Would You Like to Join Social Media Jobs? {20+ Sites Directly Hiring Now For Beginners}

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Social media jobs are now gaining momentum in recent years. I see that many students and knowledgeable dads/moms want to become a social media agent.

In other words, these jobs require agents or independent contractors to do simple activities on social media platforms.

Best Work From Social Media Jobs

If you have been searching for legit social media jobs online or looking for organizations that hire similar jobs then this is a place for sure.

You can find here low to high paying social media jobs from beginners to advanced levels.

I’ve put so much effort into collecting the best social media work from home jobs for you so that you can join as a part-time or full-time agent.

If you’re passionate about spending time on Social Media then why not try these remote social media jobs from my list?

You see companies are always seeking qualified people who want to take you as an independent contractor.

At times, they take you as an employee, too. With this type of job, you can earn anywhere between $10-$30 per hour.

Please remember that some companies have multiple social media jobs within this domain. Some websites do close their hiring process once they met the required numbers. So hurry up!

Remember! It’s good to keep all sites in the bookmark bar so that you can check back often.

Before you sign-up with Social Media Jobs, I want you to learn some basics here. Just in case you have no idea about this type of job, at least you can learn something here.

This ensures whether you’re already qualified for this job or need some tinkering work on your side :).

What Is Remote Social Media Jobs?

There could be different definitions to social media jobs but the common ground is the same. 

Social media jobs are also called social media tasks or assignments. This job comes in many forms according to the companies’ needs.

These days companies are looking for various methods to outreach readers, customers, and prospects through social media platforms.

The jobs basically involve managing accounts, supporting customers, replying to customers’ inquiries, and doing various small activities.

How To Find Best Social Media Jobs Online?

Due to vast users and demand on the internet, finding the best and legit social media jobs to work from home is not that easy. Internet users have been searching for varieties of online jobs include social media jobs. 

However, one common mistake people do in general is trying through job portal sites.

You could find tons of best remote social media jobs from Flexijobs, Monster, Indeed.com, etc, but at times you’ll be forwarded to only a bunch of offers that won’t be even always relevant to the field what you looked for.

Sometimes you might need to focus on multiple companies in order to get one that suits according to your skills and know-how.

Unfortunately, you get only job alerts that are related to general work at home jobs, not what you had aimed for.

I’ve tried and tested many job portal sites in the past. As a matter of fact, I’ve been receiving a lot of work from home jobs daily in my email. Most of the time, I don’t receive jobs that are relevant to my skills, at least in my case.

That’s why you need to send your resume or apply for a job directly instead of trying through some job portal websites. 

What Are The Basic Qualifications You Need To Get Social Media Jobs?

There is no definitive way to predict what types of qualifications and criteria one must meet to apply for social media jobs or social media intern jobs. 

Though based on my research I found some common qualifications and experience conditions that you may need to have.

1.  A first and foremost qualification is that you may need to have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent to high school.

2. Having the ability to do multitask in a fast-paced environment.

3. Companies always search for good and talented agents who can do social media jobs independently and must be a self-starter.

4. Another basic qualification for social media jobs is to have good communication skills in English including writing skills, and some companies may prefer explicitly multi-lingual skills in the language. 

5. You may need to acquire at least some basic knowledge about social media marketing. Some common tasks are sharing, replying messages, operating multiple accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

6. Sometimes high paying jobs want you to submit your experience and analytics skills, including but not limited to Adobe, computer skills such as internet browsing, MS Word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint, etc.

What Types Of Jobs You Do With Social Media Jobs?

It’s hard for me to tell what types of online social media jobs you’ll be put into. There are many types of remote social media jobs out there. It can be from social media analyst, social media marketing, social media evaluator, to social media networking. 

Social media jobs consist of different activities and requirements. Some are very common with remote social media job seekers. Each assigned task may require to do different types of activities as per the companies’ requirements.

More often than not, social media jobs are planning and executing clients’ marketing requirements. For example, tracking marketing campaigns, helping the company’s social media pages.

Some tasks require you to do spreading product news, manage and answer customers’ inquiries as well as maintaining movement across the board.

Here are the best collection of best and workable remote social media jobs for all classes of people. Don’t forget to check the official site before move on to other opportunities.

Social Media Evaluator Project – Content Evaluation

Company Name: Lionbridge 
Title: Social Media Evaluator
Department: Artificial Intelligence
Location: Remotely From Home – Brazil, India, United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Ukraine, Vietnam, Mexico & Belarus
Qualifications And Experience: Must Live In The Country For 3 Years Include Active, Plus Daily Use On Social Media
Communication Skills: Fluency In Written And Spoken English
Job Type: Part-Time, Self-Directed Schedule

Brief Introduction: Lionbridge is one of the world’s most trusted global communications platforms that offer a wide range of work from home jobs from part-time jobs to full-time jobs.

This company currently seeking a qualified candidate to do a Social Media Evaluator job. The jobs basically are to rate the relevancy, accuracy, and quality of ads and other content targeted activities on social media.

The main job is to review advertising companies on social media and help the companies providing constructive and detailed feedback of their content include appearance and relevance.

You can set your own schedule to work and you can work 1 hour per day up to 5 days a week. Also, you need to have experience in Android and IOS devices that are not less than 3 years old.

Need remote jobs like this! Use this keyword – “Social media evaluator job with your country” and enter search there. You’re done

If you are active in social media platforms daily? Time to become a social media specialist today.

Independent Social Media Community Manager

Company Name: Webstrategyplus 
Title: Social Media Community Manager
Department: Social Media Advertising
Job Availability: USA & International [Hiring for Full-time Positions]
Communication Skills: English
Job Type: Work from home, Occasional Office Visits (if local)
Bonus & Benefits: Paid Vacations, Holidays & Sick time, $250 Wellness Benefits
Pay Rates: $14-$16/Hour Depending on Experience

Brief Introduction: If you are looking for home-based social media jobs then Webstrategyplus is another reputed company specialized in providing online marketing solutions.

They’re helping companies to grow their online presence across web, mobile, etc. 

Some common requirements to get this job are to have good skills in English include writing ability with the self -motivated mind.

Additional tools and other requirements are a good computer, internet connection, a good headphone, etc. Plus having good skills in Canva, Photoshop, etc gives you an edge to consider your application.

Your primary job is to set social media campaigns, including contests, coupons, events, polls, etc. Just apply your technical and designing skills using tools like Canva.

Your job is to design images using Canva to promote online and other tasks are customer-focused primary tasks. 

Social Media Specialist – Reviewing Pages

Company Name: Teleperformance
Title: Digital Marketing & Content Moderator
Age Qualification: Must Be 18 Years Old 
Educational Qualification: High School Graduate Or GED
Typing Speed: Minimum 25 Wpm
Language: English 
Job Type: Freelance Social Media Jobs [ Full-Time Remote]

Brief Introduction: Teleperformance is a strategic partner to the world’s leading companies. And have over 300,000 passionate employees around the world with 218,000 workstations.

This company is now hiring paid social media job agents. You must have at least 1-year experience in the customer service field with a good typing speed of 25 WPM.

You can apply for this job if you’re above 18 and passed a high school graduate or GED.

This company seeking the right candidates in light of COVID-19 and offering employment to hundreds of people.

This job is for full-time work and will be moved temporarily to work at home opportunities. There are also other remote jobs there that you can apply via their job portal site. 

Before you apply, ensure that your background is clean including clean driving records & be able to pass in the drug testing.

Social Media Content Specialist – Managing Social Accounts

Company Name: Dentsu Aegis Network
Title: Social Media Content Specialist 
Job Type: Hourly-based
Location: United Kingdom & Worldwide
Job Type: 100% remote work from home [Full-time, Permanent/Contract]
Your Role: Monitor and Respond to Comments

Brief Introduction: Dentsu Aegis Network is a service provider that works as an extension of their clients on various social platforms.

Their primary services are Review Management, Social Content, Moderation, Community Management, Social Listening, Reporting, and more! 

Would you like to work from home as a social media coordinator or

social media strategist? If so, you can find a suitable job here.

Your job is to manage social media activities and their reputation for some of their world’s largest brands. The type of positions available are days, evenings, overnights, and weekends.

To get into their community, you must have good communication skills in English both verbal and written. 

You should also be able to demonstrate with social media tools & interact with online community tools such as forums, blogs, user-generated content, etc.

Freelance Social Media Tasks- Advertising & Marketing

Company Name: StartEngine 
Title: Social Media Marketer
Department: Advertising & Marketing
Location: United States, Los Angeles, CA – 90024 [International members, please refer the website]
Job Type: Remote Work With Flexible Time

Brief Introduction: If you are searching for a freelancing project that wanna do at home then this offer could be a perfect fit for you. As a social media agent, you’ll be working with under the team closely to help produce content.

As of now, they’re offering a part-time position which involves creating content for various social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Your key role will be maintaining content across social media platforms and drive engagement by responding and interacting with followers on behalf of the company includes monitoring and tracking engagement & performance.

If you’re like someone who can communicate well in English or have similar skills to that of native English speakers you’re then apt for this position.

Having some social media marketing experience helps you get through the interview.

Create Videos for Instagram and Social Media 

Company Name: Nox Solutions
Title: Social Media Video Producer
Department: Video Editor/Producer
Location: Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Compensation: 401k Benefits With Full Matching, Medical, Dental, & Vision Benefits.
Job Type Available: Full-time on-site salaried position

Brief Introduction: Are you a tech-savvy who can create stop motion videos? Can you come up with the best videos for clients!

Nox Solutions is looking for good candidates who have knowledge of creating/editing videos and understand how and why people view and share them online.

Your responsibilities are creating compelling videos for Instagram and other emerging platforms.

And then translate them into successful short-form stories. Other jobs include tracking and analyzing social media trends.

You’re expected to provide working experience between 2-5 years, knowledge in social media, marketing experience, and proficient in video editing software like Cut Pro, Adobe, etc.

Besides, they do also have other remote-based job openings such as Online Research Analyst, WordPress developer, Office Administrator, etc.

Social Media Manager – Work From Anywhere

Company Name: CapSource
Title: Social Media Manager
Category: Paid Strategies/Campaigns
Country: United States – New York City [Hires remotely Everywhere]
Position: Full-time
Your Role: Social Media Strategy

Summary: CapSource is another group of a marketing team, looking for people who want to work in the following areas like Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Search Advertising, Social Networking, etc.

Your job is to join their team and work along with social media strategy. Plus you might also want to help them grow follower base, increase engagements to develop paid strategies, etc.

This company is a startup so there’s a lot of flexibility with this position and room for creativity. 

The best thing is it allows you to work anywhere from any location. Meet the requirement conditions and earn handsome payouts.

Social Media Specialist – Distribute Graphic Content

Company Name: Coalition Technologies
Title: Social Media Specialist
Department: Marketing
Location: USA – Los Angeles, Ca 90232 
Job Availability: Worldwide
Job Type Available: Remote/Telecommuting Optional

Summary: Coalition Technologies is partly looking for work from home Social Media Specialist.

It said 70% of their tasks are being done remotely around the world. This company welcomes eligible applicants from around the world. 

The job is fully remote-based and no telecommute is required, also optional to work in-house.

The best thing about this company is you don’t require any prior experience in getting a stay at home social media jobs here.

As long as you’re absolutely OK working 40 hours per week then try this network to work from home.

Your job roles are creating and distributing written or graphic content through newsletters, website/blog content, or social media messages.

They also prefer you to have additional skills about the new social platform or research skills to develop and adapt the current process to fit client needs.

And other job roles include a report on ROI, taking online reviews, feedback from customers, and provide or respond to customers/clients.

Social Strategist Position For Leading Brands And Agencies

Company Name: Netbase 
Title: Social Strategist
Department: Social Media
Location: New York Or Chicago Preferred; Remote Work Acceptable.
Experience Required: 4-5 Years
Job Type Available: Full-time

Summary: Would you like to get into a Social Strategist position?

NetBase hiring limited agents who can help their clients to optimize campaigns, innovate new products, and improve customer experiences.

You must have a zest for social media technologies and a desire to provide in-depth data for their clients.

Before you apply for this position ensure you have learned about NetBase products and services so that you can efficiently execute the campaigns according to the client’s needs. 

You may also need to provide social domain and customer service experience include good communication skills in order to consider your application.

Social Media Internship Program

Company Name: Unduit Wireless
Title: Social Media Agent
Minimum Requirements: Under Graduates
Working Experience – 1 Year Experience Required
Location: Internship Chicago, Illinois – Remote
Job Type Available: Full/Part Time [Work at home]
Work Context: Communication & Regular Usage Of Computer

Summary: Are you an undergraduate and looking for a place to expose your social media marketing and other internal leadership skills?

Unduit Wireless is hiring people who live in the USA and offering a wide range of opportunities from sales, social media marketing, operations to software developers. 

Your primary tasks are moderating social media communities every day include providing insight, taking action, solving questions, managing comments, etc.

Have outstanding written and communication skills as well as knowledge in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 

If you can meet all then apply for this position to showcase your skills. 

You can work as a regular agent or take an internship opportunity.

How to find legit social media jobs on the internet??

Social Media Investigator – Search Internet

Company Name: Acnjobs
Title: Social Media Investigator
Minimum Requirements: Ability To Search The Internet
Working Experience – Experience With Multiple Social Media Platforms
Location: Concord, NC, USA
Employee Type: Part-Time/Regular Part-Time

Summary: This is another great opportunity for you to become a Social Media Investigator. Your core responsibility will be conducting an audit, analyze, and monitoring Independent Business Owner (IBO) marketing activity online.

Search social media platforms for references to ACN and the products/services that are offered. 

You might also need to find the non-compliant activities of IBOs on social media.

And then pass on the information with the goal of correcting or removing such content as early as possible.

This includes taking action against IBO Who has violated or failed to correct activities by keeping abreast of social trends on a daily basis.

Social Media Coordinator With Hootsuite Preferred

Company Name: Wyth
Title: Social Media Co-ordinator
Skills And Experience: 1+ Years Of Social Media Management
Location: Arlington, VA
Job Type Available: Full/Part-Time Remote Job
Salary: Dependent On Experience

Company & Job Summary: WythMe is operating since 2016 and providing a unique service to connect restaurants & bars in a more efficient and mutually beneficial manner

Now, they’re seeking work at home candidates to manage clients’ accounts in social media. Remember, this is a remote position so all are encouraged to apply.

Your key responsibilities are creating posts daily to help clients grow their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Also, maintaining time to gain optimal responses, promoting partners’ accounts side by side includes participating in the minor sales effort.

If you have 1 year of experience in the social media environment with good command in English then you are free to apply for this position.

Plus having Hootsuite experience with a bachelor’s degree is preferred but not mandatory.

WythMe also has other job openings such as Customer Service Representative, Promotions Manager, Front & Back Developer, QA Test Engineer, etc.

Social Media Manager Remote Jobs

Company Name: Hello Sunday Morning
Title: Social Media Manager 
Basic Requirements: Communications And Content Creation
Working Experience – Entry Level To Advanced
Location: Australia [Remote Job]
Job Type Available: Part-Time 12 Month Contract Position
Pay Range: $60,000 – $75,000 a Year
Contact: Careers@Hellosundaymorning .org

If you’re an Australian and want to try best beginner-friendly social media jobs online then this company can fulfill your needs.

This company – Hello Sunday Morning is specialized in innovative digital health helping people to change their lifestyle from alcohol.

They’re looking for Social Media Manager positions who have got good command in written English and meet other basic requirements. 

If you would like to get into this community, ensure you have knowledge in both content curation and managing social channels.

This process helps companies boost their presence on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

At times you need to maintain a high-volume of responsive dialogue with their followers.

Help the community and connect people needing support in resetting their relationship with alcohol and other things.

If you can respond promptly, empathetically to messages, comments and posts then this is for you.

All candidates can work permanently without any restrictions on hours.

Social Media Content Specialist (Canada Remote)

Company Name: Icuc.Social
Title: Social Media Content Specialist
Position Type: Hourly
Requirements: English Skills [Both Verbal And Written]
Working Experience – Entry Level To Advanced
Location: Toronto – Canada [Remote Job]
Contact: Canada.Recruitment@Dentsuaegis.Com

ICUC is a global leader in social media management, minimizing risk by providing intelligent services with the help of real people.

It consists of four primary services include Content Moderation, Community Management services, Social Listening, and Social Media Customer Service.

Your social media job is to monitor and offer comments on their customers’ social media accounts on behalf of customers.

The job includes creating unique content to ensure that the web community is achieving its objectives.

This job is 100% remote and you can work from your home office, cyber cafe, or anywhere you want as long as you have access to a computer and the internet.

You’ll get a competitive compensation and benefits package as well.


As always, thank you so much for reading this information this far. I hope this LIST has helped you in finding the best social media jobs near you.

These Work from home social media jobs are available for almost all countries. However, some are designed to hire from certain countries like the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, New Zealand, Ireland only.

If your country was not listed there then no worries, companies do always update on their official sites based on the client’s requirements. So always check back the official website to keep you updated.

Sometimes you’ll be also notified via email so ensure you apply for your position even if your country was not listed there. 

Remember, social media remote jobs are widely available for international members, and there’s no reason why should you not try.

To get updated, kindly bookmark this site because I’ll be adding more openings in the coming days.

Finally, if you weren’t satisfied with my listing then let me know your skills, type of jobs you’re searching for, your country location, etc.

After getting your input I can research those job titles and notify you in the comment section. All the best.

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