Newbies On Fire Unbiased – Review [ Can You Make $100 Per Day As It Claims?]

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Awesome! You’re here to find out What Newbies on Fire is and how it does work! And top of that, you’d want to know how to make money using Newbies on Fire simply by promoting online.

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I’ll be sharing some of my findings of what you should worry about and of course, the benefits of joining Newbies On Fire

If you’re someone new to online business and have some doubts before venturing into this business, this complete guide and review will shed maximum information so that you can make an informed decision. 

Again, this review is not focused on selling something because I don’t do that kind of business like Wealthy affiliate affiliates. Maybe I could offer you some recommendation but it’s up to you whether to choose or not!

Great! Let’s dive in to learn more about this program now…

Some Basic Info About Newbies On Fire 

Website Name:
Founder: Christina Hooper
Year Of Establishment: 2019
Program Type: Peer To Peer/Member To Member
Investment Required: $25 Onwards
Availability: Worldwide
Business Type: Online Home-based Program

How to make money by promoting Newbies affiliate program!

What is Newbies On Fire & How It Works?

Newbies on Fire is a program designed to help people to earn money simply by selling the program itself. What this means is that you join as a member and start promoting this program. 

Every time people join under your link, they’ll be considered as your downline.

When they become a paid member, you then earn a direct 100% commission. This is it.

This is called a peer to peer or member to member program. There are many similar programs out there which I see still operating successfully.

So, in a nutshell, Newbies on Fire is all about the recruitment business. You join as a member and bring interested people under your team. This is it.

Newbies on Fire Products and Services

As you know Newbies on Fire multiple has products and services. Some are called blogging and digital-related products include some video training about online marketing, etc. 

This means it’s up to in which package you wanna start with. The basic package starts at $25 + $5 admin fee. The other high-end products go all the way up to $500 + some admin fee.

If you don’t have that much amount of money to invest then start with a basic $25 and then upgrade once you start getting commission from your downlines.

Now, take a look at the products and membership plan below:

Newbies on Fire – STARTER Level $25 + $5 admin fee

The starter package teaches you about how to blogging. It comes with a basic guide like how to do branding, choosing themes, logo creation, etc.

#1 Video  – Introduction #6 Video  – Color Psychology
#2 Video  – Personal Vs Company Branding #7 Video  – Company Colors
#3 Video  – Invoke Emotions # 8 Video – Color Theme
#4 Video  – Branding Introduction #9 Video  – Custom Logo Creation
#5 Video  – Name Creation #10 Video – Custom Mascot Creation

Newbies on Fire – BASIC Level – $100 + $10 admin fee

The basic level plan comes with even more enhancements that cover an introduction, research about your competitors, etc.

This package is suitable for all types of people because it requires only a $100 investment.

#1 Video  – Introduction and Overview #5 Video  – Shortcuts
#2 Video  – Research Your Competition #6 Video  – A Typical Day?
#3 Video  – Basics of Profiling #7 Video  – Media Mapping
#4 Video  – Gathering More Intel #8 Video  – Buying Habits

ADVANCED Level Newbies on Fire– $250 + $25 admin fee

This package teaches you how to work with Chatbot. This is a new method to bring in new prospects via automatic chatbot. Newbies on Fire teaches you how to start from beginner level to an advanced level. This is a great lesson for a newbie marketer.

#1 Video  –Chatbot Intro, and Getting Started #5 Video  –Increase Conversions
#2 Video  –Chatbot Different Uses #6 Video  –Chatbot Brainstorm
#3 Video  –Major Chatbot Mistakes #7 Video  –Organize Your Bot Ideas
#4 Video  –Chatbot Breakdown #8 Video  –Chatbot Mockup & Implementation

Newbies on Fire – ELITE Level – $500 + $50 admin fee

This package may not be the perfect one for all people because the cost is such that not everyone can afford to. But considering the course and tutorials, I think this plan can be something that could take you to the next level of affiliate marketing.

Product Creation:

#1 Video  – Launch New Products #4 Video  – Writing Sales Letters
#2 Video  – Ideas #5 Video  – Create Upsells
#3 Video  – Product Creation #6 Video  – Choosing Platform & Launching

Membership Platform:

#1 Video  – Introduction and Tools #5 Video  – Platforms
#2 Video  – Your Products #6 Video  – Required Site Pages
#3 Video  – Price Points #7 Video  – Recommended Scripts
#4 Video  – Map It Out #8 Video  – Setting Up – part 1& 2

Customer Retention:

#1 Video  – Intro to Increasing Retention
#5 Video  – What Software Should You Use
#2 Video  – When They First Join #6 Video  – Public Recognition & Pricing
#3 Video  – Quick-Start Training Videos #7 Video  – Creating a Content Democracy
#4 Video  – Site Layout and Navigation #8 Video  – Releasing Your Content

How Newbies On Fire Compensation Plan Work?

No need to complicate the thing here. As I said mentioned earlier that you’re going to earn an instant 100% commission for every qualified member that joins through your referral link.

What I mean qualified referral is that you’d earn only when someone upgrades to any one of the packages, at least basic $25 package, not for free account creation.

It’s important to note that without selling the system, you won’t be able to earn a dime here. 

Another thing to note that you need to pass up your people to your sponsor. I mean you earn on your 1st person, 3rd person, 5th person, 7th person, and so on.

All equal numbers will be passed up to your sponsor.

You might ask why should I pass up people because I putting so much effort into this bringing people!

Good question though but here’s the deal.

When you pass up your affiliates to your sponsor, the same thing also applied to your downline. 

What if one or two of your affiliates who have placed under you is/are master in bringing people? Won’t you make money without doing any work at all? This is where the system like Newbies on Fire brings you cash on autopilot.

How To Pay Your Membership?

To join Newbies on Fire, you need to find a person who’ already in the program. Don’t worry, you can find loads of people simply by searching on Google or YouTube.

Now, there are many payment methods through which you can pay your membership fee. It depends on to whom you wanna sign up with. 

Some affiliates have multiple payment methods and a few members may have only one. So you decide with whom you want to register.

Currently, Newbies on Fire has payment methods like CashApp, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Bitcoin, and Debit cards.

If you’re a new person to this type of business and don’t know which package to choose, please refer to my FAQ section to learn more.

How Do You Get Paid from Newbies On Fire?

Before you think of joining programs like Newbies on Fire, create multiple payment methods so that you can receive commissions from multiple ways.

Remember! You’ll receive commission only that you own. For example, if you own a $25 package then you receive only $25 commission from your downline but when your downline upgrades multiple packages, the high one will be passed up to your sponsor or some who has already own that position.

To make things easier, simply create accounts at as many payment processors as possible.

And then update the IDs or email addresses with the payment section of your Newbies on Fire account. This way, you’ll be able to receive payments instantly.

What Are The Benefits In Joining Newbies On Fire?

Benefits of joining Peer to peer program

This type of program pays you instantly without any waiting period. Unlike some affiliate programs, you don’t need to wait for the payment day. However, a program like this one sends you money without any manual work.

Small commissions to big commissions

There are many affiliate programs like pay per lead sites that pay about $2-$5 per email submit or account creation, but with a member to member program, you actually make big commissions just by bring one or two quality partners.

No waiting to get paid

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to wait for the payment day like CPA affiliate networks or anything similar. This type of program is for money-hungry people who can taste the money instantly.

No complicated things

Newbies on Fire offers you a simple landing page or sales funnels so you don’t need to wrack your brain creating websites or anything.

It’s a simple plug and play system and suitable for all people.

Training and Support

You’ll also get training on various things like building a blog, selling products, etc. If you’re a beginner to this type of online business, you can learn for a small one-time investment.

Newbie friendly

Considering the system itself, I think, not a complicated program. You simply upgrade to your interested plan and start promoting online such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is as simple as 123!

100% Instant Commission 

You’ll earn a 100% affiliate commission for every qualified invite. This means you don’t need to pay for a service charge or to any third-party sites to do additional tasks.

The Best & Worst Thing About Newbies On Fire

1. What Is Missing!

What I don’t like Newbies on Fire is that you can’t build email subscribers. 

This system does not offer you an option to integrate with an autoresponder as of now. I’m sure they’d come up with easy email marketing software like Aweber.

If you want to seriously take part in this program, ensure you have an autoresponder so you can work on your email list to generate more sales.

2. Why Building List Is Important

When it comes to online marketing, an email list is very important because without email subscribers, converting visitors into paying customers is not that easy. 

It’s because every time people visit your page may not come back to view again under your affiliate link. 

Having autoresponder helps you to contact them even if they did not upgrade on day one. That’s why building email subscribers is very important in the online business world.

3. Landing Page Builder Is Missing

Another thing is that Newbies On Fire don’t provide a tool to build your own custom made landing page. Having an option to build our squeeze page helps us understand which one converts better. 

If you want to promote a product using a landing page, I think you can start with a simple landing page builder like BA which is way cheaper than Clickfunnels.

4. Nothing Unique About This Program

Despite the potential to make money with this program, I think Newbies On Fire is not that unique. Many programs like this are still operating and popular. For example, 25$1up program and Easy1up, etc, which functions the same way as this one but with little more added benefits.

So, Newbies On Fire is very common and I didn’t find anything so special about it. It’s a pure recruiting program and nothing else.

5. Can You Really Make Money Joining Newbies On Fire?

Yes, you can make decent money promoting Newbies On Fire. However, without traffic making even one sale is hard. 

So ensure that you won’t want to spend money on paid advertising until and unless you know what you’re doing! If you’re capable of getting the right candidate for this program, I think this program is good to go!

6. Is Newbies On Fire a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t think so! In terms of making money, yes, it works for sure. I am not part of this program so I’m not going to tell you or mislead you by saying it’s a scam. 

When it comes to the member to member programs, you can still make money as long as members joining the network. When it saturates, it may not work. 

The good news is that you’re going to invest only $25 as a basic member, so if you could bring 50-100 qualified people then you can make some serious money with it.

7. Alternative To Newbies On Fire Program!

If you’re looking for a similar program like this, yes, you can also join 25$1up program where you should do the same. 

25$1up allows you to do more work include page builder recommendation and easy integration things.

You can learn more about 25dollar1up program here.

You can join with either of the programs: Newbies On Fire or 25$1up. It’s up to you.

Newbies On Fire Program – Frequently Asked Questions!

Can anyone join in Newbies On Fire?

Yes, as long as you have access to the above-mentioned payment processors, you can join. Create your account there and pay through it. If you want to join under someone then contact him/her first before making a payment.

How Do You earn From Newbies On Fire?

You earn not for selling products or anything. On the surface, it may look like that but actually, you’re going to promote the system – refer and earn. This is it.

Payment Waiting Period!

There’s no waiting period to get paid. As soon as your downline pays the fee, you get paid directly to PayPal or Skrill.

How Newbies On Fire Different From $25 One Up? 

Both, in my opinion, is the same but 25$ have some more features which you can use to make it better, in terms of generating sales. 

And also, I feel the sale pitch of 25$1up is still better than Newbies On Fire. I’m a bit biased here but you can join any network. It’s up to you.

If you have access to landing page builder I think you can work on both.

This is it! I hope you learned something out of this Newbies On Fire review. If you need any help on this please leave a comment below

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