One Minute Magic – How to Make $50-$100 Per Day Using TikTok App? Step By Step Guide [REVIEW]

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One Minute Magic Review – Will this app work?

Welcome to my One Minute Magic review!

Hope you’re doing great! Now, you’re here because you wanted to know if One Minute Magic system actually works or not!

For me, this formula – One Minute Magic won’t work. I’ll tell you why down below. LogoYep! I totally get it. I can sense that your heart is beating after reading this sad news. but don’t worry, if there’s a will, there’s a way to it.

If you had been routed to the program then this review will shed complete details before spending money on it.

Did I say, you never will be able to make money! Nah! You can but at the same time can’t. Confused! 

Before you I touch upon those details, let’s find out what you get in the OneMinuteMagic system and how can you earn $25 per day as per the official claim.

One Minute Magic Product Overview

Vendor: Trevor Carr
Product: One Minute Magic
Launch Date: 2020-Jul-14
Front-End Price: $13
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus 
Niche: General – Make Money
Platform: Tiktok

What Is One Minute Magic?

One Minute Magic is not a push-button software or a web-based application. 

It’s an over-the-shoulder video training course that will walk you through everything from beginner level to advanced level.

This simple video training covers how you can earn money using the popular app – TikTok.

This is it. There’s nothing more to it.

One Minute Magic Video Presentation

How Does One Minute Magic Work!

The founder of this One Minute Magic is Mark and he’s the one who teaches you how to make money using TikTok without the need for a budget for paid advertising.

Mark discovered a new way of generating floods of traffic and found how to generate big commissions by selling products there.

As we all know, TikTok is one of the highly-crowded places where youngsters spend most of their time. 

Of-course, even, of late the work from home moms/dads, regular workers, free thinkers, etc, have joined the party, too.

According to the recent survey in 2020 – it is said there are more than 800+ million active users in the TikTok app. That confirms that the amount of traffic/visitors we can get is really huge.

It’s called GOLDMINE…The best part of this training is that you don’t have to show your face at all. Simply take a 1-minute video and post it there. 

Again, everything is included in the training from how to open an account to post videos – not a traditional way of doing it like what people do in TikTok. 

This is a unique and very powerful method to pull crowds toward your profile. This way you can earn $50-$100 per day or even more.

You may say, this is a great idea but no idea how to sell things! To learn more, please keep reading…

What You Get in the Training! FoundersOne Minute Magic training is about a case study and series of instruction which teaches you how to promote the best offers on social media platform – TikTok.

As you had seen in the video presentation, Mark Furniss showed how he generated over 2,000 followers in a week and able to generate easy cash.

Remember, with TikTok, the videos can be no longer than one minute. 

You simply create a video and post it there. You might ask, what If I didn’t know how to shoot a simple video? 

That’s where this One Minute Magic training course comes in. Because you should know where and how to put product links to generate affiliate commission. 

The good news is everything is included in the training.

Let’s take a look at what you get in the training…


In this module, you’ll learn the basics of the One Minute Magic method. The intro will help you understand better before moving to another training. This helps us understand how to apply and work better to earn fast profits.

[+] Module 2 – 7 DAY CASE STUDY

In the next module, Mark will reveal step by step easy method and how you can earn $25 just like him. It just only takes 60 secs of work. All you should do is replicate his success/method. That’s it.


No matter how many people you have in your profile. You see without a proper plan, people not going to visit your profile. This is where the money is made.

Inside this course, he reveals how to generate autopilot TikTok traffic and make daily commissions from it.


Automation is better than manual work. In this lesson, he shows how to automate the process so you can reduce your time in promoting your commission-based offers. All are inside the membersarea.

[+] Module 5 – ACTION PLAN

This is very important because you need a lot of traffic to get leads and sales. He’ll show you all the steps you need in one place to take to start getting traffic & sales.

One Minute Magic Pricing & Upsells

One Minute Magic Testimonials[+] Front-end – $12.95

One Minute Magic is an over-the-shoulder, video training course that uncovers exactly how Mark is generating floods of free traffic & sales from TikTok.

You don’t have to show your face, and it only takes a few days to start seeing results…

[+] $37-27 – DONE FOR YOU!

Not sure how to create a video! No problem, you get DFY videos.

This means you get done-for-you videos which you can use them to make money – money-making niche.

[+] OTHER NICHES – $67-47

This product shows you how to cover other niches like Dog Niche, Sleep, how to get, and use memes. 

Dog niches are very popular and it can generate you a lot of commissions, too. You’ll also get to learn about other niches as well.

[+] License Rights – $97-67

This product comes with great benefits. Access the reseller license and promote it as this was created by you. 

Every time you make sales, you keep 100% yourself. Additionally, you get high-quality sales materials to promote in the TikTok marketplace or anywhere online.

How To Make Money Using TikTok!

One Minute Magic TestimonialsThere’re many ways through which you can earn from TikTok. For example, you can promote an offer from JVzoo, Warrior+Plus, or even CPA offers.

You either choose to work with CPS offer or CPL offers. The cost per lead offer requires only an email address to make money. Simply link your offers in your TikTok and earn every time someone enters their name and email address.

==> Learn more about CPA marketing and Networks here

Some advertisers pay even up to $10 per email address. Alternatively, you can promote CPS – Cost Per Sale, make money every time you generate a sale.

It’s in your hand how to use this platform and make money. Learn the strategies and apply the same. You can choose any offers you want. The ball is in your court.

One Minute Magic Review - scam or legit

Who’s It For One Minute Magic Training!

One Minute Magic is for everyone and those eager to make money online, especially, from social media platforms like TikTok.

I see millions of people still using the TikTok platform but they haven’t learned the trick on how to monetize their videos to get additional income. 

If you have some followers or want to start a brand new channel there, his training gives you something which nobody ever covered in the past.

You simply follow the training and apply things that you had learned. This system is for those who want to make money without putting much effort. 

Even if you managed to make $400 per week/month. That’s extra money, isn’t it!

After years of painful trial and error, Mark stumbled upon an untapped traffic source…that’s what he’s talking about in his entire training videos.

How much effort, you may ask?

60 seconds of work. This is it.

Pros – Oneminutemagic.Net

  • You Don’t Need To Build An Email List
  • No Need To Pay For Traffic [Or Any Expenses]
  • You Don’t Have To Show Your Face
  • Rinse, Repeat & Profit [All It Takes Is 60 Secs]
  • You Can Do This Even If You’re A Stone-Cold Newbie
  • No Technical Skills Required

Cons – Oneminutemagic.Net

Yes, as I said above, I feel this system won’t work for many! The reason is that TikTok may be a great and most used app in the world.

But the issue here is this app is not available in some countries.

As per my research, this app not available in some countries because it has been banned.

This TikTok app is recently banned in India, which held around 30%-40% active users combining all countries.

So you need to check if this app is available in your country or not. If not so, you can’t use these tricks until you have a similar app running your country.

Concluding Oneminutemagic Review

One Minute Magic is a great place to learn how to make money from TikTok. All you need is a one time fee for it. You get access to the training and apply the same to make money.

If you’re from a country where TikTok is not available then this training is not worth of your money. However, you can find an alternative to TikTok, too.

According to Quora, you don’t get access to TikTok in some countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, etc. [the USA and other countries could do the same].

The good news is some apps are still available to apply this money-making method.

For example, Chingari is a new app that getting more traction in India.

So if you’re from India, no need to panic because you can learn the tricks from the founder and apply the same in the Chingari app.

There are many ways by which you can earn from Chingari app:

Learn from MARK, and gain a decent number of followers there. You can make by linking companies’ products, CPA offers in your video.

If you managed to get even 10 email addresses for CPA offers, you can earn $40-$50 per day easily.

You see gaining followers/subscribers in platforms like Instagram/YouTube requires a lot of effort and of-course SEO things needed.

But with platforms like TikTok/Chingari, you just need to upload videos there. This is it.

In order to make money online – you need to find a way to get traffic.

If One Minute Magic training uncovers a new way on how to find massive traffic then I am sure you can make money with it.

Do have anything to share with us. Let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading One Minute Magic review

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