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earn money online via apps  

Part-time jobs can be found anywhere online and there are tons of beginner-friendly work from home opportunities available in India & worldwide.

However, finding the right opportunities is not the easiest thing for beginners.

More so, the opportunities should be accessible to all classes of people. To your save time, I’ve found many great offers for YOU.

So, in this post, I’ll show you how to work from home as a part-time agent without investment in the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand or any part of the world you reside in.

Part-Time Jobs Without Investment

What are the best part time online jobs for Indians?

I completely understand that you wanna start your online work at home jobs right away without spending any money.

However, not all part-time jobs can be done without skills and experience.

Though some part-time jobs are easy to perform doing from home with your normal internet connection.

To avoid all the hurdles and time-consuming business, I found some of the best jobs that will help you to make money without investment.

The jobs I listed below are for students, housewives, undergraduates, work at home moms/dads, freshers, postgraduates, trainee, college dropouts, etc.

So in order to meet your expectations, I made some serious research online to bring you the best of best online part-time jobs.

Top 30 Work From Home Part-Time Jobs Without Investment

I’ve found 30 work at home part-time jobs for those who fall into job seekers category.

If you’re looking for web-based part-time jobs then this list will offer you a great deal in terms of making money from day one.

Website Owners Need Your Expression – Articles

Company Verblio
Website verblio.com
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Founded 2010
#Writers 3,000+
Opportunity Part-time Jobs
Pay Rate Starts at $10.50
Minimum 300-400 word
Pay Method PayPal
Income Potential $100-$2000
Country                                     U.S & Worldwide

How to Write Articles For Extra Money?

Are you a student or belongs to any class I mentioned above! Writing articles is a surefire way to make extra money in your spare time.

You might have thought of writing at some point but did not know where to land!

I see many people who want to quit their online jobs concept before they even get one because they think these online jobs and other stuff are all bogus and not promised.

There are 100s of great websites out there and are ready to take you as a content writer.

For writing articles, you may not need to have excellent skills/knowledge in English.

As long as you write better and be able to communicate through your expression, you could earn decent money. Some companies even pay you up to $600 per article.

The truth is that you can work from home part-time in India. The article writing jobs do not require any investment or registration fees.

All you need is to sign up for the websites and submit your demo work. Once you’ve been accepted, you can write articles for the given topic. It’s that simple.

For writing online part-time jobs, you may want to visit Verblio…

Verblio – Side Hustle Jobs

Verblio is specialized in content writing for their clients. It’s a marketing agency that has writers across the U.S and in 15 countries around the world.

If you can write articles then you are one step closer. Verblio is now accepting writers from India and worldwide.

To join their community, you need to be 18 years or above. You do not need to invest any money to join this content writing part-time job.  

To begin, head over to the official sign-up page, submit your articles to see the progress.

Once accepted, you can write content for them regularly. Signup for Verblio Here.

Where can I find the best get paid to write sites?

I know you’re hungry now. No problem, I’ve got a good list of best and easy article writing websites that accept Indians.

Read this – Best sites for articles writing jobs for undergraduates

Advertisers Need You for Simple Tasks

Website Ysense.com
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Established 2007
# Members 1M+
Who can Join India & other
Offer Type Click adsrveys, etc
Pay Rate Starts at $0.0001
Pay Method PayPal
Affiliate Program Up to 30%
Minimum Limit $10
Income Potential $10 – $2,000

Ways to Make Extra Money Clicking Ads!

“Paid to click ads” is one of the easiest ways to make money working from home without investment in India.

There are 1000s of PTC sites online. But not all sites are genuine and established. To join this type of side hustle job, you should know this…

What is paid to click site and how to make money?

PTC stands for Paid to Click. This job needs no investment from your pocket.

You can work as a student to earn extra money. It basically gives you money whenever you click on advertisers’ advertisements.

And a few advertisers pay you up to 1 cent per click and many pay you a little lower for each click you make.

Though I do not reckon this offer as a full-time job. Yet I wanted to add this job because this post was written for students and others who want to earn from home without investment in India.

If you can refer people to PTC sites, still you’ll be able to generate good money without doing any work.

Want to get paid for clicking ads! If so…visit the Ysense site.

Not the Fast Money Making Job But…

As I previously mentioned, I do not recommend PTC sites in general but Ysense is the one that comes to my mind whenever I think of PTC sites.

It’s because Ysense is not only a legit site but also an established company in the PTC industry.

To start, you basically need to register your free account, and then confirm your email link. Once done, get into the Ysense dashboard and start completing free and trial offers. You can also earn money for taking online surveys, playing games, etc.

With the Ysense affiliate program, you can earn a sick amount of money. To know more, please read my – Ysense review here.

Part-time Jobs – Share Your Opinions

Company name Lifepoints
Website lifepoints.com
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Established 1999
# Members 2+Million
Who can Join! India & Other
Opportunity  Surveys
Pay Rate $1-$50
Pay Method PayPal & Gift cards
Cashout Limit $5
Income Potential $5+

How to Earn Cash Online from Free Paid Surveys?

Have you heard of earning extra money for sharing your thoughts?

If not so, you’re missing some extra money in your pocket. Though it won’t make you rich, I think anything extra cash is fine.

Online paid survey research companies need you to get your feedback for their partners. And the clients can be from multinational companies to start-up businesses.

After you joined, you’ll be invited to take online free surveys through email. As a partner, you need only to share your input on the products and services.

You simply need to click on the link to complete online surveys. This is one of the risk-free and experience-free opportunity to earn money working from home without investment in India.

Online paid survey companies seek people’s feedback so that they can share your feedback to their clients which will help them to improve their products to engage better.

You can share your thoughts through a feedback form, good or bad, you still earn money for it.

Do online paid surveys make you rich?

To know more…I’ve a great list of best and scam-free survey sites on my blog.

Stop wasting time on research online. Visit this page to know more…best and genuine survey companies here.

Complete Offers Without Investment – Part-Time

Company name Swagbucks
Site Swagbucks.com
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Established 2008
# Members 5+ Million
Who can Join! India & Others
Opportunity  Get paid to offers
Pay Rate $0.50 – $10+
Pay Method PayPal, Walmart, etc
Cashout Limit $25
Income Potential $20-$250+

How to Get Paid to Complete FREE Offers?

Want to earn money for completing free offers? Who doesn’t like to earn extra money from a temporary job like this?

GPT stands for “get paid to”. And this is not a new concept to the internet world.

It’s a simple program from which you can supplement your income without any financing. One of the easiest ideas to make money as a secondary job.

Just like the other free opportunities I’ve outlined above, GPT also pays you for doing simple activities like completing free offers, sharing your opinions, playing games, etc.

Do you love to make extra money from home legitimately? See right below:

Swagbucks is one of the ultimate sites for the reward program.

And the good news is that Indian residents are allowed to join free include a signup bonus. The real ways to make money from home without start-up cost.

With Swagbucks, you’ll make an extra $100 or more if you put some effort on your side.

It basically allows you to earn for taking paid surveys, completing free offers, watching videos, shopping at your favorite retail stores, searching the web, playing games, inviting friends, etc.

This legit company has paid out over ₹415,505,993 in cash and free gift cards so far.

Still, would you like to add more sites on your list like Swagbucks? I’ve got you covered too.

How to Find more legit GPT sites?

Here’s the list of reliable best GPT sites to earn money on the side.

Online Journal With a Minimum Effort

Blogging is one of the creative ways to make money. With blogging, you can set the limit on how much you want to make money like daily, weekly, and monthly.

There are many free platforms out there, through which you can express your ideas in the form of writing articles, showing tutorials, writing tricks and tips, and more.

How to Start Your Blog in Simple Steps?

Though, with online blogging, you may need to work for at least 6 -12 months to see some results.

I highly recommend you start with a free platform like Blogger.com and see how it goes from there.

However, blogger.com is a bit risky though because they may take down your blog any time.

On the contrary, you have an alternative way to overcome this issue (Read the link I’ve provided below – blogging course).

There are 1000s of people in India seeking online jobs, tutorials on many subjects, news, updates on Apps, etc. especially college students. As a student, you can share through the medium of blogging.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Blog?

Your blog niche/topic can be bloody anything such as Computer Tutorial, Adobe Tutorials, HTML Coding, Culture-Based Blog, Mobile Phone Tricks, e-Commerce, Politics, Movies & Updates, Electronics, Facebook Hacks, Mobile Hacks, Govt. Jobs, Resume Writing, Gossips, Planting, Real Estate, etc.

There are millions of topics from which you can choose and polish your knowledge later as time goes by.

Let people know what you can offer from your experience and know-how.

To start a blog, you may require some initial start-up costs. This is for your business. Whether you starting this as a part-time or full-time job, still some cost is required to kick start.

Any business you want to start online/offline, there will be a start-up cost to it. If you were searching for an online job without investment then this could be the way to do it.

With blogging, you can literally start as a part-time job then grow to a full-time business working from home.

Where to find the best Blogging course today!

Here’s the post which explains everything you want to know from starting a blog to how to make money online for free. ==> Read here – Blogging Course for beginners

Part Time Online Typing Jobs

Job Position
Part Time Jobs
Category Transcription 
Founded 2005
Country Worldwide
Opportunity Typing jobs
Pay Rate $1/min
Pay Method PayPal, Wire, etc
Cashout Limit $1
Income Potential $100-$3,000+

Where to Find Online Typing Jobs? (Audio Files Into Text)

If you have been searching for online part-time jobs without investment then this is another job opportunity for students/beginners.

In order to work effectively and legally with online typing jobs, there are some prerequisites that need to be furnished first.

Online typing jobs aren’t just typing alone. It requires good command over English, eye for details, assertiveness, etc.

If you meet all the standards, then you could be the next fellow to join this company. You’ll be working as an agent where you need to convert text from an audio file.

One of the free online jobs for students without investment. To know more, please visit the site to apply online. This company accepts beginners as well.

Part Time Jobs Online – Promote Affiliate Offers

Job Mode Part/Full Time
Category Marketing
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Who can Join! Worldwide
Offer Model CPA
Pay Rate  $10 to $200+
Pay Method Wire Transfer, Check, etc
Cashout Limit $100
Income Potential $500-$2,000+

How to Make Money With Clickbank as a Beginner?

Clickbank is a great place for beginners where they can start their part-time job working from the office.

Like many others, you can either choose to work part-time or full-time. It’s up to you how you want to take it forward.

The concept behind Clickbank is to promote vendors’ products online. It has more than 10,000+ great offers from health, e-books, business opportunities to any niche you think of.

CB has more than 50,000 active affiliates in their marketplace where people join and promote different types of products.

Each time you generate sales, you’ll earn a commission. The best part with Clickbank is that you do not need to worry about tracking, inventory stuff, refunds, etc.

They handle everything for you. For each sale, you’ll earn up to 75% or more.

For example, let’s say – you had generated a sale of a digital product that worth $100, now you’d be getting $75 straight into your account.

Earn Monthly Commissions:

Not only that, but you’d also be able to promote products that have recurring commissions.

That means once you generated a sale you could earn commission every month as long as the customer stays active.

This could be the easiest job for housewives sitting at home or anyone who willing to make money without investment. The best part is you can join free today and start promoting products anywhere you like.

But one thing you need to remember is that driving traffic to your offers is very important. That’s right, you need people to visit the advertisers’ product page, otherwise, you don’t make any money anyway. Now…

How to drive free traffic to your Clickbank products?

To know more about how to drive traffic/visitors, please read this free guide on how to generate leads from Facebook here.

Ad Posting Jobs – Online Part Time Jobs

Job Position
Part/Full Time
Category Ad Posting Jobs
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Who can Join! Worldwide
Opportunity  CPA
Pay Rate $10 to $200+
Pay Method Wire-Transfer, Check, etc
Cashout Limit $100
Income Potential $500-$2,000+

How to Post Free Ads to Make Money?

Ad posting job is a common word that many people scout online.

Though there are 100s of bad apples out there. If you do not know how to spot the scam ones, you probably lose your money. It’s because many ad posting part-time jobs are a scam.

So how do we differ from those!

Ad posting job is to deliver visitors to the designated product page or offer page. That means when you promote people’s products you’d earn a certain percentage from it.

Not to forget that some sites claim you get paid to post just ads alone. This is not true.

The ad posting jobs are nothing but promoting somebody’s product, in return, you’ll earn one-time or recurring commissions.

There are so many ways and methods to reach your goal. Are you new to ad posting jobs? Do not worry, I have a piece of great information and guidance on how to make it work to earn the desired income from home.

Would you like to learn about Ad Posting Job?

To know further on how to make money as a teenager for posting free ads, this is the page you should go to => Make money for posting ads online free.

Become an Online Coach Today

Job Mode Part/Full Time
Offer Type Tutor 
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Country Worldwide
Opportunity Online Coach
Pay Rate $25/Hour
Pay Method Paypal
Cashout Limit $100
Income Potential $500-$2,000+

How to Become a Part Time Online Tutor?

For students, undergraduates, housewives, etc, an online tutoring job can be at times help during financial difficulties.

There are good and honest tutoring sites available in India and outside. An online mentor job is a process instructing on subjects through an online or networked environment.

The educator and learner participate in different locations.

Though for some tutor program the eligibility is most important. However, most tutor part-time jobs require to know only good multilingual languages and expertise in subject matters.

If you want to become a lecturer/trainer working from home and have a Master’s or Ph.D. then Skooli is a place for you.

This company currently hiring online tutors who have a good understanding of subjects matters.

In order to take part in this work, there are some prerequisites that need to be fulfilled such as a computer with a stable internet connection, speakers/audio, and at least a microphone and a webcam.

Create an account and update your profile to see the online tutor opportunity. Visit the site here.

Part Time Jobs – Work From Office

Job Position
Part Time
Category Editing Work
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Opportunity Content Editing
Pay Rate $10 To $200+
Pay Method Paypal, Wire, Etc
Income Potential $500-$2,000+

Freelance – Pharmaceutical And Medical Research

Do you have great English editing and medical writing skills? You can partake in these telecommuting jobs.

Cactus is looking for qualified people who have knowledge of medical writing & editing, medical communications, academic editing, academic editing, humanities & social sciences, customer service, etc.

This company work with pharmaceutical and medical research. To take part in their community, you require only excellent English skills and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Another great thing about this company is that it offering online home-based jobs without investment.

If you have been searching related to “online jobs for students” then this could be the right place for you to get in.

One of the top 100 remote work companies to watch. This company offers flexible time and opportunity for all types of people who have met their minimum qualifications. To know more, please click the link here to view the job openings.

Full-time/Part-Time Jobs Online or Remote

Job Position Full Time
Industry Healthcare  
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Training Mode Virtual, Web-Based
Education Some College
Country Worldwide
Opportunity Dataentry
Pay Rate $15-$20 /Hourly
Keyboarding 10-Key Skills
Pay Method Wire, Check, Etc
Income Potential  $1,000-$5,000+

How to Become a Data Entry Associate? (Telecommute)

Online or offline data entry jobs may seem easy to execute at first.

However, it may also require some experience in the field that you’re trying to get into.

If you have a minimum experience in the data entry field, especially in the medical industry. Perhaps you can try this offer.

Conduent is a company providing services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments.

As a data entry associate, you have to gather information on demographics, insurance, and health-care from a verity of sources.

Seeking Data Entry Operators

Now this company is seeking a data entry operator to work for their clients. Your responsibility is to include entering data into a specific software moving data from paper to computer-based software, plus other key responsibilities.

The pay rate is promising for an average data entry keyer.

Yet, there are some restriction and qualification conditions need to be met before accepting into their network. Anyone can join irrespective of country origin, race, religion, etc.

You’ll be supplied with the necessary tools and training – virtual or web-based.

Please feel free to check out the link below to see if any opening still available for home-based online part-time jobs. Click here to visit the official site.

Not enough!

How to find more direct data entry companies? Here’s the list of legit and best-paying data entry companies to join.

Remote QA (Quality Assurance & Testing Part Time Jobs)

Job Position Part/Full Time
Catagory QA Testing
Eligibility 16+ Yrs Old
Country Worldwide
Opportunity User-Testing Jobs
Pay Rate $10 To $200+
Pay Method  PayPal, Check, Etc
Cashout Limit $20 Onwards
Income Potential $200-$1,000+
Start-Up Cost  No Investment

How to Join as a User Testing Software Tester?

If you were keen on working from home software testing job in India then the remote testing job may fit for you.

This job indeed requires a little knowledge of various aspects like browsing the internet, reviewing websites & apps, testing products, etc.

No need to panic here because many user testing companies accept fresher as a part-time testing agent to work from home.

You don’t need to be a techie here.

You only need to provide feedback on the products just by looking at the screen from the clients’ web portal.

They’ll give you ample time for you to review products. All you need is to test their products and provide your valuable feedback and suggestions.

This helps them to modify their products if any changes have to be made. Where to find the best part-time software testing jobs from home?

To fulfill your desire, I have researched from low to high paying part-time software testing jobs for you, where you do it as a part-time job remotely.

Simply browse from the provided web link below to get a glimpse of which suits you and which don’t.

Like I said earlier, you do not need to be a guru for this job. To know more about software testing jobs, please visit the link here =>> User Software Testing Sites.

Part-time Jobs – Direct Data Entry Jobs

Due to increases in online users, I see most people search for data entry opportunities online so that they can join for data entry jobs from home without investment.

However, not all data processing companies believe or come to recognize you’re the right fit for such jobs.

Based on my research, most people so called work at home job seekers trying to get into the data entry domain without even knowing what one must furnish before even seeking them.

Online part time data entry jobs are not for everyone.

This job requires a great detail of skills, knowledge, manpower, background experience, etc. in order to win the deal. So…How do you find the best data entry direct companies?

To save your online search time, I have got a list of handpicked legitimate data entry companies for all types of people.

Head over to the page and access the best and real data entry companies for online data entry business.

Access legitimate online data entry companies here.

Online Research – Search Engine Evaluation

Job Position Part Time
Program Contractor
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Country Worldwide
Opportunity Search Web
Pay Rate $10 – $20/Hour
Pay Method Bank Deposit
Cashout Limit $25
Income Potential $50-$800+

Where to Join as a Part-time Independent Contractor?

Would you like to work at home simply searching the web? This online work at home job gives you the great opportunity to work with one of the top 100 most trusted companies.

This offer is for those who have good communication skills and Indian local languages.

That’s right! Lionbridge is currently seeking qualified people for “Personalized Internet Assessor Job” in India.

And as anyone whose mother tongue is the following such as Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, English, Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, and Tamil – can apply for this position.

Don’t runway when reading the word “Internet assessor”. This job basically allows you to review online search results in order to improve the content and quality.

A search engine tester job is one of the easiest online jobs for college students who can join without investment.

Lionbridge is currently seeking the right people like you.

Get signed up for free and start browsing as per the assigned task given and provide ratings of the relevance to the search terms you used. ==>> Click Here To Sign-Up For Free

Hungry for more…

What are the best search engine evaluation jobs? Click here to find out more Best Search Engine Evaluation Jobs for you.

Make Money For Collecting Email Address

Job Position Part/Full Time
Business Type Pay Per Lead
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Who can Join! Worldwide
Opportunity CPL 
Pay Rate
$1 to $100+
Pay Method PayPal, Check, etc
Cashout Limit $10 Onwards
Income Potential $100-$20,000+

Best Pay Per Lead Programs for Beginners!

Did you know that there are many affiliates making money for collecting email addresses for the companies?

Yes, many digital-based companies pay you for every verified email address you deliver.

This is called pay per lead affiliate program. To put it simply, this could be the easiest online jobs for students to earn money working at home.

The Pay Per Lead concept is not a new face to the online industry. The thing is you were not aware of it all these days and some folks don’t believe such a concept even exists.

Though finding PPL websites is not that hard. However, not all offers convert well as you expect.

To weed out bad offers, you need to find an offer that has a good landing page and a reliable product so that people give out their name and email address for it.

If you’re interested in getting into the pay per lead affiliate program, I have a good collection for you.

Start from the low payout offers first and then up the ante once you’ve learned the nitty-gritty of the things. You can promote PPL offers even on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Where to find the best pay per lead sites?

Here’s the list of easy converting PPL affiliate programs for you to work as a part-time job agent by using your computer.

Get it here =>>1. Easy Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program. 2. CPA networks.

Customer Service Agent – Part Time Jobs Hourly Pay

Job Position Part-Time
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Country Worldwide
Opportunity CSA
Pay Rate $8-$10 Per Hour
Pay Method Bank Deposit
Income Potential $100-$2,500+

How to Find Best Work-from-home Position Onlne?

Want to work as a customer service agent to exhibit your skills on social customer service, on marketing purposes, and protecting a brand’s image by supporting a good experience?

Howt to become a customer service agent?

Liveworld helps companies improve customer and patient experience.

And they have a set of a team of marketing strategists, engagement specialists, data analysts, software developers, etc that inspire though humanized brands.

If you have experience in BPO/Call center working experience, perhaps you can try this offer.

They expect a minimum qualification to even consider you for the job. An individual who has fluency in the following languages can apply.

Those are Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. As long as you have access to the internet and computer, you’re ready to go!

Part Time Internet Jobs – Have Good Vision?

Company Name Gramlee
Website Gramlee.com
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Established 2007
Who can Join Worldwide
Opportunities Proofreading
Pay Rate $11-$25/Hour
Pay Method PayPal
Income Potential $2,000+
Founded 2007

How to Make Money By Proof Reading Articles?

Proofreading part-time jobs are so popular among those who have a good eye for details. If you ask me how to make money online as a beginner then this is the place go with.

This job requires only a good vision and a flair for English. If you have an unfair advantage then you can work from home today.

You can find a lot of proofreading work from opportunities. Though not all the best in the class.

This site accepts all classes of people from anywhere. As long as you have met all the required conditions, you can start your part-time job from home without investment (More proofreading sites coming soon).

Where and how to join with Proofreading Jobs?

The place is called Gramlee. This company is offering proofreading services for its clients. Once accepted, you’d work as an independent contractor of Gramlee.

You may have to do the following tasks such as Dissertation, editing services, Copy editing services, Proofreading services, APA Editing, Grammar check, Online grammar check, Essay editing service, etc.

Are you in the same type of environment? If yes, Gramlee is the best place to connect with.To know more about proofreading part-time jobs, please visit the official site now.

Part Time Work From Home

Job Catagory Part Time
Business Type Tester 
Eligibility 18+ Yrs Old
Country Worldwide
Opportunity Testing Products
Pay Rate up to € 50 per hour
Pay Method
Cashout Limit
Income Potential $300-$1,000+

Would you like to earn up to 50 euros per hour just by sharing your opinions? This part-time app testing job help shape the future of the products.

You get access to new apps and websites from clients to test so they can get your opinions to make the products and services better.

How to Testing Time Pays for to Evaluating Products?

Testingtime is looking for a wide range of people from India and all over the world; no matter what your age, education, and computer skills.

The door is open worldwide. So, register your account to take the product-test to make money from home.

Each study takes anywhere between 30-90 minutes. Remember, after you signed up, activate Skype so that they can help you every step of the way. To receive more invitations, always be punctual, and reliable on the job. Click here to visit Testingtime here.

How to join with more Usertesting sites?

I appreciate your curiosity! Follow the link to access more beginner-friendly user-testing websites here.

Part-Time Employment – Window Shopping

Job Position Part Time
Offer Type Mystery Shopping 
Eligibility 18 Years Old
Availability Worldwide
Pay Rate $10 to $30+
Pay Method PayPal, Check, etc
Cashout Limit Varies
Income Potential $100-$200+

How to Become Mystery Shopping Agent to do Parttime?

If you have been visiting shopping malls very frequently then you can become a part of a secret shopper program. And many service providers are out there that willing to accept you as part-time secret shop agent even in India.

Mystery shopping is a service designed to focus on clients.

This service helps their brand to identify customers’ experience, product display, interaction with employees, etc.

This is where you come into the picture. As a part-time job agent, you have to gather all the information in the guise of a real customer, which will later send it back to the clients.

If you live in India or anywhere, you can be one of them. Want to do this as a part-time job during your free time or in the summer holidays?

This job could be the perfect way to generate extra revenue on the side.

Though this is not a type of job where you need to sit at home. I thought of listing this offer as this falls under “no investment job”.

How to find Mystery shopping sites in India?

No worries! I have got a good list of mystery shopping companies for all countries. So, if you’re eager to start, please visit this link =>> Mystery Shopping part-time job Here.

CPA Marketing – Part time Jobs Without Investment

Job Position Part/Full Time
Business Type CPA Marketing
Eligibility 18+ years old
Who can Join!
Opportunity CPA, CPL, CPI, etc
Pay Rate $0.50 to $2,000+
Payment Method PayPal, Skrill, Check, et
Minimum Limit $25 or above
Income Potential $500-$50,000+

CPA Marketer Beginners Guide – How?

CPA marketing is one of the fastest-growing work from home jobs in India and other countries.

And most suitable for housewives, students, freshers, etc. It’s a method of promoting advertisers’ products and services.Ways to make money with CPA marketing from home!

Every time you manage to get some type of action on the advertisers’ sales page, you’d make money.

There are many types of CPA offers on the internet.

As a beginner, you can join with the best and top-rated CPA networks.

There is a learning curve to this part-time job, however, you can learn in a couple of days, I mean the basics of how it works and how much potentially you can make from it.

I’ve provided more details on my blog, so I would recommend you to read those posts to know how to become a CPA marketer to earn daily cash working from the comfort of your house.

…How to make money with CPA marketing as a beginner?

Here’s the link to learn more about CPA marketing – Learn CPA marketing here.

Become a Virtual Teacher

Job Position Part Time
Business Type Become a Teacher
Eligibility 18+ years old
Opportunity Teaching
Pay Rate $13 – $30/hour
Pay Method Bank Deposit
Cashout Limit
Income Potential $250-$3,000+

What are the Ways to Teach English as a Secondary Job?

If you’re an Indian who lives in the U.S, or Canada, this could be the next place for you to work from home as a teacher.

That’s right! If you have been wondering where to get high paying teaching jobs online, perhaps, this is the place to go!

VIPKid is one of the virtual based teaching programs that provide services for all types of people. To join in this offer, you must have good English communication skills and some degree certificate along with it.

Do you have the ability to do something well for the following specification such as plain text, HTML, and MS Word formats?

Captions in SRT, VTT, and DFXP? If so, submit your VIPKID application here.

Campus Ambassador Program

A campus ambassador program is a perfect match for students and those who have spare time who want to get rewarded.

How to boost your resume through “Campus Ambassador” program?

With the campus ambassador program, you can earn cash and rewards & incentives. With this offer, you could also boost your resume rating for your future interview too.

The campus ambassador agent work on behalf of a company to maintain its brand presence among college/university students.

The campus program is available in India and other parts of the world. If you live in India and want to join with one of the top companies then this is for you.

The good news is PayTM is now looking for a student ambassador program across India.

You get performance-based PayTM cash rewards and a ‘Rockstar’ certificate for high performing campus Ambassador.

Not just that, if you want to open the door for the opportunity for a pre-placement interview with PayTM then this option will help you. Sign-up today for Campus Ambassador with PayTM to reap the benefits.

Outreach Audience to Make Money

To earn active and passive income, you need to have traffic sources so to drive visitors towards affiliate products. However, for beginners like you, this will be a huge problem though. Yet there is a way to overcome this BS.

How to earn side income through direct marketing methods? For example, you can promote products using various methods that are given below.

Types Of Direct Marketing:

Emails Marketing:

I am afraid that you may not have an email list at this point. That’s OK.

Alternatively, you can outreach people using the contact form. That’s to say, choose the best products from marketplaces like Clickbank.

And then search with related niche sites in Google. Now utilize the websites’ contact form to communicate.

In most cases, you could see the contact form on each website, mostly at the bottom. Now you can directly contact them by sending emails with your affiliate offer. This way, you can earn money by promoting all kinds of products.

Use the best email for every campaign. Just in case, you don’t know how-to then ready-made email templates can be useful.

Get free referral marketing email templates here.

Don’t forget to modify the email copies before sending them. You can get tons of free email templates online.

Online adverts:

This is another great way to drive traffic too. I’ve covered in detail in one of my posts.

To know more, please visit this page – get free traffic to your affiliate link here.

Database Marketing & Websites:

For a beginner, this method is not applicable so skip to next.


Direct newspaper marketing still exists. In general, offline newspaper advertising doesn’t cost you much, so get used to it.

Just pay a small fee for the newspaper company to promote your products. To get maximum ROI, don’t forget to use a custom domain.

Outdoor Advertising & Phone Calls:

Are you still give time to do outdoor advertising?

You can do so but often very time-consuming business and not for all people. So, skip this method.

Phone Text Messaging & Magazine Adverts:

Direct marketing like phone & messaging is still popular. We all get tons of promotional text msgs on our phones every day.

To use this service, contact some service providers who are specialized in direct marketing. You can find some service providers online. In the same way, find companies offering catalog distribution.

These are some examples of direct marketing strategies, which you can use to promote digital products to earn fast cash working from home.

Become a Self-Employee Working From Home

If you are a student or experienced folk then I’m sure you must have some knowledge and skills on a particular topic and field. It’s time to make full use of it.

Freelancing is another great way to start your fulltime work from home job.

In a nutshell, a freelancing job is to connect with outsider so-called clients. That means you work for them independently and earn for every successful task completed.

In order to work from online freelancing jobs, you need to find websites that offer such services.

Do not worry, I have a few best recommendation for you. Now, head over to freelancing sites and complete your profile with an area of expertise.

I mean, fill up everything you know about so that clients can find your service.

Not only that, but you’d also get to see 100s of opportunities from simple tasks to advanced services. As a new player, choose small projects in the beginning – not the high paying projects.

Freelancing Jobs Require Patience:

How to become a data entry operator?

At first, complete as many small assignments as possible.

Once you’ve become established yourself, then you can bid more for future projects.

For example, if a client is looking for a freelancer that willing to pay $250 per project then you should bid 3 times lower than your competitors. In this way, you can outsmart other bidders.

Yes, there is a learning curve in this process but it pays off in the long run. So, don’t get excited.

The more projects you complete the more rating you get from the clients. As a result, more clients from companies voluntarily find you to offer high paying projects.

As I mentioned, the more rating you get the more often you get projects from there.

Here are some of the projects I found in the marketplace. Still, there are 1000s of small projects being posted every day ranging from $10-$500+.

Design Flyer:

Clients looking for a graphic designer to design a flyer ($100).

WordPress Plugin:

The plugin I’m seeking will enable registered users to create posts from a YouTube video ($500+).

Copy & Paste Job:

I have 50 websites like [login to view URL] and need someone to copy and all the articles to MS Word ($250).

Logo Design:

I need my logo designed/tweaked ($279).

Custom Drawing:

I need a custom drawing – My idea basically would be a drawing of a guitar player in the rain and a lonely looking environment ($44).

Data Entry:

I need to fill in a spreadsheet data ($410).

Writing Job:

I need you to write a 2000 word essay in Hungarian about plants and their function ($48).

Website Design:

I need a new website. I need you to design and build a WORDPRESS website for my small business using a domain I purchased through GoDaddy ($133).

Caption Writing:

I need a translation to Translate Hindi Audio files to English caption ($38).

Data Entry Typing Job:

I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Data Entry and Internet Research. Should have time and its a simple job, I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my maximum budget is $30 USD.

What are the best places to become a freelancer? There you go, my friend, these are the popular and legitimate freelancing sites to join for work at home job.

  • Freelance.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Peopleperhour.com

Become a Digital Service Provider

Job Option Part-Time
Company Name Fiverr
Business Type Freelancing
18 years
Country Worldwide
Pay Time 24hrs
Opportunity Service Provider
Pay Rate $15 – $100+/hour
Cashout Limit $5
Income Potential $500-$5000+
Pay Method – PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, and Bitcoin

How to Join as a Fiverr Agent – Part Time?

Fiverr is one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world. With Fiverr, you can find any services related to any niche you can imagine.

It allows you to browse the section of freelancing opportunities. This site operates pretty close to freelancing sites but with a small twist in it.

Want to be a part of the Fiverr community to offer your service to people? This is the right place to get your feet wet.

Register your Fiverr account there and then fill up the profile with your area of expertise.

And do some online marketing side by side to outreach audience who need your help from data entry work, copy & job, Coding, logo design to any digital services that exist.

You can typically charge from $5 to $500 or more once you get used to the marketplace.

To get maximum exposure to your gig, ensure your area of expertise is up to date. In this way, you’ll be able to draw more attention from people who in need of your service.

Start As A Social Media Influencer

I bet many of you guys will have one or more accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat, Pinterest, etc.

How to make money through social networking sites?

Social media influencer marketing job is exploding in recent times. This is because people like advertisers looking for a specific audience for their niche.

If you have media with a large audience, this can persuade others like advertisers to reach you. According to the recent survey, there are over 500 million active users on Instagram alone.

And continue to grow further in the coming years. A platform like Instagram helps advertisers funnel their message through influencers like you if they want to reach the right audience.

So…you may ask!

How to become a social media influencer in a gig?

Use Your Social Networking Pages:

Yes, you can! As long as you have followers from 1000 to any number. Though sometimes it would be difficult to approach advertisers for your page.

However, if you have followers that focused on a certain niche and interest, why not try through social influencer platforms to get it done!

Yet I’m not sure about the gig but certainly, you earn a good amount of money from each campaign.

To make things easier, connect with the audience through social media influencer platforms to make money.

It is being said that the average influencer who has 1 million followers can take home anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per year by promoting products like clothing, food, hotels, and even vitamin supplements on their pages.

Thus, if you have massive followers on social media, you can try through these platforms to see how things pan out for you. =>  List of social influencer platform here.

Play Online Games In Your Spare Time

Are you one of those who have completed a degree and looking for a job in the game testing industry?

People these days give so much importance to online games, especially on mobile devices. More and more people moving away from desktop-based games to mobile-based games.

How to become an online game tester to make money?

If you’re fond of playing online games or playing games just to fool around, why not make extra money for testing new games that interest you! A simple home-based online game testing jobs can bring extra cash in your pocket.

Just like other online opportunities as mentioned above, the game testing jobs require only your honest feedback. You’ll make money and side by side your participation makes better games for the companies.

Play Games For Extra Cash:

Gametester.gg is bringing gamers and developers together to make the best game experience.

You’ll earn rewards in the form of Gold, EXP, and GTCOIN and spend those rewards on products from their store.

To become a game tester, follow the easy sign-up process to work as a part-time job from home.

Don’t stop there! Once you have accumulated enough skills and experience you then move on to some high paying game testing programs for a full-time job.

Conclusion to  Work at home Online Part Time Jobs

Before you click away, I want you to read multiple times in case you aren’t getting it. I’ve provided you enough resources to start your work from home online part-time jobs.

Look, this is not the end of everything. In order to help you better, drop me your questions below.

Did I miss anything that you did not find useful?

Are you still looking for more ways to make money from online part-time jobs?

Awesome! Leave a comment in the below comment section so I can offer my guidance in a better way. Thanks for reading this post. Stay safe!

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