👌👌Top 25 Trusted & Best Survey Sites to Make $100 Per Month!

If you were searching for good-paying, trusted, legit, established and best paid survey sites online to make some extra income then you’ve spotted the treasure here. That’s right, my friend! I have some good news and great paid surveys for teens too.

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In this post, you’re about to grab the How to find the best survey sites to make money!best online paid survey sites and also you’re going to learn how to get paid to complete surveys by sharing your opinions. 

Honestly speaking, I don’t know who you’re and where you are from. But one thing I can tell you from my experience is that anyone can join paid survey sites to earn extra income simply by sharing opinions.

You may be someone looking for a way to make money online, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here searching for “online paid survey sites”. Isn’t it!

If my guess was right then give me $5 dollars, right now! Just kidding :).

Jokes apart, you’ll need to learn some important details of paid survey sites before signing up.

The most important thing to remember before becoming a member with top paying online survey sites is to know how paid survey sites works and how to take them legally in order to qualify.

Before hitting the top legitimate online survey sites list, I want you to read some important information that will explain to you briefly what you should not expect with online paid survey sites.

Please read on…

How To Make Money With Paid Surveys!

Making money with online paid survey sites is not that a big deal. You have to create an account first and then confirm by clicking on the link. A confirmation link will be sent to your registered email address.

After verified you then can log in to your member’s dashboard to fill up your basic profiles so the companies can send paid surveys accordingly.

Each successful survey completion will fetch you money anywhere between $0.50 cents to $20 or more at times.

However, it is not that easy to complete each survey invites that you get in your email. To avoid wasting time, you need to learn some basics and tips or ideas on how to take paid surveys successfully without getting disqualified. Look! Time is money as always!

==> Read this post – How To Take Paid Survey Without Being Disqualified!

As I said earlier, I don’t know who you’re and where you’re from! So if you were assuming you’d get tons of paid survey sites to make money then this concept may not work for you.

The reason is online survey sites do not send invitations to members to get their opinions every single day. It depends on where the brand owners want to focus and get details.

Therefore, don’t get frustrated if you don’t get any survey invites.

Eligibility To Join Paid Survey Research Program!

In order to make money with online paid survey sites, a minimum requirement of 16 years old or above is preferred.

Some survey sites are picky in accepting but most survey sites accept teens to participate in their program too.

Online paid survey sites, in general, allow members from all kinds such as students, housewives, work at home moms/dads, retirees, full-time or part-time job seekers, etc.

So if you fall into any of this kind then you’re now eligible to join in online paid survey sites to make money.

What You Don’t Make With Survey Sites!

The problem with online survey sites is that you don’t become rich by taking the online paid surveys!

If anyone claims you can then it should be a scam for sure. You see there are many survey sites that claim you can make tons of money from home just by taking free online paid surveys.

This is not true. And it should be discarded at any cost. For example, sites like Taksurveysforcash.com is one in the list that luring people into this concept of get rich quick scheme. Don’t ever fall prey to this.

Why I Recommend These Best Paid Survey Websites!

Back in 2016, I had nearly 240 survey sites in my personal database. But when I look back checking all of those I see only a few survey sites are operating as of today.

I witnessed that most paid survey sites were disappeared or gone to heaven or hell. No idea though 🙂

That’s why you need to choose the best and reliable online survey sites to make money. For that reason, I always prefer quality first over quantity even If I want to acquire Facebook followers.

So considering all that in mind, I’m bringing you the best of best survey sites for you so you can join and earn extra money working from home.

🔥 Top 25 Survey Sites To Get Paid For Your Opinions🔥

Swagbucks – More Surveys And Rewards

Name Swagbucks
Founded 2008
Survey range $0.05-$25
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal or Gift-cards
Cashout threshold 1SB

Swagbucks is one of the top trusted survey websites to make money online. This site allows people to join from all around the world.

With this site, you can earn cash, gift cards, rewards for doing normal activities as you do everyday life, plus 300 SB sign up bonus too.

You can participate in the Swagbucks program to take paid surveys, watching movies and you can use their search engine to make extra income as well.

Swagbucks has a huge collection of gift cards and deals. If you were new to online survey sites, this site can surprise you with loads of surveys and reward offers. So I highly recommend anyone to join Swagbuck to make money.

All you need is create a free account there and start making extra money online. If you put some effort consistently you can earn $100 per month or more.

Swagbucks pays in the form of SB points when you complete an offer. After that, the points will be credited back to your account so that you can convert them into cash or rewards.

For example, 100 SB is equal to $1. You’d receive surveys anywhere between 20-200 SB points. Besides, Swagbucks also gives you points even if you don’t qualify for it.

Swagbucks – affiliate program

Swagbucks referral program is very interesting because you’ll earn up to $3 per valid sign up includes 10% lifetime affiliate commission.

That means when you invite someone who actively participates, you get 10% commission for good.

Mysurvey – One Of The Oldest Paid Survey Sites

Name Mypoints
Founded 2001
Survey range 20-100+ points
Availability North America and Europe, Oceania
Payment Method Cash and prizes
Cashout threshold $10

My survey was founded in the year 2001 and has thousands of members in the community. You will basically get 4-5 surveys every day to complete cash surveys.

If you’re a teen like 14 years old or above you can participate in this company.

Yet I don’t guarantee how much you can potentially make money with this site because it depends on your geography and profile surveys.

According to my research, it mainly focuses on North America, Europe, and Oceania.

My-survey also has a point-based system on which your earnings will be calculated. Take part in their service and reach at least 1100 points to withdraw $10.

Mysurvey – affiliate programs

Mysurvey does not offer direct affiliate program but feel free to check CPA networks to learn how to join.

Lifepoints – Well-established Online Paid Survey Company

Name Lifepoints
Founded 1946 – operated under light-speed
Survey range 20-200+ points
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal, gift cards-Amazon, Starbucks, eBay
Cashout threshold $5

Lifepoints is another trusted online paid survey site that was operated under Globaltestmarket. Now this company merged with Mysurvey under Lifepoints.

I have personally made $50 in the year 2017 from this site. But I didn’t give much time to take surveys due to my busy schedule.

Lifepoints offers instant 20 points bonus for every member who joins as a free member. You’ll receive an activation email in your account before allowed to log in. The survey range is anywhere between 20-200+ points.

Before requesting your payment, accumulate a minimum of 5500 points that is equivalent to $5 so to get paid.

Lifepoints – affiliate program

With Lifepoints affiliate program, you can earn $1.50 -$2.60 per lead. If you have people who’re interested in taking paid surveys then invite them to join so you can earn extra money along with taking online paid surveys.

✅ Toluna – Most Popular Survey Site

Name Toluna
Founded 2000
Survey range 15 – 50,000 points (30,000 points is equal to $10)
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal, Amazon and high-street vouchers
Cashout threshold $10
Sweepstakes available

Toluna is another popular paid survey site allows people like you to earn extra money. They call it a social voting platform and has over 21 million users in 50 countries and 28 languages.

You’ll be rewarded virtual currency for each action you complete such as taking paid surveys, inviting friends, registering an account, taking part in the community, playing games and more.

You earn points from 15-10,000 per survey depending on the length.

Additionally, you can invite friends to join Toluna community. For each member, you’ll earn 500 points that include monthly millionaire sweepstakes worth – 1,000,000.

Toluna- affiliate program

Toluna affiliate program is currently available via CPA networks. If you’re part of any high paying CPA networks you probably know how to generate leads for Toluna.

In order to participate, you can signup with the Maxbounty CPA network to promote the Toluna affiliate program.

✅ Survey Savvy – Popular Survey Site

Name Surveysavvy
Founded 1999
Survey range $0.50-$25
Availability Check the official site
Payment Method Cash
Cashout limit $1

Survey Savvy is known to many survey takers since 1999. I have seen may members who have already received their payment in the form of a Check. You get surveys from time to time according to your profile.

The invitation will be sent daily or weekly targeting various demographic groups according to the criteria established by their clients.

After creating an account at Surveysavvy, you have to to fill up your profile to receive cash surveys invitation.

Survey Savvy – affiliate program (closed)

✅ Yougov – Highest User Rated Survey Site

Name Yougov
Founded 2005
Survey range 300-500 points
Availability Limited countries
Payment Method PayPal
Cashout limit $50

YouGov is said to the most trusted and reliable survey sites like Inboxdollars. Do you inclined to take research surveys on politics, public affairs, products, brands and other topics of general interest! You’re the choice for them.

YouGov polls are taken by people from all over the world – Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

It is free and anyone aged 18 and above can join. You can redeem your points into cash when you hit 35000 points which are equal to around $20-$30.

Plus, to start you off, you’ll get 100 bonus points as soon as you completed your welcome surveys.

Refer Friends, Earn More YouGov – affiliate program

Once a friend has signed up and completed 3 surveys on YouGov, you will receive 4,000 points which will be credited to an account.

If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, you’ll be able to earn up to $3 per lead. If you are interested in their affiliate program simply apply to get started.

Inboxdollars – Most Trending Survey Site

Name Inboxdollars
Founded 2000
Survey range $0.50-$15+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal, Gift cards
Cashout limit $30 (Signup bonus – $5)

Inboxdollars is another top trending survey site that allows people like you to earn cash, rewards and other goodies. One of the most trusted and trending paid survey sites around.

You’ll notice this site on every blog for sure. Inboxdollars has acquired millions of registered users and still counting. You’ll earn from taking paid surveys, reading emails, free/paid shopping, free/discounted coupons, watching videos, playing games, etc.

Inboxdollars also pays $5 instant sign-up bonus too. You don’t wanna miss this cash. Would YOU!

Inboxdollars – affiliate program

By referring your friends to InboxDollars, you offer them a way to save money and earn cash while also earning rewards for yourself at the same time.

For each friend you refer who signs up and activates their account you earn $1.00 per referral up to 5 referrals. In addition, InboxDollars offers you a way to earn an additional 30% on all qualified earning made by your referral!

PrizeRebel – Fast Paying Paid Survey Site

Name PrizeRebel
Founded 2007
Survey range $0.50 worth points or above
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method Amazon, PayPal, Itunes, Direct bank payment, Walmart gift card
Cashout limit $5

PrizeRebel is another GPT cum survey site that has partnered with 100s of market research companies who are looking for your opinion and for testing new products.

PrizeRebel pays in points which then can be redeemed in cash in the form of brand gift cards, online game codes, Amazon.com items, and PayPal cash!

Who doesn’t like fast payouts!

You get paid within 24 hrs from the time of your reward redemption. If you were a super affiliate or top earner then the payment will be paid out within 10 minutes or so.

PrizeRebel- affiliate program

Referrals – Earn between 2%0-30% of what your referrals earn, excluding promo codes, contest winnings, and their own referral earnings. The percentage is based on your account level.

Bronze 15% – Silver 20% – Gold 25% – Platinum 25% – Diamond 30%.

Ipsos I-Say – Honest Paid Survey Site

Name Ipsos I-Say
Founded 1975
Survey range 5 to 250 points
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal, e-gift cards
Cashout limit $5

Ipsos I-Say is an honest paying survey site that allows members to take online research surveys. This site is brutally honest in saying that only 4-5 cash surveys will be sent to members per month.

Sometimes you even get to see new ideas or test new products and services before the general public.

Refer Your Friends! Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos i-Say provides the option to refer your family, friends or anyone who you think would be interested in collecting rewards for filling out surveys!

For each member, you’ll earn 100 bonus points and added to your cash wallet. The more you get people to sign up the more points you accumulate. In this way, you can earn more money with Ipsos-I-Say.

Sending-earnings – One of the Oldest Survey Sites Around

Name Sending earnings
Founded 2005
Survey range $0.50 cents or above
Availability Limited countries
Payment Method Check or a Visa Cash Card
Cashout threshold $30
Signup Bonus $5 Sign-up bonus

SendEarnings is well-known for its trust and reputation. It basically conducts surveys worldwide and offers rewards for their members.

Anyone who is eligible to join can participate in their ever-growing community to earn extra cash for doing surveys, reading emails and shopping.

Sending earnings Earn extra cash for inviting friends!

Referring friends – refer friends and earn 10% of what they earn for life. Banners and your unique link will be provided in your account.

Ysense – Most Popular Among Beginners

Name Ysense
Founded 2007
Survey range $0.50-$2
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill
Cashout threshold $10

Ysense is another GPT site that allows you to earn money by doing simple activities such as taking paid surveys, completing free tasks, playing games and entering into weekly contest, etc.

You can earn up to $4-$5 per day using their activity plans. It’s free to join.

Ysense- affiliate program

Ysense affiliate program is great for somebody like you who wants to earn an extra income. It pays $0.10-$0.30 per referral plus a cash bonus. That means you’ll earn $2 when your affiliates earn $5.

==>> Read more about Ysense Review here

You could earn an active bonus from Ysense as well. The commission is around 20%-30% when your recruited affiliates earn from the task. This is called a recurring commission.

✅ Rewardingways – Fastest Paying Survey Site


Name Rewardingways
Founded 2011
Survey range $0.10+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal and Skrill
Cashout threshold $1

Rewardingways is not just only focused surveys but also other categories such as free offers and paid offers.

You’ll be allowed to take surveys as well as complete their available free offers to earn extra cash working from home.

Rewarding Ways – Affiliate program to make extra money

When others join Rewarding Ways (using the special link you give them), you get a 25% bonus on everything they earn.

That means, for every $100 your referrals make on Rewarding Ways, you get a $25 commission bonus.

Offernation – Positive Testimonials and Top Rated Survey Site

Name Offernation
Founded 2013
Survey range $0.10+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal and Skrill
Cashout threshold $1

Offernation is one of my favorite and a recommended survey cum GPT sites. The reason I  recommend this site was that I’m really satisfied with their service so far. You’d find more positive reviews online from real users. It’s one of the top-rated survey sites in the world.

You’ll earn by taking online free surveys in Offernation. You’ll also get paid $0.25 cents for joining too. Getting paid instantly is another cool part with the Offernation survey site as well.

Offernation Referral program:

With the Offernation affiliate program you can up to 25% affiliates’ commission. Besides you get paid $0.10 cents for every member that registers their account.

✅ Opinion Outpost- A Trusted Leader in the Survey Panel Industry

Name Opinion Outpost
Founded 1998
Survey range $0.10+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal payments, iTunes gift cards, Amazon e-voucher
Cashout threshold $10 / £2.50

Opinion Outpost is well known to many online survey takers. This company is well-established and one of the top leaders in the market research industry. Opinion Outpost is now helping members from around the world to participate in their research surveys.

By taking surveys, you can make quick cash from home while helping your favorite brands adapt and grow. 

Opinion outpost Referral program:

Opinion Outpost’s referral program will award you $1.00 every time you refer a friend using your custom link and they complete at least one survey. Earn up to $5.00 in total. 

✅ Instagc – Instant Payout Survey Site

Name Instagc
Founded 2011
Survey range Varies
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method bitcoin, PayPal, or Visa prepaid card
Cashout threshold $1
Contact instagc@dayos.net

Instagc is another popular site that enables free members to take Surveys, Complete Figure Eight tasks, Search the web, Partake in trials, Visit websites, watch videos, free offers, etc.

Register your free account to earn extra side income in exchange of cash for doing simple activities such as watching videos, testing apps, shopping, and completing tasks and surveys.

Earn Extra Income Inviting Friends!

In general, survey sites pay a good amount of money for inviting your friends into their network. Instagc is not an exception to this. Instagc affiliate program works based on points which then can be converted into cash.

You’ll earn a 10% commission of your referrals earnings whenever they complete tasks.

Apart from that, you’ll earn extra 10 bonus points for each qualified person who registers their account from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or the United States.

✅ Treasuretrooper – Instant Payouts GPT cum Survey Site

Name Treasuretrooper
Founded 2005
Survey range $0.50 to $10.00+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal and Check
Cashout threshold $20
Contact support@treasuretrooper.com

Treasuretrooper is not a kind of Starship Troopers. When you look at the website you’d see a few cartoon images and feels like casino kind of website.

Jokes apart! This website allows you to earn extra cash taking online paid surveys, completing offers and other simple activity.

One of the fastest paying GPT sites around.

Treasuretrooper Referral program

Referring Friends – refer friends to the website and earn 20% of their earnings and 5% of what your friend’s referrals earn. Commissions increase when you start referring more referrals.

✅ Get-Paid.com -Most Reliable and Quickest Paying Website

Name Get-Paid
Founded 2008
Survey range $0.50
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal or e-gift cards Web Money, Bitcoin, Prizes
Cashout threshold $1

Get Paid is another similar site to Treasuretrooper where you get access to take surveys, complete free offers.

This site allows for multiple ways to earn from home. I recommend you to visit Get Paid site and learn more about how coins work and how that can be redeemed. It allows people to earn faster via referral program too.

Get-Paid – Affiliate Program

Get-Paid has a two-tier affiliate program, that means you earn even faster by bringing people into this program.

For example, you earn up to 30% of the coins your recruits earn.

You can take advantage of the 30% earnings because that is a massive bonus. And you can earn up to 10% on the second tier, which is worth mentioning.

✅ Survey Junkie – Quickest and Great Paying Survey Site

Name Survey Junkie
Founded 2013
Survey range $1 to $3
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal or e-Giftcards
Cashout threshold $10

Survey Junkie has been in the online survey industry for over 6 years and has around 10 million members as of today.

Dedicated people like you can join and earn extra money. You’ll earn by sharing your opinion for surveys and other free tasks.

Survey Junkie offers are range from completing surveys and other small tasks. One of the best and established survey sites around.

Partner Survey Junkie – Referral program

Would you like to become a partner to make extra money! Head over to their affiliate partner page and cite them that you’re interested in promoting their site.

Mostly they allow a webmaster to take part in their affiliate program. Have a blog! Get in right now!

Vindale Research – Highest Paying Survey Site

Name Vindaleresearch
Founded 2004
Survey range $1-$25+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal
Cashout threshold $50


Vindaleresearch is another favorite site in this list because it pays only cash, not in points. And it has paid out over $7million in cash. (BBB accredited business)

You get access to their surveys ranging from politics, electronics, sports, technology to fashion. The survey range will be anywhere between $1-$25+. Additionally, it pays for every email opened too – promotional emails.

==>> Learn How To Refer People Online!

Vindale Research Referral program

Vindale Research is also offering an attractive bonus for affiliates. You can partake in their affiliate program to add most money in the bank. It pays up to $5 per active and qualified members who join via your affiliate link.

Pinecone Research – Fastest Paying Survey Site

Name Pinecone Research
Founded 1998
Survey range $1-$25+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method Check and Amazon e-Cards
Cashout threshold $3.00

Pinecone Research is one of the fastest paying paid survey sites around. This site mainly focuses on Canadian, Americans and people living in the UK. Hay! Wait! Still, you’re allowed to participate in their panel even if you were outside of their territory.

Get signed up and start taking their surveys to make extra money working from home. Be it you’re a teen or retired person, all works well.

Pinecone Research – Referral Program

Want to participate in Pinecone research affiliate program!

Dive into one of the CPA networks to promote their offers. It will pay up to $5 per lead. The payment will be issued directly by CPA networks.

=>> Learn more about CPA networks here

Valued opinions – Largest Paid Survey Site

Name Valued Opinions
Founded 2004
Survey range $1+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method PayPal & Rewards
Cashout threshold $1

Valued Opinions is one of the largest survey sites amongst its rival and has 3million active members worldwide.

It pays very similar to other survey sites around but based on my experience you’d get more cash surveys. I’m outside of US region even though I’m getting 2-3 surveys worth $2-$5 every day.

Since it’s the largest panel you may be getting a lot of surveys but ensure you complete your profile as recommended by them.

There is no guaranteed you’ll receive as like me but I can tell you one of the best surveys sites around for sure. You can redeem your points to receive gift cards such as Amazon, Flip-kart, and M&S etc.

Valued opinions – Referral Program

You can even participate in their affiliate program to make more money. I’m not promoting this site through their in-house tracking instead via CPA network.

If you have a blog or a website you can send a request to get approved for their affiliate program.

✅ Survey Club – Top Paying Survey Website

Name Survey Club
Age restriction 13 or older
Founded 2005
Survey range $1-$150+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method Cash, gift cards and prizes
Cashout threshold $20

Surveyclub was founded in 2005 with the goal of helping common people like you to earn extra income for sharing opinions and has more than 16+million participants on 6 continents.

You can be a part of their community to earn extra money simply by creating your free account with them.

Surveyclub focuses on some of the highly popular topics such as food surveys, general surveys, clinical surveys, focus group surveys, buyers surveys etc.

Surveyclub – Referral Program

Like any other survey sites, you can participate in their referral program too.

Do you have a site or blog! Register your affiliate membership and start promoting online. If you do not have one yet then you can join via CPA networks too.

==>> Learn the list of beginner-friendly CPA networks.

Panel Opinion – UK Based Paid Survey Site

Name Panel Opinion
Age restriction 18 or older
Founded 2010
Survey range £0.50 or above
Eligibility United Kingdom (Check the official site)
Payment Method PayPal
Cashout threshold £10

Panel Opinion is one among other paid survey sites that pay through PayPal. And have more experience in the survey industry providing research surveys for its members.

The surveys pay range is 0.50 euros to 5+ euros. I heard people were saying they are getting a fewer survey but it seems like those people don’t know how survey program actually works.

Survey invitation flow will change periodically and it’s your obligation to look into your profile and do changes if required.

Apart from that, I didn’t see any negative reviews of this site. You’ll receive a survey and earn cash just like any survey sites around.

PanelBase – Top Rated Paid Survey Site

Name PanelBase
Age restriction 13 or older
Founded 2005
Survey range $1-$150+
Availability Worldwide
Payment Method Direct bank transfer, vouchers and charitable donations
Cashout limit £10

For me, PanelBase said to be the top-rated online paid survey site. It pays members cash for sharing their opinions on products and services on various topics such as the internet, telephone, SMS-text, postal and product testing.

The survey cash ranges from 0.25 euros to 50 euros depending on survey duration and complexity.

Plus you can also participate in Mini poll in which you are allowed to enter in the monthly draws. The prize fund is 750 euros each month; ranging from 1 euro to 50 euros.

PanelBase – Referral Program

Participating in an affiliate program is great because it gives you additional income. PanelBase is looking for bloggers and website owners who can join and bring more member into their community.

The commission range will be $1-$5 depending upon where leads are coming from.

You can contact PanelBase to discuss the commission details.

Conclusion To Online Best Paid Survey Sites!

😎 These are my favourite top survey websites that pay well even today.

These legit survey sites actually pay cash and rewards for your opinion. However, I don’t guarantee you’ll make money signing up with any of these sites because I don’t know you, about your work ethics, experience, etc.  

Do paid surveys work! Yes, it works 💯 but you can not make a living with survey sites for sure. For me, these are the highest paying survey sites as if today.

These survey sites are good to join but things may change at any time. You see, some survey sites I have provided above may work for you, however, may not because it depends heavily where you live.

I have nothing in my hand or in my control either.

📣 I’m offering only the information and nothing biased. So based on my experience and research I’m pretty much sure these are legit paid survey sites as of today.

Afraid of getting cheated! Don’t get afraid, my friend! Online survey job is fun and free after all.

My recommendation is to join with those survey sites and see how it goes. As soon as you reach the cashout limit, request your payment by not keeping your cash till you reach $100 or keep credits to purchase some big gift cards or something else.

Your time is money so when you reach the cashout threshold, wait no further – withdraw it as quickly as possible.

Do you have a recommendation of any best survey sites to add in this list! Let me know your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

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