OhMyDosh – Why I Still Don’t Recommend This? Read My Unbiased Reviews

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In this OhMyDosh review, I’ll cover more about what is OhMyDosh.co.uk and how somebody like you can earn extra money from it.

Additionally, I’ll provide the negative aspects of it because I can see a lot of positive reviews online.

However, I’m being an unbiased blogger, it’s time for me to shed my personal opinions on Oh My Dosh GPT cum survey site. 

Basic Information About OhMyDosh

Company Name Oh My Dosh
Website Ohmydosh.co.UK
Founded 2017
Number of Offers 450+
Pay Method PayPal & Bank transfer
Payment Time 3-5 Working days 
Sign up Bonus ÂŁ1 VIP Bonus
UK Only
Pay Threshold ÂŁ10
Affiliate Program Yes

Email Address Help Desk Support
Payable Time 30+ Working Days

Earning Methods: Survey, trial offers, Competitions, Entertainment, Gambling, Save Money, etc.

What is OhMyDosh?

OhMyDosh is a UK based company, especially focuses on UK residents to serve their business.

It’s a free program and whoever met their age eligibility criteria can join. 

As a UK resident, you’ll be able to join this “free to complete offers program” to earn daily cash working at home.

Each offer contains some payout and you’ll earn once after you successfully complete them as per the terms.

How Does Oh My Dosh Work?

How to make money with ohmydosh website? Reviews

OhMyDosh is a “GET PAID TO” site that allows its members to earn money just for completing free and paid offers.

You’ll be provided with a range of products and services.

All you need is to choose the best offers from the member’s area and each offer you complete there. 

The offers are served from top advertising companies to start-up companies.

It also has paid survey opportunities and you can earn just by signing up with their recommended sites.

When you complete their offers, you’ll earn some portion of the money from the advertisers/retailers.

There is no set of payouts for each offer, though some offers pay even $50 or more.

Who Can Join Oh My Dosh Site?

You are only eligible to join in the Rewards Programme if you meet the following criteria: 

  • Have the full legal capacity to enter into a contract
  • Must provide true legal identity for reward program and third-party sites
  • You must be 18 years old or above
  • Your permanent place of residence is at an address in the UK
  • You must provide a valid and active email address

What Type Of Offers OhMyDosh Has?

  • Hot Offers – Trending
  • Daily added Offers 
  • No Spend Offers
  • Competitions & Draws
  • Entertainment 
  • Gambling Programs
  • Save Money – Cashback Sites
  • Paid Online Surveys 
  • Trials Offers
  • Refer Friends Program

How You’ll Make Money With OhMyDosh?

The hot offers are said to be trending, top-performing, and customers’ demand from outside and within.

With hot offers, you can complete trial-based tasks and also free ones.

It does also pays quickly when you complete them. Some offers also have a payable date range of 150 days.

And a few tasks that will pay you within 24 hours.

New Offers Are Added Daily:

The name itself tells us that new offers are being added daily. Some of the offers start from 0.50 Euro and go up to 20 Euros or even more.

You get access to newly added offers from which you can earn more; combined with free and trial offers.

No Need to Spend to Earn:

OhMyDosh also has NO SPEND offers, which means you do not need to spend any money.

Each task you complete you get your credits within 24hours – 74hours or at times it might take a little longer.

I checked the offer page to get a clear idea and found some offers were easy to complete with a good payout range.

According to me, if you complete all offers in one go then you can earn 50 Euros easily in one day.

This is another easy method available for you to earn quickly for doing and completing simple OhMDosh’s tasks. 

Pre-approved for Competitions & Draws:

Would you want to participate in the competition! With Oh My Dosh, you are preapproved into a weekly draw and in their competition pool AFTER you completed the given offers.

The offers are free but some may require cost as most offers are cost-based.

I see not many free offers in their repository but I hope more offers will be added shortly.

Entertainment Offers:

With entertainment offers such as radio & TV, software, etc, you can contribute the community to shape better for the future.

Some offers are free though but most offers come with a cost where you need to subscribe for trials and even take up to 150 days to mark as payable.

Get Paid to Gamble:

Would you like to play online games such as Lotteries, Bingo, Casino, Sports Betting, etc?

With the OhMyDosh trial program, you can participate in online games to earn extra income from the advertisers.

Not just that, you’d also earn up to $10-$20 each time you make a deposit. 

Purchase Services and Get Cashback – Save Money:

Cashback is another great feature that OhMDosh offers for its customers.

It has a verity of products ranging from Pants, Jackets, Shorts, Streetwear, Sweats, stylish sandals, heels & boots to trainers & more. 

Plus, from women’s designer to new clothing including coats, vests, t-shirts, shorts, stringers, tracksuit tops & bottoms.

With their “Save money program” offer you can get a discount of up to 10%.

Each time you purchase you’d get a great deal of saving for your purchase.

Get Paid to Take Paid Surveys At Ohmydosh:

An online survey task is another great way to earn from this site.

It seems that not too many survey sites at the moment.

When I calculated the earning potential, it gave me around $15 combined all tasks. Not much though, but money is money. 

Earn From Trials Offers:

The trial offers are great when you want to purchase the same for a cheap price.

When you buy the same products and services, they might cost you more than the regular online/offline retailers. 

With OhMDosh, you can buy your desired products to test before even own them.

If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel them before the subscription start. This is another great way to test the products.

Oh My Dosh Affiliate Program

I love affiliate programs, whether OhMDosh or any reliable sites that pay for referring friends. With OhMDosh, you can claim your VIP £1 welcome bonus after confirming your account.

Additionally, you’d also be able to earn ÂŁ5 when any of your invitees make ÂŁ10.

This is another cool feature with OhMDosh. All you need is to get signed up and invite your family and friends via your affiliate link.

You can also do the same by promoting the link on social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

How Much Can You Earn?

Though I’m not an affiliate of Oh My Dosh so I can not predict how much you’ll earn from this site.

However, one thing I can assure that you can earn at least $100 or more if you do it with caution. 

With free offers, you can earn even up to $250 from Oh My Dosh site.

And the earning potential is also hugely determined by the offers and its availability for you. 

Now, let’s get into what I personally thought good and bad with ohmydosh.co.uk GPT site.

What Are The Pros & Cons!

Ohmydosh Pros: Sign Up Bonus

The sign up bonus is not that much but even I consider ÂŁ1 is money.

So when you signed up you’ll earn that credit, which is cool in my opinion.

Not a Scam:

Though I was not able to find the owner of this site, yet I can proclaim that Oh My Dosh is not a scam.

And I have researched the maximum capacity and found a good site to be a part of it.

Is Oh My Dosh a Safe Site?

One thing you need to focus on is to know whether the site is safe to join or not.

I found that Oh My Dosh is still safe to join to make money.

According to many current members, Oh My Dosh is still paying and also safe to work as it does not sell your information to any third party websites until you voluntarily accept it.

High Rating In Trustpilot:

Oh My Dosh is another favorite GPT site for many freebie seekers. According to Trustpilot, I see many members who have shown their gratitude for helping them to make money.

A higher rating also sometimes helps us to understand product legitimacy and quality.

Though some sites are still out there that promote through paid promotion so watch out for it.

Plenty Of Offers At Ohmydosh:

GPT sites are not new to me. However, with Oh My Dosh you can earn some good money as it has a great number of free and paid offers to choose from.

Unlike some mediocre sites, there are a good number of offers at the Ohmydosh website to complete.

If you plan to use your credit card and don’t find any issue with it then you can earn some good money. 

Limited Payment Threshold:

The cash-out limit is another great characteristic of this site.

Most GPT sites will have a higher cashout threshold like $50-$100.

But with Oh My Dosh, you can get your money once you reached ÂŁ10.

You only need to earn £9 to see whether or not this site is paying. 

No Spend Offer To Earn You Money:

There are some free offers available at Ohmydosh network, for which you only have to participate in – no spending needed.

The fresh “no spend” offers also will be periodically updated for you.

Since Oh My Dosh has only a 10 euros cash out limit, so you complete free offers there to check how it goes.

As long as you are OK with giving your details, you’ll be fine.

Ohmydosh Cons: Limited To UK

OhMyDosh is not for everyone. This site allows only those who live in the United Kingdom.

So if you’re interested in joining this site but not from UK, you’ll be disappointed. 

Founder is Missing:

Though, I’m surprised to see the founder of Oh My Dosh was not mentioned explicitly on the official website.

I researched to find him on the site but my research became futile.

Did I miss him!

If my research part was wrong let me know the founder’s name. I’ll appreciate that (You must get it from the site, not from Google).

Not The Best Payouts For Offers:

What I found was with most of its offers were not high paying except you willing to pay for it.

Not only that, but it also took me a surprise that even if you willing to spend 30 euros for a trial offer you don’t get extra or any benefit from it. For example, see below.

Ohmydosh.co.uk Payment DetailsAs you can see, it tells you to subscribe for 3 months. This means you have to pay 30 euros for 3 months.
However, Your return is only 30 euros from this offer. So you’re not making extra money out of it.

Besides, I see many offers do not bring you any profits. If you had had a plan in mind to subscribe/buy a product elsewhere and found a great deal at Ohmydosh, perhaps you can try it.

Still want more…

Let’s take another offer as an example:

ohmydosh.co.uk offer detailsAs you can see from the above image that tells you to deposit at least 20 Euros to earn 7.50 Euros in return. 
Now the money goes out of your pocket and brings some profit later. There is a good number of GPT sites out there, which pay you some extra money for every offer you complete.

I’m being in online marketing for several years.

When it comes to CPA marketing, the same offer will fetch you $150-$200 when someone deposits $20 through your affiliate link.

The best part is you don’t lose any money out of your pocket.

I understand this is not a CPA marketing but if you refer some of your friends to a similar offer, you can earn easily $1000 in a day.

A funny part is that you need to play through to get 7.50 Euros and will take 30 days to get credited!

Gambling Offers:

OMD is routing to some gambling site and asking people like you to deposit. The members have no clue about what it is and how it works!

To earn that tiny amount, some folks deposit there and when done, they start to play to complete their deposit.

These gambling sites are so clever that they help you to make money at first so you stick to their site.

When you deposit again in the hope of earning more, they suck your blood in a matter of an hour.

Sorry, I do not recommend gambling for anyone. Besides, the return of your investment – 7.50 Euros is not so impressive.

Lack of Survey Offers:

I have seen a lot of advertisements on the Facebook group. They mostly invite us in the form of a paid survey site.

This is how I was been refer to. So If you thought of joining OhMyDosh to earn for completing surveys. You’re wrong.

I see only a few surveys with a very low payout range. This site is a GPT site and nothing sort of a paid survey site. 

Flexible Payment:

When you look at those offers on the site, you’d notice that most offers have a low payout for each task completion. Yet the pay-time is not really impressive.

I have had few experiences with other GPT sites, and they mostly confirm payment within 72 hours. 

However, with OhMyDosh, you need to wait for up to 150 days for some offers to go GREEN.

I don’t like this model because you already paid for the subscriptions using your credit card.

On the other side, to pay your CC dues you might need to wait for a longer period to receive your earnings.

When you use your credit card, those tiny amounts add up very quickly. You know…what I’m saying.

The concept seems not OK for me. As an outsider, I can see most credit card users may end up going through some difficulties each time paid trial offers were completed.

Payable Status Time Is 30+ Days:

Most offers have low payouts and the payable time is also much longer than any GPT site around.

Some high paying offers are even take up to 150 days to mark as approved.

This looks to me, this site is not a quick payment site and one needs to wait for so many days to receive the payments from retailers.

No Forum:

Most GPT sites will have a forum where members can interact with one another to clear their doubts and understand the program better.

Sadly, I don’t see any forum link at Ohmydosh. Though I don’t say, OMD is a scam just because of “no forum”.

Yet I see, the forum must have been included for all members.

Because, instead of sending emails or contact support, a forum can be a better place to know the site better.

Gambling is Not For Beginners:

I do not recommend anyone to join the gambling sites.

As I said in my previous post that gambling is not the right approach to make money. The stats of the success rate is less than 000.01% worldwide.

I do not know why Ohmydosh has such offers that are purely gambling and fraud sites.

Most gambling sites are scam and their software is rigged. I had stressed this point to my readers many times.

If you have not had any exposure to gambling, then you better stay away from such a concept. 

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Similar Theme:

This is interesting to note. I reviewed a site called “20cogs” website yesterday.

And it seems to me both are from the same family. When I deeply look into both the “terms-and-conditions” links, the same address mentioned there. 

So without a doubt, both 20Cogs.co.uk and Ohmydosh.co.uk are the same business entity. Many people are not aware of this too.

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Conclusion To Oh My Dosh 

Is Oh My Dosh any good! There is no question to doubt or even one to raise a question whether Oh My Dosh is legit or scam.

Both websites have cons and pros inherently to it. Though both operate a bit differently. 

I have researched this site before writing a review. And rating and customers’ satisfaction was great.

GPT sites, in general, functions in this way so I found nothing wrong in promoting offers using “get paid to” concept.

But I personally don’t like gambling offers. Because many innocent folks may get tempted to this BS.

Though I do not like both sites that are promoting gambling sites.

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Some of the offers don’t give you much return for your investment.

So if you want to join and make extra money in your spare time, you can try this site for a while.

But one thing you need to keep in mind is that you might need to have a credit card to earn good money.

Without a credit card, I don’t think you could make money consistently from Oh My Dosh GPT site.

Not For The Long Term:

Despite completing trial offers, if you think Oh My Dosh is not worth the time, login to your account and delete it.

So, taking everything into account of the pros and cons of Ohmydosh.co.uk site, I do not recommend people who are looking to earn money to support their family.

This site is only for earning extra but not for the long term. Try something very productive for your time and money.

The best way to earn money on autopilot is to connect with programs that pay you recurring commission even after you stopped working.

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What do you think of the OhMyDosh GPT program?

Do you have any good/bad experience with Oh My Dosh site! Let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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