Prospect Dynamic – How To Increase Upto 30% Conversion Rate From Your Web-Page Visitors? Find out What’s Inside!

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Welcome to my Prospect Dynamic REVIEW:

Prospect Dynamic is a brand new WordPress plugin that helps you reach the audience in a personalized way.

SOME benefits are sending your promotional content or email with customers’ names or using their company address.

Back in 2000, most people had not realized the power of personalization in their marketing approach. 

But now things have changed in the marketing world and approach has been improved a lot better. 

To get a maximum response for your online marketing, approaching visitors in a soft and personalized tone will yield better results instead of sending generically.

But how do you that..!

You see, almost all email marketing software does this and have feature adding [First name] or any name that you want to add in the email text.

But how do you do that on the web pages!

You’ll learn more about that as you read along with this Prospect Dynamic review below…

Prospect Dynamic

Vendor: Walt Bayliss
Product: Prospect Dynamic
Launch Date: 2020-Jul-30
Front-End Price: $27
Site Name:
Affiliate Network: JVZoo 
Niche: Lead Generation

What is Prospect Dynamic?

Prospect Dynamic is a software or plugin, specially created for WordPress users. If you’re a blogger who uses WordPress then this plugin can ease the process of your online marketing.

Prospect Dynamic creates dynamic landing pages to show the real names of the people when they visit the product links or article pages.

This product was created by a 7 figure marketer by Walt Bayliss, and has launched a different kind of products on multiple categories since 2005.

He wanted to take this opportunity to the next level – “Dynamic personalization”. 

Prospect Dynamic plugin does a small thing in your marketing campaign – that to say, every time people visit the pages or from email autoresponder, they can see their NAME or their company name when they hit your web pages.

The good news is that these dynamic changes can be implemented in any Autoresponder, Cold-email system – and even with Facebook ads!

When someone clicks from a Facebook ad, will see their OWN NAME when they hit the page.

By doing so you get better conversion through personalizing. Of-course, by personalizing your content – three things will happen naturally.

According to me, you’ll be able to…

⇒ Boost Visitors’ Confidence

Increase Open Rate in Autoresponder

Increase Click Through Rate On Web Pages/Product Pages

More Leads In The Process

And Finally More Engaged Customers

How Does Prospect Dynamic Work! [Video Presentation]

What Do You Get In Prospect Dynamic? [Pricing & Upsells]

Frond-end Offer:

Prospect Dynamic comes with two options for you. You can purchase a basic package if you want to use it only for 5 websites.

OR you can subscribe to an unlimited site license for $27.

Upsell package one: 

This plan offers you a set of web templates – professionally designed themes including webinar pages, optin pages, thank you pages and sales pages – all of which that work with the Dynamic system Priced at $47

Upsell number two: 

Resellers [agency] and Giveaway license. You can purchase this product and sell it to those who are interested in using this product. 

The good thing is you can keep 100% of commissions generated by you. These packages priced just at $97 only.

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Prospect Dynamic reviewUndeniable Advantages of Using Personalized Content in Your Marketing

As always, I use Aweber autoresponder for my CPA marketing. And of course, I do personalize things before I send out to my subscribers.

I never thought adding NAME can do wonder. When I was new to marketing, I used to SEND emails without subscribers’ names. But didn’t know why my CTR is always in the low-end. 

Then I realized my mistake and learned from one of my mentors. When I start to send email campaigns by adding customers’ names, the response was far better that include sales. 

And very often, I get reply emails as well.

According to the online surveys and reports from Hubspot – content personalization helps your marketing campaign better.

It sometimes increases anywhere between 15%-25% in results just by adding company or customers’ names.

The same is true online. More than 60% of shoppers say they find it appealing when an online store remembers their personal and payment information to speed up a purchase, according to Capgemini.

They said in one of the featured blogs that content personalization helps…

Increases Conversions As You Gained Their Confidence

Makes Conversion Easier – People Love To See Their Name

Builds a Passionate Audience – Leaving Out Bad Folks

Improves Lead Nurturing – Segregating Who’s It For!

Improves Sales Calls 

Welcomes Newcomers – New Audience Don’t Hesitate To Input Their Details

Helps Create Marketing That People Love

Prospect Dynamic – Advantage [Pros] 

  • Prospect Dynamic comes with a one time fee, not recurring
  • Easy to install on your WordPress site
  • Able to use this in any email marketing software
  • Able to increase your revenue in sales marketing

Prospect Dynamic – Disadvantage [cons]

  • Only designated for WordPress – not for other platforms like
  • No other extra features except adding name [Personalization concept]
  • Reseller or Agency package is not worthy of your money [$97]

Who Should Use Prospect Dynamic?

Prospect Dynamic is for those who have a blog in WordPress and for affiliate marketers. This product is not for a fresher who just starting out.

If you have subscribers in your autoresponder perhaps you can use this software. 

Adding names directly to the sales page option is new to me. And I love my name to be shown on the sales page when I land on offers.

This boosts my confidence and increases trust in the person who’s promoting the offer.

Apart from that, I think this product mainly focuses on WordPress bloggers & Affiliate marketers only. If you fall into any one of these categories, you’re ready to go.

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Concluding Prospect Dynamic Review

Well, Prospect Dynamic software has only one option – that is just placing visitors’ information on the web pages. Besides, I don’t see any extra features that it can offer for your money. 

Though a good option to do marketing this way to boost conversions. You see conversion is more important than just views or clicks. 

With this Prospect Dynamic application, you can increase up to 25% depending on the type of product you involve with.

This is a plugin and no need to talk about whether this is a scam or legit. You see, some folks might use this TERM on Google before they decide to purchase. 

You don’t need to because Prospect Dynamic app created to help you personalize things in your marketing. This is it.

Do have anything to share with me! Let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading Prospect Dynamic review.


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