Reviews About Tab2earn.Co, Use2earn.Co & Swipe2earn.Co [ Can You Make $500/ Day?]

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This review talks about more than one website. It’s because there are many sites being circulated on the internet which I think rooted in the same family.

Some are Tab2earn.Co, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co, etc. 

Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Swipe2earn.Co websites

So I decided to write a review of these websites and share my opinions in short form. Ensure you stick to the last word so that you can save your time, money on paid advertising, effort, and whatnot. 

Welcome back to my review! Well, I don’t know which one to choose or point to? 

It’s because many domains are operating with the same website template and content. I mean from the same family.

Some of my findings are Tab2earn.Co, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co. and many more. 

There could be many fake websites under the same family.

So if I had not listed any of their sister’s site, please let me know in the comment section so that I can update in this post.

Anyway! I’m going to cover all sites in general because there’s nothing unique between all these sites.

If you had been invited by someone from these sites then you select your preferred site from the above list and correlate with it. 

I’m sure you might be someone who’s looking for a short review to know about one of these websites. 

That’s why you’re here. OK! You’re at the right time to learn what are these sites, how they make money, how they cheat you, and who they’re. 

Would you want to learn how these scammers make money! Sure! But wait! Before all that…

Let’s start with the basic information now.

Basic Information about the Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Etc!

Site Names: Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, and Cashchase.Co. 
Company Founded:  2015 as per the site [Fake News]
Founder Name: Real name not known so far
Price to Join: Free to join
Customers’ Rating: 0/10
Payment Methods: Cash App, Pay Pal, Bitcoin, or Mailed Check
Do I recommend it? I do not recommend any websites [BIG SCAMS]

Tab2earn Use 2 earn - Swipe2earn.Co affiliates review

For What Tap2Earn/Use2earn/Tab2cash Created for?

Tap2Earn – Use2earn – Tab2cash was created for a goal in mind, that is helping influencers all around the world.

All sites seem like attracting more and more people online. Most people like affiliates who have become so much attracted to the concept.

This is due to the system function and the higher payouts. 

Who doesn’t like to earn a $25 bonus for just signing up?

I’ll cover more on to that as we go along…

The concept behind with all these Tap2Earn, Use2earn, Tab2cash, etc is…

…to focus on recruiting people only. As a free member, you simply sign-up with your email address and start inviting people.

You get the signup bonus, referral commissions, and commission for link views.

This way, you’ll accumulate digital currency on your dashboard.

But why these bogus sites misleading people and what they get by doing so!

Well, I’m being an affiliate marketer for over 10 years so I can sense the smell simply by looking at the websites or links. You’ll learn more down the post in detail.

OK! Now let’s move on to the cons section because there’s no pros or any advantage in joining with Tap2Earn – Use2earn – Tab2cash or any listed sites. 

So let’s dive in right away…

No Real Founder Name Found – Tap2Earn

It seems that Swipe2earn has no founder name.

It said that there are two people behind these websites, however, both seem fake ones. So I decided not to provide those names.

When I check the Swipe 2 Earn website and its family sites, I found that there’s no clear evidence as to who’s responsible for this site or a creator.

I don’t buy the name if I could not validate through social media presence or by some other means.

Any make money websites that you come across ensure that you hit the founder’s name and also check the social credibility.

But with Swipe 2 Earn, I couldn’t establish anything, therefore, Tap2Earn & its family sites are fake in that regard.

Swipe 2 Earn – Multiple Domain Tells us Scams

Why somebody has to have multiple domains like Tap2Earn – Use2earn – Tab2cash!

A real and scam-free website can have only up to 2 websites because at times a backup domain requires just in case the main one gets crashed or for some reason. 

However, Tap2earn has multiple domains for no reason at all. If you find a website or a company that has more than 2 domains then it should be considered as a scam business or a fraud site. 

So I conclude Tap 2 Earn is a scam, too.

Did you notice that mostly all sites have .CO domains. Yup! They are not top-level domains.

This .co domain can be purchased for a very low price.

How come an establish company, purchased a .CO domain over other top-level extensions like .COM, .NET, etc?

No Credibility Found On Any Websites [Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co]

After I researched all these sites: Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co, I didn’t find any social proofs for backing up their claims.

You see they claim that the business was started in the year 2015 and operating till today.

There are a ton of top influencer marketplaces out there. And many social media influencers are indeed making a good amount of money. 

However, Use2earn.Co seems to have no members or followers to back up their claims. 

There are only a few fake names confirm that these sites are legit. But I didn’t see or find any real people who’re recommending any of these sites. 

So, it’s like an empty vessel. Don’t trust any of the above-listed sites include upcoming sites from this family.

Same Templates & Content

You see that all these websites – Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co has used the same content.

I’m sure many of you guys could be new to other family sites I am talking about.

Feel free to check them all and you’d notice all were created under one concept.

Some websites focus on particular regions while other different countries. 

That’s why many people are not aware of such fake sites even today.

If you were able to hit any one of the sites or recommended by its affiliates then inform that all sites are fake and not a legit company.

This way you’ll be able to help them prevent scams.

Where Can You Find The Same Template?

The template design and some portion of the content you see on Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co is from a ready-made template.

I’ve provided a template link below. Kindly check the template and I’m sure you get an idea from where these fake sites have originated. 

The funny thing is some portion of the content has not been changed.

How crazy these scammers are! Check the sample template from SEOFY

Fake Earning Calculator [How much can you make in Swipe 2 Earn?]

When I check the calculator with just 100 followers.

It promised me that I could earn $28 per day. This is an astonishing result to see.

Anyone new to social influencer marketing thinks that they can make money simply by having just 100 followers in their social media accounts.

This is not true. When you check the legit social media influencer platforms, the requirement must be at least 10,000 or in some cases should be more.

The advertisers just don’t pay you money just because you’ve millions of followers.

They also check the quality of your page, how you acquired all of those followers that include the age of your accounts.

You see, with the help of a few service providers you can buy 10,000 followers or more for Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. All you need is to pay $50 or something. This is it.

When you submit your account at social media influencer sites, they check the quality, rating, comments, sharing quality, participants region, and the topic. 

This is not the end, there’s so much to it before you are allowed to participate in their market.

However, with Tap 2 Earn, you only need just 100 followers to make up to $30 per hour!

Remember! This isn’t true, my dear friend. Tap2Earn is a straight forward scam and do not ever fall prey to such an idea.

You cannot make even $1 per day with your 10,000 followers for sure.

There’s so much into this topic which you need to learn first before you even think of committing with such a business model. So stop this bulls**t thing from today.

==>> You can also read review here.

Fake Testimonials At Use2earn.Co & Others

Use 2 Earn website tells us that it has paid over $158,670,000, and has over 730,000 members.

This isn’t true for sure. How come anyone not noticed such a big network and being around for over 5 years in the business! I don’t know what to say. 

I’m very active in many discussion forums like Quora and I’m sure I would have come across this website if it was legit.

Use 2 Earn claims that its a #1 Influencer Earning Network. This is 100% fake claims.

On top of that, the numbers are not real and the payment proofs I see is completely photoshopped.

Some members claim that video testimonials and real-like payment proofs are from freelancing sites like Fiverr. 

Yes, I can see some freelancers have created all those fake videos to promote so this scammer can hook more members. This is not a new thing for online marketing, too. 

But telling that people are making $10,000 or more is blatant lies and you should not give away your real information.

Confused! I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Instant Payment –

Tap2Earn claims that you’d receive your payment instantly. However, there’s no information found within the dashboard as to how one should receive it immediately.

In order to even request your earned cash, you must get 20 clicks, get at least 5 referrals, complete 5 task-wall tasks before you even allowed to set payment method.

This is another trick by that wants you to complete offers before you are even able to set up your payment.

Mind it! is a scam and has never sent any payments to anyone so far.

Whatever payment screenshots you see on the website is fake and not a real one. So, this is another red flag for you. 

Incorrect Physical Address

I noticed some physical addresses on multiple sites. One address is correct the other one is fake.

Address: 27 Division St, New York, NY 10002, United States of America



Phone: +8 (123) 985 789

Fax: +8 (123) 985 788

It’s because the above address is from the template designer which seems that the fake sites like Use2earn.Co has not made any changes.

The other one which you see below is from is a fake one!

Fake Contacts:

Laan van Langerhuize 1, Amstelveen, 1186 DS Netherlands



How Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Swipe2earn.Co Makes Money!

All sites run by a single person targeting various demographics. It’s a win-win situation for him.

He makes in both ways. He makes a lot of money by selling people’s information to third-party websites or advertisers.

This way he gets up to $4 per email depending upon the country’s origin.

On the other side, he has enabled a plugin for CPA offers. This means the offers rotate according to the country’s location.

Every time you complete offers, the scammers make money up to $3 or more at times.

Seeing all the big fake checks and payouts, beginners who give their valid email address assuming the payment will come after clicking the cash out button. This isn’t true. 

Change Website Domain When It Ends!

This type of site operates like a hit and run business model. This means he makes money as long as the website generates traffic.

The members who have been promoting these fake sites eventually bounce back. It’s because they aren’t going to receive the payments for sure.

When a particular website ceases to get traffic then the scammer moves on to another domain with the same template and design.

The above-listed sites are still working but some are dead.

This is how he makes money doing this get rich quick schemes luring innocent people.

The other thing is making money from YouTube!

In order to earn $50 from this site, you simply need to upload videos. This is it.

Who Pays You $50 Per YouTube Video!

Apply your common sense! Who’s in the world to offer you $50 simply by uploading videos and for what reason the scammer is asking you to do!

It’s a concept of adding more fake features to boost members’ confidence.

There are millions of people who actually believe that they’d get paid for doing so.

Common on…how he could generate an income from those videos to pay you!

So don’t join with such sites hoping you’d earn from video offers. 

Fake Video Proof

You see that it seems like he’s getting paid. Pretty awesome, right!

Nope! He’s the operator and he simply changes the status to paid mode. This is it.

This ensures that people belive by seeing live-action.

Mind it! He’s the admin, controller, and payer. So he can do whatever he wants to make you believe. So don’t believe all the gimmick works.

The other thing you would have noticed when he hovered his mice over PayPal payment proof.

Most people will buy this sh**t seeing live transition there but that’s not true.

That’s the live edited version of PayPal.

Confused! Please check out my top 30 online scams that I have linked within the post.

By reading that you will get an idea of how this live PayPal scam works. So read that post to learn more.

Why You Never Get Paid From These Websites!

All these sites – Tab2earn.Co, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co is from the same family.

He makes as much as he wants from CPA offers and by selling your information.

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, or even someone who has some basic skills know that all are scam websites.

I found this website from one of my friend’s Pinterest post.

People promoting this nonsense assuming they’ll get paid. No! You’ll never receive a dime for sure.

Stop Joining With All Sites [All Are Scams]

Again, Tab2earn.Co, Use2earn.Co, Tab2cash.Net, Swipe2earn.Co, Cashchase.Co pays you up to $10 per referral with bogus $25 sign-up bonus.

Most importantly, all sites do not even have many CPA offers so he’s not making much in that sense.

But if people are joining from the US, Canada, UK, Australia then I’m sure he could make a lot of money.

Having said that he cannot afford to pay 35$ per person and there’s no one out there in this world to pay that much.

A legit one pays you up to $5 sign-up bonus, however, it should have 1000s brand offers for members so both can make generate an income.

Another funny thing is Swipe 2 Earn is paying $2 per link visit. This is 100% abnormal and any sane person knows all these sites are scams.

You will also earn 20% of whatever your referral makes. I cannot imagine how much money one can make money with this site. Yeah! At times, $5,000 per day! LOL.

Yes, every time you bring people, a digital currency will show up in your account.

But no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to cash out because you’re trying to swim where there’s no water. Period

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The other services like Search Engine Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Technical SEO Audit, Content Marketing, etc have been listed only for the namesake and nothing else. 

I hope this short review about Tap2Earn, Use2earn.Co, Swipe2earn.Co helped you some extent.

If you had found any domain that is related to this family, please let me know in the comment section so I can add them to the list. Thanks for reading this REVIEW.

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