Writing Jobs Online Review – 13 Tips to Prevent Scam! Are You A Next Victim?😿

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Are you being the victim of many online scams and now want to save money! You’re welcome. You’re here to know about “Writing Jobs Online or Writingjobsonline.net”.

I understand that you’d want to save your time and money before buying this product. So don’t go anywhere because I got you covered.

In this “Writing Jobs Online” review, I’ll go over some of the best tips which will guide you on what should be your next plan.

I’d be sharing with you what I feel is good for you and what you should not do even if you feel that’s right to go.

I’m not a doctor so anything you read regarding “Writing Jobs Online” is purely based on my thoughts and views. Never intended to hurt anyone. 💯

I Love to Help You on “Writingjobsonline.net” 

Is writingjobsonline.com scam?

I’m here to save your time and money so keep reading ABOUT “Onlinewritingjobs.com” review until you hit the last word. 

I always encourage people to read the bloggers’ reviews to get the right information. I wanna be in that group to facilitate what you might be looking for. 

Before we go ahead and get our feet wet, here’s the promise made by Writing Jobs Online. 

Writing-jobs.net Promise & Claims [Onlinewritingjobs.com]

It tells you that you’d write content for blog sites, ebooks, books, websites, magazines and other types of media that requires good writing.

This makes you feel so happy because you’re going to make even $5000 per month just by writing on anything you like about.

If you’re in that kind of inclination then you’ll get some shocking news down below.

Keep reading the post and learn more about their offer before shedding blood. 

Here we go!!!

The Founder Of Writingjobsonline.net [Onlinewritingjobs.com]

Who is the founder of Writing Jobs Online?

Glen Anderson is the creator behind Writingjobsonline.net. He promises that anyone who knows writing can earn up to $3000 per month.

I yet to see his background, where he’s from, experience in the writing world, etc. I wonder if he’s legit or some random person derived from Google world. Nobody knows until he comes in front of us and says yes it’s me. 

I don’t believe a site that just posts the founder’s name and nothing after that.

A legit website should post everything from a founder to a reliable physical address and contact number. 👎

You see the information on the website tells only about making money and nothing else. I consider this is a red flag.☹

1. Multiple Websites – Fake Claims!

“Writing Jobs Online” is also known as Writing-jobs.net, Writingjobsonline.com, and Onlinewritingjobs.com.

There you go! This product has 3 domains that rotate often so that people don’t recognize the actual picture. That’s not all, this website also formerly operated under QualityGal too.

I wonder why somebody has to have three or four domains to operate a legitimate business?

If you deeply look into this then you’ll realize that this type of business tactic mainly adapted to hide any possible negative reviews.

People, in general, don’t give a damn about the domain as long as the content brings the heat.🍟

If your intention is to try for a trial then I would say don’t do it because you’re going to get nothing special there. Stop trying this product at any cost.

2. Writing Jobs Free [Onlinewritingjobs.com]

When you visit – Onlinewritingjobs.com you’ll notice that the membership is free.

On the other side, they’ve another 2 websites that tell you to pay some membership fee in order to access their listing. According to me, there’s something very contradictory to each other.

Then they’ll tell that you’d get paid up to $50 per article. Great deal huh! Well, after you register a free account, they’ll ask you to write an article for them.

I don’t think you’d get any reply or get paid for what they had promised on their website.

They wanted to invite as many people as possible so-called – cold leads so that they can send unlimited spam emails and other BS.

This is very common on the internet that many fake and scam websites force people to register their accounts with a valid email so to send spam emails.

I have vast experience in this, and still getting tons of emails for no reason at all. Indeed, I was clever enough to use fake email id to check what inside but found the same BS and nothing valuable. 

3. Promotional Tool

This is very common that nowadays actors play a vital role in promoting products.

Just like the one, I reviewed yesterday – Take Survey For Cash. In the same way, this fake actor tells you how you’ll earn and enjoy your life for just writing articles. 

Assuming that you’re a newbie, don’t get excited about this.

It’s all part of the marketing game so never need to pay too much attention to it. Though nothing wrong in doing as such for online promotion.

4. Onlinewritingjobs.com – Products and Services (Summary)

Get Started:

After your trial requirement met, you’ll get access to the step by step guide to get started. 

Writing Jobs Database:

As per the site, you’ll be allowed to access their massive database of writing site to get started.

Writing Jobs Worth $100-$500

The website-listing is already covered and I don’t know why they need to have another category for this. Perhaps you’ll find high paying sites in the bucket.

Magazine Writing:

Providing a list of sites where you get to access for writing for magazines. 

Writing tools and software

For beginners, this option is good because writing tools and software helps in many ways to correct the articles. 

Writing Guide

For a newbie, this guide allows learning how to choose a topic, write in a professional way to get approved. 

So what next! Le’s find out more bugs…

5. Clickbank Product:

This product “Writing Jobs Online” is directly from a Clickbank marketplace.

Products like this can be found many in there. People like bloggers and affiliate marketers promote this type of products to earn an affiliate commission. 

You see this product – “Writing Jobs Online” can be found online in the form of articles so people like you read and buy it. 

The more they sell the more they get paid from Clickbank. Hence, don’t get fooled by some bloggers who recommend this product. 

I am not saying all products from Clickbank is a mediocre or scam, absolutely not. Though there are some products like this one may go unnoticed sometimes from Clickbank radar.

6. Clickbank Restriction

Banned in the past

When I research on the internet it seems this -“Writing Jobs Online” had been already banned by Clickbank.

I doubt this site could have been operated under writtingjobsonline.com in the past. 

Clickbank is very strict on spam or scam products. When a product gets more negative feedback then Clickbank at times removes their partnership or affiliation from them.

If you click on the below link you would notice that the product link is already restricted to apply. That too, it ending with 777 code (Current affiliate code is the same).


Without a doubt, this seems to me that this product is repeatedly going after a brand new domain to cover negative reviews from new members.

7. Onlinewritingjobs.co. Pros

Let’s be very honest here. Yes, there are some benefits to pay a registration fee for accessing their database.

  • If you’re new don’t know how to find sites then you get access to their database
  • Choose the sites that suit your interest
  • Get a chance to view newly updated sites (According to them)
  • Also, other opportunities to make extra income using their database
  • Some training and courses are provided to get started
  • You get a chance to access their membership for just $1 (see the official site)
  • Will be able to copy all before the trial expires
  • They’re honest in saying how to cancel your account via Clickbank

8. Writingjobsonline.net Cons

  • You may not need to pay fees if you have a computer and internet (simple search will do)
  • It seems like get rich quick scheme 
  • Google and YouTube are the best friends to find the right offers so why pay!
  • Seems they are not updating new offers hence I don’t recommend 
  • Require a credit card to access their database
  • You don’t need to pay for writing jobs when I have a list on this same blog
  • Affiliate commission and bonus part are misleading

9. Writing for Top Brands

They claimed as seen on many top TV channels and blogs. As seen on what! I don’t know!

“Writing Jobs Online” portrays that it has been featured on television channels and news blogs. I don’t think any TV channels or blogs recommend such offers anyway.

Write for brand companies!

For writing articles for top brands you must obtain an excellent English communication and writing skills. You don’t get a chance to write for them just because you’re ready. You probably know the work-load behind each news article and how it is published. 

For each post, there probably 2-3 people work together as a team.

So don’t get just fooled by yourself thinking you’d make $500 or more for writing articles for them, at least from their listing. 

For an average Joe, getting an opportunity to write for top-brands is like getting a job there. 

10. Writing Jobs Online -Affiliate Commission

This is a bit out of topic but money is money and still needs to be explored on legitimacy, right!

It says that you’d earn recurring commissions as long as the member you referred stays with them and you will continually get commissions every month!


Now let’s say you’d want to promote this product aiming to make extra affiliate commission.

Well, this Writingjobsonline.net pays you up to 70% affiliate commission that includes recurring commission.

When you’re planning to promote an affiliate product online, think-twice whether that product is offering something valuable and useful for readers.

I totally get that any product you see online won’t meet 100% customer satisfaction.

However, it has to have some value for users. Otherwise, you’ll lose your reputation gradually.

Hence, this Writing Jobs Online is not offering any value so stop promoting it.

If you’re so greedy about affiliate commission not caring your readers then you’ll start to get a negative image.

Besides, retention is very important to earn a monthly commission. Just think about how many users will stick to this product? 

You see this product is not offering real value for the money so people naturally quit even before the trial period ends. 

Think again, quality is better than quantity, therefore promote a cost-based product to the world only if that has something useful for users, otherwise don’t promote it. 

11. Misleading on Payments – Writing Jobs Online

This“Writing Jobs Online” tells you that they don’t take 20% commission like freelance sites. I get it but there is a lot of variables in this.

Freelance sites are very stringent on clients. People like fake artists can not post a job and get away without paying it.

To avoid any conflict, sites like Upwork ensure that both clients and workers are safe. For this service, they charge some amount as a service fee. 

When it comes to “Writing Jobs Online”, this is not the case.

This site is providing only a database and nothing else. So there is a huge difference between these two.

Not to mention that “Writing Jobs Online” promises that you’d get paid $30-$120 per hour – on the 15th of every month.

I don’t think so. It depends on where you’re located, the type of topic you choose, and writing skills. 

Those companies just don’t pay just because you’ve submitted an article.

To get paid, your articles must be approved. Some will pay weekly and others pay in 45-90 days time frame.

One honest fact I found on the site was payment modes. Yes, you’d get paid by Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check, or through your ATM card.

12. Fake $100 and $1,000 Bonus 

This probably not just directly related to our topic but still, I want to share with you what I found on the “Writing Jobs Online” website.

This site is offering a bonus for affiliates, which means if any affiliate brings 15 sales then he/she eligible to get a $100 bonus. 

This site is operating since 2006 and it seems that there is none out there to update the affiliate bonus and the expiry date. Why still there! You either update it or remove it.

As per the official website:

Promotion counts sales starting on June 1st, 2015 until December 2015 only. Must do at least 15 UNIQUE sales within 60 days of your first sale.

Exit sales, upsells, cancellation and refunds that occur do not count towards your 15 total.

You may not use your affiliate ID and do any of the 15 sales yourself. 

All bonus payments will be made to PayPal verified accounts only. To claim your bonus, you’ll simply send as an email at support (at) writing-jobs.net with your Clickbank ID and your PayPal email address.

We will send you the $100 bonus via PayPal. You may only claim the $100 bonus once. (i.e. You cannot get multiple $100 bonuses with other Clickbank IDs).

13. Alternative to Writing Job Online

Get My List of Article Writing Sites

No need to pay a dime for the “Writing Jobs Online” website because I’ve it for you. I want to save money for you as much as I can.

I’m offering this help to you because you’re still looking for websites to write articles, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here to read this review. 

So visit the recommended link and start writing articles from home and earn a side income if not full-time income. The list of sites provided here is for all types of people.

Yes, you must obtain a better English in order to get accepted. The best part is you don’t need to pay for anything. 

This is something you’d always wanted, right! Nevertheless, a writing job requires skills, dedication, time, and effort.

You should be prepared to do research, proofreading, sentence structure, and writing in-depth articles on a given topic before you actually get paid for it.

=>> Best websites to get paid to write articles

I have spent a good amount of time to gather the best and updated websites for you so you can join without paying a dime at all.

(I’m not affiliated with any of the sites so it’s your responsibility to research well before writing articles for them).

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam or Legit! [Onlinewritingjobs.com]

You see there is so much to the article writing job. Writing Jobs Online is not completely a scam but they’re charging for a listing and hosting.

One thing you may not know that there are many sites available online that looking for article writers.

Newbies usually go after membership-based sites because they don’t know how to use a proper keyword to search and find them.

No worries my friend. Just go through the link provided above and see what fits your requirements.

Getting accepted in reputed sites can be a tough job but keep trying until you get through. 

Freelance sites can produce good results but you be sure not to bid more than you can afford to.

You may need to bid low on projects to see which one comes first.

All clients don’t just take you but I recommend that complete as many low projects as possible. And then you can increase your budget.

Work on a project even if it is $5 so you can get rating and project counts which are very important to survive.

I totally understand that $5 is not a fortune but still you’re adding projects in your profile and rating too.

Once you’ve enough rating you then get a lot of projects every day.

Conclusion To Writing-Jobs.Net

Making money for writing articles can be easy for someone like you who have English as your primary language.

On the other hand, what if you suppose have English as a second language then this could pose some serious problems. 

This is because your articles may not get approved, no matter what you write, and how many times you publish articles for them.

For example, there could be a problem with writing articles for US people when you live in Australia. It is because there are so many differences in the way they communicate among them. 

To be very clear with you if you were writing for a renovation website say and kept referring to the word timber, you may be in trouble as most recognize it as lumber there. That’s why research skills are very important here.

What do you think of these sites – Writing-jobs.net, Writingjobsonline.com, and Onlinewritingjobs.com!

Have you ever thought of paying a membership fee! Let me know your thoughts!

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