High Paying User Testing Job – Earn Up to €50 or $60 Per Interview

Are you frustrated, and not finding the best user testing job yet? Do not worry! In this post, I’ll direct you to the right user testing job to make money just by testing apps.

There are plenty of sites our there where you can earn money by testing apps.

In this post, I’ll share a website where you can join FREE and get paid for testing products/websites/apps.

How to become a user testing player?

Ping Pong  User Testing Job- Earn $60 per Testing Apps

Before I start, thank you for showing interest in reading my latest user testing post.

In this review, I’ll show you my recent findings and why you should join this site to make money by testing apps.

User testing jobs are not new in the online field, there are many sites/companies out there that will pay even up to $100 per testing application.

If you are seeking a new method to earn an extra income then evaluating a job is the perfect match for you. After all, you’re going to test apps and make money.

So in this post, I will provide some DETAILS about the company, compensation, and conditions.

Make Money Testing Apps – PingPong

Haven’t you heard of Ping Pong user testing job! No problem, Ping Pong is a brand new site which is offering a unique way to earn an extra income for testing advertiser’s website, apps, etc.

What is Ping Pong User Testing!

Ping Pong is a third party company that attracts advertisers for their service and helps advertisers’ products/services better by resolving the issue through user testing agents.

The users, basically sign up for Ping Pong platform and take product testing or reviewing advertisers’ apps.

For this service, advertisers pay to the Ping Pong. In return, PP shares some portion of profit to the user testing members who have completed the provided tasks.

You probably wonder, why advertisers need this type of business!

Well, the creator of those Apps and websites, require to know what real users think about their products.

Until users carry out some experiment as a customer, the product does not achieve the desired results.

The best way to get feedback or reviews is to pass it on to the real users and then receive their thoughts and opinions in the form of an interview/research.

In this way, advertisers will be able to make a better product.

User Testing Job for Beginners!

For a user testing job, you do not need to hold a certificate or vast experience. You’ll be put on a live platform where you will be a real user.

Simply test their offers and give valuable inputs, after that, the advertisers will make changes to their products if necessary.

In general, user testing job comes from start-ups and internet business including Apps. For this service, companies offer a generous commission for every feedback or test you complete.

When Will You Receive Testing/Interview From Ping Pong!

You don’t get an invitation directly from the advertisers. Ping Pong service will provide a link for you to take an interview.

All interviews will happen on the Ping Pong website and will be stored in their database as well.

When you sign up as a user tester, your details will be stored semi-anonymously in their user database.

Whenever a team is looking for a user for an interview, they’ll tell about the kind of demographic they’re looking for such as “people from the United States” or “people who work in education.”

These types of money-making opportunities are mostly available for top-tier countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Though the internet is accessible worldwide, no matter where you reside, you get a chance to participate in the user testing job as long as you met criteria according to the advertisers’ needs.

Ping Pong – User Testing Participation Criteria!

You might need to purchase a webcam to get paid for testing apps.

Furthermore, a good and reliable internet connection and a computer or laptop so that the interview will be able to run without interruption.

They conduct a direct phone call interview as you will have to share the screen and help advertisers’ needs.

Before starting an interview, the interviewer will provide you with a website link to go through.

You might need to spend a few minutes understanding the product so the interview can be conducted smoothly.

You need to be very honest expressing your thoughts while looking at the website or a product page.

There’s nothing to be nervous about! Interviews are simple and friendly.

This is not an examination and certainly not being judged on how confident you are, or how good you are with a computer.

Your interviewer will talk you through everything you need to know. There’s also no limit to the number of user testing interviews you can participate in.

Have a Lot of Friends!

Now, let’s talk about Ping Pong remuneration and affiliate Program

According to the website, you’ll earn up to €50 or $60 per interview. You may get more or less for each completed interview or testing apps/websites.

However, it depends upon various factors like who is conducting user testing interviews and their specific goal plus the duration of the interview.

In most cases, the interview may last for 30-40 minutes. You’ll earn more commission when you have more time duration for each interview.

You can also follow the below link to know more about legit user testing websites so you can join multiple sites, test more apps and get paid simultaneously,

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Besides, Ping Pong is also offering an affiliate program for you to earn even extra money.

Just sign up for Ping Pong affiliate program and earn €5 each time a friend completes their first session.

You will need a PayPal account to receive your payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you might need to open an account at PayPal.

All commission/compensation will be paid out to your PayPal account only after 7 days of the completed interview.

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Conclusion to Ping Pong! Is Ping Pong a Scam or Legit!

I do not want to judge whether Ping Pong is a legit or scam. This is a brand new website and not many people know about this network.

However, this site is surely not a scam as far as my understanding.

Ping Pong is a free online opportunity where you can earn $100 per day or even more according to your skills and number of interviews you take.

You see, many people just waste their time on bogus paid surveys, though there is no guarantee they can complete the survey or receive the payment either.

Ping Pong is real and they’re not going to say “No money” when you complete the interview successfully.

Anything extra money always good so you sign-up at Ping Pong and see how it goes.

If you’re not getting an invitation, just log in to the Ping Pong account and simply delete your account. There is nothing you can do better than this.

They pay €20 ($25 in the USA) for a 30-minute interview and the payment will be made directly via PayPal or TransferWise.

=>> Click here to create your account

If you are someone average in browsing websites, you can make money testing apps. There is no fee attached to it.

Hence, no one is stopping you from joining the Ping Pong user testing job.

You can still use Android, iPhone, Desktop/laptop to complete tasks/interviews.

Want to share or give feedback on the Ping Pong user testing site, you’re always welcome. Thanks for reading.

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