My Conversion Kit – The Ultimate Income Generator For Your Marketing! What’s Inside?

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My Conversion Kit – The Ultimate Conversion Tool!

Thank you so much for stopping by. In this My Conversion Kit review, I’m gonna walk you through what My Conversion Kit is and how it does work!

Not just that, I’ll also cover why this tool is a must and should for any online marketers to boost his/her conversion. 

However, one thing you must ask yourself first – can this tool be any good for the money you pay for! 

Are you wondering what’re the pros and cons of this application!

No worries! That’s why I came up with this My Conversion Kit review.

Also, I’m being an affiliate marketer for a while so I know the importance of additional tools for my online marketing. 

If you’re new to such things…this My Conversion Kit review for sure will add some insights for you.

So let’s get started with My Conversion Kit review to learn more. Product pageMy Conversion Kit Product Overview

Vendor:  Amit Verma
Product: Myconversionkit
Front-End Price: $47
Website: Myconversionkit.Com
Affiliate Network: JVzoo 
Compatibility: Desktop/Mobile/Tablet
Who’s For! Promoters/Marketers
Niche: Marketing Software 
Good Or Bad! Highly Recommended [Read My Full Review]

About the Founder

Myconversionkit was created by Amit Verma. He’s an online marketer, a specialist in building sales funnels, and also an entrepreneur.

Amit Verma thought he should come up with something special which supposed to have everything under one roof. 

We all know the power of marketing tools like Page-builder software and Autoresponder. However, having additional tools help us increase our conversion rate by up to 15% or more.

So he thought that he has to come up with something called “All-in-one marketing suite” – which supposed to have everything so that marketers like us can ease the process – capturing leads without wasting our traffic and cutting-down advertising cost. 

After 2 years of tedious work and learning, he came up with an idea – “Power suite”. This tool allows us to put a collection of all marketing tools and elements for our sales funnel/website. 

He combined all of them under a single umbrella. This helps marketers like you to use those tools very effectively.

The best part is you can choose the available tools based on your sales page content, websites, visitors’ behavior, traffic quality, GEOs, and much more.

Now the question is…

Will this Myconversionkit boost your conversions rate! Of course, it will for sure…and you’re gonna learn more about that in just a bit…so keep reading

What is My Conversion Kit!

When it comes to online marketing, the conversion will play a big part. Without conversion, you’re just wasting your free/paid traffic. 

Not just that, if you have a website that gets more bounce rate then Google may drop your ranking considerably.

On the other hand, if you’re an affiliate marketer promoting products using your sales funnel, you might miss out on a lot of visitors if additional tools weren’t enabled. 

That’s right, you need to make full use of every visitor who comes to your sales funnel or website. 

But how to reduce your bounce rate and earn more affiliate commission without buying hundreds of additional software!

This is where Myconversionkit comes in. This software is made exclusively for e-commerce store owners, Affiliate or social media marketers, Product creators, Offline consultants, or for those who run a small brick-and-mortar business, etc.

Myconversionkit tool has almost everything you need for your business. With this tool you can do every activity from Tab Messaging, Urgency Timer, Hello Bar + Timer, Hello Bar, Image Popup, Video Popup, Central Timer, Geo Redirection, Exit Intent, Mobile Vibrator and much more.

All you need is just activate the desired tools and start getting more clicks for your links/ads. This will result in insane affiliate commissions for you without wasting a single visitor. 

Another plus point is that Myconversionkit works on all devices so you don’t need to download anything, install additional software, or any update ever required. 

How Does My Conversion Kit Work!

My Conversion Kit Features!

Here’re the features that you need to check them out. A powerful all one suite for your online marketing. You shouldn’t miss it at any cost!

My Conversion Kit featuresFront End – MyConversionKit Lite ($37) 

  • 5 Domain Access.
  • 14 in one conversion tool.
  • Create different marketing campaigns to get maximum conversion from your sales/landing page.

💬 Tab Messaging: Notify your customers by sending them continuous reminder after they switch the tab

🕖 Urgency Timer: Use this campaign to generate FOMO amongst your customer

🔺 Hello Bar: Welcome your customers to your site with a stylized and dynamic hello bar

💱 Image Popup: Use Image popup to grab the attention of your users and engage them with images.

🔓 Video Popup: Can be used to import videos to your site easily. Hello Bar + Timer: You can create FOMO from hello bar too.

🔊 Central Timer: A timer that will be integrated into the web page to create an urgency for your customers.

🔗 Geo Redirection: Target and filter your customers depending upon their geographical location.

⚠ Exit Intent: A pop which appears as soon as the customers try to move out the window.

📣 Mobile Vibrator: Notify your customers as soon as your complete page loads and bring back all your lost traffic. 

🔓 Dynamic Elements: Use dynamic elements and customize them from the User Interface of the app.

♨ Offer iframe: Don’t let your ad hide your content. Show ad and content at the same time using the Offer iFrame tool.

🔙 Back Button Redirection: Redirect your customers wherever you want when they click on the back button.

Front End – MyConversionKit Commercial ($47)

Unlimited domain access:

You will get the freedom to run campaigns on unlimited websites. You can run campaigns for your clients as well. 

Commercial license included:

Do you wanna make more money with the RESELLER package! Get this package – commercial license and start making 100% commission of all your sales. Get it as if you owned it.

OTO 1 – MyConversionKit Agency ($97)

Want to become an agency license holder and earn a 100% margin on all the profits that you are selling! Get a full license to give MyConversionKit to your clients. 

Not only you get a full reseller license but also you get the best high converting landing pages with your link and other materials like Banners or be it any individual sales page of videos. You will be getting access to all these:

  • Individual Reseller License
  • Ability to give an individual access to all products
  • Sales Videos for individual tools
  • Sales Pages for individual tools

OTO 2 – MyConversionKit Pro ($67)

  • Run Campaign through third party site
  • Developer Access – VA accounts
  • Lead Generation Form (Optin Form)
  • Get Tested Affiliate Page to Promote

OTO 3 – MyConversionKit Club ($97)

Masterclass Training (Separate for Each tool):

Not just owning a tool makes you a lot of money; you need to practice it well. 

And a well-documented tool might be easier to use. The founder has taken care of that too. 

So, you get with complete tutorials of all the tools, all possible ways to use them, and can clear all your doubts if you have any. 

FB group:

Any day having a community of similar-minded people adds a lot of value to anything. 

It comes with a community of MyConversKit where you get access to ask questions and learn ins and outs of everything. This way you can grow your online presence faster.

He’s giving away all his learning via Facebook group exclusively for his customers.

You can ask your doubts and get your solutions easily. The additional benefit is that you can easily connect with users from across the world.

Templates Club:

You can always create your own tools and design it as you want and make a lot of trial and error (testing). 

But having a set of winning templates will definitely save a lot of your time and money. 

Mobile App:

A mobile application is always helpful in monitoring any campaigns.

The founder has already designed these complete tools keeping in mind to make it handy for their users.

My Conversion Kit vs Other Tools

As you can see from the below comparison, there’s a huge difference in pricing.

This tells us that we can save a lot of money buying My Conversion Kit. You just need to pay once and forget paying for good.

I’ve used a few page builder software like Clickfunnles, Karta, Builderall, etc.

Though My Conversion Kit is different from page builder but still I can save a huge amount of money by using just two software – Funnelvio & My Conversion Kit [You can read Funnelvio review by clicking the above link].

My Conversion Kit vs other companies

If you calculate the cost you need to spend on other software – I think it comes to around $800 per month.

Because you might need to purchase each tool separately from a third-party company.

My Conversion Kit - Upsells - Pricing - Marketing suite

Who’s It For This Marketing Software?

The word “Conversion” is a popular word among affiliate marketers. They do every testing to increase their conversion ratio. Marketers like Amit knows the importance of additional tools so he can enhance the conversion rate up to 30% or more. 

Some of the costly page builder tools like Clickfunnels/Leadpages have very few features of what My Conversion Kit has to offer.

But considering the cost of those tools, I think they are not suitable for small business owners or starters. 

However, with My Conversion Kit, you can make a lot of money and also save at least $500 per month paying for third-party tools. 

If you’re a marketer and want to save loads of money then My Conversion Kit is the best choice for you. This tool has almost everything you need for your online promotion.

Even if you could grab a one-time sales funnel builder like Funnelvio, not considering Clickfunnels then you could save hell lot of money, too.

Similarly, tools like My Conversion Kit is a rare app to be found online, that too for a very affordable one-time fee!

I’m being in online marketing for some time, and I know the power of additional tools like Hello bar, Popup video, Exit intent, etc. 

Believe me, I built over 25,000 email subscribers in a short time using only “Hello bar” in one of my blogs.

So just imagine how many leads you can get using the MCK features put together!

Just in case you want to buy these tools outside, it will cost you at least $800 per month or more. At times, they’ll come with some additional restrictions and hidden costs.

My Conversion Kit is for serious marketers who want to boost their online revenue. If you’re in the same boat, My Conversion Kit can be your best friend for sure.

I am getting a lot of traffic but all my traffic is getting bounced off. I am not being able to generate sales for my product even my product is amazing.

You see, when it comes to online advertising, you must have all in one suite so you can convert traffic into a lead, lead into a customer, optin page conversions, webinar conversions, etc.

Pros & Cons Of Myconversionkit App?


  • Easy to install scripts on your website and page builder
  • No coding or experience ever required to activate
  • One-time fee so you can save loads of money
  • 14 ultimate features available that you don’t find in any big players [e.g. Clickfunnels – page builder]
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Works on all devices/systems like Mac & Windows
  • Easy integration option
  • Reseller package available
  • Selectively target countries with affiliate links
  • More bonuses and training
  • Use it for unlimited websites with no hidden cost
  • Un-complicated & maintenance-free web-based interface


I didn’t find any cons in MCK software – considering the amount you’re paying.

But my advice would be that the creator could have come up with “Social Proof” also but it is missing.

But hey! We shouldn’t expect everything under one roof for a small price! Will you!

You already getting this software for a one-time very low price. So please don’t find faults. 🙂

Apart from that, I didn’t find any missing ingredients in the software. A best deal for your money.

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Concluding My Conversion Kit Product Review

Being an affiliate marketer and blogger, I found My Conversion Kit is way cheaper than the tools I have used in the past.

This tool not only can save a lot of money but have an amazing 14 features that you can use to maximize your conversion rate.

You can easily increase your revenue using your landing page or website.

As I mentioned above, there are a few page builder software that costs you only a one time fee – for example Funnelvio

Purchase the software and integrate it into My Conversion Kit web-based application. That’s right, you simply need to insert the script to make it work.

My Conversion Kit cost only $37 a one time fee. With that, you get access to use many of its features for life. It doesn’t get better than that!

Who’s in the world offers you a tool that has everything you’ll ever want!

My Conversion Kit is a must and tool for every online marketer to boost his/her lead conversion and sales.

The good thing is that this tool has Geo-redirection as well. This option helps you make a good amount of money from CPA affiliate websites.

What do you think of My Conversion Kit lead generation tool?

Let me know what you like about My Conversion Kit! Did you find an alternative to My Conversion Kit? Are there any with a one-time very low price like this app!  I don’t think so!

If you ask me, I highly recommend My Conversion Kit for ANYONE looking for easy ways to convert visitors into leads & sales.

Amit also offering your great bonuses for a limited time. So grab them before it’s too late. Thanks for reading MyConversionKit review.

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