Talent Desire Review – Can You Make Even $10 Per Day Typing Data? [Truth Revealed]

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Talent Desire is another great weapon for the founder to grow some traction. Isn’t that getting enough traction! Yes, it is. And sites like Talent Desire are surfacing every single day.

This is because people are in dire of making money online and con-artists like Talent Desire want to get maximum profits from brand new online users.

Especially in India, this type of site can be seen all over the internet. Did you know the Google search results are not the same as when someone searches using Google USA?

That’s where Talent Desire comes in. I’ve reviewed many products and services on my blog but this one going to be a bit different.

In this review, I’ll shed some light on what you’d get in Talent Desire after the signup. If this is a true company then what next!Talentdesire.com company profile

Many of us want to make money online. When you search in Google the search results show plenty of websites that guide you on how one can make money. However, not all jobs are made equal and go along with every person.

For example, when you search for a job online, you could also find jobs that are related to work at home customer support jobs, social media jobs, free programs like online paid surveys, etc.

Despite seeing all of those offers, we don’t go after them. Instead, we want to grab an opportunity only what we are interested in. This tendency is there for everybody.

On the other side, people are laser-focused, want to join only with a certain website. This is where most of us fail to judge if that website is real or fake.

When it comes to Talent Desire online typing jobs or anything related, not many folks will be able to identify when they see the offer for the first time.

If you’re someone who wants to know more about Talent Desire then I’m sure my review and tips will take you a long way. Additionally, I’ll also provide you some resources where you can visit and access the opportunity as long as you’re OK with that offers.

Now let’s get into the Talent Desire review

Talent Desire Company Overview

Website Name: Talentdesire.com
Company Name: Talent Desire
Eligibility: 18 or above
Who can join: Anybody can join
Niche: Biz opp [Work from home]
Registration type: Free
Reliability: 1/100
Customer support: Not found

What is Talent Desire?

Talent Desire said to be a platform for connecting the dots between you and the clients. This site operates as a middleman which receives a variety of work at home jobs from content writing, online typing jobs, ad posting job, etc.

They receive projects and offer you an opportunity to work for clients. Though they won’t take any project commission instead it’ll be paid to you by their clients. So whatever projects you partake and complete, you’ll earn the entire amount.

That’s to say, Talent Desire is a kind of agent who operates as an agency between you and the clients.

Talent Desire Application Form

In order to get an offer from Talent Desire, you need to apply by filling the relevant details of your work experience and other important information on which you’ll be selected.

The registration is a simple one which takes only a few minutes to get completed. When you qualified to do any of the projects that are available in the network, you’ll be invited to complete them.

The cost or pay per project may vary. And also depends on which offer you had taken. According to their earnings calculator, you could earn up to $100 per hour.

So if we put as a simplified form, Talent Desire offers work from home jobs for everyone who has access to a computer and an internet connection.How to join in Talent Desire Website?

As long as you have experience on the internet like creating accounts, typing data, communication skills in English, etc, you can apply from their website without paying any registration fees.

Does not seems too good to be true! Yes, it is.

Now take a look at what I personally found flaws with Talent Desire website. And you should remember always the same even when you find a similar site like this. This way, you’ll be able to avoid getting scammed or at least could save your valuable data and time.

Talent Desire Pros

The only the advantage with the Talent Desire website is that the site is still working 🙂

Talent Desire Cons:

Who’s The Founder Behind Talent Desire?

Any websites you come across online, you should look at the “profile” or the “about us page” as to know who’s the administrator of the company.

When I check the website it seems an empty page with Google ads. It looks like the fraud doesn’t want you to leave without seeing Google ads there, too. 🙂

So you wanna join with a company where there’s no legit person involved?

Would you like that!

This is the case with the Talent Desire website.

You’ve been programmed to believe that this type of website is legit and offers you a genuine job. Without a founder, it’s like a body without head. I hope you get the point here.

Not Established Yet:

Even though Talent Desire was registered in the year 2018. But still, I feel that this website is not established among people. It’s because it does not have social proofs to prove their legitimacy. I couldn’t find any social networking proofs where I can see their recent projects and other company-related files.

In this age, social signaling is an important factor to establish a company. Seeing all those, I think Talent Desire is not a site that you want to be a part of.

Fake Income Calculator:

The earning calculator is really attractive and acts as if it is real. This type of gimmick work have been already done by many scammers so this is not a new thing to me to notice.

But I’m sure many of you guys (newbies) gonna love check your income potential in there. Oh! My boy, that’s not real.

It’s a shady business and was created to push into their death game. The calculator is not real and only there to show you to impress you.

Fake Project Listing:

Talent Desire has listed many job listing which claims you can get an offer. The common job names I have been seeing since 2008 are online typing jobs, adposting, proofreading, surveys, and other BS.

If the listings were real and alive, I’m sure I would have got notified by many of my blog friends about this. Talent Desire is operating for nearly 2 years and still counting.

Why couldn’t they put a solid proof showing us they’re real?

This shows Talent Desire is fake and just created to show off to people so they can make money. It’s that easy and simple thing to understand.

Payment Proofs & Testimonials:

We all love to know how the company is paying members. Though Talent Desire is an agency as per the website. But I yet to see some feedback from people about this company confirming it is real.

Having been in the business for 2 years, I am very confident to say, if this site was legit there could be some people received projects via Talent Desire. When researched online, I couldn’t find any evidence to prove that Talent Desire has offered jobs for anyone from any of the categories listed on the website.

Payment proofs and members’ testimonials are important to learn how good the company is. TD is been for over a year and surfacing all the time in Google search. Yet they couldn’t help even a single person to get a project! This tells us TD is fake and nothing more.

I repeat, TD is 100% scam and operating only for the one cause…yes, for one cause. You’ll learn all that in a bit… so keep reading.

Can You Really Make Money?

It’s very sad to see so many of them want to join a simple job online where they can do and earn money. If anyone was able to help you make even $50 per day, I’m sure most of you guys treat him like a savior. Isn’t it.

But the problem is, people are also so lazy working hard. They assume that online jobs can yield quick results without doing any work. Always keep in mind this, there’s no push-button software anywhere.

When I was new to online work at home jobs, I was cheated by Inetdataentry.net. It was a long time ago -2008. After this, I learned the second lesson from multiple fake sites. So things and my experience taught me over a period of time.

People who are new to online, won’t do any research, particularly when they get to see such offers like this – Talent Desire.

It’s impossible to make money from a site that doesn’t have any authority or legitimacy in the first place.

There are so many offers, be it affiliate programs, MLMs, Dropshipping, Domain filliping, or anything for that matter – you need to put yourself in the owner’s position to see some outcome from it.

Talent Desire is a genuine fake site that doesn’t do any good for you. So move on.

How Talent Desire Make Money Online?

There are so many ways out there which any one of the methods can be utilized to make money online. Some are hard to do but a few options are easy to do as long as you’ve some basic skills.

Sites like Talentdesire.com is very talented in creating a site that can design legit-like page and earn big cash in the back-end.

Google Adsense is a place for website owners where they can join as a publisher to place ads on their site. The more page views and clicks they get the more money they can earn. It is as simple as that.

When you land on the Talent Desire website, it will be like you’ve landed on the Moon. Not knowing where to go. This site has a bunch of duplicate content uploaded where visitors need to go through every one of them to see what it offering.

People often get excited to see offers like this from Google ads. Some still believe that Google ads are real. Adsense is nothing to do with publishers or advertisers.

Whenever visitors browse around the pages, they’d get to see ads on pages. The chances are high to generate clicks on those ads. This is how fake sites like Talent Desire make money.

Additionally, they’ll also earn extra by selling your name and email address to the advertising companies. That’s another extra income.

You see, a simple cheat-method making them rich daily, weekly, and monthly. This is how Talent Desire earns money by faking people.

Take a look at the visitors’ share like how this site is generating traffic every month. This fake artist can make a decent income just by promoting his site on Google ads. I’ll explain everything in detail in the linked posts below. Don’t forget to check them out.

Talentdesire traffic status

Similar Sites to Talent Desire Website

You’d be surprised to see that still many sites are operating like Talent Desire. I’ll the leave links down below. Please read them before you sail away. This is important because you may come across the same pitch in some other form.

About a few years ago, the cheating-method was to charge some registration fees upfront from the people for the work. This is how the scammers were able to loot people’s money but that concept has passed away.

These days people are smart to some extent and also started to realize not to pay for any websites especially data entry kind of websites. Very, unfortunately, some are still there.

To make things easier, now scammers moved on to a different plan to loot or cheat people’s time and information. Whether you’re paying fees or not, still they can earn from CPA marketing.

So without fail, read the linked articles to learn more about those fake sites.

=>> Cjinc.Info Scam Or Legit

=>> Hiresine.Com Genuine Or Fraud?

Concluding Talentdesire.com Review

Please understand that there are many types of online scams out there. If you’re new to online and looking for some quick ways to make money, I think you need to walk out. Yes, at times, the software can ease the process but not the software itself make you rich.

You need to under the difference here.

Talent Desire 100% won’t provide any legit offers. The listed jobs are just a mere show to hook you. This is their tactics so you stay there to check the pages and click on those ads.

Finally, you give away your information, too. This is enough for them.

If you want to make money legitimately then you need to find a real offer. If that offer asks you to start with a small investment, go for it. But I never endorse the idea of typing online captcha or get paid to type online sort of methods.

A legit data entry company never need to pay for Google ads to let people know they’ve some vacancy. Not only that, please watch out Quikr, OLX, Craiglist, or any other similar sites. These fake sites advertise on free classified sites by employing random people.

Talent Desire is not what you think and absolutely not the right approach for you to go after such sites.

Want to share your opinions! I love to hear from you. Let the comments pouring in.:)

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