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Welcome to Myleadgensecret review. In this non-affiliated review, I’m going to show you a bit of information about Myleadgensecret and what you should be wary of. 

There are many reviews related to Myleadgensecret website, however, I see most of them are biased ones. 

Bloggers and affiliates are very aggressive in promoting this product so that they can earn extra 100 leads per day as well as monthly affiliate commission. 

I want to offer a legit and unbiased review of Myleadgensecret for all so that you can learn more about the pros and cons of it. 

Who’s in the world, talk, or review bad against the product they’re promoting? 

That’s why you need to read the entire review here before making an informed decision. 

Remember that I’m not an affiliate of Myleadgensecret so everything that has been shared here is my opinion and never intended to mislead you anyway. 

If by chance I had to become one of their members then you find a keynote at the bottom of this post. Until today, I’m independent so you can read this review with open-mindedness. 

About Myleadgensecret 

Site Name:
Founder Name: Jim Harmon
Website Created Date: 2018 [United States]
Program Type: Lead Generation
What Do You Get? Daily 100 Fresh Leads
Service Cost: $30 Per Month
Affiliate Program: Recurring Commission 
Industry Coverage: Business Opportunity, Internet Marketing, weight loss, diet & fitness, etc
Members’ Feedback: Positive
Bonus Leads Per Day: 100 Fresh Leads Extra [200 in total]

Does Spotthetreasure Recommend this Site? Yes, Highly Recommended

What Is Myleadgensecret?

Myleadgensecret is a non-conventional traffic generation tool or a system that helps affiliate marketers to build an email list.

We all know the importance of building an email list. Without email subscribers, maintaining the consistency of our income is not probable. 

As long as you maintain the flow of subscribers for your program, you can earn money simply by promoting various products. 

This is where Myleadgensecret comes in hand. It helps you build laser targeted leads for your business. 

The best part is you don’t need to run around for people. Instead, Myleadgensecret offers you daily leads for your business. 

You get 100 leads every day from Myleadgensecret. Just imagine how many leads you can get in a month when you become a member of this program? 

You’ll also get an additional 100 leads, that’s a total of 200 leads per day, which equals 6,000 fresh business leads in a month.

Plus you can send emails to your prospects any time you want. It’s that simple. 

Who’s The Founder Of Myleadgensecret.Com?

Who's the founder of myleadgensecret?

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) was founded by Jim Harmon. He’s someone like a simple straight forward person, not keen on showing Ferrari cars, big mansions to lure you on to something.

According to Jim Harmon’s video presentation, it seems like he’s a simple guy, who is been in the internet marketing world since 2010. 

He thought to help the online world differently rather than showing people spend a lot of money on Google AdWords or any other high ticket advertising programs.

To make things easier, he came up with an idea of “Lead generation – daily subscribers” model. He and his teams work behind the process to procure leads for various niches. 

The leads you get are all permission-based. That means you don’t need to worry about getting blocked or black-listed.

MLGS is operating since 2018 and I’ve witnessed so many of them have had great success promoting theirs affiliate products and services using this simple platform. 

I’ll talk more about the response rate and the quality of the emails in just a moment. So don’t click away…keep reading. 

How Does Myleadgensecret Work?

Unlike other advertising platforms like Solo ads agencies, My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) operates based on lead generation model.

It’s not a Pay-per-click or forced email submit or traffic exchange kind of service. It mainly focuses on generating leads from PPC and co-registration methods.

As soon as you become a member, you’ll be taken into their product page. Learn more about the system by going through the basic tutorials which are available there. 

I’ll cover more on to autoresponder tool in the main section…

The moment you subscribed to their service, you get instant 100 fresh leads for your business and continue to grow every day.

MLGS upload daily leads within your member’s area. All you need is use those business leads for your business. This is it.

Awesome! I hope you’re still here. Now, let’s move on to the main components of MLGS… 

I hope you understood what Myleadgensecret is and how the system actually works. Now, I want you to learn a bit more about the other aspects of this system. 

Please read all the important points before you make a decision. Like I said earlier, I’m not part of this system hence you’ll get an idea of what you should do after reading this entire review.

16 Reasons To Consider Before Joining Myleadgensecret!

Best site to get leads - Myleadgensecret ReviewsBenefits of Joining Myleadgensecret 

Price For MLGS Membership

My first thought was how much I need to pay to get started! You see online marketing is not just about getting clicks. It’s about how many leads you generate from your advertising campaigns. 

What I really liked about Myleadgensecret was the price. Unlike other advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Solo ads, etc, MLGS asks you to invest a small amount.

PPC adverts don’t guarantee leads for your business. It’s because you have to learn in-depth from keyword research to tracking all variables. Definitely, not an easy peasy thing.

Advertisers spend millions of dollars on their business every day online. It’s because they can afford to do so.

May I ask you how much money you have for advertising? The least amount required to test one offer is $250-$500.

However, with the help of Myleadgensecret, you don’t need to go through all the hurdles. With just a small $30 investment per month, you get 3000+3000 leads per month. 

Who’s in the world offers you such as this! You can save loads of money on your advertising!

For some, $30 might seem a big deal! But remember, the end result should be getting leads for your business. This is what you want. 

The cost for the membership is just $30 per month, including an additional one-time $30 setup fee. So in total, you’ll be spending only $60. 

If you’re an advertiser looking for very cheap advertising then I would say, Myleadgensecret is one of the best sites which you can try out.

How The Leads Are Generated?

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) collects leads form various marketing techniques. It said that the MLGS system procures leads from survey questionnaires to co-registration methods. 

Not sure how it does work! 

MLGS promotes its lead capture page through PPC ads. It collects people’s information based on their interests. 

There will be multiple or series of questions before prospects/visitors taken to actual email optin form. This way, MLGS filters out bad or freebie seekers in the first place. 

Another method they use is the Co-registration method. This method is nothing but a newsletter or anything similar. 

For example, if you had signed up with any products and services, you’d be asked to check the other newsletter options. After you confirmed, you get other companies’ related emails from the same network.

According to MLGS website, it has partnered with many networks through which leads are being generated for its prime members.

Now, you understood how MLGS is actually collecting emails/prospects for its members. 

Why Myleadgensecret Leads Are So Cheap?

This is a serious question being asked by many people. Even I thought of the same. How this company able to offer 100 leads for such a low price! 

I mean even if you consider 3000 leads per month, I think the base price per lead is less than 5 cents.

Some bloggers and affiliates claim that the lead quality was not compromised. 

At first, I thought this site is using some software like email scraper. However, one thing I found online was that the results from members were positive. 

I have no idea why they have not increased the price of membership. Hay! It’s good to keep that way. You see, this helps small advertisers to try this program. 

Are you looking for good and quality leads! With just $30 bucks, you can test it out to see if this works for you. If you were not happy with the results. You can cancel the account by submitting a ticket. It’s that simple.

Autoresponder With No Additional Cost

When it comes to online business, an autoresponder is something you cannot miss it.

This helps build email subscribers in your database. You can send out mass emails promoting various products. 

The good news is Myleadgensecret offers you inbuilt autoresponder which included in your membership. You can have as many leads you want in there.

The best thing about Myleadgensecret is you can use the same mailer to contact your existing leads. You not only get leads but also software to contact your leads as well.

As said earlier, there’s no additional charge for it. Another cool thing I learned was the delivery of the emails is still astonishing. 

I have no idea which SMTP servers this site is using but who cares! It works like a charm!

It’s good at times for a small investor to try a free autoresponder. This helps you build subscribers with no additional charges. With this free service, you already saved a lot of money going from third party software.

How Many Leads You Get Per Day In Myleadgensecret?

What I don’t like about Myleadgensecret is that limited in leads. You get only 100 leads per day. 

To remove this 100 per day restriction count, you’ve to refer one person into this network as a premium member. That’s it.

I see that there are so many people promoting Myleadgensecret. And people who in need of business leads are becoming paid members every day. 

Need some helpful resource to bring more people! Get the free traffic guide which shows how to get 500 visitors per day.

Now, with the help of a traffic guide, you can get not just one person but can get as many people as you like.

Which Offers Convert Well For MLGS Leads?

Conversion is all about how good a product is! It’s not that every link you send out will generate instant cash. 

If you want to test it out which offers that convert then create a free account at Clickbank. Pick the best products and send emails to MLGS leads. This way, you’ll be able to see which is converting. 

Don’t always stick to one offer. You should always choose multiple offers for testing. You decide later after the end result.

There are no rules in Myleadgensecret as to which one to send. You can play around with any offers as you like.

In the online world, nobody can predict how the conversion will happen. You never know until you test it yourself.

You can also test it out some free CPA offers which won’t cost people. CPA free offers pay up to $2-$10 per email submit. Even if you get 10 conversions you can earn $30-$100 per day. 

All acquired leads are yours so you can test with any offers any time you want. That’s why many affiliates and members are so much crazy about using Myleadgensecret platform. You could be the next person in the driver seat, too.

Top-Tier Quality Leads!

The reason why most people love Myleadgensecret is that the type of quality leads they get.

MLGS only provides leads from top-tier countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

This helps you generate more sales because these people usually will have credit cards in hand. 

You see what’s the point of procuring hundreds of leads when they’re not ready to buy from you! In that case, I think Myleadgensecret is a good recommendation for all.

Sites Like Myleadgensecret

Please remember that there are many sites like Myleadgensecret. I have had bitter experience in the past. Some are, Newspaperalive, etc. 

These sites are very similar to the ones we are discussing now. The cost of the membership also remains the same. I tried both in the past which later found to be a complete scam. 

On the contrary, Myleadgensecret seems very promising. Even the members’ reviews and testimonials tell the story of how many people had great success.

Perhaps you can join this network and continue to the basic things for at least one month. See how you get the results from 3000-6000 cold leads. Advertising is all about testing! You never know until you try it. 

Forget about my reviews or somebody’s saying something good about this site. You never know the real picture until you see yourself.

Get Delivered On Perfect Timing

MLGS has an amazing feature called “Perfect time” which included in your membership plan.

Myleadgensecret delivers your emails at the right time based on prospects click history. With this feature, you’re gonna get more open rates of your emails.

You see sending emails can be done with a click of a mouse. At the same time, you should know when to send emails so that people can open your promotional emails.

MLGS now predicts the timing of your email delivery. This means the inbuilt mailer sends your emails based on historical activity. 

After you send emails multiple times then you most likely start to get more opens and clicks from your leads.

Actually, they do more than just predict: your email will be delivered to subscribers’ inbox email exactly during the ‘sweet spot’ time window, landing on top of their mailbox and boosting your opens and clicks.

Simple! Just click the “import” link below each master swipe to import the subject line as well as the email body into the Done-For-You Mailing System. 

Next, just add your link and optional images and click send! This is nothing but done for you system. 

Not only this feature help boosting your sales but it also helps you to know exact open rates, clicks counts, etc within your dashboard. How cool is that!

MLGS Leads & Payment Proof Testimonials

MLGS income proof and members testimonialsPayment Options

Myleadgensecret allows you to pay the membership fee either via Credit card or Bitcoin. 

If you’re an under-age person or who have no access to a credit card, you can pay your membership fee using BITCOIN. 

This is another cool feature I found on this site. 

What You Can Do With Accumulated Leads?

Myleadgensecret claims that you can download all leads from the database any time you want. 

You can also upload all of them into your favorite autoresponder like Constant contact, Getresponse or Aweber, etc.

There’s no restriction on the usage of your leads. All leads are yours and you can do whatever you want. 

If you don’t have another autoresponder, you can stick with the default one. 

Again, it’s always better to keep the leads in your own database so that if by chance you’re out of Myleadgensecret, the leads can still be there and you can use for your online marketing.

What Are The Cons To Myleadgensecret?

Not For Freebie Seekers

If you’re a freebie seeker who wants to make money online promoting products. I think Myleadgensecret isn’t for you. 

This service is not free! So to use this traffic generation tool, you have to activate the paid membership plan. 

Myleadgensecret and Its Affiliate commission 

Myleadgensecret has its own affiliate program. This is how this system became so popular. With the help of the Myleadgensecret affiliate program, you can make a monthly commission as much you want.

Although I don’t like the affiliate commission structure because you get only $5 per person. I like the idea of getting paid monthly but I sense that the commission could have been higher and better. 

On the other side, this company also pays up to 5 levels deep. Considering the conversion rate and levels, I think you can earn a nice chunk of money just by inviting 50-100 people.

Even though I feel the commission part is still not that impressive compare to other affiliate programs.

Not Suitable For CPA Marketing

One thing you should remember that Myleadgensecret is generating leads from its main traffic method – Co-registration. 

Most high paying CPA affiliate networks don’t accept this traffic method. If you found caught you could lose your account. If your primary focus was to promote CPA offers, perhaps this is not for you. 

Still, you can overcome this issue…but how? Please read down below.

Video presentation of myleadgensecret.comIs Myleadgensecret a Fake Service Or Legit?

Well, I just wanted to share only my thoughts with you. Therefore, I cannot confirm anything at the moment. I can neither say it’s a scam nor legit because I’ve not used it.

However, based on my research, I saw so many positive reviews and real accounts that confirmed this system works.

If you’re positive about anything then you can try this system for 30 days to see how it goes. People are so much in dire of traffic and leads for their business. In fact, they’re spending a lot of money on testing the offer itself.

So if you are willing to spend $60 then try this lead generation tool to see how it works!

It purely depends on how good your offers are and how you play with it. Test those leads by sending emails once you have accumulated at least 700 leads. To get a clear idea about response and email quality, I think, wait for at least one week. 

Myleadgensecret has claimed that all leads are permission-based so you don’t get flagged or get spam complaints. 

According to them, all leads they provide are those who have expressed interest in making money or wanted to do some business online.

You can use these leads for anything like drop-shipping business, MLMs, networking marketing, affiliate marketing, bitcoin business, or anything. It’s up to you.

To test it out, you simply need to create an account. You get 100 leads instantly. Simply choose from the dashboard to send emails to track the CTR rate. 

As said earlier, you can also test it out using free tracking services like BITLY OR Rebrandly. These free services help you identify whether or not the clicks are real or some bots. 

Tips To CPA Marketing

When it comes to CPA marketing, you can overcome the issue of Co-registration traffic. To avoid any possible account termination, you simply create a landing page with an email optin form. 

You don’t even have to purchase a page builder separately. Aweber autoresponder allows you to create unlimited landing pages and also email mass emailing with sequence options. You can try Aweber free for 30 days here.

Aweber is a very reputed email marketing software. What you should do is create a landing page around your product with an email optin form.

Your final redirection link has to be your affiliate link. Insert your landing page link while sending emails to your leads. This way, you’ll be able to procure evergreen leads and make money.

Every person who visits your landing page needs to give their name and email address before they actually see your affiliate link or offer.

By doing this way, you can make sure you are not directly promoting CPA offers, which have some restrictions on co-regs traffic. 

This is how usually people do to avoid any termination. Apart from CPA offers, you can promote any offers without a custom domain or any tracking software. 

On top of that, Clickmagick software is more advanced tracking software that helps identify the behavior of the people such as clicks, devices, tracking sales, etc.

It’s up to you how you’d want to utilize the leads and make it work. You can promote either by raw affiliate link or by landing page or by landing page with a tracking link. The ball is in your court.

If you are not sure about drafting emails, you can also use MLGS’s inbuilt Master Swipes option. Simply select the email, make small changes in there, and send it along with your affiliate link. 

Just in case you’re satisfied with the leads provided by Look no further. Simply submit your ticket to remove your account include your card details. This is it.

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