revealed during the video training!


Copy the game name from the website and search it in the MoneyCraft app. This app now lets you the game name, trending, and selling for how much, and so on. 


Purchase the game from the site for a lower price and relist the same game for a higher price at the Secret marketplace. [You’ll are allowed to access the Secret marketplaces website addresses after you become a paid member].

You’re done.

Product Pricing And OTOs

MoneyCraft Pricing and Product featuresThis is for everyone who wants to taste this app and make money working from home.

The first front-end – 2 part training and software shows exactly how both made over a Million Dollar. The presentation shows you how to buy popular video games and how to fillip them in private marketplaces.

With this option, you can have highly-profitable games and make a commission by flipping from 25+ websites.

Visit the Money Craft Official Site Here

OTO1: Cheat Code

This option unlocks more options and gives you access to how to uncover a 100% ethical and legal loophole that allows you to keep more profits by selling games. 

Not only that, the Pro Version even goes further and research you by showing which games are trending and hot deals on demand. Plus this allows you to pick them against your competitors and relist so you can earn massive profits.

OTO2: Power Up

This level is more or like showing which games are exactly going to bring massive profits for your money every month. Besides, this level doesn’t require you to do any researching or any extra research required.

This option tells you which game to buy, how to profit, and how to relist them in their recommended secret platforms to make easy bucks. This is practically a no-brainer offer.

OTO3: The Boss level 

This is the final and premium package, where in fact no need to do anything, except clicking some buttons. The founders will walk you through everything about this business which includes one-on-one settings from their accounts. 

Not just that, they’ll guide you which games to buy for a low cost, re-listing the games for them and making sure you make a profit.

This is a complete done-for-you package, you just need to sit back and watch them make profits for you. 

MoneyCraft Review – Features

  • MoneyCraft app allows you to find the best games on the internet
  • You get training where to relist them to make profits
  • You also get information on GEOs – this way you relist at multiple areas to earn more money
  • One-one-one training for premium product buyers
  • Updates on the games will be added in the app members-area to view more games
  • Additionally, you can use this trick to write gaming reviews for your blog

Is MoneyCraft Worth Buying?

For sure, this app is brand new so you can grab all the features and start making money right away.

The concept is pretty much close to the “Domain filliping” business model. Though I never heard of such a business model in the gaming industry and it seems very unique of its kind.

  • You can also become an affiliate to promote which is a cool part
  • High converting sales funnel to earn more money
  • The gaming industry is evergreen so things won’t get saturated for sure
  • You get step by step training on how to use this MoneyCraft app 

So considering all the points and advantages I think this software is worth buying. You can purchase and test yourself the income potential.

MoneyCraft Pros 

Easy To Use Software: 

This software literally needs no prior experience. You simply purchase the platform and learn the basics from their video training. That’s it. You’re ready to go!

Full Training Available: 

Of course, an app like this one needs some training. With MoneyCraft, you don’t need to worry about how to become a successful gaming seller.

The founders will walk you through everything from start to finish. This way, you’ll be able to learn at best from them so to rake more money.

Easy to make money:

MoneyCraft allows you to earn easy money. You simply need to list where they tell you to do so. 

You can earn at least $100-$250 per day if you use the system as per the guidelines. This is a no-brainer app where everything is set already.

No experience is required:

Unlike some affiliate programs, this business does not require any experience. Programs like Blogging, MLMs, etc require some basic skills like marketing. But with MoneyCraft – you don’t need to worry about all those. 

Simply connect with the software and start earning easy gaming commission.

Low-cost investment:

You basically need a small investment to get going. This means you invest once and forget it for life. If you are someone who wants to start a simple online business then this is for you. Invest once and forget for life. How cool is that!

Write For Your Blog!

That’s right, if you have a gaming or general blog, you can create a category for it.

And then find the best gaming using this app. You can write reviews on your blog and sell them for a competitive price.

This feature was not listed on the official site but you can use this app to sell games through your blog. So either way, you can earn – by game filliping or by writing gaming review. It’s upto you.

MoneyCraft Cons

This Software Is Not Free:

When it comes to disadvantages, I would say – MoneyCraft software does not come for free. You have to invest at least the basic package before you get going.

Additional Cost Required To Purchase Games:

This is a business and not a push-button kind of an app. Yes, you may need some additional cost to purchase games so you can list them in the secret marketplaces to make money. 

So if you want to list 10 games perhaps you may need $150-$300 extra cash for buying trending games.

Who Should Use MoneyCraft Application?

Well, the MoneyCraft app is for almost all types of people. You see making money online is not that easy because you need to know how to find a perfect match for everything. 

moneycraft members testimonials

Even if you wish to start a blog or want to do affiliate marketing then without experience you can’t move an inch.

However, with MoneyCraft software, you only need an onetime investment to get going.

Remember! The gaming industry is ever-green and never will go out of business or saturates, unlike some traditional brick and mortar businesses.

In order to take part in this game flipping business, you need only two things. Firstly, keep some money to buy this app, and of course, extra money to purchase the games. This is it.

Apart from that, I don’t think you need anything more than these to make money from this business. 

Concluding MoneyCraft Review

MoneyCraft application is a brand new in the market. Maybe not known to many folks out there. So better grab this system before it closes its door. 

Considering the cost and income potential, I think you can invest or purchase at least 2 packages to see what it can offer for you. 

This business model exactly works as what I’ve seen – DOMAIN Filliping. So this concept is not a scam or fake in my opinion.

Besides, the founders have created a very unique app that makes your job a lot easier. Yes, this business opportunity for sure not for freebie seekers because you have to invest money on both ends – For buying software and for buying games.

Visit Moneycraft Official Site for Bonus!

At present, they are offering this MoneyCraft app for an onetime low price. If you are looking for a way to earn extra cash from home – this is the app for you.

Hello investors! Visit the official site from the above button and start making money. Thanks for reading MoneyCraft Review.


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