Solo Ads Guide & Tips – How to Choose Best Solo Ads Vendors for Quality Traffic!

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This solo ads guide and tips teach you what is email solo ads and how to apply basic tips to choose the best solo ads vendor.

Choosing the best solo ads agent can be very daunting at times for many. That’s why I came up with this solo ads guide for beginners so that they can apply my guide as it is.

Spotting solo ads supplier is not that hard. However, you need to know how to screen the best vendors within the solo ads industry before you spend your money on advertising. That’s why I created this solo ads guide for you.

Back in 2000, Google Adwords and Yahoo advertising are the only a few choices for the advertisers. 

However, things have changed drastically on the web where you can find almost all types of ad formats and agencies on the internet.

There are many alternatives to solo ads from Pop under/Pop up, Browser/push notification, PTC ads, Craigslist & free classified ads, Banner ads, native advertising, and more.

When it comes to online promotion for your products there are plenty of options for advertisers to choose from. Yet, the solo ads seem a favorite one for many internet/affiliate marketers. 

This is because the email traffic is laser targeted and brings quick results rather than waiting for clicks to come.

Now, you need to know about what are the ways to choose the best solo vendors before you subscribe to this type of advertising platform. 

There are some disadvantages to email solo ads as well. You’ll learn more about why you should avoid cheap solo ads and how to save money, too. 

This solo ads guide is about what are the steps and tips that you need to follow to find the best of best sellers for your niche.

Alright! Let’s get started on this “solo ads guide” right away!

Best Solo Ads Guides & Tips Before Choosing Sellers!

Best ways to find ad agents! Solo Ads Guide

1. Experience And Credibility

Due to increases in digital products and biz opps on the internet, I see there is an uncountable number of websites that offering solo ads for an affordable price. 

Although not all providers are the same. You see, just like any other industry online, there are so many fake advertisers that claim to be quality, trustworthy, and legit. 

In reality, they could be somebody who just there to loot your money. 

Before investing your money, all you need is to do a small research. To make things easier, head over to their official website and their social accounts to do a small research. 

Browse around there to learn more about his/her background. If someone good at marketing then you’d certainly find his credible on Google and other social media platforms. 

This way you can cross-check his experience and other credible factors before you apply for solo ads.

2. Fresh Leads vs Old solo vendors

As I said in my previous post, the quality of the emails/leads is more important than just getting clicks on your links. There’s a huge difference between fresh and old subscribers. 

This means while you browse around the vendors ensure that he/she has updated fresh leads in their lists. 

For me, fresh leads generate more optins than the old subs. It’s because people at times don’t pay much attention to the offer when the same list used several times for the same niche.

For example, let say that you wanna run a real estate campaign by choosing a particular advertiser; assuming that he had already run campaigns to his old list multiple times. 

What would be the response rate of the campaign! I’d say you don’t get what you actually expected.

This is because subs are getting annoyed receiving repeated emails for the same niche.

That’s why you need to focus on good solo email advertisers who update his list daily or at least once in a week.

3. Best Solo Ads & Optin Rates

When it comes to solo ads, there’s one thing you always want to look out for is optin rate. 

The high optin rate helps you identify the seller’s quality. Again, there’s no guarantee that you get a 40%-60% optin rate every time you run a campaign. 

The optin rate purely depends on the type of landing page you provide. Nobody in this world can guarantee results. The results of the campaign are purely based on the product you promote as well as the landing page. 

However, a good optin rate means the list is fresh and not over-saturated. Running a campaign for the same solo vendor won’t help you any good.

That’s why you need to research first before you run a campaign. 

4. Solo Ads Guide – Cheap Clicks Vs High CPC For Traffic

Solo ads are all about quality, not quantity. When it comes to solo ads, a minimum cost per click starts from 0.35 cents. Do I recommend a low CPC? 

Absolutely not, don’t go after a cheap rate to get more clicks. Always remember that quality is better than quantity. This means a good CPC solo campaign must be above 0.45 cents per click.

This helps determine how the quality of clicks are and your optin rates. Going after a low CPC doesn’t do any good for you. That is, low CPCs means you most likely don’t get good conversions on the back end as well. 

Remember, email optins vary from back-end conversions. If you want to get maximum results for your solo ads then ensure that you pay the maximum price for cost per click.

This way, you’ll be able to generate good ROI for every penny you spend.

5. Fiverr Vs Freelance Marketplace

Why should you not want to associate with any freelancing websites for traffic generation? It’s because you don’t get what they promised you. 

There are so many fake advertisers in freelancing sites who claim that they’re advanced marketers. 

In reality, you don’t get any conversion for the money for sure. Fiverr and other freelancing marketplaces are good for micro-tasks but not for traffic generation. 

I’ve already covered why you should not go for the Fiverr marketplace for lead generation. Pleases click on the below post link to learn more.

6. Look For Testimonials & Good Rating

You want to read reviews about vendors and cross-check his website first. Don’t forget that experience and credibility both play a big part in this business. 

To find his credibility and the quality of the service, reading reviews can help you better. 

Not only that, but you can also subscribe to their social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. 

This way, you’ll be able to contact the existing members to get feedback. 

All you want is to contact them via chat and ask some basic questions about the vendor, quality, and the refund policy. 

A credible advertiser will always provide his/her social accounts for you to know him before he accepts you as a client. This way you can learn more about his experience, email quality, GEOs, and more. 

You can also learn his quality service from his rating, complaints, and customers’ feedback. This way, you can identify the quality of the solo ad companies before running your first campaign.

7. Solo Ads Guide – Test With New Solo Dealers

I recommend for all to test a demo campaign with new solo ads vendors. Some people might argue that this is the right approach.

But for me, testing with a new advertiser helps you boost your optin rate. 

I mean, if a seller who’s new to a particular marketplace, then I’m sure he must have a good email list which many people wouldn’t have tried before. This helps you get fresh leads for your products and services. 

At times, new agents charge you at very low prices because they need more clients, feedback, and rating. 

This approach can be good as long as he/she has maximum credibility on other platforms. So test with new solo vendors and see how it goes.

8. Identify Bot Traffic From Retailer

As always, solo ads can be very expensive if you don’t it in the right way. This means you need to track every bit of clicks. 

To avoid any confusion and dispute with your reseller, ensure you had already activated tracking software for every link. 

You can get Clickmagick software for free for 14 days.

Compare to other software, Clickmagick is very cheap and well-known to many top affiliate marketers. 

If you do not know how to track your offer then please watch the video in full so that you get a clear idea of how tracking boosts your ROI.

Tracking software not only helps you save time but also allows you to request a refund from the seller when satisfaction not met.

If you managed to spot too much bot traffic from a particular seller then you ask for a refund. So enabling a tracking software help you in many ways [Dispute can be applied only with reputed vendors].

9. Solo Ads Tips – CPA offers [Verticals]

Solo ads in general converts really well for CPA offers. I mean cost per lead offer. I’ve tried several times to promote one of my affiliate programs. It did really converted well. 

The average conversion rate for a direct link should be 40-45 percent. 

If you’re using a landing page, then you can expect around 30% or above. Again, this calculation based on how good your landing page and the offers are. 

There’s no guarantee that every offer you promote will perform the same. 

That’s why tracking software is a must and should for any marketing that you do online. 

10. Test Your Squeeze Page And Subscription Rate

Without a doubt, a landing page is vital for any online marketing. This allows you to learn how your landing page is performing. 

That means you can split test with multiple landing pages for the same offer to see which one is generating more leads from that particular campaign. 

To get a clear idea about your landing page conversion I think multiple pages will do. 

All you need is to divide your ad budget for the same trader to see which agent has generated more email subscribers. 

This will give you a clear idea of which agent to weed out. As always use a squeeze page while you promote your offers.

11. Best Solo Ads Guide! Always Start With Slow

Don’t be hurry while choosing an agent. You see our mind is always flickering. If you have enough money promoting your product then keep it slow. 

This means, don’t put all eggs in one basket. What I’m trying to say is that putting all of your money into one platform is not the right approach in my opinion.

Keep multiple vendors and split test with one another. Some vendors even allow you to purchase up to $2,000 in one shot.

Don’t ever invest all of your money before you know the quality even if he has huge followers on social accounts.

You see, you need to test how good his lists are and what benefits that can bring for your offers. 

You’ll never know until you tried yourself. I think $100-$250 for a demo run is a good way to check his lead quality. 

As I said before, some marketplaces allow you to get a refund if you were not satisfied.

However, it would be difficult to get $1,000 back when a seller already sent 10,000 visitors for the campaign. So always play safe.

12. Aim For Top Tier Countries – Solo Ads Guide

No matter which offers that you’re trying to promote. Always aim for top tier countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. 

As far as I know, these countries always perform better. Within this group, US customers are great and always give out their email very often. And possibly purchase your offer instantly. 

Also, check the seller’s record as to how much percentage of quality leads he/she has. 

I mean the vendor should have anywhere between 98% – 100% lead ratio from top tier countries.

Again, whether your offer is purely based on cost per email or cost per sale, always focus on top tier countries only. This way you can save money for sure. 

The subs from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria plus a whole host of other undesirable locations won’t get you any results. So avoid as much as possible.

13. Solo Vendors and Confusion

This is very important to note if you’re a new person to solo ads. No matter how good the vendor is. Don’t overdo it with the same solo seller. 

According to me, you can run twice with the same vendor until you are done with a new offer. 

If you keep promoting the same offers, you won’t get any results. Because visitors might have already subscribed to your list or seen your offer in the past.

If you repeat with the same seller, the CTA button will take subscribers to the same offer. This way, you won’t make much out of it.

Keep rotating new solo ad providers now and then. This way you can get maximum ROI for your investment.

Look for solo ad providers that don’t earn their main email marketing revenue from solo ads. 

Choose people who don’t send more than a few solo ads a week or people who have good lists but haven’t yet sold too many solo ads. 

14. Test with Reputed Solo Ads Marketplace

If you want to test drive your landing page with a small ad budget then I recommend UDIMI for all types of people. Nobody can deny the reputation of the Udimi marketplace. 

There is more than 500+ quality solo ads provider where you can choose according to your needs.

This marketplace has solo vendors from affiliate products on health, internet, Biz opp, and many categories.

You can choose a small package which usually starts from $30-$40 for 100 clicks. Udimi also allows you to see the number of clicks, device types, locations, and more. 

Additionally, you can subscribe as a premium member which allows earning more benefits.

For the first time advertiser, it gives a $5 bonus to try. The best thing about Udimi is you can get a refund if you were not satisfied with the solo ads.

One of the user-friendly networks that allow small to medium to big advertisers to promote their products and services. If you need any help with this you can leave a comment below so I can guide you better.

Final Thoughts to Solo Ads Guide

Thank you so much for reading this solo ads guide and tips. Don’t forget to check out my list of best solo ads websites and marketplaces which give you a fair idea about the best places to invest your money.

Some require a small investment from $50 and go all the way up to $2,000. Feel free to check the article by clicking on the above link. 

As always, don’t expect too much from solo ads before you actually know where leads are coming from.

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Remember! Investing just $100 bucks won’t make you rich. Although it’s all about split testing and tracking so you can have great success from solo ads.

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I hope this solo ads guide and tips can help you some extent to decide on choosing advertisers. If you have had any experiences with other solo ads agencies, let me know so that I can add them to this post. Thanks for reading.

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