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As always, welcome to my ReZolved review. You might be thinking to start a new life staring your own business online. 

Yeah! But still don’t know how to find one and where to start with. You’re so desperate in this so you can fly around like those who always show off with Ferrari’s or Lambo’s with some hot ladies at the swimming pool…

Nothing wrong in dreaming…

We can’t achieve anything without dreaming…however, a dream has to be realistic and doable..isn’t it? Product Demo

Now, you thought of buying ReZolved cloud-based software to automate your process so you can earn easy income while sleeping on your couch…

Fantastic..but there’s a big problem with it!

I’ll cover more on that as to why you should completely steer clear of from system like ReZolved and why it doesn’t work in 2020 or near future.

Before all that…let’s start with some basics here.

ReZolved Product Overview

Vendor: Mosh Bari
Product: ReZolved App
Front-End Price: $27
Affiliate Program: Available
Site Page:
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus 
Niche: General 
Will ReZolved App Work? Not as it claims

What Is Rezolved Web-Based Software?

The concept behind ReZolved is that it helps you generate high-quality content from various places online. 

It can be from trending content from 10 top viral content sharing/social sites. Podcast, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Imgur, Giphy, Dailymotion, Pixabay, Vimeo, etc.

And once you created content/articles – you get organic traffic from Google and other search engines…and drive traffic on complete autopilot.

If my understanding is right, this is what the founder – Mosh Bari says. 

Will this concept work or dead one! You’ll learn on that in a few seconds…

How Does This App Work?

I’ve taken this demo video from the official website. Want to have a look at one more time…please go ahead.

The Process Behind Creating Website

First of all, you get access to a few video tutorials which shows how to make it work. 

After that, you only need to connect with the WordPress sites with the app. 

Then select posts according to virality and post them on your WordPress sites from the dashboard.

Select posts according to virality and post them on your WordPress sites from the dashboard.

Finally, the app generates and publishes the highest quality and unique text contents by transcribing Podcasts and YouTube closed captions to their websites.

You can choose which product you wanna insert into each article of your website. You can insert an amazon or Adsense or any type of affiliate program to earn affiliate commissions.

Alternatively, users can connect their websites and publish content to their sites.

Sounds like easy-peasy, isn’t it? Don’t go anywhere!

Price and OTOs – Rezolved App

ReZolved moshbari - pricing and bonus

RFE    –  ReZolved Premium $19
OTO-1-  ReZolved Unlimited $39
OTO-2 – ReZolved DFY $197
OTO-3 – 1000x Conversion Booster $97
OTO-4 – Automated, Unlimited Traffic $57
OTO-5 – Business in a Box (Dev + Reseller rights) $197
OTO-6 – Gold Miners Club $39

Benefits of Using ReZolved [As per the Mosh’s claim]

  • Contents problem is ReZolved
  • The traffic problem is ReZolved
  • Make affiliate commissions from Amazon and eBay
  • Website, domain, hosting server problem is ReZolved
  • Generate highest quality articles
  • Drive free traffic completely on auto-pilot

Who Is It For ReZolved?

According to the founder – Mosh Bari, this tool is almost for everyone who’s looking for ways to make fast cash online. 

It doesn’t matter which niche you’re into… 

You can still apply the same and start creating the best and unique content simply by clicking a few buttons here and there.

Also, you don’t need to worry about hosting, content, traffic, and other important things. Everything is handled here within your package.

What’s My Take On Rezolved App!

Mosh Bari is not a new product creator. Last time, I reviewed one of his products that help you to ease the process of VIDEO marketing.

I really loved it because it helps me to simplify the process of almost everything. 

But not this time! The problem with this app is that it creates content from somewhere which are already indexed by Google in some form.

That’s why auto-generated sites won’t survive for long – I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Being a very reputed guy, I don’t know why he has to put such a mediocre product which won’t work even in a short period.

We all know that Google is the king of the search engine. Without Google, no matter how great site you have. It’s like a car without an engine.

Google slap this type of website in the first place. Just imagine that if this app did really worked!

What will happen here is that everybody will start to use the same type of websites and content.

Remember! Rezolved concept is not new to me.

There are many software still around like this one. Last week, I reviewed a product that works almost the same – auto-generated website.

Test it Yourself! 

If you search with your keyword [any] in Google, you’ll notice that only good content-based websites appear on the first page of Google.

Will you be able to notice any sites that were created purely by some random software!

The software converts voice to text without a soul. There will be a huge difference between software writers and human writers.

Google loves content that was written by a human for humans, definitely, not by some software. Don’t you know that Google easily finds if it were written by you or by some bot!

Yes, Google can identify easily…so there’s no point in producing websites just by pushing some buttons. It won’t work, my friend!

For example, what if someone uses this keyword – “Make Money” from YouTube and create content on it. 

You’re not alone! Everybody does it by targeting the same keyword. Beginners usually don’t check if it was already targeted or not. 

You see, plagiarism is another big issue that Google hates it. 

What if 5 members had created content from the same source? Of course, all will have the same articles written by a BOT. 

Do you think Google will give credit to that! Please check this article as to why Google hates duplicate content

What Are The PROS To ReZolved App!

  • A small one-time fee to get your feet wet
  • You could learn how web creation works [to some extent]
  • You could test drive without worrying about refund

What Are The CONS To ReZolved App!

  • Won’t work in Google or any search engines
  • Google, YouTube knows the content was converted
  • The interface is simple and not many features like WordPress platform
  • Getting traffic is not that easy
  • You might get banned from Google and others
  • Not a tested and proven system [Many apps already have died]

ReZolved moshbari - Review

Concluding ReZolved App Review

Again, the founder has made some attempts to help you make money – I appreciate that. However, ReZolved App won’t work even in the shorter term.

If an app can do magic like this then everybody would have done it long back!ReZolved scam or legit - verdict Wouldn’t they?

Why websites are spending between $100- $2,000 per article for article writers?

Couldn’t they do just it by just pushing a button like this!

Please understand that new websites won’t rank in the search engines because they’ve to gain some authority – domain and page authority. 

And also, Google won’t give much priority for sites that are less than 8 months old. After 5-6 months you’ll start to get some traffic but you see – for everything, there’s a time. 

A few minus points that I found with the ReZolved App…

  • You might need to buy 2-3 package to see all features in action
  • Google won’t rank sites that are new [will take at least 8-10month]
  • You won’t get traffic until you gain some quality backlinks
  • Even for Amazon affiliate program, there are some criteria, too

One thing l liked about ReZolved app is the founder claims that your money is safe.

You can try for 90 days and if at all this program didn’t work then you can request a refund – NOT many would do that. 

Having said that, don’t assume in any way that you could make money using apps like ReZolved application. This is because you won’t get organic traffic. 

According to me, YouTube and other search engines now started to index and rank videos based on keywords that are presented on the videos [It’s on the process and will be implemented sooner or later – this is purely my guess only].

Though, there’s no official claim anywhere. But I sensed this in many YouTube videos and my guess could be legit – only time will tell.

You can earn only by promoting your site directly on social media or some places like forums, free classifies sites, etc.

Besides, I didn’t find anything jaw-dropping features in ReZolved app and I’m sure this method won’t work.

What do you think of the ReZolved product! Will it work! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading the ReZolved review.

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