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earn money online via apps  

It’s your time to refer and earn some extra cash instead of spending your time foolishly. That’s right! If you’re searching for “refer and earn” websites online, I have some great and legit companies that pay you just for referring friends and customers for them.

Remember! If you want to supplement your income instead of just trying to make a penny, this “refer a friend” programs can help you add more cash to your bank for sure. 

Without a doubt, this post aimed to help you generate consistent-income not by just referring a few of your friends. But also how this concept can be utilized in a better way to reap maximum rewards and cash.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into meat and potatoes of the refer and earn programs. 

How to make money from refer and earn websites?What is a Refer And Earn Program?

A refer and earn concept is a process of inviting someone as a customer; it can be free or paid customers.

For example, if you have been using a product or service, you’ll be compensated when you refer friends and families to join the network. 

This term ‘‘refer a friend offer’’ is called in many forms such as invite a friend, referral program, and sometimes it also called an affiliate program, though the process slightly varies its range. 

How To Make Money From Refer And Earn Sites?

Refer and earn program is one of the easiest ways to make extra income.

You can promote or invite through an email invitation or by social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even via forums, free classified websites, etc. 

If you are keen on earning more income then I have a beginner-friendly traffic guide for you. Don’t forget to check the below-recommended link.

Invite and earn money concepts do really pay well when you start inviting more and more people for the services or products you’re into. 

Whether you want to focus one niche at a time or multiple niches, there is always a way to refer a link to a large number of people.

As mentioned earlier, I have a guide on how to refer and make money from a “refer and earn program”. 

Please visit this link to learn how to invite and earn money in your spare time (Share links and earn cash guide).

Can You Supplement Your Income With Refer And Earn Sites?

To put it another way, is it possible to supplement your income from “refer a friend” campaigns?

Of course, you can. The idea behind should be which niche you want to choose and how much it can bring! 

Not all refer and earn websites pay as you expect. And you need to choose which niche you’re interested in. 

For example, if you have a massive Facebook or Instagram followers then read between the lines as what most of your followers are searching for!

It can be a health industry, make money niche, autoresponder, or it can be any services. The success rate purely depends on the vertical you choose. 

Also, if you have a mixed audience, promote best refer a friend program just for testing.

After you start getting some momentum, tweak the copy of your ads. In this way, you can maximize your income.

How Much Can you Make With Invite Referral Sites?

There is no way for me to predict how much you can make from refer and earn websites.

It purely depends on how much effort you put into and which niche you’re promoting. 

If you have a great audience who are inclined to your products and services then you can expect some good return. 

For example, if you have large followers on social media who are interested in boating and other services then you’re on the right track.

Find a vendor that has a refer and earn program. Simply recommend the products to your followers. This is it.

In this way, you could make up to $65,000 per invite. 

On the other side, if you have followers who are inclined to freebies then pick the best free offers from CPA networks to promote. In this way, you can earn between $50-$100 per day. 

Alright! Before you do window-shopping of my list, remember that I have included a variety of offers from “referring a friend program” to affiliate programs. 

I don’t want you to off-track from your intention. For this reason, I have gathered a list of “refer and earn programs” for you so that you can cross-check all before getting started.

[35+ Best Referral Programs To Make Money]

Online paid survey referral programs can help generate some extra free cash working from home. You can join free and promote a “refer a friend link” to earn extra cash.

If you have a large number of followers on social media, this option can be very useful to supplement your income. Get your refer a friend links and share them on your pages.

There are tons of online paid survey sites, but I personally love a few websites where you can earn doing some activities as well as extra cash up to $5 per free sign-up.

These online paid survey websites will pay you for taking surveys, watching videos, completing free offers, playing games, searching the web, etc. 

Lifepoints and refer and earn Program:

Lifepoints is one of the oldest online paid survey companies that pay in points every time you complete surveys.

This company is formerly known as Now, this site has been merged with the Lifepoints survey panel.

To earn maximum, there is always a way to do that. Sign up with CPA networks and start promoting it online [CPA source link provided below].

You’d earn $1-$3 per free referral. How many friends can you invite in a day!

Inboxdollars and Refer And Earn Concept: 

Inboxdollars is operating since 2000, paying its members for doing various tasks from taking paid surveys, completing tasks, playing games, reading emails, shopping to watching videos. 

This website also has a “refer to earn program”. With this method, You could earn around $4 when you invite friends through CPA networks [Certified by Better Business Bureau].

Swagbucks and Referral Program:

Swagbucks is one of the popular GPT sites around. And this site allows members from almost all countries to participate.

You can earn from taking surveys, do shopping, playing games, etc.

Swagbucks also has an invite friend option through which you can earn up to $5. You can earn either by direct promotion or via CPA networks.

Opinionoutpost – Refer Friends:

Opinion outpost is one of my favorite paid survey sites that accept most countries to register in their panel. You can earn extra money by completing free offers.

If you want to earn extra cash by doing various activities just as the above-paid survey websites then you can start here. 

Again, you can make $10-$50 per day just for referring your friends through CPA networks. 

How Will You Get Paid From Survey Websites?

These survey websites pay through PayPal or via gift cards. Some survey sites pay through Check. But I’ve provided the best sites that pay quickly.

You’ll earn daily rewards and receive payments through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc.

Site note: You can refer people directly using referral links without third party affiliate networks. However, most survey sites will pay less amount when you promote direct links.

Therefore, I would say, join CPA networks first and then invite friends and people who are interested in joining paid survey websites. In this way, you can earn up to $5 per person.

Here’re my recommended refer and earn survey websites.

If you want to promote through CPA networks then access the list of best CPA networks here.

Refer and Earn Program: Online Marketing Education

Legendary Marketer founded by David Sharpe and has been in the online business for over 9 years. 

Legendary Marketer gives access to its training from video lessons to assignments.

You’d also get a business plan advisor who will walk you through how to develop business and get it into action. 

If you would like to start your business online and generate an income within 15 days from ground level then this could be the place for you. Feel free to check the official video to learn more.

Besides, this program also has a refer and earn concept. You can register your free account there.

All you need is to invite as many friends as you like. Each time someone takes action, you’ll earn from onetime to recurring commissions [5%-60%]. One of the hottest products in the MMO niche. 

Refer and Earn – Freelance Services

Fiverr is another great place to earn extra money for inviting your friends.

This marketplace has a verity of services from graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, business, lifestyle, industries, boating, etc. 

Want to make up to $100 per invite! Register your free account, get your referral link, and share it with your friends.

Not a big deal here, I’m sure many of your friends might be looking for services that they cannot handle. This is the right time to create an account at Fiverr

Get your affiliate/referral link and share it with your friends. You can also promote on Facebook too.

When someone purchases their favorite service from the marketplace, you’d earn up to $100 easily. A great way to earn extra income by referring friends.

Traffic Marketplace – Refer a Friend Campaign

Who doesn’t like traffic to their products and services! Do you have websites or products that you want to drive traffic to!

Udimi is one of the best marketplaces designed to help website owners and product creators to get tons of traffic to their services.

You see, people are rave about traffic so that they can generate more commissions. This is where the Udimi marketplace comes into PLAY.

You can join free in the Udimi network where you’ll find tons of affiliate marketers ready to promote offers through email marketing.

Now what! Copy your affiliate link and share it with your friends. Each time they dump money for advertising, you will earn between 15%-30% affiliate commission.  Not once or twice, but as long as your friends stay active there.

 In the same way, is another traffic provider that helps advertisers to find laser targeted visitors.

With Trafficforme, you could earn up to 30% commission when your referred friends who took action on their platform. 

Not bad for just telling a friend about a great service like

Again, these types of offers are not just limited to only 2 networks.

Yup! there are tons of similar marketplaces like Udimi and Hay! I’ve limited time and space. I hope you get the point.

URL Shorteners have the best referral program that can be used to make money online.

It just requires only your participation. All you need is to share the links to the world. 

Each time when links are viewed, you’ll earn a commission.

It doesn’t matter who buys or walks out! Still, you’d earn some commission. In general, URL free referral programs pay between $2-$15 per 1000 views.

Besides this, you could earn additional income by inviting referrals to these websites. 

When your friends join through your link and do the same thing as you do, you’ll earn up to a 5% lifetime commission.

This is one of the easiest “invite and earn money program” for beginners to start.

If you have good free time, share those links on social media, or even invite your family members to earn extra money while working with your regular job.

To learn more please visit this link –URL Shortener Websites here.

Paid to Click Site – Refer Your friends

PTC is another great refer and earn program to make extra money. This “refer to earn” program works based on how many clicks your friends make! 

PTC stands for “get paid to click ads” or complete offers. There are many PTC sites online but I see most of them are scams. Although there are good ones still out there.

In order to refer a friend and make money, my advice is to join Ysense which is a user-friendly website that pays for completing tasks as well as for inviting your friends.

It allows you to earn up to 30% commission from your friends for life. 

All you need is to invite quality people to this offer and earn from sign-ups, active affiliates to free trial offers. To learn more, visit how to make money with the best PTC site here.

CPA Networks – Refer And Earn For Life

CPA marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn cash working from home.

There are thousands of people who are earning their fulltime income by promoting free offers. 

CPA networks are not just for only promoting offers but also help you earn extra cash inviting your friends.

You’ll earn money up to 10% off of your friends’ earnings for life. Though some pay for life and a few pay limited years.

1. Maxbounty – I’m still part of this CPA network, and made some money promoting paid survey offers.

With Maxbounty refer and earn program, you earn a 5% affiliate commission for 1 year [Signup for an affiliate account here]. 

2. CPAgrip – This CPA network pays a 5% lifetime commission off of your friends’ earnings.

The more you get friends, the more you’ll earn [Signup for an affiliate account here].

3. Adsecendmedia – This network accepts almost all types of people in their network.

Apart from being a CPA marketer, you’d also earn a 5% referral commission for life when someone earns by promoting their offers [Signup for an affiliate account here]. 

4. CPAlead – This network is similar to CPAgrip, which pays a 5% referral commission from every affiliate who joins there network [Signup for an affiliate account here].

Article Writing Tools – Refer a Friend For Rewards

Do you have friends who are studying in schools, colleges/universities, or even bloggers and website owners?

These article writing software can help you add extra cash in your pocket. I’ve two best paying software for you.

1. Earn Cash Promoting ProWritingAid – ProWritingAid is a web-based software that helps you write better, smooth, and error-free articles. With this tool, you can do grammar checking, style editing, and organizing sentence, etc. 

With ProWritingAid refer a friend program you can up to 50% commission every time someone has taken an action.

Not only that, but you’d also receive a commission even when a customer is on a trial period. The highest payer of its leading competitors. You can earn $45-$95 per sale [Get your account here].

2. Grammarly App – Grammarly is a well-known software for article writers and bloggers.

This app helps to identify spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, to create better sentence structure, etc.

With Grammarly refer a friend affiliate program, you can earn 0.20 cents for each free sign-ups or who add their extension on Firefox or Google chrome. 

With a paid subscription, you can earn $20 per customer. If you have a blog, you can additionally earn $25 for writing a review and placing their banners [Get your account here].

Invite Friends and Earn From Email Autoresponder

Who can imagine a business without autoresponder! You see, an online business cannot run without prospecting. This is where autoresponder plays a vital role. 

Now, you can recommend the best autoresponders in the industry.

There may be 100s of autoresponders but when it comes to a good autoresponder, the quality, and deliverability that matters.

I have got a few good ones for you to recommend to your friends!

When you refer a friend to a product that has credibility and popularity then he/she will gladly accept your offer. Would you be interested in referring to the best email marketing autoresponders?

If so, these are my recommendations for you!

1. Sendinblue FREE Affiliate Program

Sendinblue is one of the great email marketing software that allows you to earn extra money for inviting your friends. 

The best thing about this program is you’ll get 5€ when someone creates a free account.

And if that customer or your friend upgrades, you’ll earn an extra 100€. You can join free in their refer and earn program [Create your Sendinblue account here].

2. Icontact Partner Program

This email marketing software has thousands of customers all over the world. As with any products online, this platform is also has a refer and earn program.

Every person who becomes a customer, you earn a 25% recurring commission for 2 years [Create your Icontact account here].

3. Aweber Referral Program 

Aweber is one of my favorite marketing tools. Because I have used both Aweber and Getresponse.

Both are best in my opinion. You can join free in their invite and earn program [ Create your Aweber account here].

Aweber’s referral program even best as it will pay you a 30% recurring commission for every customer.

With the autoresponder affiliate program, your income is not stable as when the customer increases his contact from 1000 -5000 or to the next pay plan you’ll then start to earn more recurring commissions.

4. Getresponse Bounty Program 

Getresponse has an interesting refer and earn affiliate program. You have two options to earn from this website. 

You can choose recurring or a flat onetime rate. You’ll earn $100 for every customer you get or 33% monthly recurring commissions for each affiliate.

You can choose either of these plans to promote [ Create your Getresponse account here]. 

Mystery Shopping Referral Program

Mystery shopping is another great source to add extra money to the bank.

These opportunities are available in almost all countries. Your job is to visit the stores and act as a customer to collect data. This way, you get paid. 

With secret shopping refer and earn program, you still earn some cash for each time your friends complete the given tasks. 

If you would like to participate in the secret shopping tasks, please visit the link to learn more about how to make money by inviting friends for secret shopping here.

Lead Generation Software – Refer and Earn Site

MarketerMagic is another great platform for business owners.

This software allows tracking all data from your marketing campaign.

Besides, with this tool, you can do other activities such as Shockproof, email cleaning, email hunter, live business leads, etc. 

For business owners, this tool is a life changer. For example, you can find 100s of business leads based on a keyword that you perform.

You can download leads based on niche type, location, country, etc. Additionally, you can earn extra money for referring your friends and interested prospects. 

You’ll earn up to 41% for each sale you deliver – recurring payments.

If you’re a marketer, you must get this tool as soon as possible before it gets saturated. You’ll be paid once in a month, for the previous month.

Sales Funnel or Page Builder – Invite Friends and Earn Cash

Are you affiliated with many Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fan pages just to do for fun! It’s time to scout business folks there.

A lead capture page builder is a vital tool for any online business. You can now earn by page builder software.

All you want is to share your referral links on pages who indeed void or need funnel builder software. 

Each successful subscription will pay up to 40% recurring commissions.

Here is the best and popular page builderall software that you can “refer and earn” from your friends.

1. Clickfunnels Marketing and Page Builder – The most used software by website owners and product creators.

This software platform allows you to create unlimited squeeze pages within their software with a click of your mouse [Signup for affiliate program here]. 

It also has a referral program that allows you to earn up to 40% recurring income.

Not only that, but you’d also be able to earn a bonus to drive a car every month.

2. Builderall Marketing Tool – I was part of Builderall for nearly 2 years and it seems OK for a beginner to start with this platform.

With their refer and earn program, you can earn 100% commission for the first month and then 30%+30% recurring – 2 tier affiliate program. [ Create your account here].

Create your free refer and earn membership today and start earning extra cash working at home without investment.

3. Leadpages Squeeze Page Builder – Another great marketing suite of lead generation tools that has 100s of loyal customers.

Just as other marketing tools you can also join their refer and earn program to earn 30% recurring commission on all sales you generate [Create an account here]. 

You’ll continue to earn as long as your referrals remain, customers, including renewals and upgrades of their Leadpages plan.

Web-Hosting – Invite Friends With Referral Promo 

Want to start your own blog and need help hosting it! Time to find the right choice for hosting your site. There are tons of hosting companies that are there to host your site. 

Though I would recommend these four hosting companies for maximum uptime guarantee.

Not only that, but you can also earn side by side up to $200 per sign up – irrespective of the plan they choose.

Do you know any of your friends planning to start a website/blog! It’s time to sign up as an affiliate with this refer and earn program to earn some quick cash from it.

Once you become their partner, you could use your custom coupon code, your affiliate link, and dozens of banners to refer clients.

1. Hostgator Hosting 

Hostgator refer and earn program pays between $65-$125 for every qualified referral.

You can sign-up for their affiliate program free here. 

2. Liquidweb Hosting 

With the Liquidweb affiliate & referral Program, you can earn from new customers up to $5,000 along with a 50% bonus.

Whether the customers sign-up for shared hosting or cloud hosting, you will earn between $150-$5,000 per sale [ Create your account here].

3. Refer and Earn – Bluehost Hosting

This company offers $65 for every new customer you get for them.

Bluehost is a well-known hosting for many bloggers, and many people have already earned a good amount of money promoting this hosting company. 

You can join free at Bluehost with a click of your mice. Get your tracking link and invite as many friends as you wish. 

4. WP Engine – Refer and Earn Program

The name itself says that they are focused on WordPress hosting but you can play around with any platforms too.

Now, this hosting company opened its door for all people who are interested in promoting their service.

They have two services – web-hosting and themes. You could earn from both when any of your friends purchase them. For hosting, you’ll earn up to $200 per sale. 

Just a few folks can earn you $2,000 per month easily. Are you new to an affiliate or refer and earn programs!

Get some help from here – drive traffic to the refer and earn affiliate links. 

If any of your friends have the plan to start their business online, recommend any of these hosting to avoid any downfall during the peak traffic hours.

These web hosting providers have the best of best servers from shared to dedicated servers to boost your website speed faster [WPengine affiliate partner here].

Work From Home – Refer and Earn Monthly

Clickbank is one of the top marketplaces for digital products and a well-known place for affiliates and product creators. 

Clickbank has a product called Clickbank University 2.0, which is exclusively created to help common people and who seek opportunities to start an online business.

With Clickbank University program, you could earn a monthly commission just by inviting your friends. 

You can also join Clickbank university to start your own online business.

By inviting your family and friends, you’ll earn up to 75% commissions monthly. Just 50-100 friends can boost your online income between $1,000-$5,000 per month.

The payment will be paid via Check twice in a month. For some countries, online payment processors can be an option too! Start here Clickbank University Program.

Do you love to build backlinks for your blogs or websites! Or any of your friends in need of quality back-links that Google loves!

SEOLink is a link management service provider that has helped 100s of websites to boost their ranking. 

Get connected with their refer and earn affiliate program to earn an extra $50 per qualified lead. 

You’ll earn for sharing their link building service with your friends and subscribers.

They have two options to choose from; default and percentage-based refer and earn program. 

You get $50/per each $100 your referrals spend with them or get up to 15% commission from any sum your referrals spend with LinksManagement.

Online Course Affiliate Program – Earn From Your Friends

You perhaps noticed this name everywhere on YouTube – that’s Udemy.

This online education platform helping 1000s of people learning a wide range of topics.

With the Udemy affiliate program, you can earn up to 40% affiliate commission, and comes with 7 days cookie period. 

Udemy also had a pay per lead program that used to pay $8 for every trial membership, whether members continue their membership or cancel it.

Now it seems they have taken out this option due to popularity they have gained in recent months.

Do you have friends who want to learn courses on a specific topic which they have no clue about! It’s time for you to create an account from

After your account is activated, you can refer friends and online audience from Facebook and other social media. You could also earn by promoting through your YouTube channel if you have one. 

Simply redirect people that are interested in learning and when they subscribe as a paid customer you’ll earn a commission.

Casino Websites – Easy Refer a Friend Programs

Casino websites are another great source for you to earn extra money for promoting them.

Most casino websites pay CPL & CPS basis. I’d say, cost per lead is a good option for anyone who wants to make money. 

Casino websites pay up to $15 per lead when any of your friends register their free account.

You’d also earn extra up to $150 per person when they deposit a minimum of $20-$30 respectively.

If you want to partake in the refer a friend affiliate program, you can find many offers in CPA networks.

If you want to promote directly from Casino networks, you’ll only earn when your friends deposit the amount. 

On the other hand, CPA networks pay for account creation. To know more, please visit this page to join CPA networks to make money.

Best e-Commerce – Refer And Earn Program

The most used software in the e-commerce industry.

Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows you to create websites including shopping cart solutions to sell, ship, and manage your products. 

If any of your friends thought of doing e-commerce business today or shortly, tell them that there’s a way to do that.

They might not know about this wonderful piece of user-friendly software. 

With the Shopify referral program, you can earn up to $2,000 for every new customer that joins as a plus customer. For a paid plan you could earn $58 per person. 

Your job is to send them through your refer and earn affiliate link only.

The rest will be taken care of by their team who nurture the subscribers helping to go from trial to ultimate plan.

In this way, you could make fast cash online. Create your affiliate account at Shopify here.

Webinar Marketing Platform

Clickmeeting is yet another great piece of software for Webinar solution, designed for start-up businesses to large companies. 

Their flawless and productive webinar tool, you can be up and running regardless of your device and operating systems. And you can engage with your audience and interact smoothly.

When it comes to Clickmeeting refer and earn affiliate program, you can earn 30% – up to $515 per customer.

And also comes with 120 days cookie period. Try Clickmeeting refer a friend program and start making extra cash while doing your normal job.

Tracking And Optimizing Software – Invite Your Companions 

Do you have friends who run websites or selling affiliate products! Time to recommend these two tracking software! Tracking software is essential for any online business you have. 

This helps track the campaigns in a far better way than any available traditional methods.

This tracking software helps identify where the money is leaking and how to optimize your advertising campaigns far better way to cut down your cost.

This software comes with a referral/affiliate program and you can earn a monthly commission just by promoting online. 

The first one is Clickmagick software, and it is widely used by all affiliate marketers to track their CTC and other variables.

Register your account free and start earning 35% recurring commissions from a basic plan to premium plan.

==> Sign-up for Clickmagick free here

The second software is called Clickmeter. And also has an affiliate program that pays for inviting your friends.

This software is must need for those who want to track their campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, etc. Both software can track all variables at best.

With Clickmeter, you can invite friends through websites, email lists, social networks, blogs, articles, and banners. 

==> Learn Clickmeter here

You can earn up to $891 for a single sale! There are hundreds of affiliates, webmasters, agencies, publishers, and pure web lovers who have already generated good income. You could be the next person too!

Leading Trading Software – Refer a Friend

eToro is a global leading trading software. Now this company opened its door for those who love to earn extra money just by inviting friends. 

With eToro refer a friend program both the referrer and referred earn $50. 

For selected countries such as Australia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the amount will be credited with a total of $100, for the referring and the referred friend.

So, what next! Share your link on social media and earn great rewards for each registration.

Cashrewards – Earn From Inviting your friends

Cashrewards is an Australian-based cashback site that currently offering refer and earn affiliate programs.

With Cashrewards, you earn $5 per free sign-up. If you have a blog that getting a good amount of traffic, perhaps you can try this out. 

The sign-ups have to come from the Australian region. To join this refer and earn program, you may need to have either a website or good Facebook/Instagram/Twitter fan-base. 

The sign-up process will go through the Commissionfactory marketplace. If you have a blog, then get signed up to promote this offer to earn easy cash online.

Webinar – Invite Business Partners

If you’re planning to start a business, then the Webinar tool is something you must have.

It helps outreach your idea to your friends, prospects, and also will be able to do verities of activities.

With increases in e-commerce websites, there is always need a good relationship between the owner and the customers.

This is where EasyWebiar comes into the picture. To know more about the pricing, you can visit their official site.

Now, with EasyWebinar invite friend affiliate program, you can earn a whopping 30% commission structure! The affiliate commission is recurring not a one-time payment.

This way, you can earn more money by bringing interested business partners. Are you ready for the next adventure!

Software Testing – Refer and Earn Program

Do you like to test apps, websites, products of the various industries!

You can now earn extra money doing the same as well as inviting your friends to do the same. 

Usertesting or product testing program is widely popular on the internet. It allows you to earn for giving opinions on clients’ products and software.

Not just that, you’d be able to earn extra income referring your friends. Whenever they complete product reviews, you earn some commission off of it. 

I have a great list of user testing programs. Go ahead and sign up with the best user testing websites.

After you joined you can invite friends and interested candidates via word of mouth or social networking. Check out the good-paying user testing websites to join. 

Refer-a-Friend Program – Gaming Website

Who doesn’t like playing games online! If you have a lot of free time to play online games, time to earn extra cash.

Additionally, you can also now earn just by inviting your friends to join the club.

With Winviewgames, you can earn $10 extra cash for inviting friends.

All you need is to refer your friends and asked them to deposit $10 to play through a minimum of $10 worth of paid contest. This is it. Now, you’re eligible to earn $10 for that. 

You not only make extra cash promoting this website but also earn from games that are available within the platform.

I want to ask you! How many gaming freaks you can bring on-board! May be 100 people! Now you’re eligible to earn $1,000 just by promoting your referral link.

Digital Marketplaces – Refer Website Owners or Bloggers

Do you know any of your friends and partners who have websites and bloggers – interested in earning 10-$20 per qualified leads!

Unlike other marketplaces like Clickbank, JVzoo, etc, which they normally don’t pay you bringing new affiliates for them but Shareasale does just opposite!

The process to make money with Shareasale is pretty straightforward.

Invite people using your “refer and earn link” and when they’re approved, you’ll earn up to $10 just for that. 

Plus, once they’re approved you’d also earn $20 commission [ Create a Shareasale account here]. The sad news is, this marketplace currently not accepting coupon sites.

Concluding Refer And Earn Companies

There you have some good websites that allow beginners to promote refer and earn programs to earn extra cash.

I didn’t complicate the thing putting too many variables because that could lead to many confusion. 

This list is for general people but feel free to check the links that I have interlinked within this post.

In that way, you may be able to find more opportunities and explore what you could do with them. 

Need more help in finding refer a friend program! Let me know in the comment section so that I can update it according to your request. Thanks for reading.

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