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Looking for remote design jobs online! I have got a great list of remote user experience jobs, packaging designer jobs, telecommute graphic designing jobs, branding designer jobs, naming jobs, and much more.

There are hundreds of crowdsourcing companies out there that allow you to work in their marketplaces as a remote designer from home. If you’re skilled or have some kind of knowledge within this filed perhaps you can try this list of crowdsourcing platforms. 

With these crowdsourcing websites, you’ll be able to learn how these websites work and how you can earn extra cash working full or part-time.

The listed remote web designer jobs or online designing jobs are suitable for students, housewives, parttime, or full-time job seekers and who have a good understanding of remote designing projects.

Part-Time Remote Design Jobs [Who’s For]

I repeat, thisWhat the best sites to get remote design jobs? type of job is not for those who are just looking “get rich quick schemes”.

These types of jobs require good skills, experience, and ability to solve the issues.

To work as a remote designer ensure you have provided the details in full and communicate them in advance if needed so that you get an idea just in case you haven’t heard back from them.

In this way, you can fulfill the requirement and needs are of those projects.

In the same way, there are many benefits to crowdsourcing marketplaces. This means, you are not only able to have multiple choices but can work with multiple clients on the go. This ensures that the income flow is incessant.

As always keep up the deadlines while doing remote design jobs or anything that had taken from the clients.

Most new folks just jump in out of curiosity but after a few days, they won’t be able to meet the deadline.

The key success to remote or telecommute work is to keep up the deadlines even if you had taken the largest projects.

Not meeting the projects’ deadlines when needed it can really set behind other more big projects. 

OK! Now it’s time to browse around the best websites for connecting remote design jobs to work at home.

So, without further.

Here’re the best and legit remote designer jobs where you can sign up and showcase your talents and skills. 

Micro Task- Amazon [Logo design, Company Logo, etc]

Company Name – Amazon’s Mturk
Operating Since – 1994
Job Type – Freelance Packaging Designer and other micro-tasks
Payment Method – Amazon Payments account and gift cards
Affiliate/Referral Program – N/A

Who’s it for Amazon Mturk?

Amazon may not be similar to Upwork network but you can find a lot of micro tasks to work. Definitely, not for a big thinker! The projects you find there mostly small paying tasks which usually come under $10.

This site can be used to earn as a part-time income. You can join free there. After that complete your profile in order to get your favorite tasks.

After your profile completion, bid against other freelancers and if you were selected you’ll be able to work for the available tasks.

You could also find tasks on these areas too such as logo design, creating a logo for companies, etc.

Remote Web Design Jobs – Trusted Freelance Website

Company Name – Upwork
Operating Since – 2015
Job Type – Remote Graphic Designer Jobs 
Earning Type – Pay hourly or fixed-price
Payment Method – PayPal and ACH
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

What Type Of Jobs Do You Get In Upwork?

Upwork is an alternative to Pickdomains as this site is becoming more focused on talented workers with a wide range of categories that you can tap into. 

It connects quality professionals like you for their clients and offers the best of best services for you to work from home.

They have different kinds of services from Web design, Mobile & Software design, creative design, Creative writing, Sales & Marketing admin, etc.

In this way, you can pick any relevant remote design jobs within the marketplace to earn money working from home.

Sign up for free and connect with clients and agencies. Bid on the projects that you want to undertake. The lower is better but not always the case.

Once you qualified, you’ll be approved to work for the clients. Earn between $100-$2,000 or more per project. 

If you were looking for a good crowdsource to become a telecommute web designer or want to take part in logo design job then this could be the place for you.

Innocentive – Problem Solving Marketplace

Company – Innocentive 
Founded – 2001 [HQ – Waltham, Massachusetts, United States]
Job Type – Logo design, Business card, Web page design, brand guide, Packaging design, T-shirt design, and Book cover design
Payment Method – Not Specified
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

Innocentive said to be one of the largest problem solver marketplaces. It enables big companies to connect the right talented and skilled solver within the community from difficult scientific or research problems.

Unlike other crowdsourcing companies, the prizes can be as high as a million dollars. If you are experts in the given fields, it’s time to compete with other freelancers.

Besides, Innocentive regularly works with some of the top Fortune 500 established crowdsource solutions to experts.

If you fall in the same line perhaps Innocentive could be the place where you can show your talent and earn big rewards.

Product Design – Remote Motion Graphics Jobs

Company Name – Hubstaff Talent
Operating Since – 2012
Job Type – Graphic Design, Photoshop, etc
Payment Method – PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer, Bitwage, and QuickBooks
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

Hubstaff Talent is another great crowdsourcing website that can be used to find or hire the best logo or web designer.

This site may be the alternative to Upwork but still has a lot of opportunities there. 

You can join 100% free to find the best suitable companies that looking for remote agents to work from home. 

No fees, no markups, no middlemen.

They have a wide range of categories to choose from. Within that group, they have Photoshop, Graphic Design jobs, Web Design jobs, Logo Design jobs, Illustrator jobs, etc

Feel free to check out the official site to learn more.

Best Crowdsourcing Site – Naming Companies & Products

Company Name – NamingForce
Operating Since – 2006
Job Type – Business Names, Product Names, Domain Names, And Taglines 
Payment Method – Paypal And Other Modes
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

Alternative to SquadHelp website

NamingForce is another choice to have on the list. NamingForce also operates very similar to PickyDomains. 

There are 100s of clients who are looking for best and easy names for their upcoming business, products, etc.

This is where you come into the picture. You serve the clients to come up with the best names to accomplish their process. 

The registration is free. Once your account is created you’ll be invited to offer your name suggestions for the business, products, and taglines.

There will be a testing period for up to 7 days. Once your name selected after the voting process, you then earn a commission for it.

Yet NamingForce doesn’t have a remote design job but I thought of listing this company so that you can earn additional income. 

What are the established sites for REMOTE DESIGN JOBS?CrowdSpring – Top-Quality Design And Naming Service

Company Name – CrowdSpring 
Operating Since – 2007
Job Type – Info-graphics, Poster, Flyer & Postcard, Tattoo, T-shirt, Book Cover, etc.
Payment Method – Paypal or Payoneer
Affiliate/Referral Program – Yes 

One of the fastest and reputed crowdsource companies. With this site, you can find a variety of remote design jobs simply by searching their marketplace. 

It covers from Info-graphics, Poster, Flyer & Postcard, Writing, Tattoo, T-shirt, Book Cover, and much more.

Do you have a unique talent in designing and naming products and companies? Fill up the free form and get selected from clients. You can negotiate using their tools to get more projects.

CrowdSpring Affiliate Program

Want to get extra cash for referring your friends! CrowdSpring has an affiliate program that pays $55 per paid-customer. The best part is that it has a 365 day cookie period too. 

Freelancer – Part Time Remote Graphic Design Jobs 

Company Name – Freelance
Operating Since – 2009
Job Type – Freelance Designer jobs and Others
Payment Method – PayPal and other modes
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

Freelancer is an alternative to Upwork as this site has millions of small to high paying projects where you can choose to work as a remote designer.

This crowd-sourcing site covers almost all the topics that you can imagine. 

It also has plenty of remote designer jobs in the Freelance marketplace from writing, web designing, data entry, graphic design, logo design, etc.

Create your free account and fill-up all the details of your expertise. And then enter into the freelancer bidder section to find a suitable remote design job. You’ll be paid either by hourly based or fixed rate.

CrowdSource [OneSpace] – Content and Data Solutions

Company –
Founded – 1988
Job Type – Copywriting, Data Moderation, Transcription 
Payment Method – PayPal and other modes
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

With Crowdsource, you can complete different types of jobs such as copy-writing services, data categorization and reconciliation, search relevance, product matching, and content moderation.

This site may not have remote design jobs or anything related to it but I wanted to include this service just in case you want to tap into other remote jobs.

However, this site is also tied in with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, as it manages micro-task campaigns for clients. So you could get similar remote design jobs for you to work.

SquadHelp – Largest Naming Community

Company Name – Hubstaff Talent
Operating Since – 2011
Job Type – Naming and Desiring Logo 
Payment Method – PayPal and Payoneer 
Affiliate/referral Program – YES

How to make money by naming companies?

SquadHelp is very similar to PickyDomains which allows members to earn money for providing names and creating company logos for the clients.

The membership is free. All you need is to register an account and enter into the contest or suggestion poll. Choose the best name for the clients’ website or company to get paid. You’d also earn for designing a logo as well.

SquadHelp Affiliate Program

With SquadHelp refer a friend program, you can earn $20 commission per member when they launch their first contest. Additionally, you could earn 250 points for every referred user. 

DesignCrowd Remote – Remote Graphic Design Jobs 

Company Name – Designcrowd
Operating Since – 2009
Job Type – Log Design, Business Card Design, Web Design, Flyer Design, Graphic Design, T-shirt Design, Etc.
Payment Method – Credit Card (via Stripe) or PayPal
Affiliate/Referral Program – Yes

DesignCrowd is an alternative to an Innocentive crowdsourcing platform.

DC has unlimited remote design jobs from beginner level to advanced level. If you’re looking for a way to earn additional income, this company might be a fit for you. 

You can join today and build your freelance career to the next level. As per my understanding, this site operates like 99Designs.

That means, a person or business puts up a sum of money to receive designs upfront, and the winner is paid out. 

If you’re good at designing things then head-over to this marketplace, choose your interested category to design for the clients. 

Designcrowd Affiliate Program

Just like any other crowdsourcing companies, you can earn extra income by inviting outsiders to this platform. Create your affiliate membership, get the links, and start promoting. You’ll earn when the customer launches the first project.

Remote Design and Multimedia Job

Company Name – Outsourcely 
Operating Since – 2014
Job Type – Long-term remote positions
Payment Method – PayPal 
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

How to make money in Outsourcely?

Outsourcely is another great website like Squad-help. This crowdsourcing site allows you to find the best and suitable remote designing job in the following niche such as Design & Multimedia, web development, customer service, sales, and marketing, etc.

To join as a remote worker, simply sign-up in their registration form and do the necessary step to get a suitable remote design job. 

Besides that, Outsourcely also hiring remote workers. If you have some experience in the below-listed categories, you can submit your application. There are jobs available for full or parttime.

The current openings are Work From Home As Dispatcher, Video Editor, Sales Research Assistant, Format Word Documents, Digital Media Buyer, Virtual Lead Generator/Outbound Sales, etc.

Toptal – Developers, Designers, Finance Experts

Company Name – Toptal 
Operating Since – 2010
Job Type – Freelance Software Developers, Designers, Finance Experts, Product Managers, And Project Managers
Payment Method – ACH, bank wires, credit cards, and PayPal 
Affiliate/referral Program – N/A

Toptal is a top talented organization that seeks a qualified and skilled remote designer through their platform.

They currently have an opening for various exclusive projects for freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, project managers, etc.

Sites like DesignCrowd or Upwork have an easy process to get through. However, with Total, every candidate or freelancer put into a rigorous screening process before getting accepted. 

Also, they conduct a high level of proficiency in English and have personalities well-suited to working with western technical teams. 

If you are capable of meeting these conditions probably you can join the Toptal network to take your remote design job tot the next level.

Creative Crowdsourcing Site – Naming Service

Company Name – PickyDomains
Operating Since – 2007
Earning Type -Pay hourly or fixed-price
Job Type – Free naming service
Payment Method – PayPal

PickyDomains is another great source to earn extra money from home.

This is not a typical remote design job but a simple process to help companies to find the best and suitable names for the companies.

Are you good at naming things? For example, for websites, companies, or even slogan for the clients?

You can share your ideas on the domain name, slogan, etc.

Each time your suggestion is selected you earn 40%-60% of the order value. It averages around $25-$75 depending on your rank and order type. 

Affiliate Program 

If you have a blog or some followers on your social media, you can earn additional income promoting this website.

Connect with your friends and when their suggestions were picked you’ll get extra income too.

99Designs – Graphic Design Services

Company – 99designs
Founded – 2008 [Australia]
Job Type – Logo design, Business card, Web page design, brand guide, Packaging design, T-shirt design, and Book cover design
Payment Method – PayPal and Payoneer
Affiliate/Referral Program – Yes

99Designs is another best and established site that focuses on graphic design and other web-based services. As a remote worker, you’ll be able to choose high paying clients to earn from home. 

As like many crowdsource companies, people post a design contest for a certain amount of money, contestants compete for the cash, and the winning design is paid out the sum.

Refer a Friend Program has an affiliate program through which you can earn extra income. 

The registration is simple to complete. 

You can promote via website, social channel, email, or any way you want. The base price for each client is $60 and goes all the up to $100 per qualified customer. You can request once you reach a $25 cashout limit.

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Conclusion to Graphic Design Work From Home Freelance Job

There you have the best crowdsourcing examples and types of crowdsourcing marketplaces to find the best remote jobs.

With these companies, you can find any number of freelance projects to any niche you want.

Remember! To have the best success in the crowdsourcing sites, ensure you get in touch with the clients.

This will drive away any negative notion or feedback from them. The more good rating your have there the more high paying projects you can get.

Want me to add more lists for other offers! Let me know your thoughts and have any recommendations from you. Thanks for reading.

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