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Online scams are everywhere. It usually comes in various forms – online or offline. I’m sure many of you guys would be still searching for an offer to make extra money.

If you’re still scouting online then you must be fully prepared in advance as to how to identify online scams before losing your hard-earned money.

I’ll show you how much money you could save from online scams by reading this post!

Future Victim Of Online Scams! [YOU] – Get Awareness Now!

What are the typs of online scams!

Long story short, it was in 2006 when I found many super money-making schemes and opportunities.

Back then I was new to online jobs and I always search for an easy job so I can work at home.

Seeing those all ads online, I felt that I need to quit my regular job ASAP and move on to some data entry companies.

Those days, there were 1,000s of websites and advertisements that always surfaces everywhere in Google – saying anyone can make $100 per hour just by typing online data entry.

I tried a few online sites but miserably got cheated.

After that, I came across a few online offers such as Google Adwords, Adsense, etc that tried me again with some tactics but I did not heed to it or paid attention to it because I realized it’s all scam.

I’m Trying to Outreach…

Since I have a blog where I can share my experience and easy ways like how somebody like you can avoid online scams.

You could be the next person too if you did not know the types of online frauds and how it appears in front of you.

By reading all the best ever online scams from this post, you can save 100s of dollars, if not more for sure.

I lost around $500 in that period. I tried multiple times because I thought something will work for me. In the end, I lost only my hard-earned money and gained nothing else.

OK! Enough…all BS!

Here Are The Top & Best 30 Online Scams You Should Know!

Make Money With Google Adwords [Save up to $50] Google Adwords Scams:

If you are new to online work at home jobs then you could be the next person to fall prey to this type of scams. In the year 2008, I was one of those who fell prey to Google Adwords scam.

Now I’ve gained a lot of experience and have 10+ years in the online world. So I know pretty much how this concept works.

Let me briefly explain to you what is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is not for you to make money directly. Adwords is a part of Google where advertisers promote their products and services to their targeted audience.

When you promote an offer if any sales happened then you will make money.

For example, you see 1000s of ads on YouTube. Yes, they are from Google Adwords but not directly affiliated to Google. Advertisers like big branded companies, affiliates, and individuals use this platform to outreach people.

Google Adwords is for only advertising products and nothing else. Whether you make money or lose money, Google does not care.

So how I got busted… :]

Surprisingly, this site is still operating…

Yeah! My old friend!

There are many sites similar to Workbyinternet.com which operating in multiple domains. This site was formerly known as Googleadvertise.com but has changed its domain after a long time.

This guy tells you that you can make a lot of money by submitting free ads alone.

You know what…

He’s talking about Google Adwords and nothing else. He claims that you can join from 10,000+ companies. However, he redirects you to the Clickbank marketplace [You can learn more about Clickbank here]

Feel free to check this scam website – Workbyinternet.com and come back here to read more…

The web forms you see on the site is nothing but Adwords. This scammer simply takes money from you and give only a bunch of affiliate links. Nothing else!

So avoid this type of site in the future.

Online Dataentry Job Scams [Save up to $100]: Unusual Payouts and Easy Target For Beginners:

The online data entry concept is somewhat lost its momentum in the past 5-8 years.

It’s because Google and other major advertising networks cracking down bogus offers. In this way, scammers are not getting big paychecks as before.

Yet, I see even today some websites are still floating around. Somehow these sites are getting away with Google’s eye and from other advertising networks.

Not to forget that online get rich quick data entry scams are still prevalent and you must know how it works and in what way they lure you.

First thing is the unusual payout. It will say that you can make $50-$100 per hour simply by submitting a few words of data. A funny thing is that they’ll also ask some registration fees as always.

People, in general, tend to buy fake testimonials and fake fat checks. Most people do not even cross-check whether it is true or not.

People instantly pay some registration fees for the scam sites assuming they can get started instantly.

After paying the fees, they’ll come to know all are scams. Another form of data entry job is to give access to free membership at first and then ask for a membership fee later.

The fake membership sites mostly have a job portal kind of appearance. In the member-area, you’ll find only links that are copied from Google itself.

Most data entry sites I see simply do not live up to our expectations. People believe all those BS stories by seeing those free offers.

And unknowingly give their valid information like name and email address and then forget everything for good.

Later, these fake data entry sites show their real picture by selling your information to some third party websites. Guess What! You’ll be receiving tons of spam emails every day.

Though it won’t cost you a dime, yet it will hurt you very badly. So stop providing your valuable information to any mediocre data entry websites.

I’ve tried in the past and learned the lesson. If you’re interested in joining real data entry companies then you can do so. Follow the given link.

Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams [Save $500-$750] Where to SEND Your Money!

Lottery scams are not new to this world and you could have received tons in the past. I was included in this game too. I received dozens of emails such as BMW, Queen Elizabeth sweepstakes, etc, from some unknown sources in the year 2011.

This lottery scam usually claims you have won $10,000,000 or in euros.

The con artist scrap emails using email extractor software which pulls millions of emails at any given time.

After that, the swindler sends you an email saying you’ve won. If you click the email then you’ll start to receive a lot of emails from the same source with different emails.

It does not stop there. They change the lottery amounts and company names so they can hook you easily.

Once you responded to that email, they’ll immediately ask your name, email address, physical address, phone number, SSN, etc.

After a few days, you’ll receive another notification saying that the CHECK is ready to get delivered but with one condition to it.

What condition?

That means you’ll have to pay the courier charge to get it delivered. If you research on the internet, you’d notice many stories that tell about all these scams.

I’m sure there could be 1,000s of victims for the same.

But I was clever enough to prevent this scam. What I did was that I sent a simple reply email. I replied them saying to deduct the courier charge from the CHECK itself. After that, there was no response from scammers.

Anyway, even if you happen to receive such emails, simply delete them without opening it. That’s better I guess.

Porn Camera & Videos [Save $2,000-$5,000] Family & Friends – Porn Watch Scams

Just like many online scams I experienced in the past, this scam also covered me. You could be the next person too.

I received an email a few months ago from an unknown person! The email stated that I’ve been watching porn/sex movies online.

Let’s be very honest here…

Of course, at times but what’s the problem here :]

In the email, he had said that I owed some money.

He threatened me saying that he has all of my contacts include phone contacts, social contacts, and even my close buddies. So he asked me to pay $5,000 in cash within 1 week.

He had said that all the information will be shared with my family members – if not heeding to the demand. He further went ahead confirmed that the software he has can enable my computer camera to even capture the private video in the future.

What a big joke!

However, many sensible people will believe that it’s happening. Hence, they pay the demanded amount. If you ever come across such emails, I would say don’t bother. Simply ignore it.

Play Casino Games Online Scams [You save $100-$1,000] Play Games – French Roulette Scams:

Casino games scam are plenty online but this one seems very unique of its kind. You might have hit this offer in the past or could be tomorrow. To avoid this scam, you need to be fully prepared for avoiding any possible scams.

So how it works!

This is a very typical online casino game scam that is circulating on YouTube. In casino games, roulette games are popular, especially french roulettes.

The roulette works basically betting on either “red or black” option so you can earn money.

When the wheel lands on the selected color, you’ll earn money. I won’t be able to explain everything in detail that’s why I’ve provided a video below. Ensure that you watch the entire video so you’ll know exactly what I am talking about down the page.

[I downloaded this video from scammer site so that this can be accessed by my blog readers all the time]

Did you watch it! Awesome my friend!

Now if you closely observe the PayPal payment proof, it might look like this person who indeed has received the money from the gaming site!

Actually, HE did not…

I don’t want to complicate with details because it may confuse you but let me tell you how it works.

You can do this online scam too…

Just joking, my friend, you should not do this scam for god’s sake.

The person who shows the payment proof actually using a real PayPal account. However, it’s an edited version. If you’re a techie you’d know how to change the history.

There is a Paypal option to edit even in the Live account. Simply edit the Paypal and make changes to convince the visitors saying it is real.

When you closely focus on the Paypal proof you see the transition is happening when he hovers his mouse-pointer.

To make it like a real payment proof, he has to sign up with some Casino companies and deposit the fund and then receive to PayPal so he can edit it. There is some technical work involved here.

Anyway! we’re not here to learn how to make it work so we can scam others. It basically a simple HTML editing trick to fool people. When someone is seeking an online opportunity to make some quick cash, he then becomes addicted to playing games by seeing the video.

Whenever, a person who deposits money, this scammer gets even up to $2,000 per deposit. The more he gets people into his recommended gaming site the more affiliate commission he makes.

And then when his video goes viral, he usually gets more negative reviews. And then he shuns the video and starts with a new YouTube channel to proceed further.

The best part is he periodically create fake Gmail accounts to post positive comments in his own channel so that people like you believe in seeing the comments and testimonials.

According to me, most casino companies are scams. Most games are rigged technically.

Although, Casino sites do show some mercy for you to make money and release payments now and then so that these scam companies will be able to hide negative reviews.

The double-up method is not new and been there for over 2 decades.

If this trick was a legit & proven way to make money just by clicking the button then the casino will go into bankruptcy in a matter of a week.

For me, this scam is one of the best scams in the online industry – used by affiliates. Don’t pay any money to casinos sites. Want to learn how I lost money in Genesis casino! Follow the link pleases.

Paid Survey Online Scams [You save $20-$50] Take Survey For Money:

I have a hell lot of internet experience in this. You see whenever you approach online to make money, the first thing comes to your computer screen is online paid survey sites.

Not surprisingly, there are 1000s of online survey sites out there that allow you to join for free. On the other hand, some survey sites seem appealing and trustworthy.

But many are scams so how do you spot the fake online paid survey sites?

Well, it’s easy to spot/identify fraud online paid survey companies. The first thing they claim is that abnormal payout such as “earn $100 taking an online survey”.

If you come across any paid survey sites online, check their rating and how long they have been in the business.

Some sites even allow you to join first so that they can sell your email to some third party websites, as a result, you get tons of spam emails.

Not just that, there is also another type of online paid survey scam like membership-based sites. Just like this one – Taksurveysforcash.

These survey sites usually collect links from Google and put them under one roof. For that, they ask you to pay even up to $100.

The worst thing is they always claim that you can earn $3,000 per month just by taking online paid surveys.

This isn’t true. Online surveys are for fun only and can not fulfill your financial crisis completely.

You can make anywhere between $100-$200 per month if you join with 10-15 survey sites. Hence, don’t fall prey to any fake survey sites hereafter.

I’ve some good ones so you can join if you want! Legit survey websites to join here.

Google Adsense Online Scams [You save $50-$250] Make Money With Google:

Google Adsense scam was very popular about a decade ago but still, I see some agencies are there.

If you had drenched your hand into the online world – you probably know what is Google Adsense.

Are you new to this concept!

OK! Let me explain in short…

Google Adsense is a publisher platform where bloggers and website owners have access to Adsense.

In the Adsense control panel, they’ll be able to choose different kinds of ad types. All they have to do is copy the HTML codes and paste them on their website.

Now the Google ads show up on all pages based on keywords, visitor’s country, and peoples’ interest.

Whenever people click on those ads – bloggers make money. The more clicks they get more money Google pays.

For example, if a site generates around 1,00000 page views per month then it can generate around $100-$250+ per day depending upon the type of niche the blog has.

Google pays for every click and the CPC varies from country to country as well.

This is where some fake Google Adsense agency comes in. They claim that they can provide a ready-made Adsense site with content.

I’ve seen some agency even claims that each website will generate up to $500 per day.

This is where beginners get cheated. They think that by purchasing a site for $50 can make them rich. Some agencies even allow purchasing as many sites with a click of a button.

Those who have not exposed to this kind of trick, buy multiple sites assuming it can generate $2000 per day.

This is not true and never fall prey to it. If it works then everybody would have quit their day job by now.

Amazing Gift Card Online Frauds [Save $500+] Get $1000 Worth Giftcard:

Gift card scam has many types, in that class – $1000 voucher or gift card is another way of looting people’s money and wasting time.

This type of offers mostly appears from a third party website that solely designed to take your personal information.

Some offers are from CPA networks, where you’ll need to enter your name and email address in order to win.

Still, many folks believe that $1000 gift cards are real. Based on my experience, this is not true. Some offers even claim that you get without paying a dime.

Who else in this world to give away $1000 for nothing! Let common sense prevail.

At the same time, gift cards worth $25, $50, $100 sometimes comes with no cost incurred. It’s because advertisers can afford to give away these cards.

Yet you might need to be careful in choosing the advertisers, otherwise, you may end up getting 100s of third party offers – flood into your email account. Whatever may be, avoid high paying gift cards as much as you can.

Fake Antivirus Software Online Scams [Save up to $500] Your System in Dire Need:

Antivirus scam is the most notorious scam online. If you have a computer, you would know how annoying this could be getting a popup message. In general, this scam appears in the pop-up ads.

A pop up opens up from nowhere and alerts you that your computer at risk.

Not knowing the drama behind, some new users immediately click to download.

This scam will take into effect after a few days like a pandemic disease. Your system behaves abnormally despite removing the software.

Your final solution would be to purchase that software for an abnormal price.

You have two options, throw your computer into the dustbin or buy a new one.

Meantime, some fake antivirus software promotes banner ads which you might think it’s normal.

However, the software is already rooted in your computer and it would be impossible to remove until you reinstall the OS.

Sign up Bonus Scams Across Many Industries [Save upto $10,000] Earn $1,000 for Joining:

This is my latest finding of sign up bonus scams. This bonus concept exists in almost all types of offers.

But I am not going to delve into everything but make sure you correlate when you come across a huge sign-up bonus offer in the near future.

Wonder…what I’m talking about?

It’s Casino :]

This type of scams not from traditional scammers but by the official website of most online casinos.

Casino sites, in general, allows you to start with a minimum deposit.

Whenever you get to see the registration page, you feel like you’re getting a huge sign up bonus to get started. That is, if you deposit $100 then you get even up to $1,000 sign-up bonus.

Many of us do not see the trick behind this. After we deposit our small investment, we gladly accept the bonus too. More so, the lowest cashout threshold – for example $50.

You’ll not realize first why this bonus behind. On a fluke, If you manage to earn $100 profit then your palm itches to withdraw your profit.

Can You Withdraw The Amount!

Nope! You’ll never be able to…

It’s because you had already taken a $1,000 bonus which has to be wagered at least 40 times before even eligible to visit the WITHDRAW button.

This means that you need to play the bonus amount 40 times in order to withdraw the bonus amount.

Meanwhile, you keep playing and the rigged system takes over to suck your money gradually.

As far as many casino sites are concerns, they do not display this term in the sign up page.

Maybe a small footprint somewhere in the corner or on the FAQ page. That’s a big shame. I would say, it’s a legalized scam – even the legal authorities know all these BS.

Mystery Shopping Program [Save $500-$1,000] Get Advanced Check:

This is another interesting online scam and many of you may not be aware of it.

However, this type of scams is happening in various forms so be aware of it.

So how it works!

Well, if you ever part of the mystery shopping program to make extra income then you at times might receive a check worth $2,000-$5,000 in advance.

You might be surprised to see that a company you have associated has sent you a big fat check. The check resembles real from an affiliated company.

The scammers first call you to deposit the check. But wait…

But before you do that, these scammers ask you to wire some money anywhere between $300-$500 to their bank account. Not knowing this is a scam you wire some cash in advance to the fraudster.

Now what happens is that when you drop a check in the bank it gets bounced.

Many people have become the victim of this CHECK scam. Therefore, don’t ever drop a check until it is from an authorized source or a company.

Pay Per Click [PTC] Online Scams [Save Your Time] Pay Per Click – $10 or More:

PTC stands for paid to click. This means, every time you click on advertisers’ ads, you get paid.

Some legit PTC sites are still there and making money with PTC requires a lot of sub-affiliates so it can generate referral commission naturally.

In recent times, I saw a lot of fake PTC sites that claimed to pay up to $10 per click. I can challenge you with you that there is no PTC site out there to pay you even $1 per click.

PTC sites in general reward you for doing simple tasks such as taking paid surveys, playing games, etc.

Just about a couple of days ago, I saw some people were promoting a fake site that claimed to pay $2 per click. I immediately contacted them saying not to promote the fake site further.

These fraud sites usually pay $50-$250 per free referral sign-up. So people like beginners tend to focus on promoting the affiliate link on Facebook groups aggressively not knowing it’s a scam.

Did you ever come across anything as such?

PayPal Cash Scams [Protect from Hacking] Receive FREE Money Instantly:

There are a variety of PayPal scams out there online. Back in 2019, I came across a site through email. The email guided me on how to receive free cash from PayPal.

In the first instant, I knew this is a scam but still wanted to see how this scam works.

You may come across this type of scam someday – so watch out.

I clicked the link to see what it is. I found a simple website with some social proof and fake testimonials claiming people are indeed receiving cash every hour.

People who in need of money urgently tend to enter their real PayPal address into the form.

What next!

You could be the next victim of another PayPal scam! These scammers usually hack your PayPal account to see anything you have in there.

The scammers can easily notice that the email ID you had used is a PayPal ID. So in the event, you already opened the cash locker to scammers to steal your cash.

Forex Trading Cheat Method [Save $100-$1,000] Passive Income Up & Down:

As many people suggest that Forex trading is yet to legalize in India.

So I researched what are the latest Forex trading scams out there. I found it shocking that tons of investors have been scammed with this concept.

Though technically I can not explain to you in detail yet scams are happening.

Forex trading, in common, allows you to test with a demo account. Once you become familiar with the concept you can move on to a live account.

This is where most new investors lose money not realizing how they’ve been cheated by Forex software.

When opening up a demo account, it gives you $1,000+ demo credit to play. When you play with the software, you unusually win 7 out 10 times.

For being a new investor or a player you imbibe with the notion that Forex is the best way to make fast cash online.

However, when you move on to a real Forex account with your cash, things wouldn’t be the same as a demo account just like Casino games.

It said to be that there could some technical monitoring team watches your behavior like your play hours, betting cost, login frequency, etc.

To motivate mentally, you win most of the time with a demo account. With a real account, things would be completely just opposite to the demo account.

According to me, both Forex and Casino works in the same way.

Though they let you off sometimes to win because instead of losing everything in one shot it’s better to make you loose progressively.

HYIP Get Rich Quick Scheme [Save $100-$500] Earn 300% in 24 hours:

HYIP is still popular and there are tons of HYIP sites still around. HYIP stands for High-Yielding-Investment-Program, and more popular among those who want to earn quick cash online.

Since 2017 there were 1000s of websites evaporated without paying a dime.

These HYIP sites normally pay a huge interest rate for every 24 hours.

You can also keep your investment up to one week or even a year so that it can accumulate big compound earnings.

People usually love to make fast cash with their small investment.

These sites casually start with a simple web interface and pay people for a while to ensure that these investors can bring more people through an affiliate program.

After a few months, things will start to behave abnormally like payment delay, termination, account deactivation, etc.

This is one of the quick and easy scams that making people empty-handed in no time.

Receive Payments At Times

These deceivers pay to those who have invested a small amount. For example, when someone invests $10 then it would be easy for the company to pay with interest.

Once the company accumulates 1000s of people on-board, they will open up with a high investment plan up to $50,000.

Those who have received payments a few times believe that they can earn even more with the high investment plan.Now things get even better…at some point, these con artists have to pay so in order to prevent negative complaints.

For that, they shut down the servers periodically and blame payment gateway issues and so forth.

After dragging this drama for about a few weeks, it’s time to shut down and get away with all investor’s money all at once.

This is the power of HYIP and still many new sites are arising every day.So I would advise you not to invest any money in new HYIP sites this includes Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency.

Facebook Money Making Scam [Save $50+] Earn from Mark Zuckerberg:

Facebook scam is another dimension and it usually comes via native ads.

You’ll notice native ads on many news blogs, news feeds, and even Facebook groups itself.

This is another kind of marketing scam that shocked the world in recent times.

The message or sales-page will tell you that you are going to get paid from Facebook simply by doing some regular job.

As I said in my previous post, Facebook work from home scams usually asks you to pay money upfront.

After payment confirmation, it redirects you to some fake team that shares some links which can be found in Google itself.

Yes, indeed there are job opportunities on Facebook but it won’t come that easily until you meet all the requirements just as any normal company demands you.

Facebook scams are many in types, however, I can only share my experience and how you can save your data such as your name, email address, physical address, credit card information, phone number, etc.

Mark Zuckerberg does not pay you any money for micro-jobs. So stay clear off from these online Facebook scams.

Email Processing scams [Save up to $200] Earn Money Sending Emails:

An email processing job is still out there to pluck money from you. This email processing scam usually comes in the form of ads, sometimes in the email.

They claim you could make money just by sending emails. Most people who see this offer for the first time vouch to believe this BS.

How it works!

Well, you basically receive tons of ready-made email templates along with some links.

You have to send emails to the provided address. Each time when email was sent you’d earn $25 or more.

Who is in this world pay you just for sending emails? I see still people believe this nonsense.

It’s because people are in a hurry to make some quick cash. They do not invest their time in reviewing a site before making an informed decision.

You don’t want to be like those crazy people. Always read reviews before making any decision.

Did you like all those scams! Want to learn more! Take this BONUS….

Bonus for you: Employment Scams [Save $100+]:

This type of scams is very prevalent in India and other parts of the world.

The scammers advertise on the various online platform include forums, free classified websites, etc. When you contact them, they act like the job indeed requires skills and experience.

After a week, they write an email saying, we have convinced the employer for the job.

Once you submitted your resume, you get a call from a fake HR, asking you to provide CC information or pay some money in advance to increase your salary.

Once you transferred the fund. They’ll disappear to the moon. Don’t fall prey to this BS.

Fund-raising Online Scams [Save $10+]:

I’m seeing fundraising programs and sites on various platforms.

Sometimes I feel like something is not right. According to me, some sites seem like a fake to loot money from individuals.

Why fundraiser companies paying 1000s dollars to advertise a crowdfunding program on corporate social platforms…?

This seems something fishy out there. So, contribute your money only to legit sites, not all you hit online.

Remote Access Scams [Save $300+]:

You may get a call from an unknown person who claims to be a techie from a reputed company.

He then asks you to troubleshoot software on your computer – not knowing how to, he then asks you to grant him access to your computer.

What happens next! You were just duped right away with remote access scams.

He installs software and asks you to pay the ransom until he receives the money into his account.

Cash Loans from Banks [Save $250+]:

There is a verity of cash loan scams out there. I personally experienced from DSA [Direct Selling Agent]. This might have happened to you as well.

I applied for a loan from one of the reputed finance companies – Fullerton.

I was told that the rate of interest is 18% with a 2% processing fee. They transferred the fund after a week. I found only 1.25 lakh instead of 1.80 lakh.

I called back the lender to know this issue but they explained that they’ve deducted Rs.10,000 for a processing fee and the rest for travel, medical, and other vouchers which I had never asked in the first place.

It’s just a scam and the manager never responded to my call further to discuss [Enter the processing fees % while submitting your application – It’s better to fill up the application on your own].

Stuffing Envelopes Fraud [Save $100]:

Who in the world – any companies need human manual work instead of doing it with a machine that does all the heavy lifting work for them!

You typically allowed to work from home with this kind of work. The salary goes even up to $25 per stuffing. It’s all fake, don’t believe it.

Dating and Romance Online Scams [Save $400+]:

A lot of people fall prey to this romance scam. Last year one of my friends fell victim to this scam.

In general, romance scammers create fake profiles on dating sites and apps or contact their targets through popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Google Hangouts.

My friend was a victim of this Facebook scam. And the scammer who happens to be a beautiful girl.

She had built his trust chatting and talking for several weeks. And then she asked $200 for an emergency to repay her debts.

He wired the money to her and then no contact further. It looks to me she just moved on to someone else.

To know further, simply research about romancing scams in Google. You’ll get an idea about all this BS.

Phishing Scams [Save $500+]:

Are you a regular online purchaser! You could be the next one on the list.

You get an email from a fake site similar to the trustworthy site – Don’t enter your credit card details there so you can avoid any possible data theft.

Due to sophisticated browsers that we have today, most of the time you get an alert message, however, it won’t catch all the time. So watch out for this!

Conclusion To Online Scams

As we see from the above post that there are tons of unique online scams out there.

And defrauders who always update his methods to scam you.

These online scam methods periodically upgraded to hide any awareness among internet users.

Always ensure that you read online reviews before paying any amount for a particular task or a program.

You could lose a huge amount of money in a matter second to online scammers this includes Online Betting Scam – Blackjack, Craiglist Scam, Online Forex Scam, Leovegas Scam, Pizza Scams, Make Money Scams, Paypal Scams, etc.

Get awareness to avoid any data theft and possible money-related scams.

These are the easy scams to make quick cash which scammers always do.

Have you ever fallen to any one of these online scams in the past? Share your experience with us. Thanks for reading.

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